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Tech Culture: Ep. 114: Intel's big chipset flaw; when to buy a laptop; and tech trivia

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Tech Culture: Ep. 114: Intel's big chipset flaw; when to buy a laptop; and tech trivia

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We get started this week just in time to follow Intel's major Sandy Bridge chipset crisis. How will this affect review systems we're testing in the Lab? Tune in to find out. Then we answer some popular reader questions about when to buy a laptop and when to wait, especially with rumors of a MacBook refresh in the air.

And the -- fading is even though I can't play the music at least they got a little logo created to -- -- -- but here we are welcomed Josh Goldman thing regularly and it doesn't Kaminsky being himself. And -- being yourself also. -- -- deed how how is how are things in football and any new developments to report since -- last week and Pro Bowl to what happened there unbelievably boring. They just a lot of players here really care who. Got voted as -- Alienware sells rights that don't really play that card -- that if I hear it's -- -- just watch in a bunch of guys are famous while in Honolulu. I watched him. Lyman said -- the NFC one they were destroyed -- -- -- what's the matter. It -- -- now that's it's amusing that bill Belichick's team did not win but he hasn't -- coaching. He is even users have fun. A lot of that I must be nice that's a great thing you get basically the need to benefit you get all expenses paid trip that there are lot of players take their families. -- get paycheck mom you get paid more if you win okay but the amount you're getting paid 50000 dollar secured FL player this is like. It's a lot but it's small change compared to what you're getting paid over the course of the symmetrical but it's a broad -- at its its -- -- in the NFL. Accords with that with a potential lockout coming it could be fun and you might wanna. Collecting. And hold on they've -- -- -- -- day yeah because there's still been no movement on. Labor talks. If the doesn't. But we're gonna massages bet that that's fifth if I I'm -- cameras myself these drugs are very -- -- -- -- -- okay -- night. But today you'll control panels right there so anyway I just -- a very quickly say that we lot of exciting stuff today. We're gonna try a cool contest to give some stuff way to -- -- in the chatroom during the show. So if you're in the chat room hang out and and just it will Helen pick a couple of contestants -- the into the show. And we had a big big news story this morning a by the instead of watching the Pro Bowl -- go to gulf. Horrible -- -- and watch the town last night. He can now movie analyst at marvel comic -- what do people raving about -- so barring. I can have been as bad as it's like it took. Its its its like it took to departed interest all the boring bits and stitch them together. It hit that doesn't kill them now -- -- -- -- -- -- but it's apparent that there is he just directed he's also in it okay. Directed by and starring and co written by Ben -- so you know it's hit and so those creepy guns on the put it -- -- -- they were gonna -- their bank -- -- -- -- look at the heart -- it's like everyone's always likes of -- fairly -- -- -- with -- let's rob another bank right. While he still want my guys you know what's gonna happen data to you -- watch on Netflix say it. I didn't say that. I went through the juvenile court decision making and -- that's what world as a river world would advance within days I thought hey I'm -- my original idea that companies are after man's Tito. You know -- it's actually. An adaptation I think -- not Lorimer. -- after a while ago. But it it is it is not good and it involves ever being resurrected -- deep -- -- -- from time and space and Mark Twain and sorrow and surfer and Richard Richard Burton timer in May be dead or as ever -- -- on the bank of -- river another planet. And -- to figure why they're there and everyone in history of all makeup yes but -- there. And I guess somewhere and we have got to that point. Later Friday -- -- either refuse thank you could have -- -- you could have like many eyes and Hitler galaxies. Hopefully that chart -- Alia. It crocodile or -- -- stories or Tiffany Canada and what's the name the audience and then vote. Back to the actual technology story this morning which rocked the world this big problem with Intel and -- -- sandy bridge app platform. Intel surprised investors on Monday with news that it had found a design flaw in -- support chip that works with sandy bridge. Companies -- testing it showed that some ports in the sandy bridge chipset -- could. -- degrade over time because this flawed -- chip. And the company says that over time the problem will cost than 700 million dollar. And -- -- -- -- really hasn't even launched yet how crazy we spent all C desktop lets any great how crazy is that -- that's. It's not good. Branding seen any ads so not in laptop so we're gonna. You have been digitally got a call centers and we I like nobody's gonna like -- attenuated any Cassini systems retail system and I could only the quad -- that is going to be available -- the tablet laptop of the public when I have like maybe three for -- and they're all Quad -- and I venture. -- is not really a lot -- -- -- up. Analyzes it's -- -- Gifford -- -- after retirement community. Degree del Boca Vista is gonna be my next demo platform even worse the of the name of the that the -- this chipset is called -- point. It -- there's a flawless day you get negative. The debate -- points are that give me the system leaving it department going over the sandy -- -- -- point coming to -- coming to a network near you. -- -- calculated the and have any V vendors who said that's sandy bridge desktops like. Panic the -- you -- -- -- for them back now or were contacted you about the problem. I haven't heard back from -- routers directly monitor Richard Jones reached -- to -- and is just on this morning's you know -- might play out over time but I'm not sending anything back. I mean all the hardware and eventually sending about it from a sitting in the back right now them. I've never like to hold onto it -- sees this -- -- that happens in case -- because they say it's over time it's -- them to be noticed right away. That's photo editing catch it in time. But you know launching a big -- -- you know platform like this with a problem in -- that comes -- the first like four weeks. That's pretty crazy -- Intel says they've already started manufacturing a new version of the affected -- that. That resolves the issue and so they say and that -- eighty sandy bridge processors themselves are not affected by. William I'm also cures for disease have been in effect proved it doesn't -- -- system performance wise but there are a couple tests we used. Where does use the hardware for some that some actually curious over time effort to keep running this test. If I noticed a change in scores I'm ami -- put him on the -- and random random random and connected -- until relegated nobody -- CS armed they were tested -- -- for Christmas break. But -- you definitely have that -- reviews weren't posted until they were announced by Intel. But again on -- and a lapped up side. Last time it has been really slow to adopt this nobody's got like -- Canada's adequate steps right now you know they're taking a wait and -- got to wait and see attitude but -- -- and -- get to a get to an attitude. Though unfortunately if you go -- my laptop right now this should be fine because not even have these new chips they don't really and that's the the child waste sent to her breath they needed it I was -- at its -- -- You're deathly you needed -- -- he -- he took. This year's C I was just got incidently you know why you eat you need it if you live in Elizabeth, New Jersey definitely need it -- or wherever -- you -- -- Every. Time you hear back then I got. Exactly what happens if I get -- and I acted today you can live in the following -- -- prosecute because you forget it and group rage about -- and either -- if you live visually tell you need the exhibit different. The cougar bridge. You know anytime there's a new processor and -- to considering you're about to buy a laptop I feel like a fool for buying wine. With the last processor and I was wanna hold out -- these are held at lapped up every couple years so that's why I feel like. If there's an end and that the promise seems to be that there's a nice bump bump in performance -- say okay we'll yet and that's a good idea by. Gotta wait till the actual product comes -- And it comes -- networks that let April -- well in the troops. And the dual core version for supposed to start I think shipping at the end of February -- you gotta get him and put him in your systems and build those incentives to -- I don't want to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Described. Hang around the house -- he got a little -- now MacBook Air clone at. -- like that -- sign no I don't I I think I'd like a thirteen inch. Laptop. To really needs of -- decade. He. Between -- -- -- desktop replacement and thank them clinic and portable -- -- -- if you will I was answering reader questions we've got a lot of I like thirteen -- we get a lot of. So I can analyze that -- similarly. Yeah but do I like no I do I really really do I give you -- -- stated -- -- -- to -- to -- immediate -- got links to your -- to strengthen. So I can tie your life are educated I've now got the perfect a perfect size really. We get a lot of reader questions here right Scott young and a lot of them are some variation on the question should I buy laptop axe now or should I wait bright even more commonly. They're like -- -- that I don't get a MacBook but I hear the coming out with a new one -- should I wait but. I always figure with a MacBook update you can pretty much threw a dart at a wall calendar and somewhat closed systems -- update within 345 month. Or six months. So you might as well just get it now unless you really think that Iraq was coming -- next week and -- have a new processors. Mated they'll -- books still -- Intel Core two duo processors and Adidas immorality here is that it never actively even more reason to wait because it always -- land summer to -- now well. I think parents do. The thirteen does seem like it's due for an upgrade but then -- -- everything's different upgrade they upgrade -- -- right here -- -- never know what's gonna come out when -- was junior -- -- news April. And if so we'll put in week -- -- so I expect you should never buying. I say yeah if you wanna go ahead and get it if it even if the next iteration the comes out next week. As a sandy bridge chip that does better on board integrated graphics processing. It doesn't have an effect you will be emailing going FaceBook watching Hulu cared -- -- it'll work fine. There are thirteen or fifteen inch buy everything no if I if I weren't buying it would be thirteen because it wants them right now it takes a -- right now personally be -- because they know that -- -- detractors though. Which I love. Has an older relatively older processor fifteen has -- -- -- five you know capabilities so that's. Safer bet queuing at fifteen inch but the thirteen storks what are to carry around them that -- valuable -- played. Puzzle game. Is records who -- yeah yeah. Graphics capabilities -- line on all on all of them are pretty get Mac products are -- that's the one thing they do the job of his building that in. The integrated graphics on the MacBook Pro thirteen -- are actually again -- Much better than any quick -- integrated -- Com. Now the reason we brought this up is because they could flavor of the story it's on a Frederick CNET today you know based -- actually at falcon suggestion. Should you buy a thirty it is iPad now or wait based on all the stuff we've been talking about them and answer is wait no the answer is there's no perfect answer for everyone but. If you need a new laptop now you certainly shouldn't feel bad about buying one. If you don't have an immediate need and your interest in the advantages sandy bridge and -- -- couple was all right we receive your TV thirteen these -- packets of data but if -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you wanna get. Like a Toshiba 7054 or whatever. The idea that it -- when he should thank you so wish which was a really nice when we reviewed was -- that you should feel bad about it H if this is when you should feel bad -- feel bad about it when you're going to do your research to buy a laptop and you -- some other web site reviews not seen. That's how you feel bad if you're reason Joe Bob's PC world whatever dot net website why got to be national department -- Joe Bob. -- obviously -- new. Why Joe Bob -- -- -- Bob -- -- -- lot of automatic event to be in their at all I didn't wanna mention some of the actual revolutionary I didn't -- mention some of the actual loves I just -- icon competition authority and other early online publicly -- the data tell you something that's gonna -- like in moto or or. So but I bet you could -- more creative got the -- -- -- -- it -- I don't really know. I should feel gadget that's going someplace else fears yes yes yes it's because then you'll get this he's got in mind and sometimes you're smiling faces going native. By this or not. Do whatever you want really that's gonna mind that this. We have got to get the Connecticut list of some of the best that we know we as a restaurants and there are -- -- -- -- and -- like -- said the are -- unified has been a great one. The you 36. The broad skate it's got integrated nine -- -- graphics the Nvidia -- The three -- -- graphics yes so it does -- your basic stuff and and it's it's reasonably priced it's what you'd expect a series. It's a little under a 108099. With. Pointed out the comments section that there were not a lot of inexpensive thirteen inch laptops -- -- are for almost every other category that's actually true that's right. There's a good one that was clicks 599 media analysts it's not exactly the -- I -- there follow. I while -- -- -- that's the one category you'll get a cheap eleven inch twelve inch fifteen get intend to grant it for 9917. Inch laptop somewhere it's rises LCDs those thirteen. Addicted -- -- very difficult parties. It's because of all the Unobtainium they use yet. There's a -- you get the cheap fifteen incher that's a lot of those being -- -- fifteen point six a lot of those out and do -- 3953991. Politicos -- that -- nobody wants. Nobody wants trial fifteenth -- -- they're banking on the fact that. You're not gonna wanna park that and -- So that's why we like to thirteen because as I often today it's the smallest size. You get severe type on all they even though that would be a stretch of the biggest eyes you could carry around like reported that weekly in your backpack -- -- -- -- aspect I've actually issued all laptop bags and backpacks or line Jack Spade. Whether carry all that excited about -- -- for about that. That's it that's -- one of the anti laptop backed -- heading the special pockets. It's sweet sweet leather. I keep meandering from Baghdad Baghdad and very evident earlier you CC very involved -- stuck him he's -- -- planet are you driving up contestants. I and I know we are regulars in the room Avago if they that's ahead despite a topic you're gonna like -- of and that's -- -- -- mr. Android. Most popular whatever everything phone tablet -- platform the planet right. First of all the tablet friendly version is honeycomb and eating me out yet in -- camp. But you know you can't get even get that Samsung Galaxy Tab with it. Name and in fact Samsung was just -- -- they'd shipped two million galaxy tabs that last quarter that's a lot. Right now -- the way they they they they they certainly got a lot and doesn't have to wait a minute I'm sorry rather run it it it says the U. I read it right actually that -- -- data they shipped two million to stores how many did people actually buy well Samsung says the numbers actually quote quite small. -- -- Due to privacy glow it's it's -- it's a good thing when it did manage stated it. Seven -- device management clumsy I don't I don't really know how that could happen. We -- because for. The VoS is and optimize for the screen really that device and you're talking about Leo that's when I mean all for the fact that I think they arrested because in two over the pompano drive and you feel a lot more of -- is coming -- with honeycomb which is. Which did get cnet's best -- the by the way. And it's now a under that your visit -- film and here you're you're Polaroid. Which should be leveraged. That Verizon that would have and that's why do it uses flash and he's in the keys are probably -- effective. The this -- the -- problem over and I don't know -- related to pitch in when the best to see yet our agreement it and use that in the device now I know my mistake now. Around. I'm not a big fan of my my phone is four point three inches. -- -- like what basically about three inches bigger than mine are really of that device. Security have a renewed I'd -- more -- like to see something on our largest in the old souls. IPad OO McClellan yes -- and I've had to. Caption 22 not one I'm people -- you guys are pretty frantically pulling the trigger an attitude. I think you're pre announcing independence doesn't your pre order it depends what's in it. I don't comic magic I'm -- more and I'm I don't know category extreme camera I think -- -- the -- that I give my mom. I still think there's at least via USB or election as these slot -- won't be using gets -- luckily it eventually story going around. This weekend actually about Steve -- -- how he. How -- back in the ninety's out Sony Sony. By studying some zen philosophy. And figuring out that the way you make the devices is actually to take things out of them and make them simpler. Which explains why MacBook some missing certain ports iPods don't have this -- that I. And doesn't have this -- that right and people don't really care that much because somehow it has had tentacles and point of I think the theory is correct doesn't just an -- business case steady made. Last week about that and to say that all. It's. Actually. The brightest business and we're not like people buying them no because it's a very -- you get -- -- -- My desk is highlight that functionality. It's sunny it's on my -- is -- it wasn't -- did you get a device that looks like a sports -- but it doesn't have an engine and the that I mean a lot of the devices and -- people I had a lot of devices lack a little or spiral like well you Callahan. I mean is promising I mean in terms or frogs -- -- -- -- -- demise and put -- It's something as simple as a MacBook Pro. -- MacBook Air. Or elect on the first MacBook here you have one USB what it lacks things like that and -- -- -- -- -- to dredge -- really draw that line you look at this piece of equipment for look at the iMac differently. It's beautiful that the movement and finish the Apple logo on the back it looks. Really nice but then it -- what can -- really do with you know. Two -- via HDMI out knowing don't know me display -- mean it's things like that they just drive you crazy. It just so obviously you do with you on purpose every time and I say this every time. Yes he didn't and surely nobody can yours. Best of all the people want -- and all I want Blu-ray a lot of people do care but the thing is that. What it's it just doesn't outweigh their war. The we'll come back and -- that no SD card slot story. Every single time -- -- -- this is its MacBook update. Oh yeah yeah yeah this is my laptop. I take this everywhere I go for the that a book -- -- -- notify a plugin. How much you guys -- -- go to Starbucks -- distance that their flight half an. While and I don't think I'll give year round of applause what good has come on the looks I get what. Failure record label that let's go to that Acer with a two touch screen with both come out likened -- big -- -- -- girl via Internet traffic. -- -- -- if that's a kind of okay yeah -- I've used to the times a particular candidate we ship too lenient -- really I think the public -- seventeen of them and hopefully people by ten but. For what it is -- it'll be about a thousand bucks at 999 of sound then. And the -- -- were actually kind of works which is surprising it's not the best ever soil so again and I mean I haven't used it really an -- and it is even -- the right hand side of the quick -- but. It's insecure weird it's clear debris had and again it's CEO as they were losing its -- well then here's the thing I think on screen -- is doable. I think people I mean with the iPad extreme economic -- I'm I can type as fast I -- I can't account and that but yeah I independent and static password that's probably not. Voice attacks -- Mandarin suite. -- -- -- and Xbox like that included offenses it is just couldn't get it I'll that is. A good dose. I -- -- what's -- from the iPhone to an Android phone yet I wanna talk to us with some of did you like about the iPhone you missed on Android. And -- -- -- -- -- sit on good and a device that you wish the iPhone had. -- we'll tell them what version iPhone you have and when -- device. Woolsey -- and that -- -- -- at and T. And three G. And it. It died before. It's time to -- -- which died. And eighteen T. Help me out in the 3GS got announced a month or so -- that there those just after Agca. Was a month and half after -- that's yet and they were into in the hole with the three G three yes -- I've -- You have early it would every day you came the size of Africa theory that closer just as it has an hour forty minutes of picking up a bullet to I don't know actually tell you what you like about -- Android or iPhone or that you wish your Android phone had a vice Versa from what I no -- well as -- -- scout or. Before we started com. -- -- That Android phone. Hello -- choice music players. And -- anyone's -- just -- them. -- it's very a lot of make. -- -- -- -- A since that's still live -- -- -- -- interest in music players is that not really the -- of things that can play music but that all but only one will play. My music libraries these. Via my -- right pandora can't get outside it's actually for music players wild lands the guy he's right I mean I've got wraps the last thing right -- as you options for it yet so I've got like five different news. Democrat when that actually download the cover art as well probably and earlier -- and that and -- -- primarily -- -- -- -- -- Her email. And I'm just on the I rarely use it as easy sent us an email if you like Ackerman to me. His album ringtone download for to -- the city. Well they know I'm sure you could get that done wherever they go on on iTunes. Is there is room. Ringtone and I think he can get anything -- -- Arrington out and if if if it if that's the thing you can do that thing you do speaking of which accepting that later let's jump into our contest now. The area project if you're running -- -- -- do that this could be very exciting okay here's what we're doing is knew where this is New -- it was -- -- live on the air. No ready into the FaceBook page so they could do that if you want. -- hit we're gonna -- Scott Joseph and jobs are going to. Play as a real life avatars for some of our friends in the chat room. Joseph is going to pick three Guinea pig through this this is what we're just testing this out of this -- that will do every couple weeks is something. They're just that -- which depicts three people in the chat room we like just random. -- Iraq yeah I'm gonna I'm definitely for people believe it's you know it can do who's number one can always usually isn't announced just -- three people out of a can we -- couple rounds are gonna only -- the -- do it we're gonna do it. For now it's clearly I got I got -- could actually tip up every important person first person -- only had you to bow boom they have -- -- -- the of the planet. Disney websites while just aren't supply aren't -- what -- if you are -- -- -- of -- number what the music music music event a look at one RJ forests as one and and make sure somebody because enterprise two is not audible matter -- re -- -- Scott. -- -- Ion GeForce okay that's got -- playing field and get cameras got there DOJ force it okay if it doesn't just -- -- -- -- But I -- with you have a company -- what activity -- you know somebody that get audible magic okay again that is. I don't know I don't I don't think you can win -- prize is a -- Sometimes people like on Mars certificate -- in -- yet -- balloon get a package you sent. -- does the -- other day GeForce seven and I'll be obvious. The the reason it -- in California are five tentatively are liable if you were audible message addresses -- And that online okay and and and I can help -- only -- give -- sitting only because it's sitting in -- the you are happy Hank. I don't know was happy and okay hey are you happy tank is of the big -- -- Julie's. Actually on your time commoner and are chattering -- Has very painful -- I'm just. -- -- -- I think you can it is generally advise people passage could just gotta go I didn't request is ready and awaiting the June at least a quick and those -- -- probably some crazy. Exactly knows when that might discount the fact that -- MG -- write this down somewhere because no one else will GeForce. Eight Atlantic and happy -- The G -- -- I would -- spike as he lives in their but -- doesn't he never won a -- And no way they're designed for and his -- -- -- happy happy Hank. Okay I've written all these down and but the names excellent. -- dot. -- -- -- pad here at -- pen and -- be really handy I can open the -- I gotta -- Jolie and anti tank is that they -- are gonna get. A that they don't of the -- their system in place gyms -- -- one of the time I'm good to ask a question. To Scott and intensive. Suggests you raise -- -- you pick -- aren't yet listen if you get it right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- First I'm gonna reach in randomly and -- having out of the -- the guy. -- replied -- that you called us before this is the copy of electro -- really and these are mostly DS games by the way -- if you don't the DS maybe I wanna him back out of this week. Aren't really to the -- is actually again yet it is that -- okay good okay ultimate game stop whatever okay but if Scott Stein slash. Oh come on Microsoft well okay but not realize that that's one. Well there's a trick question fairly big up Scott yes I mean it's are just that I'm gonna reach and again I pull out. Final Fantasy III for DS -- makes it into the area. Who was referred to as the quote master of the universe when he appeared on the cover of time magazine in 1995. Steve Jobs -- He incorrect Bill Gates Bill Gates okay well I I -- -- got into that question. It's a good idea at that if you get along we'll go to that second out what company introduced the first laptop computer in 1981. In nineteen IBM. -- -- I can get an answer any quiet area yes -- -- okay Scott let's go back the amount all right. GeForce deceive you into what is what to the letters in JPEG stand for. -- idiot if you Japanese pictorial interaction grammatical doesn't stay techno look at the -- aren't. But. OR 321. And -- JPEG -- for tiger offers. -- -- something group. Very close but but but not exactly right -- -- -- the fun back in the -- joint photographic experts group experiment -- that now that. As I got into the quickly connect dementieva the ward for DS would have -- kind of cool games canticle. For forgotten our game is a bit bigger than a -- yes and now. You just above answers. -- it can. The question of good and what's what's bigger a biter bit of -- correct. I had to write them for some reason that attract a debt. And other packet assurance -- -- -- and I professor Layton. Unwound future he doesn't want that -- but at this as we have -- -- -- And it doesn't give puzzled me because slot with the enemy has had the club -- -- -- -- -- What Rolling Stones song did Microsoft -- to jump start the windows 95 rollout. Correct. I couldn't -- that -- in the fire IE get a game. Went missing nose ninjas never hear ya think rub -- Another -- last launched. That's the sequels -- -- do that if I'm gonna write down their email addresses what what's chairman of Apple coined the term PDA. -- -- 321. Black -- -- the question was that what chairman of Apple coined the term PD AW screen. By. Or -- to -- the one. -- asked okay who John Sculley the guy fired Steve Jobs. And that's going back to the -- and ethnic and we're reaching deeper and that in the fun. Okay here's another -- and other Apple question. Star fox command DSC they can't get. You start when you got for me down -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- your daughter I don't it was his question as you sit back and I. As vice president of I get it wrong that so for -- -- How much did -- the original Apple one -- -- for when the exact retail for old white got the exact retail price. Whole Latin. I think we're 1490 guide and direct it -- -- -- none of -- secretly grueling -- we could be 3900. Correct got to put a thousand incorrect. 666066. Cents this Michael Michael York on point Michael rough I -- to turn -- your -- Put it there -- tied it with another one. But -- big brain academy for DS systems in the -- -- legacy guys -- general can get a job here at CNET. How much storage -- the original 2001 iPod -- Oh the -- -- -- -- correct at all promo line. -- -- big brain is sure you've got left such -- -- games play each glared. -- -- -- -- -- -- PC game Nancy Drew resorting to danger also kind of fun we don't have -- -- evident that you have -- not answer as the greatest got a scare and now at networks these different -- now that pop -- been a good reason I just say they're -- final question be -- -- ready. Recite the famous Konami code from -- go up up down down left right left right BA. It is but -- -- right the star -- you you squeezed it. Darn it if -- -- you've you've stopped it didn't stop -- -- -- he's got he got I have ever detonate just. -- did you guys I mean I guess everyone oneself -- ago I mean this is little sticky legacy and what -- this was a driver and we were trying this out nobody gets the only way I can reach out to the people in the chat -- can't delete the big U meter ground under review in the -- It. Email you to tell me your email address or email to digital city at cnet.com -- and how much you're lying on my god knows them on my god nobody but I doubt that they lie scheme advertising -- really tiny -- air rises. -- -- -- -- Now. Let's get to figure out. Obviously just a dry run -- gets above its people and pleasant the next time. I think people like to give us your feedback in the chat room or on the FaceBook page guys and guys on W dot private Miami private I -- me your email addresses right now and -- write them down. -- I got audible -- so excellent excellent shell and grand thank you for joining us this week it's been very exciting it's such an executive and -- kind of how we can do -- like every -- ethical I see more questions until our motorcycles and what is -- a game -- -- -- -- for what is it with it and Ottawa Canada -- -- and next -- -- -- -- you -- -- you -- donate to the prize -- -- -- -- an article on a few. Excellent -- -- to plug got. Now just still know our people outside the US -- on the engines has asked Michael Michael loan. He's got yet due to handle the shipping forms doesn't you can -- in -- that the just do everything to plug. Excellence Kim Kardashian -- Got. Anything exciting going on that system. And I she's in New York -- power and you. Oh my god saw some tersely taking pictures on the street from me and I realized they were taking pictures of themselves in front of that Cardiff can store -- -- call she relative like over there he likes chocolate. Got anything exciting going to Oakland no actually excellent you're you're you're Twitter name -- -- Super bucks but they don't follow Josh and false -- -- -- -- box monkeys found me Dan Ackerman on Twitter and you can visit message did geocities dot cnet.com or FaceBook page Cedar City podcast. And I guess -- -- every Monday at 3 o'clock eastern live so be sure to tune in that oh I got some special for yet. Oh wait while we're happy Hank -- million tissue did to your private -- okay. If you like any of my jazz funk style music -- I put up some new tracks. On FaceBook. I started -- the enactment artist page that -- hop over there or -- -- in Akron accomplished music you listen -- -- rough mixes from and you often Novo. -- the -- and -- music that can play a very little thing here's networking so -- just think about that. The but -- this transition works. -- I if I have -- your private doesn't matter -- it it muted the number militarist in the actual that's fun to stand. With an uncomplicated. -- --

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1:51 February 26, 2015
March was made for marathoning. Find out what's going online and offline right here.
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