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Tech Culture: Ep. 113: How to fix a dead TV, plus hands-on with Nintendo's 3DS

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Tech Culture: Ep. 113: How to fix a dead TV, plus hands-on with Nintendo's 3DS

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Television guru David Katzmaier joins us today to talk about Dan's back-from-the-dead TV repair tale, while Scott goes over his impressions of Nintendo's new 3DS handheld and mourns for his beloved Jets.

Did however about it it's a lot of Monday and here we are bringing the -- the best classic hits right here on -- -- -- I run radio station. I hello there -- and Scott and and look who's here it's it's David Katzmaier be the hardest working man in them. Artist and -- -- CNET bill. Pleasure to have -- here. I -- he's got. I don't know if you're up a picnic try that. Outline how his family. You know obvious turn the runway -- my Santa oh wow. They did a great white north for -- fans. Okay so I guess you gotta get this out of the way because this is kind of a big deal for everybody and a -- side. I didn't interest CNET TV over the weekend and had a what did you say that and actually see them that we're and that I would work here today they were aired yesterday and it it -- gestures which in Germany some people happy that the jets to non fact win continue to explain that I just realized we've got to on the fly out of here -- one behind -- -- continue to -- -- -- Okay so I was introducing. -- Cingular jets because that's mine that's my team and -- -- -- and down those jets. The jets are still signals -- that's at least immediately game but I suggest -- -- lawyer talking to. A -- -- to tell me. What you're doing is doing it that I -- I believe reflexive anti media you like to let everyone know it's I really -- that's I had fun he's -- -- to -- it was hard I actually. Actually there were a story that never happened was -- my dad's been -- -- -- he's getting better -- But we had to watch the jets games all three of the playoff games on the possible -- -- that. And so much -- -- -- four by three you know ceiling mounted TVs and speaker built into the wired remotely -- And it takes you back in time which is nice and -- Wayne it's great being with my dad. But -- -- had actually suggested. Coming up with a better solution and and spent a lot of tank my -- to be really neat we -- -- HDTVs and then. With over their signals and -- -- -- converter box that I would try to hook up to a projector. That I would then use an open air antenna and put -- -- the TV picture on his wall. My dad said don't worry about it is finally -- that would have been. Area high tech it would have been coming -- very cool. Italians you can fly actual -- the beard in the had helical like the homeless guy took it. And in the best possible way so you took a joke that was already out there in the -- -- -- -- aegis. I didn't -- like minority I had a really condone the theft authority had been and I like doing it gets a look like and reject from the great way north by Adam. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah well they were in the tax and -- and -- electrocuted and it's like strange brew -- those guys that called weekend module SM -- expert art fair market and -- -- look at that opposing it and really cold today almighty god. -- -- I'm just saying that 8 degrees this morning -- finally but boots last week that people instantly have a good jacket. It really does -- your overcoat and a popular though that's no jacket. I'm just -- the Clinton mental cashmere jacket. Have a big overcoat it where mark cashmere. I would be where. I don't wear cashmere jacket anywhere who has a cache region I don't know I apparently he had -- gets under its -- -- -- The I think with we hit me up to if that's how we want academic and about 160 now -- -- -- weren't aware of big puffy -- can. -- tried. Every -- yeah you could I'm wearing green today by the way in a show of solidarity is awesome to future. It was just a -- with clean into the club -- it seems like seawater are using them my usual where you -- you're surprised that it happened to be jets -- -- that traffic go by that's happy circumstance -- answer those a Friday actually everyone heard from us because we snuck in and hijack the buzz out loud show. From San Francisco for one day because -- -- taking a vacation they -- gonna actually cancel this show. The show goes on just that just as you're -- he does mean there's no show. When you know that your guest hosting for Molly we all media -- -- Scott and actually Wilson all young and because you know what when. Jay leno's outfit -- -- -- guest has to have the right in a lecture they do actually but they used to do some -- little four he started out any entity and started out of the guest -- on the the county arts version of the night -- so we just as saying where -- here. And a couple connectors on the block those that -- that well you can actually do this every Friday I think that was being respected. -- -- 98 companies they've built into the idea here you have. -- -- -- -- -- Just just one word over and over again and -- yet. All caps we like dangerous ideas from all over. It also is a dangerous idea and and I could not wait to be able to tell you guys about this today we -- left Monday -- I could tell you about it. I took you remember Anderson's story got -- fifty times to forgive me for re explaining it to the audience. Back in November my TV guide and would David's help. I purchased new one a a fifty inch Samsung 3-D plasma. I've been very happy to -- It's super cool -- -- 1010 yes that's right. But the old one I never got a chance to throw it out and the guys who came delivered to new -- didn't take it announced it with them like it with both do. So it's just been sitting there kept it kept catching the core high dynamic. TV and looked at -- so heavy though it is imminent maybe Scott will come over and help me drag this downstairs. -- -- -- -- -- -- That -- And to. And eventually Sydney to fix it I don't know -- kind of handy guy indicated he can get hardly wrong with it. Well maybe there is by opening up the back and look for like you know it didn't out there and stuff net and or something exploded nothing there I did a -- research. And I and I found out that on that particular model of TV which was -- five years old. But brand on it was an accident which back then was at least a viable competitor due to Visio is kind of the super -- brand of choice they obviously lost that battle but. They were the running for a little while right now among other brands among other brands and the inside of the TV was essentially identical to. A bunch of others set to face the LG guts if you will and you could finally in Visio in LG and Sony all all the same essential components. -- in the course my research. I figured out there are four main boards inside the TV is basically a big metal bracket and sighed and -- -- the that. And then something called BY -- board the typical disease -- -- a lot of board. That that's for -- so if you have a problem maybe you can obliterate. Your little but I'm a little board. -- Right after retelling of this well you have heard this story that. Yes I I I it is obviously impressive they -- you and you did it well hang on -- didn't say what it did he. Well there are so important I'm assuming with the effort -- -- like three or more in this room and I and I and I found out that he'd be part obvious TV that most often failed with the white -- port I think football talk is more exciting and that's. Publicity about how to suppliers -- I. Don't much give a how to fix TV into -- dance like me like that's really does not have time. I some exciting photos if you own shows but the -- that what was the hardest part of it like -- you think was the biggest challenge. I took a leap of -- now a smart person would have gotten a a -- tested recently tested the -- on the board to see any -- blown it would have indicated some sort of problem with that particular board I was too lazy to do that. And these fuses were all of the you opaque. Brightest he could look at them city or -- So I took a leap of faith and said hey I'm gonna get a new -- -- board which is the part people they most often fails and this particular model. And agreed to swap guild announced -- the -- audit -- now -- any day ordered it from -- 120 bucks. And it does some photos got if if if you wanna take a peek at those and and you could see the actual. During an on screwing in things like that. This another you have eighty you know a fixed Mac sent to go with your -- -- Samsung. 3-D plasma. We gonna do with with the one that works that's the part of the -- works that's the part of the situation I didn't actually think about ahead of time. And if I had feed -- the dead TV. And then if you skip forward a few that some good inside that today it to the back up -- in the back in their -- -- something. To recommend the good bathroom. If you wanna you know that that's an out of -- -- got the -- removing that kind of support practically was probably the hardest part. -- -- -- Since kid friendly with sites like the new voice -- -- right. Yeah yeah it's -- actually what it was. Fly I thought to -- in an -- actually worked shocking -- -- more than -- of course did not think about what I was gonna do after the fact and -- still sitting. On the floor in the kitchen crave giveaway he has. -- threat if -- over -- they'll be the first thing. That's why I'm here if you should sign no I sustain -- that's -- let's -- our. Are -- hero and we can see but didn't get the general idea here when he or more. In check more -- -- -- I'm in -- and I'm going away from the photos now. That so Dave as a TV expert have to ask you have you heard of people doing this before is -- -- what people do when they were email you would say my TVs dead but now. I never answer those people on because I don't know what to do when they do that I mean people probably take it into some -- they like look on you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- shop -- there. They'll find that there isn't or that yeah it's really expensive so they might do you did. And -- little you know elbow -- but as far as I know people usually call the company find out that it's out of war -- And then either you know have a miracle and and the company says you know if -- -- places which never happens or united by. I -- that that's exactly it and this thing with five minutes away from going the trash on at least three occasions. Local beginning a patch that fixed I found is impossible to repair shop in my first one died as a local repair shop it was under warranty can pick it up and they like. We've read that -- compression without a canal street the only authorized repair shop and all of New York but that we can't get the parts man I don't know. And you know that was the end of that they're Google was broken in the -- It's it's amazing that you're able to find apartment it's a known issue and NASA to publicly known issue and there are I I found a great useful blog -- it's linked to from -- Blog post where a guy had a similar TV and and and went to a similar process and he -- the alternate part numbers you can search for. So if you're looking to replace -- board. Look out -- you know do Lu who search and see if you see what the part number or numbers are for identical part. And then you can just search for the sunny day and is apparently resellers who just do nothing but cell TV part sunny day. And easily have a deal way you know return policy and stuff and they they actually secretly market -- you can't get a new informants injured in one Beckley go to work. Well I -- and it seems like a pretty cool though is there a bunch of people that wrote in your blog that had failed at the same thing worker -- A bunch of people this they -- -- their own they'll they'll have their own stories somewhere -- somewhat different a lot of them did it. Much better than I could have it any of them do it fail and the -- you know what I did not hear a lot failure and success has a thousand fathers. Failures and or theft. I tell you how quiet that I did plug some of the best comments on a blog I pointed out that when I did all -- you still contain all the screws and it. What I was don't have a lot of the -- left and just say I want those guys to death and put all -- -- that I don't know where they went and and it really came from if I get a couple of them in their I'm generally happy. Though a ATV I got it at a service tech rooted that -- to the service tech. And the term we used to leftover screws and small bits with hedge part as did you tossed him in the hedges and you leave the client headed to another repair call. So now we know it doesn't called -- part -- -- my. -- are filled with screens but that someone else took the opposite -- he said his media. Have a piece of cardboard handy during the take apart. Draw the rough shape of a circuit board you're just assembling it -- it puts the screws into locations of your diagram that corresponds the actual location. On the board -- remove posters. Though that is another way to do you feel like getting -- -- at Harvard and -- the circuit board audit. I know where to put sisters that settlement saying to me. Someone else that this is how they fix the similar problems they remove the eighteen screens 818 screws holding them back to the TV on. And then looked at the competitors which is apparently another. Like not even a gorgeous and X component on the board that goes bad quite often. Identified one capacity -- faulty decided it's gonna replace it myself -- -- local RadioShack. But it first time I've I've heard it went through that on them. I purchased a ten dollar soldering gun solder wire and a one dollar and 69 cent capacitor the for a grand total of 161072. Sets of able to fix the TV. The only trouble is now my wife thinks I can fix anything. Because we really you get lucky ones and then they would fix the dishwasher it's amazing when -- going to do and then someone else Edison of the whole circuit ports receive any capacity as a blown in my case I did not see any damaged capacities but. Again damage to -- to -- is nothing to look out for. Don't -- -- it's got yogi -- you -- some creative -- my two year old son. Had inserted a -- -- screw into the back my three Europe Panasonic -- How the picture -- fuzzy TV was no longer -- they are you worried about your electronics. In -- in the hands of your child. I -- worry about my two year old wielding a three inch deck screen. That is what I usually that's a lot flying up I -- the disaster began with that they don't -- Dextre is lying around with a two year olds. It's choking hazard. Among -- and British MetaFilter screwdriver in the first place to screw it in there and the materials to obsessive mind which luckily has no screws from Villanova guard recruiting -- no way -- -- that aren't. -- down in the slab of materially in the dock connector at the -- -- -- -- -- you know wood screws and there's the that's true -- -- put some applesauce on there. If you while -- knowing you do you appreciate new material and all they can do is pop the glass screen. Why drive Apple treatments. Has. -- tourism uses serviceable parts here just -- combine activities. So anyway that -- with a kid he actually did the same thing got a replacement board. Cost of fifty bucks he said. Some -- -- -- if you're having trouble finding a place for the TV I keep open in my room I'll pay shipping. So there and I -- at that I thought maybe -- -- just to commit another aspect. That I -- -- access. And in the very final comment on this are read. In about 1984. -- companies can. -- -- -- 101000 dollar -- on a on a graphics machine that look like an upright video game machine including quickly joystick it was VOA. After much hassling with the vendor we eventually took the machine apart and discovered a maps had defecated on the motherboard. And if any critter was down deep inside the housing so it can happen. So what got a dead mouse in a -- And I can poop on your electronic data needed to call their and I he crawled in there and and then got it. Or perhaps the other way you must alienated that at that and there's of the -- big cabinets were animals can crawl on the -- world. And it was -- man. The plastic -- if -- -- sounds of the hard drive sounds like there's others you know -- you know and -- he hadn't tried. Without success -- so horrible I'm very pleased with how it turned out even just as an experiment that really don't have anything I can do with this TV right now auction. I sign it and auction definitely sign no I would think a big permanent like spectrum Urquhart scientists created to -- downstairs in the SoHo you know the apartment area and sign public works and sealing its its hyper geo cache -- might have been discovered -- some GPS location. That's good it's gonna student cafe the -- -- well. I -- globe trotting register in the US. That to what they call that an alternate reality they are -- alternate reality game and looks really real reality really expects good things and call them on the phone in the treatable -- -- hills -- -- -- have been that I origami is here. What -- Only stocking here is what -- that game skeleton from being your activation somebody would they did that for awhile -- majestic yet Stan. I don't that was fun for like five minutes is actually good -- -- not. Plenary vote and I just download of the regiment -- call them reality is broken in last week that's all that she isn't. Energy pioneers a whole book nineteen application I love -- -- any topic you -- -- quite a bit about whether it is that's right that's right so experiencing. -- -- -- I really dig a happy ending the story I've I was glad to underhand the other point. Excellent education. That's something we had like little quizzes yeah bad stuff. It's -- -- -- exactly. You've got a trophy feature excellent point -- is happy ending and I was pleased to hear from Sony readers who had similar happy ending story so deck of Sharia. But subsidized don't destroyed out at least 1010 minutes to recently church online to -- dvds and easily fixable problem in minutes and talented and I'm not an expert at digging around inside electronic components I can put you can eat them because CPU and a motherboard and hard drive I can put together desktop PC -- a couple hours. That's for the about it but. I would -- this is being novice to intermediate is gonna -- a -- screws carefully remove the board replace the resident cables but it really wasn't that hard. If I can do it. I'm a big you know all -- guy I think anybody diplomats static -- like. -- just point out and in in my post if you were doing this properly I would deathly recommend having to clean will -- -- space. Wearing an anti static wrist band and of course taking copious notes -- world screws came from and go to I of course did none of these things. But I highly recommend appropriate an -- to -- ends. So don't do what I did basically I I kind of I didn't care -- -- the others on this thing was about to go on the trash anyways I just gonna -- it. I if if you care -- your TV I would not went -- I started by her place silent I'm afraid to touch capable would commandment finger and logistics -- go -- and could very easily have happened by the way. Of -- -- a god look look -- date to be inundated with that reader questions and comments that are -- you had fiction TV I'm just gonna punk excellent I'm. That's where I'm currently jelly yet -- -- -- Joey a stack of why sustained boards and set amount around city to help people. Keeping -- -- live sketch was at Tom -- Sony got Stephan I ask you -- LG gets that they use that is those that day as an imovie. But there was an atom Sandler who was it was a movie companies then he added that we're we're he's the the secret agent oh that's right -- -- -- and -- -- just like electronics are like Sony gets a that's right they -- Britons actually true in this -- Aren't moving on since its report -- enough. And that was the Nintendo 3-D S had -- coming out party here in New York who only you. You know -- seen before Jeff had I think Scott you -- also seen -- before Bermuda later at a different for each time I've gone with the first eyes on the -- -- of -- to -- the year it's three it's a 3-D screen that does not require 3-D glasses. And it kind of works you know -- -- do you think of it. I mean as far as the the quality of the 3-D image when you're sitting still it's really impressive I found. It didn't had very little of the like double image effect that -- had seen before on any other three experience. And it works the only and the resolution looks really crisp and bright I feel like compared to other things -- seen by. You do have a little bit of -- a strange effect if you -- for a few minutes and pull away from it. Like it to you and actually a magic -- affects only. You really your eyes have been adjusted in -- -- and realized and kind of relax your -- yes but it wasn't ready to -- -- -- -- goes deep into the screen so if you're playing Madden on -- -- -- -- of course and you could he really feels like that that the fuel just spreads out and it gives you really nice. Depth of field that. And they have some. I -- political that's -- air. Augmented reality this augmented reality stuff the -- works nicely that was cool you actually. -- in -- actually regenerate capital coated cargo -- Jett three to create this 3-D out -- set on the table. I would pop out and you actually can tilt the 3-D S around with it sounds are Scopes and -- promised even leaned down into it. To shoot arrows in personal view -- Great idea except wanted to mention another -- that is that. When you journalist tilting and moving it's kind of a disconnect with the idea of the three yes and it's 3-D effect is anytime you -- a little bit. He kind of an illusory affect gas so it -- it's a necessary evil it's a really cool fact that it -- as wonder if you're playing for awhile is like a really annoys. Yeah I thought of the venue we saw that they had -- -- -- lights and stuff the and that really kind of messed with and also they have -- a lot of trouble the lights. Thank you guys -- taking on comes in that Apple by master issue. Where you where you plan really hard for example Street Fighter. -- and as you do that jiggle is giving us a green -- -- right. Which again that's Cynthia encountering USB TV's you know you're pretty much stable. While you're watching it whereas with the thing in the video game you're Euro going -- -- hands on it people went -- now he's like this -- Wikipedia has docking connector -- -- -- it's like -- she clamped. Read like a table dated helpless here in one place would support the candidates say that you -- -- encouraged or suggest you could play 3GS while it's charging and it ended in the cradle. And I thought that's can be so awkward. They really expecting -- another DS -- another charging system slash cable that's not compatible with any the other. And they did say that the the plug is compatible to -- -- maybe -- the DS. How is this different from you guys that reviewed the 3-D TV three -- Laptops from. What's what's the difference is that this is a bigger screen in the laptop obviously -- -- this is an ideal -- better. Just because you know one is no glasses one -- -- With glasses are steadily we've also I mean the difference is obviously that no glasses makes it much more. Naturalistic and away and it's also content that doesn't come -- you so much it -- We have looked at recently a fifteen inch laptop with email -- 3-D screen and that's actually -- -- -- that's much more prototype. Hard to judge -- that but -- on that prototype and that she go on the resolution seemed to suffer a little bit in that demo plus it it would use your eyes you use the webcam and track your eyes. To adjust the image right GS is not organized -- -- -- as the. A small it with a small screen that you have that advantage because the resolution -- -- -- And Sony's got a webcam in a -- a -- -- camera coming out and a point and shoot camera to have the same kind of concept. But the little three inch screen in the back. And another here here's the big -- -- -- set this it is MB 250 baht. And come out march 27 by the way. You have a market particular shape before members I know it's a couple of days after -- -- -- present. It says its its government recruitment have -- have another march birthday. Get together. Anyway it was and it's too expensive what do you think. He has used level it's been issuing orders to as a necessity viewing area. To how much of the 3-D -- cut. One. That would be a magical price point and not a lot. -- -- at the event they kept comparing it to consoles. They didn't mention the game where the history of the game way don't feel like that's because -- price. Is console -- -- and so. They wanna sitting -- this is family entertainment for the home. But it's a portable you know it is a lot. And other than the 3-D it doesn't really do anything that spectacular which is why -- -- like twenty bucks more than any iPod Touch. Which might offer you a lot more entertainment value overall if you're like a kid looking for like a hand held device. Because it's a tough sell can be tough sell I think he'll do well at first it's got great novelty vibe to it. The games that's not really any killer apps right now that are that I mean. Some them look nice and as nice a NATO creative time in 3-D would -- -- you know that's the right that's that's not a lodge and of Sandia shuttle launch game you will know its media files -- now I'm now. Now. You'd think you. Slider works really nicely that you can you can to define and that's how we when he are very tedious by any of the games really easily which I was skeptical about as well and it's nice to -- in the slider. It worked so many more horizontally you can make it. More -- -- treaties that it yet comfortable at the extreme three touch and damn right you do -- a bag down but yet so many DS games are kind of like sprite based sort of to the as it was a three graphics games anyway right so it'd be -- a treaty on the honor on -- computer. With a 3-D active glasses system you could do much for any three Vienna where video edit and interpret the 3-D data for -- -- -- -- -- this year well you just looked at passive person active 3-D TVs right it's there so what is the conclusion from that because I was one of those guys that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah this probably couple you out there but that -- at the end of the day like -- better itself ultimate ars reports. It is definitely visible through -- -- with passive and active right now is that the past TVs is -- out here and there is literally 540 lines 1080 PTV. By forty go to each and you can actually see this difference and you see -- artifacts you leasing if you're game though. A lot of that -- is visible and it's not the best implementation path. Passages used in the theater's images and -- and cheap glasses though. You know you'd think that the potential for excellent -- quality is there and it is expected -- announced that Samsung and -- the date. Passive system that uses real these glasses that has full resolution so that's you know probably going to be -- years and expensive first. But I think it's pretty much you know the holy Grail classes. Three V is passive with or at least some of these active -- -- expensive bulky they. Definitely make it a little bit dimmer Scott -- operate more -- media that's the big issues these active glasses. But at the end of the day -- -- video files -- -- year earth. The active there's also a -- passive -- say one the other it's gotten big headache watching active. Secondly he's -- content. Right but they say that the passage is supposed to be you know more comfortable because I'm on that -- being sixteen -- 120 VCR clot that VCR for the cable box -- -- in the -- it's a lot lot faster than that they give your computer screen strokes but it's not so you know. That's an active work -- -- instantly walks on the pre sync with the -- but that so. There are some issues with active. The -- -- -- be -- -- this year it's worth checking out both you know you're -- even the one -- that -- adjusting to me with I think -- you have this concept where you could be playing a video game. And different between ideologues things being with you any twenty get a separate 540 lines very cool for you both see your -- to play against that hadn't split screen you see your own screen so video. Pitched it to me as as basically split screen without split screen so it's. CTV to -- completely different images that you can even use this is -- like a marriage saver type thing where you know you're watching want to show anyways watching the other show on the same television that's totally possible with this because. But how works is you have each pair of glasses the 3-D glasses that specialize so. There's two left lenses basically into right glances in these do -- pair of glasses and you know again you look at the screen -- conclude separate images that with gaining works is that. You get you know your year player when viewing your player to view and you -- this you can cooperate ever on the screen. And it works you know them well and -- -- And and so they say that it's really easy to add this two existing games again at that resolution issues are -- it EP Brent but I you do get a really cool play ability -- can't -- anymore about doing the split screen you have. Body and then you can pick up that right well now you -- actually have a second half classes at the essential that our -- but. A -- -- marriage saver and let the well you're so close it it's as he -- at the end of the evening -- -- picked up her glasses -- -- through both watching the real housewives of Beverly. -- that would be embarrassed. -- -- Henry and put the games out yet easy -- -- code but it's easy to add code to turn games into active. -- I left treating games to nobody's almost nobody's doing that there's like five games may be the can actually -- -- if if the treaty TV it's ridiculous. Yet there and endear it actually using -- the which includes that capability but that's the split screens that's not a full resolution and it doesn't work very well treaty yet it kills them but -- -- looking forward to trying that it's not the. -- once we get therapy -- you're -- is that brings our legacy today say that speaking of three he's saying that seem to get a lot of and one -- over the weekend was Walter virtue. Won an Academy Awards for for editing he added Apocalypse Now. To just -- the new Blu-ray version -- uncle. English Patient called man ninety's he's a legend but he is obscene article money -- -- -- Discusses how he believes a biologically -- retriever to read this but. May have been and what you think about its argument that 3-D doesn't work with human beings he actually says it is just to disconnect. They -- that'll never be a good idea because of the convergence. Focus issue in the humanize -- where. 3-D makes you have to focus on something and then converge across her eyes in ways it just doesn't work with a way where were revolution -- adapted yet that's that's. Not in a new argument -- and hate it definitely has a lot to do -- content is produced so. You know he was saying that you're gonna have to make -- -- fewer cuts there's you know fewer switches between far perspective -- in your perspective. Three B guy that I talked to -- service there is copy dot org you know about this very article and replied back saying. That actually has. When -- producing this content you have to be very cognizant of making the progress is gradual cuts less frequent. It's definitely an issue the fact that you know when you change this focus your optic nerve is doing a lot more work than normal and there's a lot of you know kind of he -- called it CPU cycles basically when you're watching you know initially as a lot more work to be done. So again it's it's definitely there I don't think it can preclude treaty from working at all I think people directors and people making content have to be careful about do it and -- there's definitely the thing is more people are more less susceptible to it in generally. The older you are the less. Limber up your optics and -- -- sometimes the people get headaches you know -- -- -- that for old people and bad for young kids only those of us in the middle. And Angela young kids seated. So cool they say they should you put -- well really the Athens before the age of sixty it -- the under kids under six. President and is now out until -- have you seen any movies in the theatre in treating. -- -- Accomplice. Which look at that avatar probably. And cloudy with -- -- on Apple gotten in mountain. And and did you find yourself. Optically exhausted. Where did you find you -- Religious act the law flicking between me and too little breaks -- had a break and an iPhone because like I don't wear contacts and contracts and everything is so I had my glasses prescription glasses it's just like I just -- -- -- Classes. Like this but I don't yet just like this -- Now NASA. Then they have -- the public -- and I've been anything portable and -- -- as part of regaining market he's been sitting. In that room look at -- and I think that the FDJ Arthur I -- times. In my goes. Your last year's holiday purchases. Its. Template on your phone and -- This figure three I got one final thing to tell you guys about that swears that -- eaten up the whole show here. The rats -- awards nominations have been announced he's of the awards for the -- on him here and they have a new category this year. It's for worst eye gouging misuse of 3-D. Special category for 2010 to I would Italian nominee. And won't keep anyone seen any of these -- I was Tennessee one of these accidentally. Invited to gain -- -- -- -- -- nominations. Worst eye gouging misuse of 3-D demo -- cats and dogs to the revenge of kitty galore but that even a movie -- adding that the people talk it's it's a written word and I. It's a mental list talent -- yeah I never too. Clash of the titans and how to to be moving -- to -- -- And ended 3-D elements to later only came close but number three I saw the two. Blu-ray from Netflix that's bad. Number three the last air Bender. A we have a base oh -- in -- -- -- -- -- slayer alive but that screening or did you actually. Gotta disagree okay -- -- that -- -- streaming video game related but you know it was stunningly awkward. The movie -- the three date. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The movie is so weird and I love us some money from The Daily Show but his choice of casting as the villain. What's that you are among other things was one of the weirder things to witness -- Okay okay it next nominee then nutcracker 3-D I had no idea this is even a movie. All eyes are different saw that such trailer looks like returned -- it's like cyberpunk nutcracker. Nightmarish Republican opposed to the technique d'alene isn't it that -- I can tell and like Jericho and finally soft 3-D. And it moved at the -- out those -- the five nominees if he's seen any of these. I'm glad I -- clash of the titans into beyond entry and it the other three there was only the latter day. The blu -- three Judge Judy blue dots and action we just we just aren't getting the avatar movie I definitely wanted. Can I if -- wanna check that vision -- I added lately that -- I don't really got -- I wanna hear the artist now. In a secret location -- -- say yep that's the that's a 3-D that treaty movie nominees -- I think we're all pretty horrible I'm Thatcher who I vote for I have actually seen the 3-D effect -- any of these web productivity. And I don't think that came out 2010 didn't. Maybe humanity and I got time news I think I think invited him like -- like December 2009 to -- that -- get it. But I haven't heard about a free movie coming out lately -- -- right they've kind of -- off the of the conference summer the only one I'm looking forward to is is the new burner hurt stock fell. -- -- -- Kate and yes which is a documentary shot in 3-D is first and only time it has all of these 3-D where they went into these. Caves in southern France that contain the oldest. Cave paintings. Known to man and -- wouldn't help into a hundred years ago no one had been in -- and 30000 years. This is that they're very careful not to duties he. -- that were aware of the picture does not come out of the screen very adamant and he gets it only recedes back and look at some of the paintings are painted on kind of release on the wall like -- bumps along the incorporate that into the artwork so in three that would actually you'd -- get a feel for that. Sounds -- had to be very careful about filming -- there don't slouch like definitely if he can't read on the -- -- touch any thing it's a very. And apparently they -- -- the gas is down there have a hallucinogenic properties than I thought at that okay Dave has a whereas on the show anyway. Thank you everybody for tuning in -- etc. I'm school -- music and. Devices that leverage extending PBX and do you find all the -- -- have -- I've learned. -- -- You learn a lesson that I have visited conversations. Especially if you can never cared I'm right there with -- -- here okay we're gonna we're gonna put it we're gonna take this all the way to get. Plant out extra jump up and possibly figure -- you're gonna come to a game. How we -- content coming into the device the only go to games would like a video game companies like have -- me like there there when you're gonna need this night was it's gonna be like Lake Mead fox currently supplies via its -- -- RM hold you like by everybody really good out. The man in it.

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