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Tech Culture: Ep. 112: CES post-mortem, plus the Verizon iPhone looms

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Tech Culture: Ep. 112: CES post-mortem, plus the Verizon iPhone looms

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This week, we're all back from CES with a list of the coolest laptops of the show. Plus, the Verizon iPhone is seemingly imminent -- find out if it's worth making the switch.

It now thousands at -- -- bridge as it. I I always ten headphones and a lab with an -- hysteria I always you I'm really loud and clear at that -- what about that crazy homeless guy. Whose Italy's radio jobs that you see this to the console died under -- somewhere who has like this radio boy it's why it's so -- -- Wednesday Gretna and very guy's name I forgot his name. But let me -- -- homeless guy into the -- like hey -- do it. I'd like a quarter -- -- And and and Oprah like pick -- an historian of open to new show's finale penalties. Offers to -- radio voice -- work is -- in the new voice of movie -- I think he -- -- -- voices. Something -- now -- the online world now that he's not good like that -- here here's the thing or radiation means he's -- like it cheesy radio guy if -- candidate -- the eighties hits will there are only here on -- one -- to. Movie like that wow that's so -- that's an -- for home with gotta have it and now he's getting all these guys that saw something notes Hamas because. -- bargaining -- a great story for him he's getting all these -- real meanwhile -- for -- took have been bused in their homes for twenty years. And they can't get a break and you find one guy under bridges delegate doesn't -- apparently like it doesn't kids also. And and elves and -- -- -- radio but -- can't do everything I feel like it's on the story for him it is a nice start for him I'm not just like guy is yet still it's hard to compete with equitably balanced has evolved and what it sounds of homeless guy who's like. I'm really good review and laptops all of a sudden -- -- -- -- job doing that. And movement in your field of view of the rough. What it got to where if you haven't you'll keep us and you -- and I homeless new data from on I don't think -- -- -- Abraham okay don't hate them. And it's -- it's icann voted down on this -- areas are the -- -- before it got a little long and -- as the I -- NHI I I cannot do -- definitely got the video the -- Frederick what's his name W doesn't get bigger and I I I got I got video footage and -- -- -- tell -- -- his name is likely have a picture of Ted Williams a homeless man with a golden -- -- it that -- -- that's I don't -- Ted Lewis is -- and with it was just talk to Ted -- home as a man with the golden boys from. Erica hill and Chris -- I'm reading a -- here I I don't just believe you on Google -- experience. We gotta do is well there hasn't had -- and -- -- -- -- an objective. Gotta get the before. Oh get a haircut is Vanity Fair could easily and we got -- see the text. There. Where is he is applied for jobs here and I'll get the reference the referral money means it's ready to be the official -- -- CNET podcast what do you think. Got up that fits the shuttle's Saturday and areas is that Williams yeah -- him before there yet. That's like that's been answered an essay that there's actually kind of style doesn't get totally totally pull that -- they stand outside and Elizabeth as chairman from the original Japanese Iron Chef for the finance chairman pat has been added to the -- pepper. Out and I got this city looks like -- Out enemy territory without their asset regularly as of this review for affordable thin villas are right to crack which hasn't even been on the world -- before -- the gentleman is just as -- -- -- -- -- picture of it's Arab. It's fascinating that a number of right here he's got dozens expression. But not backed up. Justin -- expression that's uncle you. He's give me that look before a packed anyway I don't know what it means I can you -- -- technology news to discuss since. These sent the Consumer. Electronics Show is wrapping up in Vegas and as we were out there and we see if it it was quite a scene as -- Let me ask Julie and Joseph -- -- -- from your remote point of view what stood out to you. From bishop at an lax is actually any Italian and so my case I'm sure justice to be key services because that I I took human -- -- you -- iPod and I what I decided to do on this edition is instead of going crazy. In trying to catch everything as it comes around -- whatever. I waited and I just watched all of CNET -- -- -- caught up with everything like I went in ones -- -- what is your what it would usually take away what's click the big thing from the show. I government check out the review okay us doing -- and I definitely check out the zoom. And get them what Verizon motions purchasing and some analysts at this new handy cams are point and shoot camera -- African name and me totaled about them it's okay with its tricks or something like that began in cancer decrees yeah atlas team that the looks of that one of violence appears when she was flimsy and -- definitely got is that Motorola zoom. And -- that is the honeycomb tablet the first one -- the others. But not yet yet but on the other honeycomb haven't by the time this comes -- -- probably -- the biggest things like the three yes whenever the in the plants and he pricing. Isn't it like that we had a price -- that does seem like this to fifty. Probably -- that it hasn't been confirmed as it is speculated that our government something if it's gonna be right program. -- -- an immunity as Sizemore the DS I thought one day here's a sound it's not that special anymore because at the show everybody -- devices with the no I -- 380 blue screen screen. -- in a web camera as you're -- little flip style camera is digital. Point and shoot cameras. All with two lenses and a little -- viewing anywhere -- screen -- the 3-D S is not that unique game board should come out and like November or December analysis to be one of many. You can see the screen treaty without glasses. Products that are gonna and a they'll be fun for kids that like history -- this gets lucky it. Not you know its it stated that it's been debated they say -- under six and a member of being with Nintendo wants and they also said that that they don't recommend that but then there's no doctors don't agree that there's any evidence yet for that -- for a young eyeballs there Abbott is intent doesn't overly which -- actually junior uses 3-D S after hearing these that precautions. Now -- it's really okay and now. But the company really doesn't know what I -- -- -- -- to see if I can play different things from happening again total we've -- -- a review update for the PS3 etc. and those plants and wipe out and that took some getting used was a little those little those little -- -- harmonize plan that so I don't even know how that the end via. A question to us got that would would you let loud young message 92 that played pretty activities -- -- -- yeah that's it yeah I didn't allow a Manila to expose and other technology -- -- 3-D. I bet not because that health reasons. I'm afraid of any any company's warning when you -- teaching music I think life not wishing to take SF seriously it's like it's got these in this packet of data -- is equal magnitude as the lucky Baltic -- -- on that that's. You -- magnets and the warning on the side the really cool but it says. It is warning not for small children if you swallow them they can bring great danger to your intestines as they could stick. In your and I -- on that all it is out of the home all keep them in the office where they're very cool but I'm not only can -- -- your brain. The exact -- don't -- and -- -- -- your brain. But yet I would nine with 3-D S if the company saying don't do it than. I'm I'm not gonna do it well that's the other -- -- -- kid -- and -- And. Everything seems greedy now actually administered in LA he can't see why he's here he's too deep into it it's not if the beauty team -- -- -- stay that way that's right. It's like they -- the John Carpenter movie with the world is actually black and white and the aliens polarized it then and -- -- -- -- -- -- down. Tell him and running right right right or you guessed -- -- -- -- Of oh that's funny when -- took a picture at I saw that post you did -- -- nine refiners. As I'm gonna find it and we're went and it began to Twitter here to here if I got I got it and -- that it. -- you know if if if you know they live you'll find this very -- He got the secret message let's watch TV everywhere yet -- -- go to sleep humans. Tasty humans. I hear -- -- that. Really -- I would -- remake of -- -- The center at the sunglasses then later they got the contact lenses -- livers unless all the time where India -- remember the fighting had assumed with the glasses eleven and -- when carpenter is a -- isn't anybody torment. I just saw him at. He's making new movie -- there's a new bar for only -- do not know unfortunately is the guy at the I have not a good movie since that prince of darkness. Now which is a class. Since then -- again. -- anyway we but how about laptops at -- that's that's a big thing. -- doesn't critical laptops -- did you I've put together -- list of the coolest laptops out of CES by when he read I think about it but to Julie who's gonna have to test all these eventually. But I on the November -- mileage right now and anti -- got a -- -- -- yet. Agha. This is the -- switch -- read this it's a little clam shell it's -- -- -- Five -- six inch screen. And the bottom -- heat -- -- here lights out and has a little screen under the transparent keyboard to it creates custom keys. Depending on what game you're playing if you're playing warcraft and give you warcraft key board layout although it -- be regular keyboard also. Is -- -- an -- before and they had a they have a working demo unit there we tried it out. Kinda slow kind of -- not obviously not ready for prime time they haven't warcraft three and World of Warcraft on it stuff. You know I think it's got potential but I don't know if it's gonna go past being 88 demo for right now or someone else like take the technology around -- -- or. If you would just be happy playing a game like this on your -- and to -- Yet just seems to me it's a little weird have a about a portable -- this big but may be -- that does cool idea in my first heard about ten -- but. Seasonal -- leg raisers -- knowing the keyboard technology in the ways in which unique. PC games are coming your life in fat and -- with it right and they can develop that is also -- sure how well this is going to play games although Intel's boasting that the new. I got plan when it only to empower you and -- used it again very pokey announced plans to offer games and how would you venture like this. Don't want to ten legacy good I guess that the hard drive -- -- -- -- Aren't we did you benchmark is intriguing problems like as a part driven to because that is up for his percent of it runs way to. -- saying the return. I'm gaining more intuitive as argument is doing next next school laptop last year's -- came that -- -- came -- the Lenovo U one hybrid -- -- it's now it is. Comprised of what the it's an Android tablet instead before it was a skylight it was a Linux based tablets they took that. Now it's called -- pad. Which is not a great name and it's paired with that same day easily eighties teams diversions yes. Almost -- as -- side effects pedal car the car collector car. Let anything as we -- those are those stockings and a delay that's right or pay a -- if you can connect. Croissants and so it's paired with that same base that we saw last year video quality you know I'm so called U one hybrid. It's a Windows 7 to give more specs two in terms of the processor everything it it's a window seven. Laptop with a few less ports -- you'd expect. But it pairs in it locks in and once you flip that switch it's a hard switch -- goes from the Android tablet mode right into the Windows 7. In that demo looked pretty seamless in terms of that switch yet -- -- -- how it sinks with everything he's -- browser -- -- does spend data it -- And if they have their honeycomb on the tablet need to be enough and it's -- -- package together it's like thirteen hundred bucks -- kind of expense. It's hard in any -- -- Danny say while you get the tableau with that but -- on the other hand. We break it down it's still 800 dollars for the base parlor may now which is the pro more than the price of many. Yes I never -- on our list of cool laptops when everybody -- the new -- 380 prototype from Toshiba -- like like we wrote about this extensively we checked -- many times. The way it works is it's a fifteen inch screen gives you know -- the last 3-D and actually don't. Not as good as wearing glasses on -- PTV but. For a demo unit it wasn't bad it actually worked -- got. Yet does it surprising because I can -- not seen the three yes it and most people -- -- In my first time seeing glasses -- 330 in the way that it actually kind of moves tracks you and then locks in in the you're getting three years is an avenue and -- -- -- picture right there cancel for an insurance isn't a picture this a demo right here so it has a picture in picture things -- he with -- -- that is doing behind the scenes. So that little window with my face it it's tracking the webcam tracking my eyeballs and then -- did just the steers got the image of the bigger window. Based on how I move my head so it's always. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I have -- if you look away because some 380 back to two against Amazon look at the camera again because three now and -- do this -- gonna retail for. It's it's not even a real idea I haven't been any idea among new technologies and looks a lot about -- -- -- shows up. Typically high end laptops you know I Atlanta is not that expensive anymore right right it can't about them yeah so that we gonna like iPad 3-D. For -- what's actually for Shannon Cameron and -- wanna. Which you money. And a lot less -- Atlanta -- government would be cool okay -- -- -- that would -- in the media -- -- -- master Stein watch it does the -- after an iPad -- Asked as sank after signing on and there are -- that. Oh yes master Desmond even though there's only one -- -- and its its -- its Alex lets the caller child -- -- -- that mr. -- the man -- -- master Bates in the told -- -- the child doesn't -- -- -- debate now I'd I don't detect -- -- planet and we've got to Julia treating. Through your body and she can see -- and I Gleason Richard Pryor in the toilet was wrong about my absence of a two year old -- -- number key dates ethanol that's the chip is as old master Bates when it's only your shoes. That affects an apology if initiative is there really -- I'm -- -- -- -- -- memories. The memory what you're -- -- and master -- -- -- Australian rates. There are real are anywhere I I would like to return to talk to -- that her opinions about 3-D because I am I'm fascinated by people who were not. And evaluate. Professor of if you were not yet the data. That I'm gonna tell -- -- effort that -- okay now I'm feeling. -- -- used 3-D TVs again your and then. Officers on thinner than treating black that's we have right acting -- you tested the treaty HP's seventeen mes got it recently I guess but history lesson on yet again and we did it. -- those cool. And that's and -- one actually doing a great debate is just a novelty then I'm nine novelty you can do for me it's -- -- -- in I mean and it is just Aaron. -- killings at the where. Every movie comes out in theaters this treaty based I mean an expert targeted at this point pockets they -- it's it's like. What we have one scene never gonna throw something -- at the screen yeah. You know common netstat. And and it's just that one scene that and that. Let's turn the hold and move into the meeting whether or where they think a movie that's already they've already done and yeah I do some parts of ads entry is just pissed me off at -- -- like if it was coming as well you know increments where it late. -- -- -- organic is now is just like academic it uses to Munich -- -- -- -- -- with that movie with 3-D technology as opposed to. Every. The movie is how it ingredient technology that's being crammed down our throats and get it. It's CS 2011 man was being cramped. Like the Sony press conference. You're gonna is like 3-D where -- -- -- and I get up and I every you're gonna have it in your camera in your. In your phone in there and get an accurate English is being included everything now comes out technology i.'s announced as TVs -- must have -- headquarters. You know laptops and I agree it's kinda hard rain added sort of although we know the -- what by Sony's Booth and actually tried out watching at some of the 3-D content. -- -- While this does or we will -- it works really well but. In how often my relief in one user and yeah I wanna -- -- someone -- -- -- -- anything that we've -- literally just started with a hold classes aspect of freedom and now -- talking about glass less. -- -- Not on big TV links that way the law exactly exactly so it's just a bit with kind of thing that works but look -- -- thing where it's just like everybody keeps. Going further -- -- but too soon. And its its its not like every household average hack the -- TV in next Olympics -- -- -- TV now. Let if you by any TVs -- would you who get a 3-D one. In would you consider -- didn't cost. Not confident the -- now it's really not that it -- and then I don't know about the. -- about a hundred bucks more. I mean it looks like. -- if -- -- says this does not that much outfits and that's clearly there is not really get me going on the platform especially if it's not perfected yet. It's I don't I don't find it at that point where it's just like it's an investment. Argentina -- ESPN but it's not worth and investments. -- -- -- That -- in the mix of Norfolk three to. Reduce or some games review the additional Phoenix and game -- -- the in the heats knicks games for its broadcasted. Told nationally broadcast TV game broadcast via thank you. And -- an average. But it and and but I loved watching because you can actually see the -- differences in the players -- I think. For sporting events -- its -- I really depends on its arms and watch the football games -- -- running windows is going if you lose your titles through kind of slowly you can kind of see the spacing. So for sporting I think it really great it's really great. It's just not mainstream enough -- even when I was watching an entry. Even a commercial entry -- -- -- many commercial even out -- select a lot of time to go to commercial break you be when you just saw again. It's your commercials -- -- -- it was like your music -- emerged in treaty but again and again. And -- commercials and treaty. Probably has found -- -- entry was -- -- -- about what with the commercial -- it was com obviously went for three TV. I want one for ESPN treaty suffers from you know like they have one like our house that -- -- -- the -- -- ways we can of that but no it no products or other bomb theory goes right there one. Right now so these Stan and -- there was one but -- united. I wasn't paying tens of Mars that was one that was non ESP and related. But I mean it was really cool. And now if you can give me that. For my team. Every week or every game that's what I'm sure they will eventually then just register I -- listings say that would that would justify like the fifty dollar price direction -- -- -- to go are not. It's not charge a lot for the exact -- the top of it I'm not even a sports Davida as instant checking out that the SP 3-D but it's -- special Time Warner. 3-D package which as far as I can tell only includes that station. Right and I -- actually anything else in the package but that of the call the three -- -- I -- like how much I don't even tell it. Jersey Jersey Jesus says tech analyst -- each. Both will be worth about what a first look videos and treaty come on guys -- -- -- -- nobody gonna actually. Yes -- -- so there are pockets of her hand back and forth -- -- -- -- they have it and I mean this looks good when you -- if you were to rotate the proper location. It developed and then rotate the product -- speculated turnaround at three would be pretty good and we look at the new you know there's that the new Verizon iPhone. Because. They competitive -- it -- in in in Alston not only stay competitive but also. TVs don't break like these. The other didn't know that -- Well I'm pretty cheated a little more -- I've identity is not all that -- no I don't -- He is the last my god it -- I I hear there -- -- I have I had a few nice thing I have TVs announced Tuesday I. I don't throw more that they're just sitting store the to have been an epic -- dreams -- I do you -- the problem a lot of people though. They don't they don't take in consideration of those things get -- and usually haven't all in the wall. Or in some -- close the wall when I actually do as I have a fair and global -- and -- -- because -- my PS3 and Xbox. And my week sort of like you -- exaggeration is ventilation -- other thing is on the back of the TVs and -- There -- fair and similar to ones -- to -- you gotta clean those things out. Sending people -- -- as it doesn't matter how -- -- -- -- Canada Canada doesn't blow it sideways releasing people blow it into the team here and you can't. Okay and it's I don't come to house include new TV for -- for point five but I don't know about all that -- and don't -- this kind of people don't how do humans -- that offensive thing is you just a -- you just a glass case in front of that you dust off the dvd studio look back fits -- it. Clean about it you a lot of people -- sent. When the dust collects just gets -- and an in it and burnout you figure it goes from cold to hot and nothing. I mean that's -- if you leave their computers on because it keeps -- -- titans. We should your computer down equals a return on guitar so Google is the -- just doesn't go hot cold cold -- and a lot of hot dust and that in my teens and it doesn't Kaminsky keeping your solders are tied. I understand a lot of work cool -- have to -- keep him new things and if you -- because of devices can unsolicited cars last longer. I was sure I left no longer an asset tagging data goes -- are not getting longer technology. More disposable ones anyway yeah. I'm gonna have less sociable does that the mean really what you throw a separate and digital signal is I -- the first generation I -- I just don't have time but we do I get really you really really. You really don't throw something that -- I have like TVs stack. I mean it's very a lot of products have failed have -- after an after a period of years he can't go into details I haven't seen in the technology. It on gadgets that I -- an air conditioners to get my old American is visiting -- -- -- and -- an F three in my apartment and Sony. It's from crazy Eddie that's -- film work. Crazy Eddie's got even visited what is once deployed -- data is one point oh yeah. That's critical. Things don't -- -- -- programs in my area I'm -- they're calling any stray from Jimmy Dean it's really a fair use this. This story is in saying that. Write down that. -- -- And some of the collapse after the -- have a -- and iPhone. HP pavilion DM 11 left have a cell with the new AMD fusion platform which again like sandy bridge kind of combines graphics right there on the chip. That I could be -- limited slap up meal for 450 it seemed like pretty cool we got one now we're testing it. He could actually performs -- excited about what was your thoughts on the gaming test that that's very real estate and see if it plays any dvd. Quickly now that this is one that I that was okay -- -- and Molly -- love. Love you would not -- -- -- -- is really into it -- nine series cover MacBook your competitors into the -- aluminum composite body of the cold don't get me wrong but greater. And design and -- that he really collect up some I like I'm rooting for them to keep making cool stuff and and -- -- Probably as close to MacBook Air as there seems to be in the windows market right now but it's gonna be really expensive it is -- be really think it would 99. Was never a really answer that they actually site I thought this is a little bit over a thousand. The justice since the -- press release that I got that -- the original the original price those who has that as Hank Kingsley would say hey. Wow I now know it's really expensive that probably I would not is -- dropped from more reasonable level I which I think it's a 999 laptop at most and most yeah we noted low volumes -- Had to do with something as they were damning without models that came out Nero is the more affordable yet. Absolutely the best before they can't be more than a nano care. And you -- -- -- out there which is realistic Toshiba's support. And it's cheaper. We also like the Acer -- Tony which is up briefly back in November but had more the coming out party at. At CES the typical video that -- around to witness to touch screens to fourteen screens they're both touch screens the bottom when you put -- ten fingers on it. And it turns into -- port. And it -- -- so that that's -- typing on it it okay but I learned how to type on an iPad delegates I think people and do that but on a trip this could mean what's novel here. A summer when semantics are one of the company's dimensional look and finger and place and I was like what eleventh annual if you have -- -- -- Intel and thing. -- a -- -- -- it's the best -- ten plus one. Songs and that a little less -- bill it is the Toshiba satellite U 305 which is a follow up to 3205. And -- -- five a perfectly good luck that they just happen to cram. Everything in here to preview reasonable -- this one's got the new Intel Core I five it's got the new wireless display a little slot loading Blu-ray. Oh WiMax and USB three point oh -- -- -- everything packed in about a thousand -- pretty get. I really like that I'll have them -- -- details yet to -- or screen in the zones more conservatively designed by. It that. And then last but not least. This is just Sony's cool upscale 3-D -- up. It's just sixteen -- at the Vaio F series and -- falcon -- I and a hardware and -- -- -- with either their own glances or the Nvidia 3-D vision glasses if you Li if uses Sony glasses you can use them on his laptop and on -- Sony 3-D TV. I think we need more of that kind of stuff because everyone's got their own proprietary lessons -- -- predict. One must have universal glances then a lot more people like -- -- And -- would like optimize for 3-D video content specifically rates higher I think the I'm teaching you ought to -- problem there and Adobe and -- expensive three laptop -- -- -- different from other violent and have it that rounded hinged back if designed right what critical. -- -- at -- retailing between east and Africa. Sony -- there. It's I mean those are thought were the coolest looking laptop -- CES at least eight by the holistic CES that cnet.com. And then they go that's I thought let's CES. But -- -- but while you're there. Even bigger news was really breaking. Everyone got totally disinterested in CS what we found out that -- horizons never press conference and meeting and Abby I thought they'll. And it goes it's a done deal what -- -- well. -- like harassing foreigners a million dollar question which iPhone is going to be the three G to 3GS the new four or more than Bolivia -- -- and white that. AT and their original I have every right now it's which -- what we ever have which was -- it'll be the 48 joy predicts it. The white Ford really wife -- -- and it had just predict. The white media. I think carefully because whoever gets it wrong apparently acted just like -- just like a Japanese mafia tattoo artist you lose one knuckle on one figure in those videos it is yes. What do you think what you get -- educated guess with them. Possibly the four are you -- before. But the scary thing is is that battery life. On CME's less -- -- GSM so I don't know if you do Tuesday to address that you think the better it might be worse about it we'll definitely and worse consequence of an interest in -- -- -- of -- got says white iPhone -- Joseph says. I'd like a white or both I -- white 3GS black iPhone four. I really say it might. I -- floor I think like iPhone -- -- -- quicker if the find out and if you need any more evidence. There was a Twitter message from Verizon the official Verizon account. The other day that said -- -- -- -- and other they were trying to get. They were credited to the fact that something from them got nominated for east CNET best of CES award. But that the -- is down the bottom of the Twitter message it says. Via Twitter for iPhone so -- an official Verizon account is sending a message like that you know maybe there's something up right there. I guess maybe the -- big guys and AT&T. I. Think -- played -- -- Java Verizon real fast just one question I have about it if the it is the iPhone for now. Would you buy -- would you be that interest in buying it if perhaps -- six months. You are gonna see an iPhone five out and will be available from Verizon has while you're in an iPod Apple jointly run that -- -- You -- again but I it'll be AT&T iphones come out -- summer and the go to Verizon six months later. That's message saying yeah by the good that that's a solid that's another reason why. That's an idea that's another reason why the 3GS would make sense from eastern easiest now on the over -- ever used before for a -- of the five all care that's another way to go. But I don't that the that's not that's not because they also change it if they can't do 3-D video audio content they -- say there is very -- fifty bucks -- day return policy fourteen days to. From Verizon thirty from August was thirty -- into the fourteen. But everyone's worried about the about the network if you can handle the iPhone crash when you -- joke he's in May be -- -- -- we're getting better or reading these. I didn't think Joe gives -- completely secret to getting good. And made -- -- -- eighteen he'll get a lot better immediately fantastic this and that -- content messing about Verizon and you know get ready for the slow network or something it was a message and believe us we should go right. On but it also depends on how does -- -- You get into -- present -- right. To -- express it actually he and give -- fed they have -- -- Verizon eventually. Would you consider it policy okay that you might and a better don't we just switched back to drive -- -- question. I -- Verizon service will be as good. On the iPhone answer means we scenes that right now now I'm still locked in for like two or three years at the end iphones -- until -- -- is -- -- -- gonna buy -- way out. His -- my contract averages and potatoes so devoted greater transparency -- I'll stick with that idea I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now but anyone who's had -- -- when the air -- grandfather didn't -- limited exactly these -- about grant. And what they look they whatever would like give stream movies on Netflix and stuff and you know you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Ann and -- serious -- and the radio are you serious alarm for a bit and if you're talking about this morning that it -- about the Blackberry Playbook. And and and -- but to get one but he -- that it only works with your Blackberry but only disclosed that I'd be -- via a Blackberry email account. Though so he was very doubtful that via. Bad idea but -- think -- feel about things that CES but then I never got the -- of those that. Why is that I don't know because -- under on the -- well -- your human hears them now remember earlier we brought about tech they'll be very -- -- beavers -- it. -- I -- I and a yeah really just on the beaver costume was in the -- customers -- and no I didn't see -- affinity health if they threats -- by the -- states but I don't have -- and it just seems so very mean dvd was at the other thing that show that half. Actually curious about the new iPhone is on how the -- are gonna go and will will will Apple -- as being able activated will you have to go. And I sent you -- event horizon I'm sure to be the -- knows who knows -- not as willing to just open their legs like AT&T. I will -- you got thin fat mean and I -- that at Iowa. And I wasn't a thing we didn't see baba Louie at C if the Wii gets the iPhone. Kevin Pereira from G -- attack -- the show who sat -- on one of the videos we didn't live stayed on Friday with me and Bakalar and rich brown and hopefully we'll get that video up release an inch. And that was a fun show just the four of us guys chat about staff. And we're also gonna get -- the showed that Molly Wood united kind of a laptop talk show where we -- -- -- -- laptops and we just talked about them all one after the other and that was kind of fun to. On I would like to. I'd like to leave you with a very important story and it makes they'll make some people here -- really. Because that's what it means you of the I don't know about that and Wall Street Journal's reporting on the very nicely the all things these -- which is part of downtown portable future. Or both those part of anyway. People who are. Court cutting their cable TV like Katzmaier active like Scott you did Scott de La there's still a small minority. However those of us who are sticking with cable -- being rewarded by -- cable companies have -- with bigger bills. On now that is right that's because the cable companies are all reason -- rates again. Though everyone he's sticking with cable now feels like even a bigger idiot and -- cable -- and get seven point 8%. While. DTV. 3.4 percent this year. That. Dish network of 11%. And so on and so forth. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Again I would give -- overlook back all -- -- organs watch a movie about it flickering ones yet -- -- that so that -- better if they just went back to the prices from three years ago. -- they got -- you feel better about court. Getting them and you could actual. Figures that I asked -- to feel sad times that I can't get all the content when -- -- -- prices -- -- -- I'm gonna go back. If -- out of control their I still say they had to find a way to. Provide digital content. That's outside of the cables -- -- would argue about this and needed about it if it does. You know you're you your correctly argue in many ways that that that the model won't hold without it by -- -- Budget they're gonna lose they're gonna lose subscribers they're gonna have to do something -- shows only -- On Amazon you know Amazon on demand is a great way to get episodes of TV's shows and a lot of TVs now haven't done -- as an app. Yeah right they'll get the killer a lot of TVs -- these from a male perspective have to -- sports and that's where the killers and natural reasons why I'm stuck with Time Warner -- -- -- files because. You -- any on your fusion HD. And I think I'm not. That's because I get to watch -- like -- -- like baseball basketball football. You said over the air if you can get the signal now and I'm lucky as I got good -- the exposure but other people. Do not get a signal very. Is well what we have a sort of signal more stuff like that becomes available. Over the Internet like even if you don't like like MBA -- -- immediately Catholic high Def and crystal clear -- a lot of people would jump ship -- -- Linksys. Somebody needs to put the -- -- -- this monopoly it's that's what this is based in what it is like Cablevision owns. The next thing on the garden. And that was playing music. NASA. And go on and they refused to give fire -- the rights to broadcast 757. And NFL's all locked up with you know -- analysis -- Verizon. So fortunately for you you're you're you're you're New York fare because if you weren't watching the team in action to little more -- -- weekend -- -- San Diego or subscribe via. Great wings and too expensive but point out one cool thing -- should up in the mail while we were done. It is this little stuff that I know exactly. -- little satellite download of the planet -- Yeah yeah everybody. -- To become a detrimental became the number of -- -- to thank you should act in regatta in right. Go to you Jim Nelson that's threatening home to find to find a smiling sadly there and that's not you yeah. -- -- -- -- I gave both of file that's being notified his love exactly. At a that's an introverted -- about Phoenix's.

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