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Tech Culture: Ep. 11: Blue Screens in the Lab, Gaming PC prices; new Xbox dashboard

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Tech Culture: Ep. 11: Blue Screens in the Lab, Gaming PC prices; new Xbox dashboard

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This week, check out three simultaneous Blue Screens of Death in the Lab, followed by a debate on gaming PC prices, a tour of the new Xbox dashboard, and find out what ultrabooks need to do to win next year.

And need it. Hey everybody. -- -- times Tuesday and you know it's got that stand tie into I actually gotten through that ten minutes early of the evil hooks and stuff up. I feel very confident about our about our our technological situation -- to -- of I got some cool stuff -- We have an actual 360 -- to operate again I don't really prefer thought initially when things go wrong. Julian Joseph and -- people -- in our lab and you may think they have an easy job running benchmarks. We're -- laptops desktops but I'm gonna -- a very quickly what happens when things go horribly wrong have a video to show you we get switch -- to a little video Tory -- This is our only the other day and it was not one not two but 3-D. Desktop PCs all -- in the blue screen of death is one. That's a machine that one -- adaptive there's too. And that's a -- machine on the right there. And then there's number three Sony -- three BS NDs at the same time. That's indicative we have serious -- apparently those -- all part of some sort of -- issue. That was playing yes and I think -- is is it's all naturally using those than until -- -- name. If try to solve it on back and forth which has been going on with the vendors. So they tried news. -- -- it. New -- ships and what have you but that was happening so that -- wasn't that -- wasn't -- factor on but yet have such an affair out -- -- -- to flash on the bios tinian bios and that can work out so. It's still a mystery between all the vendors and -- us here sound. I mean it's it's a new it's a new chipset it's a new motherboard so it's it's -- and that you know. Up to par and they all were very ambitious to. Do pretty much like over clock the system. So you know you have a new chip you -- -- new -- -- the -- and and the first thing that you -- that -- they end up doing is is. Overclocking it -- too few high. So you know if it's not stable as. As is. -- would you actually you know. Go that extra mile and an over pocket and being viewed an ambitious you know now and go to website -- sounds are at a hundred dollars for gas so there -- it's -- -- right now by. And they're working on it. That -- that that's that that's with a crazy stuff that happens if you think it's all fun and good times that back in the lab. I know what is funny is at the end of the year we go through all the laptops we've not got a chance to review yet and refining if the buckle down and review them I've got a couples got got a couple. Omnia I see evidence gusty -- and Julie sees all of them -- Has got what what ends up being -- the into the -- and we're gonna pick on one company particular unfairly it is not their fault they just happen have a couple of the let's -- more boring systems looked over at the end of the calendar year. He gets left at the end of the year while you're looking at -- right here is the Lenovo IdeaPad U 470 we're gonna be reviewing this in just a couple of days and it didn't. Perfectly fine and -- But the problem with these is that they're sort of like president of meddling in the middle and laptops that fall through the cracks sounds vicious -- mean to say is that. I'm sure you get this and I'm sure -- doesn't in TVs all over the place commodity device commodity electronics. SP for laptops and say that -- you know. It looks like a laptop it doesn't look exciting second is gonna surprise you in anyway shape or form is -- a design aggressive device on the other hand. It's got some decent specs it's solidly built. The prices -- a right in the -- everything just kind of right right in the middle. And the problem is we're in a very progressive H computing -- I mean. You're in a tiger by -- has -- possibly replacing laptops are some people. Ultra books than laptops MacBook airs people streaming you know staff back to their TVs say that because. Laptops were seen as a streaming video all in one solution I feel like when I came aboard -- -- -- nine. And I don't think that's necessarily -- best. Usage scenario now -- -- I mean it's something that is not. Cutting edge as far as design or specs for the wrong with it now but it's also -- It's not aggressive illegally and left on the desk until we can't do the right -- its army was a 599 configuration that's a good price is not the best price. And its thinkpad like but it's not a thinkpad so it doesn't have all the advantages of a thinkpad enters security this security chip or -- the quality of the keyboards are -- My -- less impressive. I've got the seventeen inch version neared the it's the titles Evans seven Lenovo okay I'll bet that this is not -- -- -- -- -- -- just happens but it to its name these systems got a discrete GPU. But yet this is big ugly grey box gadget -- -- Hampshire over the years you've seen. Certain systems linger -- the end of the year. What what -- your observation of what generally happens -- like. December. And -- Adam yeah I'm done testing on the stuff that comes in intimate as that you know. Primary function -- And -- you guys leave lake -- five. Left during the course -- year but they're all kind of which are immediately Kindle for five months old and -- -- to -- -- -- to you this is via the -- more -- Atlanta. Coming. -- -- keep buying a keep an eye opening things on the back that adults of -- now we gonna get these. It's the close of the other hand let us understand it could be doing -- -- -- -- -- Things we we cover model and we get to like like last week was when I hate I caught up on -- and content while as the Sony Vaio eleven inch. Which is a good example again -- something that you know for various reasons yeah it's it's not an ultra but its not the lowest priced laptop but -- -- why is a great EMD fusion. Alec that -- -- million DM one is either to the faulty doesn't want seen it all before I sit before its its as a netbook like laptop that's better than a netbook. But -- nine and available on Sony style store. Which is also weird so you can't get through -- -- new anger and other vendors so it's kind of semi hidden laptop that's out there those are the types of things that -- Bobo we get -- -- because CES is around the corner and -- -- stuff there. On the opposite on the on the super high and that we don't see too many of these. Julie. Really big gaming laptops this may be what -- a quarter. They have like the -- we run all the gaming tests on happily now over climbing p.s and GPUs. Yeah and do well a lot of the -- really don't packing machine -- is you know. Really put out there and aggregate basis anyway I mean we haven't Bosnia and Toshiba have com. It you know Alienware of course we have origin which we -- get one's -- the boutique you know. -- -- -- Again I mean are on the grand scale things and Sony never really has like a gaming machine is just either multimedia mission art you know -- a person by. On the SOB barely see any gaming machines coming and as far as laptops consider Philippines to see more a couple of years ago -- -- now. And the argument rich brown and I got into as he just -- -- 5000 or desktop I distributed 2000 are. -- -- gaming laptop from their republic of gamers -- -- you've never heard of -- -- perfectly fine but today you know who buys these things especially when an Xbox is 200 bucks. Where you can even played most games on a decent inexpensive. Laptop or desktop so we put up a poll. And -- -- how much is too much to pay for gaming PC and our theory was people like reading about these expensive systems but they don't really buy. So we got since Friday -- 2000. 300 responses. 20% of the people said. Under thousand dollars. 1015100. Got the most votes -- 39%. 15100 to 2000 got 19% more than 2000. Got 70% and then my favorite choice nothing my iPhone please farm feels like a good. Got 5% right. So how much is is is how much would you pay Hubble telescope here a because -- -- -- guy if you're gonna build a gaming greet you wanted to play an -- to crisis whatever. How much is too much to pay for gaming laptop or desktop -- -- but I'm actually the bigger PCU -- Aren't you yeah yeah he's a gamer to -- if it's a good little business getting our commitment commitment and I got an idea that clean up on the. I'll do the final. This is this is actually something and I've been looking at very seriously am obviously -- moved to the US. Starting -- essentially by Dell in stating that he is full in a -- -- that's initiating its skin and the hockey fell off off our key fellow forget it -- -- you can press aren't the network expert. It's so I've been looking for a gaming laptop specifically -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's I guess the my ability factor and and being -- game where -- are you gonna -- some -- picture quality and size of the screen. But I just -- flexibility some I'm looking for in the end what I ended up doing with games and -- decks tall. But I do need because -- world. Laptop is -- and still looking for it again laptops so a I guess it's what happened to you guys -- and what do you guys think and and how much is too much I mean these two laptops on the -- that out of box. You -- -- that that was about a thousand as the -- She's a craft fair and let -- -- super crazy wanna play. You know what it's like the which are to it like in -- nineteen money -- 1080 Julie what -- Am not a PC gamer and -- was once upon -- time if you were willing did you own again PC when you were PC gamer religiously gains on -- regular system. Not just let them and I mean it -- games back and learn you know aggressive as. And everything else humans. Must. Orient its you know Batman. Is on -- -- and -- seeking. If a lot of people feel that label and over I'd say some people feel that way people jump -- -- I think I don't for the diehards that -- the PC. Yellow so I mean I yeah I'm not a huge PC game by. On the power building -- gaming PC into I was saying okay that's my platform. I would understand that it's an investment you know what you do have to put some money into it because all -- -- get some benefits as far as other stuff you can do with those graphics. You can unity concern to learn some -- you know. Editing -- -- did take up rendering who -- Probably not but I feel like had iPad guy who's gonna fantasy would give a really buying computers you circulate all the things I could do with as many medical and and editing all at. I have -- -- see and hear up where you let me translate the DNA. So dumb you know I would think -- 1015100. Would seem fair if you're saying I am make and I am having a gaming computer. Agenda. The problem is yet to say so on top of the game if you want to be cutting edge. You'll never stated spent so much money and after a few years you no longer in the cutting edge. So it's a ship pursuits I feel like it to be the coolest kid on the block with that if you pursuing graphics -- play games on the PC. You skipped that you go into that zone and I personally feel like games. As you say over the iPhone thing but to maybe lesser -- -- games are no longer being defined. By graphics as much in terms of cutting edge games -- if I feel like cutting edge games used to be the finest cutting edge graphics -- that that's not quite as as as relevant. So therefore you get away with not doing that and then for that small percentage yet you know. -- a console and experience them some. Pretty cutting edge stuff in its own way and with another older council's. And with a handful of exceptions even the BP C games just ports of the console versions and I anyway. That's true and a -- -- kind of a hassle on my different region one comment from that from that poll. I that this is pretty funny for from the defensive PC gamer guy. He says I have been touched console gaming since the end 64 slash first in police station. It's just too useless to me it can only game and maybe watch movies up. With the PC I have so many options number one red -- is -- And that's -- credit -- entertainment. And here. Number of mine I use my PC to read to learn through and handle I'm just freaking productive on it and I have the option to play games. Is this even an actionable debate. Only little children should be in the console. And even -- -- and I think they can learn more than PCs. Councils and filter them -- you and land an Xbox -- -- in and and live TV. And on hand and bored and relay is not being renewed his library to ask that acts like I guess -- -- -- as an attendance I think. Various goes back to the N 64 you may be thinking they're for kids I would say yes if your last console -- the current problem is our that I had to cancel. -- -- good news that its opening go to these are disgruntled that an angry angry and a fan or Sony fan boy is -- PC gaming fan boy because they will they'll come and get. Yes I did -- the -- used to build PCs from scratch or soda economic case if there is a logic to -- the idea of putting everything you care about and a one device. Spending money on it like a fine car and using it for everything is a nice. Mechanical and engineering logic to but I just feel like in the stain age doesn't necessarily apply to many people like -- to -- cities you know. PC's it is. On for one purpose it's like building a home theater iPad you've done it's it's sort of -- -- The device does -- many different things that isn't really good for one thing like a gaming PC is great. But it also does well with -- rights saw its sort of you know -- I've. On the -- -- into. Console and -- please -- appears. And saw I have. There are games that are are only good fit PC. But there are games that the good for everything that is of the work well on the -- -- I can't -- us very quickly have you ever built a PC from scratch -- -- gaming yes -- -- absolutely and and well locate question one a would you do it again or we cast an error I just -- what -- yet when I and it literally had yet but we too yeah I was at a computer and simulate how everyone in her fancy headphones and you've got these big white just what came in the studio like I don't on severe I have got to have died at a nice it is popular the first stars and have it's a good idea in mind. These are comfortable whatever that whatever I got. Given my desk I -- -- guys NASA to retire on a console -- the new Xbox Live dashboard is gonna be available for -- -- to download this week. We got doesn't really download codes for a owner should be very quickly noticed -- the right now the processes of about getting that let's pop over to our video. Then there's the -- -- the of the update actually downloading and it actually kind of took forever. But I'm gonna show you some real time that's right that's right you have to give -- 25 minutes while it does that. I -- there -- there that minute let me look at the bars just it's just kind of sitting there -- but a lot of the features that would just announced last night are not going to be available. Some of us cable like the -- in the live TV stuff is like the biggest thing. But they have what Comcast -- like fire -- maybe but not time out. Look how far I've gotten a my -- with our services like HBO go which -- site about personal they don't work for all cable providers secondly they're announcing early 2012 million. -- there's the and there's the actual level. A new dashboard which -- still a different I'm -- plug in the Xbox Live obviously -- to be very windows. Yet it is very -- ain't gonna get that I guess that's the same guys -- Earlier in of the swap -- of that and and I'm going to. Because because like -- they must be the first to get -- cable service -- on Xbox and and -- -- -- credit for about let's -- twelve months. Philosophical question for -- -- behind the Brownsville and the ball here. Do you guys get do you guys get in knowing thrown off by the fact that the 360 changes its layout and look like seemingly every year. You to re orient where your stuff is and and and the -- -- the go the medium and early mapped to say okay you know left three times and over the spot in the displayed in now. Globally and currently I am just -- use one of those guys -- -- yeah every time it looked like oh now you're like. Well. I don't know if I do I do think that there needs to be some gradual stepping you know redesigning for -- -- say. I don't like. Or for councils because -- feel like we really need a fresh. Witnessed in an interface with -- with ice at the interface worked fine how old is to identify -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The agent a physical fresh coat -- of the features are one thing that the you know single look -- it you know its new box -- Here we reminded -- that of the -- that original blades look right which was horizontal level to rise even though they anomalies and then it's what's the one that they've had up until this week which is more. The layers on top of each others connected to vertical right go across -- one so now it's gone back to horizontal. Which -- -- makes sense with that. Widescreen TV's. The woman in the -- ever -- -- about this or an -- and in it that's been a high ground and aha. I get this year chat room we -- appear I have -- my office owner of -- Read it later when I went the ending is great about the update the real the real -- -- -- it is cool thing is that ping integration for. For searching for videos like that yet CNET and this language tenant for and am at you know -- being at home -- and in TV's been seeing. A perspective on the site. Is this you basically can say like you know. -- show me data crowd -- movies reverend -- brings out. The -- a bird films and it'll show them on Netflix Hulu plus stuff that may be available on Zune. It's sort of like on Manhattan on the iPad you -- -- couldn't search by director for that. I just wanna see -- date any such a great idea. -- should be baked into the OS. On -- a lot of devices like outlook that the iPad. Had that type of search functionality and it dug into other apps so you could search for. You know David -- -- -- or Spielberg whatever and find. The -- -- -- are looking for it and not be looking for new -- If you -- bother typing in with the with the -- know -- here. Are your top or the keyboards are trying to if you have a connected and understand down Amber's gonna show doesn't bother and I and -- -- -- the actual live thing right here go through here it is. But this is the new look in your flip between all these different blades on -- yet that you would call it a history -- scholars talking about was being and that should be. -- to be over here and Vietnam -- -- is that that's exactly what Google TV the TV has tried to do -- last twelve months. Still fails miserably because hardware can't keep up software. And not something I've been struggling with since I updated see the -- -- into place couple weeks ago. In the the search button works but the the -- control is -- -- It's really hard to use and and it isn't an intuitive experience. -- it's great to be able to go okay you know and for example of watching thirteen on halfway through sitting -- fair to convenient -- you know. So being able TT -- -- session and -- for taking assassins and bring it up and Netflix window is excellent news. But. You need to really make you to place easy to use and it's not easy to use and and I have the Xbox is with the new update is that how how is that -- it's OK but it's. I think all the stuff the same from the Zune had which is that in that it's a very clever interface but it's too clever for its own good sign -- Two to win like a designers award not first super ease of use and I'll I'll say that the -- and and I just realized -- can't get on the Internet here because our Wi-Fi in this particular room that entry all the stuff. It's usually designed to push more advertising. More display advertising on the home on the home life or what -- you want -- call it. There's a big you know labeled advertisement in the -- that you can accurate and and does a lot more that. I'm little confused why is bugs me design wise why -- -- and blades at the same time and at and why is it does grid like layout and then you're swapping to another grid layout. And then swiping to another are telling -- IOS sort of like -- into icons. I think I like to find little -- interfaces on as a really obsessed with transitions. Yet you know they they get into programming transitions have been honest and united radio whatever but we don't wanna -- transitions we want -- when starting later gained fast he's gonna play -- faster to get that it's best -- -- that everything's. And I feel like these designs you're really knowing some of the Catholic 80% of what's on my 360s interface right now. I never use and I've no idea what it does. And I just feel like it's it's useless. Space and I don't really care what it is but -- -- when he did it search it brings up a whole strip of all the movies that appear. I think it's also strange design because you just want to see a list. I like -- and like the thumbnail. Home eatery -- -- Leo you can. I want Harry. And oh yeah you can go through but it's not also immediately clear whether it's on Netflix or Hulu plus opening -- -- together. You know matters if you -- to do it officially you wanna do this every time and not have to. Causes weird process. Now and and I guess -- you have a different gonna get -- this week so we'll continue Xbox. I if you have Comcast to files that you can enjoy -- live TV on the if you have cable service which -- basically means you can avoid having a cable box hooked up to another TV against. Of what -- New -- we never get to -- any of that stuff because Time Warner will not make those deals which is very annoying. Tom when you go to your -- -- your -- -- if someone yeah that's pretty much would almost everybody has. Fiesta is coming up next month and Dell one of them -- -- -- things -- says about it you're -- see that seventy gazillion. New new ultra books though those super slim laptops. Whether 35 to forty -- once somebody says who knows that -- -- what you're actually gonna have. But I think those are just -- -- be mainstream laptops going forward because -- so thin Scott a -- pointed out that if this is gonna be the new standard for laptops. There are some challenges to overcome. You're very good harbor Alaska and what else that is all replies well that's the -- that the ads and it that's funny because I'm getting acts and and there's an asylum and an -- found I singled out now now because you know -- -- -- And now says -- these ultra portable thing is that the planting. Tablets defeat do you think has lost his tablet -- -- to -- before 3-D TV yet is like one big trend whatever yeah I'm definitely at the CS that's a very good question I think that. Tablets. Have become an unknown quantity much more so like. I think it's -- hard -- CES at -- tablets are emerging after a lot of hype. Immediately the -- and you had to. You know you know playbook and the playbook and and no -- nobody likes that right and Yasser have recuperating and licking your wounds in the yet things like the Kindle fire. That are redefining them a different direction. I think ultra books are in that in that unknown quantity this year a little bit like I think the average person users and -- again. I saw the average person doesn't have any additional Republicans and probably hasn't of them a couple of articles like the -- right but really. No but that meant literally hand for the right term for an Intel invented market -- not even accounting CBC's before releasing Dell Adamo and things going way back -- -- it's not new. But. -- I think there will be there'll be a lot of hype rents are ones this year. But it's a problem because all this thing and -- that when -- discuss this. Do we need to change these things -- sailing number wine -- around the romance. I'm number one it listed is more storage I think it's -- problem I think you know I I think it's big problem. Cloud whenever the fact that 120 gigabytes is the average amount of Stuart -- for book. I think that's unusable for the average person who buys a laptop and it hinders their decision to purchase what he has. I think -- 124 of. Portable devices is actually -- today. The PC and this is -- necessities that the pinnacle the other day was on the 800 feet -- And -- had a PC 260 game for laughed forties. And on the just -- misplaced unless you download a lot of stuff we have a lot of home movies media that yet. But the -- -- I -- a home network storage thing what. But we just helpful if you're at about -- -- like doing on your laptop like how much free space program species you do do you -- rent space on -- already do you even watch it. Again I have enough space but analysis of these drives I'm okay I have a necessity but you have -- -- stuff on there. Gas have a lot of movies. Which went out to -- -- it be enough for one pound now. The island knowing about it when it and it would mean -- at the very being as it is on a regular. Yeah come on an external -- Yeah I mean there's still a lot more left in the computer itself so it can -- that I -- -- Secondary. And then -- have a once when he primary ST. And then at Catholic. Two others may -- if the so I am planning to get -- -- -- but the but the other two was just knows humans in the side and -- -- right now by. You know and I'm on the space for an African needs is never any -- any space -- How easy it to upgrade hard to resonates not being built out now and then if you bought a more expensive -- -- really get really expensive yeah I got for for music -- I would to appreciate I I bought last year one point five terabyte eSATA drive. That I just keep on my music's -- onto any can be hooked up in -- -- -- that data mining -- -- are what what we have a sale like alternate ideas maybe those hybrid driving easy like the fact that they're now hard drives being bonded with SSD what is on the Acer made that helps. It vessels. And number two and controversial in part to hate me for this but I would still say -- better battery life. What I would say that because these are all touting great -- -- I still feel like. Expectations keep rising even if there are other devices iPad Kindle totally -- director -- and yet we're talking about portable devices. And the fact that we're getting about five hours of battery life six hours of battery life. I feel like you shaved down this these are low voltage processors technically. SSD. You know what. I thought the whole idea was going to be boosting battery life I'd like to see objects to crest to a full day's use which I feel like is a -- said they need our mark. Get it passing for infinite amount is like an -- and -- -- more. Mr. -- to that spot we could use it a whole day. And not have to get back to charge it I feel like that. It's almost becomes like -- -- fun right you just usually never played it a night or -- -- -- -- him a lot of people gets ahold is use easily and more. So you effortlessly dormant ever worry about oh -- charger. What is believe in the MacBook airs don't really last that long now the -- down the ones with the thirteen into an analyst at this stills. Right on the -- There's -- -- to the areas. There are it'll handle about -- -- there's a weird one and his one being developed to kick start refine -- written about. As a -- Internet it has its acclaimed design -- -- and they're not thunderbolt not so does my cost more but what do you think battery life is -- -- I'm here. Battery that well yeah I mean it's as important especially given link you know they're getting smaller and smaller as far as the size of the -- and lighter. In the united translates through two portability and you want that longevity for the battery life. But if it's only a 23 hours and that this occurred in Europe than -- are also portable to book whenever you comment. This point let. You -- child with this of course you know you want it to last more than three hours. Especially when you close and they completely shut off the kind of just go into -- I -- -- -- the yeah -- -- So I'll speak to the other one's very quickly and we -- discuss them. One I have was more ports to simply mean it's not rocket science you have HDMI USB 2.0 to three point oh SD card slot ethernet that's it. -- your basic needs for ports in there we see a lot of these with -- ethernet dongle. Or you know -- -- SD card slot -- SD cards in MacBook -- no ethernet port just put all those basic winds and I think you can fit them on this you know this is not. This does not received an achievable so -- -- that's annoying I'm lower prices we've talked about many times but again. Not I -- not expecting anything miraculous because -- know the margins are it was going to be a little tight but I think just getting down to the 700 dollars range. And people it's always an ultra book -- you know what. 600 dollars gets you a full fledged laptop people shopping for one of these. Why should they have to stomach the investment in design. For this all the TVs and gear when the kind of the cost her more ties doubt you know -- less expensive -- just seems that you -- take over. And then -- quickly better cloud based software things like you know again the app economy. We don't really have great now we just -- is a windows asked aren't really there is but there isn't yet an and the Mac app stores kind of a mess because they easily and -- right price -- -- -- The prices and the fact that not everything is supported on it. Older resides in terms of standing out from the MacBook Air. Frank created new territory and an early copy of natural gas all point rank and maybe you have some fun and you can't combine a tablet a lack customer originality we keep wondering if you can do that but. With a series seven slate review it's not not a bad slave. Maybe you can combine those using instinct and then -- yet docking solutions thunderbolt. Finally -- thunderbolt because. Right and thunderbolts a -- of -- in some windows capacity to like that's like the Vaio Z. With its job are good or bad graphics there's a lot of -- stuff but -- but it's so expensive and so little used and if you want to sell -- capabilities of that. Nothing's really taking advantage as my thoughts on in this field. I feel like all 35 that the new ultra books are gonna -- TS will incorporate all of your suggestions and everything -- -- roll out a one we're gonna see a ton of them. Alex pointed out got and tie -- to -- at the holiday help desk. Is coming up next. Where they're going to help you with your issue calling there's something I think -- I did that last year I'm actually be the guest on the holiday help desk today is if you stay tuned and I believe three -- have that coming up. I've given -- laptop questions that stay tuned and I'll try to answer them. And -- explicitly funny that this weekend. I haven't -- -- to do Netflix from the and a lot of great seventies disaster movies. Which -- -- a weakness for so I decided to 01 watch airport 1975. With Charlton Heston Karen Black. Fits either. Gloria Swanson and Jerry Stiller Norman fell Erik Estrada Roy -- And I decided to live tweet the movie -- I was -- -- that anybody wanted to like this was texting updates basically. From from the film like spoiler alert -- thinnest from the of -- just got sucked out of the side of a plane and and I lot of fun with that in and then people on FaceBook Twitter and -- -- to enjoy it. -- ever do it again because if I do more than once it might be knowing but if you have a favorite movie on Netflix streaming. -- treatments that'll happen at the airport 75 hash tag I'd be able to earthquake -- also with George can -- comments that. Right yeah all right I should've done that without -- ventures maniac oh my god I firewire and downloaded and now my own mind that isn't real doubt that legally got -- -- illegal -- it's -- he is one of the ones who's experimented. Came out theaters any means available and already -- -- -- possible. For rental in advance of the movie de Cali how it ends I hear the whole world ends but I don't really gonna get imagined yet it's such a press he had name melancholy -- with the song and dance and then. Now exactly does them against cancer -- -- now heads at -- and -- Odyssey anti Christ but I feel like that'll be a real charmer. A -- any final thoughts anybody. Excellent animal milk that is -- is always everyone and they'll see the next week it may be the week after depending on our schedule. Now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I -- even if even -- for just your next week what will find a -- is set to giveaways and tune in the chat room and we'll just be any up prizes. All shall have -- -- -- fun. I didn't I think you're -- -- --

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