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CNET News Video: Electric vehicles: What it will take for consumers to buy?
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CNET News Video: Electric vehicles: What it will take for consumers to buy?

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Steve Jurvetson of Draper Fisher Jurvetson talks about why he's so excited to drive his Tesla Model S--and what it means for the rest of the electric vehicle industry. But will consumers ever bite? Sumi Das reports.

Steve Jervis and sees the car tomorrow in his new all electric Tesla model -- It's symbolic of the future it represents. The way all cars will be. At one time it's -- -- his venture capital firm Draper Fisher -- it's -- is banking on the firm was an early investor in Tesla Motors manager for its and was actually the first customer to get a model -- not everyone can afford testing is used today and the basic model -- fifty grand. And a souped up version costs a hundred grand what tests may not be producing electric vehicles or EB's for the masses it is pushing the market forward by. -- think done as it capitalized every major automotive manufacturer to get on the ball. And get serious about electric vehicles -- just how much does an EV costs mostly and then -- 40000 dollar range. But a well equipped Nissan leaf has a -- -- price tag in the low thirties. And. There are incentives a lot of these cards -- qualifying currently for federal tax credits which are right now -- at 7500 dollars that's in almost every case beneficial to you as a taxpayer. And probably another couple grand from your state so let's call -- a 101000 dollar discount and maintenance costs are relatively minimal electric cars don't require things like -- changes. They don't require things like transmission service but. As gas engine cars become more reliable and warranties improve. -- -- less isn't a strong selling point what is likely to draw customers. Batteries that charge faster and readily available charging station your -- from the industry. In San Francisco and -- -- -- for CBS news.

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