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Dialed In podcast #214: The iPad '3' shines a light on the iPhone '5': Dialed In

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Dialed In: Dialed In podcast #214: The iPad '3' shines a light on the iPhone '5'

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It's got a huge, stunning screen and 4G LTE. We use Apple's new iPad as an augur for the next-gen iPhone, and tackle news of the day.

Singer of three this thing about Apple's new iPad including what it -- out for the next generation high -- Later we weigh in on whether or not carrier subsidy is hurt the wireless industry. -- and -- consumers up to its schedule that you can sink your teeth into -- Welcome to dialed in CNET cellphone podcast today is march 12 2012 has nice -- to it. I just got dual core joined by Brian Bennett and CNET news is Roger -- from New York. Hey -- and -- so Steven Beecham is our technical producer here in San Francisco and everybody. And -- is on vacation. -- and our liking her while you know I was absent the last two weeks being -- and and then. Of course a writer and -- of like bad for whining about my terrible jet -- and buying this luggage that I had to wait for -- is painless and on the show last week. Who couldn't. But anyway so it just last week iPad three which Apple's calling the new iPad or that we can just call the third generation iPad. Basically grab all of last week's headlines so. Lettuce Revere what it has and why it's important to you -- then until then ends. You know portable device lovers anywhere. An at. The big take away and says Donald bell. Our preeminent tablet reviewer. That it's -- a -- and display which is just absolutely glorious on the stunning screen. And of course also updated the camera to five megapixels. Very similar to you the previous iPhone four not iPhone four -- that iPhone four camera. It added the iPhoto app that was previously -- only for the iPhone. And it does have a faster processor with a Quad Core GPU graphics processor for playing some high Def games. And stillness thing micro SD memory expansion card a dedicated port for video out -- at Adobe Flash as always. -- but what is new is that there is now an option to get -- iPad with forge she LTE. For Verizon and for AT&T it. -- -- think about that and about iPad. And arrive at -- -- a tablet with leader and paying for cellular connection with data is. -- -- -- -- Plus it could be really costly exactly connection assassin incher. Using a lot more data which means you're going body -- or whatever the -- -- -- it became more. Also the price the lowest price starting price. Four at this LTE model is 629. Dollars. Verses at 630 dollars basically -- 500 dollars for the lowest price of the Wi-Fi only model. So you're paying -- 130 dollars extra. Royalties for a little girls -- and couldn't shoot tether. Possibly. Yeah actually it's something you're they have. It's more efficient actually -- gimmick and LT one of a hot spot because. LT actually trains a lot of battery drains quickly they say that this -- -- models -- only. Don't cut off in our -- -- -- skeptical. Yeah I -- device I've seen has then. Apple is claiming that. You'll get nine full hours on LTE. Verses ten hours on Wi-Fi only. -- basically making the claim that its LTE. Or or that its product. Is so efficient -- -- really won't make a difference analysis of the -- Specialist -- running video streaming video from LTE network and there's no way -- The date what -- they release the capacity battery was the year. Was battery passed in the news and I know that -- what he's the -- RAZR Max -- that that does. Much longer than twenty Yaris a lot of data as of a much better battery and Latvia and AM -- hours nineteen yen nineteen -- -- You know video but it's not -- you know our test but it wasn't nice streaming video talking about video like running off Netflix. Yeah over LTE okay -- now would that that's rooms right. Mean that's that's different than just playing an -- storytellers. Yeah -- -- constantly using it all depends on mostly where you are a picture of OPEC actions force. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't you know testing LTE it's so it's so tricky but. It's what you wanna know you know a calm but even so -- mean that battery on the -- raised maxed -- I you know -- and I guess tablets in general have pretty big batteries anyways so now. They did -- hands that I mean. I don't use tablet everyday. Buy it it goes for days and days and days and days and in -- possibly even weeks if I'm not really using it just on standby. -- -- -- most time people use it on Wi-Fi. Actually it. You know -- that story about whether he should care about forged in really a majority of people still -- the Wi-Fi version -- only version the iPad. I would do for price Latin. I would I mean I would guess. -- -- and to -- afraid of being. Technologically. Shut down I think it would by the LT option I don't think I pay for -- in an emergency I think it's time for service -- I don't know -- continue due to an iPad yeah -- it's not a contract actually. I think the iPad. I think it's actually slowly -- -- -- -- -- a month to month as Martha -- exactly you'd you'd pay for that month's access and it's like -- thirty bucks depending on how much. How much memory you -- much data you want. But -- -- the sign up initially. I yeah and there's there's some weird -- -- I think Verizon charges like. Fees for activating it initially or something it's not clear enemy and nineteen teases a loaded. -- easier to use users sign on via -- You're saying that you would rather pay -- 130 dollars more. Just to have that ability to use -- -- you don't think your agony -- yes sounds retarded I know it sounds I'm -- -- powered by. I and that -- we thought it though. Thanks -- thought. Yeah and I mean I don't know I just don't I don't see the need for any sort of four G I mean it's nice to get me wrong it's like and it's a wonderful thing to be able to just use it and it's certainly a luxury but honestly I would skip them. -- -- is this just in actually ordered the new iPad on line the day that we did to stop the presses Steve Carter. And did you know what it is people and hiding -- -- in line in pink and need for it. Why most of them pretty much everywhere now and -- my house it's here at work it's on the bus. So I don't need to pavement on the clout yet we -- on the bus here -- distillery we have we have a million shares are down at the -- and I. -- anything anything anything and you have to be charged for yet it yet another purity nickel and dime you for everything. -- -- put done to put some solar service on the on some some response but I'll still you know impedes its -- and it's only. It's only half -- -- death eighteen AT&T mobile yet so -- Texas coast like -- yeah. Now. So in addition to all of -- by the way. Four GL TE. -- -- have the ability to create a hot spot for up to five other devices. What's interesting is Verizon's LTE iPad will have a hot spot capability. At launched. -- -- -- -- Mean AT&T is still working on back so it will come. On that if you absolutely have to have this feature outlined then I am and personally for AT&T I think it's in this whale lot of people over the Verizon side. The most interest in last week AT&T iPad or at least seemingly selling fast -- the rise and they. There she got there are shipping dates pushed back faster than Verizon's. The couple days early. It month to month data price is about the same on AT&T and Verizon except -- -- and actually offers more plan. So for example -- if you want ten gigabytes of data you can get that for eighty dollars doesn't look like AT&T offers that there are also. Offering. My -- slightly lower. Selection as well so it's a little bit brighter for her and I have to wonder who the person is -- for an you know -- -- and plan. That's on top of whatever Seattle it's like five -- -- -- -- for fifty packs -- well you don't have to pay for here's here's the thing you know the plan includes the hot spot. Whereas for Smartphones you have to pay twenty to thirty dollars extra for a hot spot capability and -- authority include. Aren't. So sure -- You know -- -- -- -- like -- paying extra for something that you probably wouldn't if you know. What's already using some contracts -- -- pain and it's true but I mean most about phone ironies you know getting another yet to get another line of data but if you. Actually if you were -- are getting forgy LTE version of eight tablets. For Verizon at least it's already included for all the tablets every tablets and created so if you have a phone. And you have a tablet you can't trying to get a little bit of a break that way if you've got the phone you don't need to hot spot the phone because if you have the tablet you can use that as a hot spot without paying extra per month. Then that Venezuela and -- But here's something had to -- some people's minds -- took a look at the fact that iPad will be the first tablet with Bluetooth four point oh and apparently this caused. Quite a star. Yeah that's right I you know I -- to double check make sure this is true but yet apparently that is the case to iPad the new iPad or iPad you have one -- The third generation iPad or you know what I'm just gonna throw all caution to the when we call the iPad three via iPad well okay I had been engraved in my pick on Apple iPad but definitely -- but the Fatah. So yes and I mean that the iPad three hi has is the first have Bluetooth for -- first tablet. I for an iPhone four. S already has put photos as well some of the Smartphones like. Motorola Droid RAZR Max and Droid RAZR. -- -- is idyllic place at four point outlook adequately care on a tablet of the big deal well okay here's the thing is that the -- to Ford auto is supposed to be. Acting as. On a -- like this will enable other devices like sensors in them all these little gadgets that'll be around your house or even on your body. To operate using low energy. And very efficiently so -- like the -- like the Motorola. Active sort of moto active that. Out of -- wrist watch basically that sort of like. And you disable like an iPad are iPod on your straight to running -- version looks pretty -- actually it does put its its actually. -- restaurants but -- it's also you know not just be a music device but it also. Goal record your heart -- the or at least definitely will -- you're. You -- activity level. Via an -- -- -- -- its odometer. So I mean all of these devices are going to be talking to your tablet which are will be always on and always -- to Wi-Fi networks so. It makes sense that you know you just have these things to syncing. In the background using apps -- and that's -- -- -- that Bluetooth photo does. Is that it enables for some I think that it's gonna have support for functioning. -- intriguing. You know changing functionalities via apps so much easier to connect as well. Yeah I mean it's basically will. Back a few generations ago there was the whole thing -- you can do not have to -- a pin. Anymore so that's already built and plus is also some support for using NFC chips to. Talk to other devices with -- -- Com to make pairing. Easy just by tapping on the crisis but that's. That's a sort of a side issue what's really important is that you have all these devices talk to. Your iPad and you know -- people can create applications for. Devices that weren't even there -- use so third parties can you know -- -- like. Come up with smaller app that'll talk to moto active or something or whatever -- for your iPad screen. Yet or you know -- you know we -- iPad three middle you know connect to -- -- at -- I mean it's basic opening up whole. World and world of possibilities. -- -- -- -- -- -- I can do it right have a question will live four point coastal work with like others come Bluetooth devices like jam box and staffers via a yes yes it's all -- back backward compatible. Cool yeah but I soon. -- But of course -- people were kind of upset the ruling by -- white ones and care about I've -- in the sport I don't want -- -- tablet so. So basically -- even if you never use Bluetooth -- now. Who are even if you don't know it is like the fact that it's they're still opens up all these possibilities the day you wake up and decide that it's important. That you -- connect something with -- -- feel just like oh well I didn't have to connectedness when I was really easy. Yep and also your you know a lot of devices -- -- road they'll be connecting to it. Com and you're gonna be benefiting from the -- -- activity even if you don't think about that much. Okay so one thing that we always do let me look at the tablets is kind of -- what. -- that gives us for the next version of a phone because we do to get Smartphones predominantly. So Kent German right at this nice little piece basically. Wet the and third generation iPad can tell us about the next generation iPhone. So the big one of course is display instead iPad has is huge queue acts GA display at this massive resolution and that's -- real stunner. And that actually the -- saying that you might arc around lake. Clasping it muttering my precious. Opposite with the -- of. So I wanna see for myself of course but this could -- something new for the next generation iPhone it does cover and -- display -- that what if it gets bigger. We have a 3.5 inch screen that we've had the last couple generations -- last all generations of iPhone. And pretty much expecting that it's gonna -- but it leased to a four inch screen. And if Apple does that -- they increases. You know dead pixel resolution. That's probably. I mean nothing's official Apple tells anything but yes the ticket gas. I think the bigger thing -- the ULT I mean that LT fact that iPad as a the first Apple device -- penalty connection. Bodes well the next -- -- he connection. Absolutely. That's what I'm more excited about. And -- -- -- if you have a lot more impact on moment absolutely every everyone. Everyone needs a data connection the Smartphone and I have a Verizon iPhone and it's it's fine it's okay but it's an -- I spent on time with LTE devices and it feels a lot slower when you get back ten -- An AT&T is actually the only one that can claim that -- technically have the fastest iPhone because they have their -- PA plus network. About -- Verizon and sprint down. So there's maybe technically faster but I'm LTE would -- Verizon and AT&T. Ahead. Sprint. In -- doesn't have its LTE network rolled out yet so it would presumably lag a little bit behind when I heard this iPhone comes out. Of -- their network is is supposed to be slated. The -- police in six cities is a lot the six cities by the end of the first half by June. So presumably it's subtle and -- -- that would help and then if that I have found next. Has held teen and if you're on Sprint's and you have it pre buy and happy to be if you -- -- eightieth annual -- sat. -- -- -- Which are the largest cities. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think it's gonna come to San Francisco. It out -- will then will be there was also like a four ass if you get IOS five point one update on. IPhone four and yes it says four G -- now but it's only -- -- Only way and that's just a nice little that -- marketing from its -- faster three days or cracked yes. Yet affected were China gets this update now in a lot faster they've been working -- this -- is all the way back in the last CT IA in Orlando. Our -- San Diego's think it would they're still talking about that. But yeah it's just right next software update doesn't mean anything you know if -- doesn't magically that passed its funny that is a that they put forgy on the it's about sports. Well they will they -- AT&T argues it's forgy -- orgy LT three it reported -- technically. It's like forgy -- -- -- -- go to the last thing before we move onto the next topic and that we can expect to see in the next. IPhone on based on what we see an iPad is just abused him processor so. Day 85 acts processed there in that. IPad three could -- -- -- And that. Actually the only carrier we haven't discussed so far and today show is T-Mobile and the we're -- discuss them now because T-Mobile as we know. Not really any well they have four GL TE aspirations and plans. But the really struggling right now and there really lagging behind and at the fallen tree deal with AT&T buying them has also hobbled -- well. So. Roger what did the T-Mobile. Executives. -- what's the the controversial for for -- big -- says that their chief marketing officer pulled Rodman and at last week that. He believes subsidies are hurting the wireless industry's. Kind of counter to what curators today since and they all rely on subsidies just lay it out a subsidy means subsidy -- the fee that. Care you'll pay -- handset maker to to ensure that the phone is cheaper so that iPhone you're paying 200 dollars for. Really cost 600 dollars just AT&T is paying the difference to Apple. And in exchange. They're making their money by locking you into a -- our community on Sunday any action -- still is. It is still profitable for the carriers in the -- -- because you're paying so much each month. I -- so did he say that them. The reason why it's bad is because. It's not transparent no it's the reason why expansionist -- that is that it actually need the subsidies. Artificially. Devalued these devices like the iPhone is -- -- about Smartphones in general but obviously iPhone. It is an example mean its its its great device. This -- software and hardware high and parts. -- to pay 200 dollars for it and after a year to Selig asked things -- piece of crap that you -- he spent 600 bucks on a device. You're probably gonna use a lot longer than two years. That's -- relating to insert artificially devalues devices and it does a lot of pressure on. New handset makers on the carriers -- just keep cranking out new devices all the time -- is kind of bring industry and has sent you know we don't. Necessarily value appropriately valued these devices and as a result of this -- jump through hoops to constantly. Improve upon themselves which. And the US's. I think one of the only places that I know about at least that where this this kind of two year contract. Model. Is sort of predominant. They're places in Europe that adults -- they have them as options when I heard -- options orange executive is that maybe it's about 5050. And that we know that elsewhere in the world and it's much more. Frequent -- you basically pick up an unlocked phone and take it to you whichever carrier you want. To your paying a lot more up front sort of like with a prepaid model here on but that you can't take it and care here. Right so what. Do you almost T-Mobile saying -- partly because they also have dates have no subsidy model -- -- pay. A monthly installment when your phone. And -- -- not on a contract. And there's -- there's argument that is valid that if you just buy the phone up front and then just go pick the -- you'll probably end up saving money is supposed to lock yourself and a the contract with a Verizon -- AT&T. But it's not in the wireless industry is best interests on the manufacturer's best interest for us to be carrying around phones for. Four years instead of you know five years instead -- I do agree with him it does put pressure on I mean there are great phones out there and elegance like wow this is a fifty dollar -- elements and a fifty dollar found. They clearly -- -- solvents. And then in turn you've got phones like one we'll talk about later. That comes out for a hundred bucks which is probably closer -- you know there are probably very few subsidy is -- -- that's closer to how much. Actual phone will cost. And I can't recommend it because of the price its price signals value a lot of the time prices isn't very definitely. A big consideration when you're buying a product that's maybe -- one of the only consideration. And that's up another point that is trying to make is that. Especially for handset makers it's done it's unfair playing field X carriers will dole out certain amount subsidies for one thump and -- other. Which means that that -- the phone has compete on. You know its own -- but can't because. You know it's it's using cheaper parts to make sure that -- phone is priced competitively as opposed to another device they gets a higher subsidy and -- artificially lower 200 dollars. Well I happen to agree with it and I don't see anything changing in the US and in no other places of the world like I'm Australia is. Another placement as tier contracts were -- -- very popular says a reader -- art program. A listener in our chat room. Anyway -- at some food for thought much more on that. On cnet.com. Stick with us we're gonna take a little break and when we come back. We will have and send quick hit news and some reviews and -- let me reader email. Welcome back we've got them quick news of today. Apple's iPhone may be all the rage here in the us and in many places all over the world. But it is failing to close the gap in China against Samsung. In other news Verizon is officially dishing out ice cream sandwich to more than a dozen devices including the Motorola Droid bionic. The technology spectrum -- -- TC -- and a whole slew of others. And in other news the Quad Core HTC one express has FCC. Certification. Unfortunately though. That is only the dual core version which will actually -- AT&T. And also. Sprint wants all your wireless connections. From phones to dog collars basically what they wanna do is become takes real digital service provider not just a dumb -- Because spread -- got a couple phones out of the budget friendly crowd there's the twenty dollar Smartphones CT -- And -- -- are you still still on the feature phone mode there's the LG rumor reflects -- In March and also. Available at -- its prepaid carrier. -- Used in sprint boost and spread yes yes interesting since that's Britain's biggest of course. So we have some reviews this week -- -- -- -- -- -- Samsung rugby Smart for AT&T double talk about the Samsung bright side for Verizon not a quickly talk about. And then to U that you can read more about. On our site the Sony Xperia asks that's an unlocked phone that Bryant took a look at and he also took look at the Motorola and -- slip. Slip her -- I know I know -- -- -- say silver. -- -- -- -- If -- -- -- -- in the market for a plea to check out his review in the mean time. We've got their -- be Smart and the bright side so -- tickets through the -- Our rights of of the rugby smarts -- by Samsung this is the root a phone that -- lots of a look at. Armed basically the news about this it's a hot 100 dollar phone I'll subsidized course and it is -- Rocket so. Even though it may not look very rugged it looks actually pretty theme for pretty compact. -- -- -- ligaments like just over four ounces on it is. Pretty -- nice and it's running Android column it's got you know. Four G I mean -- this is a device that does that's a pretty good. So we actually thought it was a group -- little phone especially for something that can withstand drops and he submerged underwater in the back -- -- so. I don't know how many times you guys have dropped her phone into and others. Me. Contact -- and had a -- there SA but that but you don't need to -- -- -- -- -- walking or in the rain after walking and you want to -- you know what would that. You know email whatever you have to worry about it it can handle all sorts of abuse and weather conditions and stuff like that so. It definitely looks at a pretty -- into -- Hundred dollar -- found AT&T -- -- -- can -- -- for the Samsung bright side which is for Verizon. And this is a feature found so there's now Andrea operating system monitor anything higher really can't recommend the phone the call quality was okay it's got a -- out pretty keyboard that I actually quite light. And it's gotta -- that makes it really easy to take advantage of voice commands. -- -- I just -- a a real problem with the then menu layout basically he kept I am I that when the phone is unlocked. It's really easy to accidentally. -- something with some part of her hand and open up something that you don't wanna open. And -- because it's also got quite like -- processor can take a really on time for that and -- page open or even for something that you do want. To open -- this was a hundred dollar phoning kind of coming back to the -- subsidy conversation. I looked on line and there are other feature phones like if you really don't want to pay for that monthly data plan. There -- other feature phones I think maybe -- a little bit patterns slightly cheaper unless you really really really really want that keyboard. But also there are really -- and -- tenants for free anywhere from between free to you a hundred bucks you gather at least five really great entry phones that. Are more sophisticated enough I would recommend above this -- you do of course have to pay -- subsidy. So I -- -- time bright side really not my favorite. We also your hands them voicemail and and let's listen to that do. -- dial one post -- just so -- that I agree with more about the upgrade fees or around several years ago I had a Motorola reader the original flip phone. And I love -- song until the keypad. Died off and wouldn't respond. And so I was forced to buy another slow and when I went into -- -- store. They charge me. Eighteen dollars to upgrade to an LG view and support Wheeling -- song artist weather at eighty dollars. While but I figured that some -- with patents -- For years prior I would have. Earned credit enough to. Not have to pay an upgrade. Well. Anyway that's my story while shorter letters parties switched to your mobile breaking contract with AT&T. Because they were sent to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thanks for your perspective and for sharing that. I'm speaking at breaking contract bill sent us an email about as well it's a -- once I am gonna condense that. Basically breaking the other way I am trying to you get. Out of T-Mobile -- so basically he -- as. Samsung galaxy ST from T-Mobile. It was really fast in the store and and basically he went out of town you give us in Dallas Texas by the way and -- Ticket home and it it wouldn't work he got almost -- data coverage ticket back to the store again it was lightning fast in the store. Again there is almost no data coverage at home and even a hundred feet outside -- the store said he. Is calling Powell and believes that there must be a booster in the store and that there is the sort of false advertising going on. Has called T-Mobile has filed a covered -- core. That apparently the T-Mobile rapist has an area has -- does. Shared information and that in -- working on and it's been reported number of times they'll call back in arbor called bill back on and so now bill. Angry at this deceptive trade practice -- he's calling it wants to you. Switch out of T-Mobile M. Believes that this is reason enough see you get out of the contract without having -- to 200 dollar early termination fee. So bill wants now. What would he suggest since he's not getting any attention from T-Mobile. That's that's a tough one com I know that -- you know early termination fees. Are just you know really tricky I know a few if -- last year. There was a case where. Someone had found -- a loophole. In getting out of an hour early termination fees opt for Verizon and I believe this thought if they significantly raise rates or something to that effect. Within the time -- signed up. Com you could use it as a sort of an excuse to say okay you change your policy so. That enable people to get out of it -- -- that might be something to look into or. Another thing to do is to just sort -- people and just go online and use social media. And go to their site eight kind of use -- wells ecologists. Explain what happened and trying get other people so bent as well maybe you can even reach out some other higher ups at the company and antsy to get -- -- -- A lot of times that if the you know but that's one of the top brass in the company gets that message. Ban -- jump on right way. -- that's pretty much what I've got so. I -- situation and if anyone has ever tried to fake your death ticket out of and treatment center of a wait a minute that actually has happens as -- we were you worried activists known -- -- you anywhere and behavior of some com. ETF witness protection for. No I actually what it was is the opposite what happened was someone and not didn't fake their death but -- I think it was her elections and there. This person had died and their and their spouses -- in charge for an early release. Yet you guys all know that gas that's terrible horrible and now we beat you -- -- you know I. Feeling was eighteen and I'm not sure practical Mac O lacy -- acidity you know right now it and I don't know but I know what happened and remembering so -- was -- it -- pretty big news so. That's a bad mistake yeah I agree with Brian. -- reduced Twitter name and shame yet I have T-Mobile. And -- because sometimes that is the fastest way to get a response it got committee monitoring -- they want -- good press and you can for a battle on red at the chain. I would also call back and escalate you know somebody enters -- line -- -- to speak. Nicely asked to speak to -- manager immediately want to know the situation. And just keep escalating and just -- -- -- Off the phone and brilliance that the police say your response. -- you know you're gonna take your business elsewhere to someone else you don't hear -- answer all of sounds like. Neither party hats out -- that be -- to -- and deadline itself. -- -- ETS I mean it goes back the subsidy comes insurance -- this subsidize the phone and they want their money back and -- and do anything. They can -- them. To twice ETS so -- -- Yeah I'm -- talk to someone I think it was from the yeah but. Was one government agency determine which -- ones. It was a not a better not a benefit that a visitor but it was a a camera body -- the point was that it was unclear to of this regulator. Whether. Now any sort of fees are legitimate or. You know why they're even charging. You know to be charging all these fees anyway especially if you're being if -- subsidizing the phone. Why well I'm sure there were a number of lawsuits a few years -- -- they actually -- By sort of from pro rating easy TS with a -- going to contract. The lower the Kiev -- that was sort of compromise that came up with but with regulators. But that was yet -- they -- got hit with and a several lawsuits from I think several state attorney general's on the on -- -- -- practice -- The -- -- had to Alter them as a result. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So it was a there was some state suits -- there was also a class action lawsuit filed against a couple of years. Well but that -- -- keep your emails about ETFs than anything else and keep your voice mails coming. You can email us that dialed in and cnet.com you can leave us a voicemail outlining 866402. 2638. Check out our blog for all the latest news -- -- dot cnet.com. And you can go to podcast dot cnet.com for all of cnet's podcasts Roger are always awesome having -- on the show. But -- -- thank you for joining us today and we will see you next week. Everyone. And thanks for tuning --

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