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Dialed In: Dialed In #210: We kinda heart the Samsung Galaxy Note

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Dialed In: Dialed In #210: We kinda heart the Samsung Galaxy Note

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This week, the Samsung Galaxy Note is a case of defining beauty from the eye of the beholder. Certain carriers are hating on their customers, and we dive into Verizon's Droid 4.

A love letter or at least a letter to the biggest phone on the market carriers that means learn a lesson from Q&A keyboard that makes brands hard thing. I'm guessing it's all -- you're joining the Valentine's Day episode of dialed in Android in San Francisco -- -- -- And in New York by Brian Bennett. What's up. And Steven Beecham is our technical producer though -- I cast a sponsored by the letter -- in and -- it is huge. Moon. That is in it which are praying Haider an -- on a sampling -- seen at amp for those of you are not watching -- and managers. Valentine's net Maryland. So -- on the net and that brings us to the -- like document so bright and I am. Managed to get our hands on -- review unit -- this phone comes out for ET and T officially on Sunday. For 300 dollars and we are going to be just looking at every aspect evidence that mean it's got. If five point three inch screen it is it is big. Does it I'm holding my hand it takes up the whole of my hand. On it it's really it's a little awkward -- shall adjust. So it's a little more comfortable by holding -- the bottom but it does things work. I think you can't get used to it a lot of people. A lot of other -- reviewers and tablets in the -- -- holders like up on a stupid bank it's on its stupid stupid thing. Brian and I both have overlapping and yet different opinions about this -- -- most -- what do you think about it. Well I mean it's funny because I was actually. I wrote a post a little while ago -- saying okay here it is the snow is coming out. You know what are you rethink I don't know if I can deal with this. -- is gonna like use one device for both. -- place -- as it is yes right well that's the thing you know it is a phone but it's a tablet. Is it really a tablet is -- -- so does that mean people say it's a big phone if it's small and it's a small tablet. Insomnia eating can get it in your pocket -- Maybe you know what you know -- -- -- re re yesterday. I went out on the street new York and just started showing response people and and got the reactions and one of them was basically said you know. You cannot put this in your pocket because it is the wrong type of a bulge in your pocket so I you know I -- -- -- I was pretty pretty impressed. As another -- it -- I don't think we really need to see anything else about it Brent Bryant because that is the one line that you really need. An intermediate I can -- -- into a back pocket but I'm not really gonna walk around with it in my back pocket but it does fit in my purse pocket. Which has a -- who carries a purse is the way that I -- All seventeen of my -- Tasks yes and that's -- well you know that's a thing it depends on our use it on you know if you're using a tablet. Primarily at home -- like maybe by the bad cider on the couch or something like that this this is gonna look really you know you know it's going to be smaller -- -- smaller. And you know if you're gonna take if you take your tablet a big tablet on the train on the clean or something like that -- this this thing would actually probably. Of the Obama convenience because you're not gonna bump elbows of people in an intricate and you know start a riot where -- -- Okay -- element that characteristics of the galaxy -- is that it's got this throwback stylus here. Not it's it's pretty small there's also an accessory. And that Brennan Diane both sky at its app called out -- pen holder -- you basically to split the Silas in here that's an extra fifty bucks and it comes with a stylus. I think this -- much more comfortable but realistically most people who get this phone aren't they gonna -- another fifty dollars -- they're really dedicated to. What did you think of the stylus what did you think about using the stylus on. This phone. Well so far I haven't really had much use for it have to say because. I'm not really sure if I really wanna be taking notes on -- -- do wanna take notes in meetings or you know just just to remember things. Arm but you know my handwriting is pretty bad. Where -- I remember I'm your man in the street video. When you show that their eyes that he had a stylus used only enough eyes out cotton as this violent. -- -- -- -- -- And then he just seemed -- a lot of people think it. I biblical times and yeah yeah especially because last -- -- out silences well okay there was HTC -- excuse me they're concerned that stylized. Glad I am not an island style -- And their -- TC flyer tablet and that Matlin and and in app that really before about the last time we saw a man was mostly on -- on violence Gatwick -- -- With that resistant touch screens you can use your fingers or anything else I think on this phone it's it's okay because I have. It you know its products. It's it's basically another impediment to you can use your voice you can still type -- keyboard is quite large. I'm on this phone as you can imagine especially when you're holding in in landscape view I actually harm in taking notes on an idea when I picked up the phone. From Samsung I took notes. On on the tab and -- -- scratched ethnic data it let it out yeah. Better. When I actually switched from the -- rushed to the ball -- pen. And a picked a fine -- -- but there is a little bit of a delay when I'm using and I notice I tried to -- some pictures and I'm not so much artist but. And they're still an issue sometimes with of the sensitivity in the responsiveness. I'm but I'm not an artist so I really mean is that for a lot of doodles -- -- -- was to do something finer entertains kids or. Something like that and and to be honest I personally think that if you never used the stylus it's okay because we are left with. Is a Samsung galaxy -- two phone. That's a but he spelled Miracle-Gro. -- over fat or subject in -- steroid injected with steroids exactly I mean it is it basically looks just like. I am a larger version of the skyrocket which was a larger version of the Samsung galaxy a stick -- -- I and trade -- to -- three gingerbread it's not touch is. On some motion controls. So I think of those pilots and asked for -- -- there are some memo lapse in their going to be some games and things like that in. And also in addition in you can use the stylus pretty much anywhere there's text field so if you decide you -- in. Which her hand instead of typing in like cnet.com for example. On the browser -- and you can do that. But I think if you never use the stylus you're still going to find just perfectly and found -- -- eight megapixel camera that's really good on the other galaxy instinct -- it's got a two megapixel front facing camera. One point five gigahertz dual core processor in here. But also menacing screen. HD super amoled which is not -- -- you may not be surprised as it is on the Samsung galaxy nexus but it's. As a smaller screens -- the pixel density yet is a sharper but it's still -- -- it's very nice actually. And it's just annual than type I citing compared so I think. To -- it comes down to size and and how you use it I personally think that. You know if you've already got a ten inch tablet you -- take this phone more often but it's not gonna have a similar. And you know video playback viewing experience you're gonna have to turn -- -- when your reading an. If you've never had a tablet and you like a phone that's large and you think it will feel comfortable in your hand. And then I think that you're gonna get it and fun but I think. At most people are Smart to consider besides the for the considered -- the stylus. When they're thinking about it. Yeah I mean in a way it's like a step up to folks you know for folks who are considering a tablet. You know going from off from a more traditional Smartphone. You know. You're gonna you're getting him home you're getting a lot of tablet like features. I'm but the whole -- thing. I don't know I don't know. And an ideal -- you know what I'd like in the Soviet grew fast but this basically if this is fantasy land here but if you if the screen. Had they almost like Paper like fields it. That provide and I kind of friction. I'd like likes like -- you want resistance screen Norton and a no no I mean that -- -- -- -- on responsive. I want -- -- you know have that kind of -- of -- of writing on Paper. You know for. You know for me to use as a pan and with a -- you know -- and then -- and then of course to be great if the Paper actually. I mean that that the fake -- would emit light like a screen but that's -- -- science fiction so. Out. -- we saw a couple respondents and -- -- -- you -- -- people at a spot what was the general consensus or was -- -- And people you were asking in new York -- park. Well -- I I was so you know we -- to four different people we just -- we just ran over to around the park. In I -- you know -- incidentally there's a shake shack right there are so. -- -- I didn't have India that's an interest there but on BS we went there and obviously it's it was a cold day in a lot of people -- there. Are still even so so we we talked some folks and -- does not act. Yet and believe it or not you know we -- for different people I would say. For. The three the three out of the four were definite to iPhone users com invested in -- ipads and iphones so they. They were -- -- on this though. There was armed. One person and I seem to sort of the two women one woman seemed sort of on the fence but she did like the site she thought the size -- -- so large and within her life whereas on the -- the woman who. Actually was -- fan of Android and and have a original galaxy. -- S device com she actually liked it a lot and thought to buy it immediately so. So such a pretty mixed easily though even -- -- if you look at the post -- that I wrote talk about the video. Their people on their who are just flaming means -- Sanyo. What are you talking about you know why why you phrased the question like this -- blah you want you have enough for. Android -- -- that's not true because I use Android arm I've actually can use an iPhone. So. You know basically. Com it depends on where you stand this is like at -- center of a huge controversy. -- whether or not your iPhone or IOS or where -- your Android. Com whether you're a tablet user or an iPad user pretty much or a Smartphone user. And in -- user I mean it seems like -- that -- this issue what is is this device how would you use it. It's it's all it's like the center of a maelstrom so. So -- send us your thoughts on that ran and I have a lot -- story is on the galaxy note to come including how well it does with arts. And if you can indeed use it in workplace environments to take -- And also what it's like to live with it for a week so -- more stories to come and also. Icons and Carmen -- -- that -- me. Ceramic white or at least it will on Sunday and peak color. Is. Humming along as well. So. Basically -- area as I've -- there on the -- -- so basically that's AT&T and we kind of lake at least we'd like the Samsung galaxy note even that there some question marks. Surrounding it at but we don't like is that carriers mean bits of -- bridges and seasonally with -- -- fees. Salad. Did you guys see the stories -- -- Alanna and basically add a nice little tiny -- About AT&T. -- -- is -- charging customers to be -- They have confirmed that there are doubling the upgrade fee from eighteen dollars to 36 dollars an ounce on the heels of Sprint's. -- -- also. Offering it's sort of an offer. Are offering an upgrade now for people who are not within their two year service agreement and -- if they're still in the middle of it. And then there is a -- rates during this promotional program of -- 36 dollars 265. Dollars to upgrade. So -- -- what do you think about this. So mean what is the fee for that's what I don't understand exactly like the paying you to stay with them or pain now you're paying them. A -- what that's so crazy and owners in -- better if it can protect and have a better at. On more high tech and when he -- now they all charge and that doesn't make any sense and it isn't as bad as the fat. But I mean I thought the whole point of paying for the phone. Was because they -- -- most of them. Thought. Subsidies. Yeah so -- were you paying them again I don't understand it's a -- as you with patent wars they they have to. Pay fifteen dollars per device or something for them all the patent litigation going through I think they're trying to like -- it on the customers. That's that's my. I -- nutria an AT&T it hold phone skip -- since today's cellphones are more sophisticated than ever before than the costs associated with operating three new device. Having increased and that's part of that upgrade fee so I think that. -- definitely sounds like a litigation issue as well. However. How much does that cost I mean you got a unit on lion night. Verizon for example -- HTC -- costs zero dollars it is free with a new two year service agreement aren't just -- -- turn. Which -- the last thing they want. I don't know who did it it's I really have. I have -- and I'm very skeptical to say that it's exactly backwards to me yet at the sprint thing is actually -- deal. Only arthritic corporate applications rentals a month for -- -- off remarks fourteen. And Scott Webster who wrote this piece well think about it you know -- another new VM. You could be paying 500 dollars if you bought it without a contract said the fact -- -- getting it for 200 dollars even with an upgrade rate even if you -- the highest upgrade re still gonna add. Save a hundred bucks or 130 about X and I think that's a good point I just don't think that's how. People in this country think. If -- if -- with a carrier before and you is like post paid -- you sign up for two year contract are definitely I think expecting. Certain -- payment roster and upgrade schedule and prices associated with that. Yeah I mean that's that's a -- -- That's that's totally ridiculous so I mean that the charge more for my cat's diet I'd rather each -- -- and and then weird. To stay with the carrier. Then half Q. -- pain and it -- And Nickels and -- Exactly I mean I think people should do the vote with their feet and a not be tied to contracts. In the forced a source the phone is more expensive up front. Then fine I'm just as long as you can leave whenever you want and you know ants can also swap out your device for much better device. You know promotion invites you can find one. You know I mean that's that's much better. So we're gonna be that -- for iPod and we're gonna take a quick break and will be. Apple with quick hits and reviews. And we are back -- filed and it's Valentine's Day and we've got some news about plus -- interest this week. First -- the PlayStation vita OS -- on Smartphones and tablets this is Sony is new -- asked. Coming to a hand held gaming device and I don't know since they -- -- we are their stake in Sony Ericsson. We could possibly be seeing this in the future on Smartphones. Brian -- on tickets along to the next. -- -- -- -- We have learned that it's possible HTC will. Further. Bring out some more details of ice -- sandwich landing on a few devices. So you know that would be awesome we want more ice cream sandwich where every can get it and -- -- which -- articles wanna learn more. And that -- Apple iPad and I found in greatest when dealing with iPad three Apple reportedly unveil iPad -- in early march. And I think it's probably -- -- in and prepare for that. The Justice Department says that it is not -- stand in the way of the Google and Motorola marriage at least according to the Wall Street Journal. Says Google should it jump over -- the last couple hurdles to buy Motorola out -- Excellent. Well actually now -- the thing here we've got. We've got sprint here with the Nextel. Situation and -- -- ensure. You know they've gotten rid of their -- service right so. I thought was dead already but you know is officially is dead now so. Lets you know let's hope that unveiled Google buys more spectrum and and modernize their service. That's when -- -- team -- the year. And -- you can get enough already about the heat -- CNET. There is different mentality of it with -- -- -- -- since it is which has if you do your view you. I'm gonna vote for you and I like that name that -- -- -- and -- it's gonna have a five inch display. And then an EM. Big camera -- as an eight megapixel. And FC support when -- five acre -- process there that we could be hearing about that at mobile world congress perhaps. And am just -- -- -- we are gonna be doing our mobile world congress preview. Next week at mobile world congress coming after that and that since money is on holiday for us we'll be back here Tuesday. At 1 o'clock against -- -- But we have a little bit more. Of the love letter variety. For this next found Brian took -- -- last week at the Motorola Droid -- his genitals all of. -- -- -- idea so -- mean you don't. We -- -- -- look at the Motorola and Droid -- or Macs. Which was pretty awesome. But now that you just a week later -- Motorola can mount with via. Droid four which basically is an agreed to the Droid three in essentially adds you know LTE. Four G data connection on Verizon's network. Plus 19999. Basic 200 dollars and it's a it's a great phone army promise it doesn't run. Ice cream sandwich -- -- as gingerbread. -- they will have about support for rice and sandwich down the road. And -- of drawback but otherwise it's agreed devised armed just you know if you wanna keyboard. That now has full five rows on -- -- tactile -- feedback. And out pretty nice for a decent you know eight megapixel camera on their. -- this is this phone is worth checking out but. It does feel a little bit dated because not many devices have keyboards these days it's kind of fixed -- heavy. You know with depends on on what you want if you really your married to your keyboard. And you want to an Android phone with -- -- On Verizon this is very compelling. Otherwise you might be better off just gone with the galaxy. Nexus. For cutting edge Christian sandwich or going over to. -- Droid RAZR Max for incredible battery life in a very thin design. I'm surprised because when you first on a few are all over the -- I knew I know and love president and theatrically added edited just debris does -- So I mean did you want a little bit out of love with -- after seeing that there is -- -- Yes so you know -- -- -- -- -- -- on Valentine's Day for me to a you know change -- to break up with this phone -- now well I -- I guess what it was was you know. This has been a device that people been looking at looking for. Offer such a long time. I have I know people about that you know are addicted to keyboard stays above the original Droid. The first Droid that came -- A few years there was a 2007 or whatever was not -- -- -- of 2000 -- Writes I'm personally if that is its its its so long ago our camera out of -- anyway the original Droid that broke. Android barrier everybody who. You know heard about Android through that device. They love that the keyboard they love the power they had calmed even to deal with the moto blur interface that Motorola put on Android. -- in it was it was a device that everyone just you know come -- near and dear to many people and the subsequent. Revamped so that. That product line have been steadily kind of blah you know so. Well when a new device like this came out -- it and it. Them by the way -- -- matter originally October 17 2009. 2009 billion pounds and denying how. Yeah I'm unanimous you know feels like ten years ago but. You know I'm sure -- people out there who still half their original Droid -- still love can't give it up. So if you if you really need that keyboard this more -- Droid four is actually have the best. Keyboard device Android device. -- has -- I think we've seen. As long as you don't mind turning it on science planning at the keyboard -- Seymour portrait aquarius. Oh god -- -- I don't know -- That the toward Motorola Droid pro for example that's an -- -- -- Ray history not like it's super premium -- -- device that. -- inning after that -- there anyway we also have a review. Lynch took a look at that LG marquee for its mobile. And -- at would you say it's very similar to the original sprint version. Yeah I mean they're pretty much the same except that it runs on and these -- pack carrier so -- at the its prepaid no contract and a lot of people of that that's there's nothing like it -- for T seven. And nine. It's the most expensive phone on -- novels what -- and it has a five megapixel camera and on a pack two megapixel front facing camera. And I like to have like it has signed it was it was Flynn and it's very -- -- -- can easily gonna travel with you only. Thing with it is that it's a little sluggish internal paths there was a little slow so. When you. Browse the web -- and -- -- processor on. As a one kicker yet. And and it's a single power of Obama. Yeah it was it was pretty noticeable and at but the display is nice as having -- 700 units of brightness just -- multi currency. So it's really bright but -- also drains the battery technically he's our camera. Taking a look at this -- -- for sprint. And comparing it with some and other -- front of the day and it is interesting what people mean that with brightness and color because it is really really bright. But colors aren't always true it is interesting there's definitely entry -- sometimes gently over saturated color but it's not -- -- brain. Definitely like when you hold the phone's map link you click yes when looks really and is it almost like two bright that the external. Televisions -- bright red and no one really I also like 700 -- -- Yang and its if you drop it down. And then it just it I mean if it if it's too bright -- and Lauren display at. Yea you're right about that and that its audience summit -- -- -- and pixelated and Adam a lot of graphics and smoothness and it even though it's a really bright screen and -- so it definitely good for business W recommend it for -- -- -- -- interest in and network. Some say -- for kind of a cheaper phone on that boost mobile. Can offer only because it makes really great cause so there's that but if you really just wanted a fun and mean really great -- on a -- -- -- -- basis and. If you run in a Smart about like a more advanced Smartphone for abuse and would you recommend this and check. -- yeah. -- -- -- -- I'm so we also tightly at the BlackBerry Curve nine decreased revenue for Verizon and obsess. The sort of entry level three G phone with news and world of capabilities that brought us some -- GSM sim card. I'm also I looked at the Samsung SPX and the 37. -- real basic it did make very good calls its when he -- I would recommend that and I'm Brian checked out the Jabber us supreme Bluetooth headset. You can find all of those full reviews on CNET dot. Com and did you guys get any email this week. I didn't mean there are no nano owner and a little tiny bit of personal email I got an email from co worker here is really -- -- like. Hi I don't mean annoys you you probably get these questions all the time but you know my -- looking for a new phone on president. -- she's willing to spend a strange like he recommends. I'm sure -- on the site it but I really hope are not annoying and -- like this. Or of Christian -- annoying me and so if you're curious I recommended. And a and that she. Will use it primarily usage is metre and should drives -- Mac she reduce -- primary means for navigation. And so the voice -- is really important and that sort of -- in the deciding feature for her between like a -- and an injury it essentially. Although I did mention that Windows Phone has out of bounds of have a please read -- read out with being maps. Science. For -- an I recommended -- Samsung galaxy nexus. I'm just because the ice cream sandwich experience and they don't. Put their phones a lot they're gonna keep it for two years. So it seems like a good phone double last. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ryan -- because it is free right now and -- Needs are actually very few you know she just she wants you know a phone that she likes the look -- of that will do the board's -- in and then voice read out for directions to return have -- every entry found. And so it's a nice device and and I really think she's not -- -- terms it if she doesn't mind the smaller screened and you know it's fun to get a phone for free rather than paying 300 dollars for and -- -- -- ever gonna like things. And a great set of headphones tuner so we'll see it will see -- it -- When she winds up -- and quiet. If you have other questions. Or any being a blanket of companies and more like to hear your name on error then send us an email -- and it cnet.com. They've also voicemail we will probably play it at -- -- 866. -- -- -- -- -- -- You can read all of our amazing wonderful insightful blog posts -- filed in dot cnet.com especially if you are interested in this ins and outs in a -- lot of coverage this week. And check out all the other podcasts -- podcast dot CNET -- -- Happy Valentine's Day everyone stick with us next week for -- mobile world congress previous hand take it easy. My. Prize.

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