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Dialed In: Dialed In 198: Too many Verizon superphones!

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Dialed In: Dialed In 198: Too many Verizon superphones!

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Is there such thing as too much of a good thing? Verizon comes out swinging with superphones galore, we take a look at the next gen of Windows Phone handsets, and have a good old-fashioned rant against a very very weird phone. All that and more on today's Dialed In.

This testing is too much of a good thing when it comes bussing was -- -- -- -- to go look at the next -- a Windows Phone handsets. And -- the good old fashioned magnetism behave very weird. Other item on today's -- is cnet's mobile podcasts and than December 10 to eleven -- and senior associate editor Nicole -- to a new studio with Jessica -- current. And a producer Steven -- him. This does get going here because you know it's pretty interesting time for mobile phone I would say November December has been on -- test heat up. And that the big -- last week was the HT CE. Resound. And them at -- I guess I guess the name resound amends. Music and it is -- this time is now owns. The victory said it's ugly it is even -- and -- BC's hip and cool yet still -- the -- -- also because it's cool because it comes with -- idea. Absolutely ray could. Sell just elegant inexpensive as little bit about able resound. Okay so basically it's one of the super and are really great specs which we Milliken and mail by with the beats audio that's one of the main trunk. And Apple has also taken a really close look at beats audio we beat sensation acts well. Which was the first and habits released in Europe. And also Asia I think out we saw that it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That. So there and they offer about I think the cheapest is 130 dollar us yeah -- hundred clarity all the way up to you. 180 gas so. -- HTC hasn't told us of course is if this is exit they've said lights. And I -- I don't know Hubble quality compares -- be an interesting test for us going forward. And if -- had my own experience you know. Are they giving you actually like the 130 dollar version or is the -- that they itself or even last but in the the software -- makes up for it yet but it it's kind of cool thing this is not cheap -- -- my guess now's a good time to jump into a basket into yet added so expect it is a four point three inch display. Right with a 720. HD -- -- So the bionic has UH steam right -- so this is going to be a full eight is not dead it's it's such -- -- 1280 by seven to need pixel. Is this isn't the -- HD -- resolution as the galaxy nexus. -- -- -- And so it's it's just that's where we're going going to be sort of the premium thing yes and so. It has that. And is of the dual core process cern you know a megapixel camera and a half hours its -- Yes at the one point five records will require them. Sixteen gigabytes of internal storage but he think about that without enough. While -- think its it and it does have a micro SD card slot so it's not ads that this on a bar preinstalled with sixteen gigabyte. You know they know what kind of kind of irked me is during the launch event. Aide said that it has 32 gigabytes -- story delay but really it's. Half and half right sixteen on -- and I seriously attic area but it wasn't -- specific. And interact with it it may -- and it got HTC's sense 3.5. Which is the latest version. And that's got a more customizable. Lock screen. And that's why does it as far as like who gathers I think going to be a little bit like -- in the fact that you can check lake widgets. About from the -- -- significantly to the you can do it -- Like you know it doesn't mean that's desperate rat out there it's around 300 dollars and that's -- -- -- mean it is very expensive let's just say that but it's a sea rises all of the other. You know the little bit more into the front facing camera in an LTE -- -- two megapixel front facing camera. An American beats headphones and it beats headphones and then also with -- 1080 Ph.D. video capture. There's an extract a fact so HTC basically has like the same camera software. We use hot -- they amaze four G we silent -- T-Mobile myTouch myTouch. -- G slide it. Yes such -- doesn't basically it's like with each iteration may add -- few more features and then declared that that's the most advanced -- -- camera out there. So with this one what they -- actually sounds really cool effect and one of them is slow motion recording. Meringue -- playback so you can get the -- iTunes and on them yeah. And and its. Any of I'm I would buy and because of it that when you look at all of the other specs it is definitely expect believe and one of the top. And -- Smartphones and you know especially for Verizon -- present wireless -- instead of coming out. A blazing lately like the galaxy -- -- -- the HTC resound and of course the Droid -- Which -- I did spend his weekend reviewing. And that. Article that's -- dedicated an entire weekend working because she loves works yes CD overnight and -- a review unit on Saturday. So I spend the weekend reviewing it and it is not dead it's it's even compare drug -- -- -- C -- next of the galaxy -- This act kind of unity -- -- invest some difference differentiated between eighteen at the of course. You know you get you get your four point three injured just leave tight against identity nexus of the four point six items at the model as a monster phone. And you know that that. Neglecting my Droid the Droid reason as to stamp that means you -- -- because -- -- price so you get. The thinnest phone in the world and wonder then ran -- processors the difference between one point two gigahertz -- one point five gigahertz -- may be noticeable side by side if you're staring out in a laugh -- leave but not you in real life it's pretty it's pretty darn fast. And you know that the -- is positives and ninety point three point I need to do debate hasn't Dublin but not HTC sense -- is an independent. Which when you prefer really that's kind of like the most recent the most recently revamped Mac app recently that ma ying -- -- You know it -- it megapixel -- 1080 Ph.D. -- you know. Camera on the back. -- has a -- -- megapixel camera from his lies just to make -- resound. But the -- the specs are so you -- did you say sixty gigabytes on storage on bar you go to Ecstasy you can buy a car pre installed it yet. On of course the big sticking point -- -- -- means that people I am sure is that because it's so thin because it's still thin and skinny is that if the traveler coated. Back and everything is that the battery is non removable. But also it's a set of very large capacity at seventeen ED. Williams proud of the biggest out -- capacity batteries so did they really China's it's okay it's not removable it's okay. And doesn't have this that's the Smart actions. My actions app solutions so you can set it's resembling you enter your house on beaten to Bluetooth not on a beaten GPS up -- -- Because I you know lighting -- on its way and in Italy -- things for example if if you if you engineer your workplace -- -- -- reader down. -- nine you know so that you you know. I don't know -- -- but I kind of living constant fear of all the phones ringing when I'm away from the past and coming back to looks like simmering hatred. Yet exactly. Nobody wants to know it was something. But now I like my excuse to drag RAZR has been merely dead it's a really solid phone is that it's pretty -- the display is -- -- amazing. Support and let events this that it was sensing only technology but against the -- -- -- to model something. -- just let go of the pan and tile thing that was the big sticking point with the by sonic but because of -- QHD display because it's that im glad. It's like beautiful it's beautiful. Come -- says Verizon four GL TE which is pleasing as house and amazed that 3830 megabytes per second sending outlets beats. I got Adam as an -- iron when in my tests -- and one of the other Verizon yes. Actually in the stratosphere we will talk about absolutely I think that was like a high point and it's just like well in -- and that's really. Usually. Usually your speed that little -- than even new York and authority and -- right as far as -- -- is the way it. Eight and like I I was playing Netflix and in -- -- instant and -- -- an ethics HD quality. And it was like. -- -- Netflix HD quality and -- that they know those that are being it was amazing slate feels -- wild and and you had a quarter battery -- The I I did all of these things I did all of them -- usually review. 50% -- -- of the day just. Cinemas a lot of others say. It sounds about right I mean you -- The most best the best battery and it's pretty took at -- pretty typical I would say. The battery is like you know what I use a battery Apple for sometimes -- if the sound that's really -- it and shutting down and restarting of them work in sort of the emergency -- it. So -- owed to Motorola saying anything about what you're supposed to do you mean like hard rebuke. She just pressed by on the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It against -- list -- -- -- hold down. And it rolled -- passing in the country is currently that's exactly -- So that is the -- RAZR -- I was very impressed that idea saying it is kind of a really big Turkey and of the big phone even though is very skinny. They need large and wide so holding it it's a little bit awkward -- -- -- a little math is a -- -- -- it is this -- of -- -- big screen. Around and that the even in the depicts a Canada put equality was not as good as they wanted to be and that's typical of Motorola's gagged dad is very typical of Motorola the -- that was -- with -- clicks -- mimic -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- -- -- -- but I I just say that eight. The issue Steve is out you have you it -- he was on active Motorola Droid user and -- the galaxy nexus comings and learning with. In November we think in November -- legal right now I've heard to date November 17 and -- that there's been nothing fish. Yes I'll be should mention that the Droid -- there. Will be out November 11 on 1111 in the mining has eleven elected annually in the left hand like that where exactly. That is 1111. And that's kind of into the coming Smart with that at this is -- is issue C resound is that -- -- no one is coming out. And pain. And that's right and so last November 14 -- -- -- And Verizon -- arrogant as -- So November 14 it's all on the same time -- for 300 -- and Howell and inventory RAZR it's Iran's density about as well. So think about it of their -- they're they're both -- out -- all around the November 10 and all all the -- and it on the same price most likely eat. Ray and other similar specs I mean. Differences and -- obviously. The big difference Odyssey -- dancing NASA's have to ice -- satellites right. Has the pure Android experience you won that hand has the full HD display against a resound has -- -- ago. Yet that it's the seven tiny piece it's not an eighty. The four point three inches on the -- -- was used in writing the galaxy doesn't like passive we need bigger hands. Clearly clearly does of his that was -- -- -- giants but. And that doesn't that. The camera caught the camera -- -- make a pix on the set that as much as. Edit -- Hispanic x.s and into the pixel which was a little surprising right but as I meant -- -- even though the dreaded as it megapixel to call it -- as did. So maybe you'd be. Of interest and media -- that the galaxy STO and I have said this before the galaxy SQ phones. Have an eight megapixel camera already and the cameras good yeah so I wonder if this was just to kind of keep the price down and we don't know what price it can. I wonder it was kind of keep it down a little let you know if -- got to the point where an eight megapixel camera would -- -- the tipping point and Nina. Far more expensive and then it would sell less well you should also mentioned that the galaxy nexus like the nexus -- before it. Does not -- -- to give rights. On -- or 32 gigabytes on Mars this investment to the iPhone. Storage models to the -- the Atlantis didn't maintenance and admin as well as -- has have been confirmed. Come from I want understand that is there has been sort of shown on and and that I don't know to be shared but that seems to be -- -- -- going. So I think I mean we're looking at HTC renowned. Super found yanking at the Motorola Droid RAZR and Samsung galaxy -- v.s -- three for the -- from the largest -- handset makers in the US since -- and are on Verizon. So what that tells mean. -- -- These manufacturers are basically saying Verizon is kind of like that carrier that is the premium carrier in the past because they want those LTT want to LTE apps loaded depending on their money behind but is not a wise decision. For timing because way we've got now anybody -- on Verizon. Is basically computing like these three phones are competing against one other I wonder if one of them came out. On a different carrier -- a different carrier in addition. Not cover as our -- right that city. Rabbit -- that actually help them sell more it's funny because there Roger Chang wrote this arm article a few weeks ago saying that anybody who what the -- that is probably says it's super red because you know these -- Much better -- than and you look cooler where the display is nice there. And doesn't -- two weeks ago. So. I mean its its -- I understand the frustrations out there if you if you're an Android and -- Are there's too many phone on the market. Is -- such thing as too much and -- I don't know town that's a great question authority asked readers to -- send in -- email Alison. This'll be the question of the week yet absolutely. -- -- Good thing for consumers to act is you know it's a that it is just as sometimes the -- to -- -- You know. And also I mean. The galaxy nexus its main advantage now all over the other Q I mean on its -- released in summer that would be. -- -- Even though it would have cannibalized the galaxy S two -- And it means numbers are yes and we reported last week -- is selling. Slick tremendous volume. But -- profit as Scania because they're taking. If they hit I am trying the add ons and -- like it costs money to make -- phone. And I don't know how many phones a single person can own another -- us to be high turnover -- with so many phones coming out at the same time a little overwhelming. -- differentiate where. Between the study seems to be sorry I got off track who doesn't resolve what the beats. I guess -- -- raiser for -- the thinness and the thinness I guess that I mean it looks cool yet the thinness I -- it does that's a -- porn do you. Dancing NASA's ice would say with beauty to ice streams ice used to Della. At we know that other phones are going to be -- but what I -- -- mention about the resound. Not that this isn't a reason to purchase it but it -- that of they were taking cues from the HTC incredible which I didn't like love and which basically means when you pop off the back cover its Ret in. Oh okay apps acute. They found that's I -- and with kind of interesting -- I never really liked it. Myself it's you know how some cars -- their -- are different colored. And on until it's the -- a big debate -- Atlantic Ocean habitat could. She and then it had other underneath it and that's I think that's -- -- it it is she -- on -- -- they're actually taking a cue from high heels. -- -- -- -- But HTC does that mean beaten out design inside and Allen and we've EA HTC either designed for deep into the world and you pop up a little bit of and then -- cover. Then there's the slight -- cool -- sort of lake flip seat being where you could add an extra salmon and stuff like that and so. There was that again I am not reasons by the yeah I would mean it in my in my little program opposed the -- -- I was. It's the top phone. Right now altered. A couple are a couple of hours. And yes same day that rate is the same day in our time then yeah I heard RAZR was in the morning and then the galaxy nexus loses patent -- -- -- about nine hours and is the author alone I didn't out there are like two weeks add edit now. Well maybe I didn't mean great ideas Samsung and Verizon can come out any day any minute media and right now. And -- -- the pricing and availability are out next tank. Will get out that's a little bit less -- live on TV other phone. Operating system windows. The other -- the other one otherwise they're just thought it might mean is that it does those that -- Comes so just a few -- the -- and me and I zero I guess you yeah you. And black. -- -- -- Cyan and magenta and pilot -- pilot flaming -- -- -- flaming the very. So we got it in black I am gonna review it. One of the interesting things about this like is that it's got its unibody and it is like totally unibody it is one solid keys -- -- and it's like -- type of plastic -- me actually feed the innards of the phone. I'm are basically looking through the use -- -- one of the Arctic -- SD card president and other line is the charging port. Say I like the -- permanent peel off the -- off then then you is pretty slippery actually. Nice. But if about -- -- -- good at -- I am. Oxy -- you know but that the district in August and is that the displays as it is look through lean it definitely does because it's got this curves. And it isn't loading the -- of the body. Discovered -- problem of not having -- -- openings in the of that. Despite announcements and -- Our ears sit there so I may not actually be able -- -- Mike in salt and and I Pritchard found that we five and Nokia -- in Sunnyvale where. All I mean yeah I -- and that should not an optimist in essence lies -- Well I see lots and none of them experts in card at -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Today anyway it's finished I look at everything else really great life right here -- CNET and so at the very least. I'll be able to do that and and it it is really interesting it is units -- it took a kind of hard to get it now that's my -- secret by the yup. Noon and since -- And I once I get that worked out and obviously the version that does come to the US -- -- -- it will be optimize. Signing out bankruptcy -- -- him. You didn't have the Democrats deepened this phone number and your rate of premier -- It's now I'm an idiot -- my hand but it's so once I do that. So. Once I get out I'll be able to test it out. And that itself like the screen is really at its three point seven inch WV GA screen but it is super amoled demand right now I don't know if you can tell -- and it and as you are watching video. I can tell it looks like really. Lacked in rates. And clear and the colors are just it's -- -- means those sort of glossy interest and funny ad at the Samsung at -- -- treatment here. And -- -- windows phones. There the same size screen is exactly that all but it's a little bit smaller. But it's funny on its flash in -- -- -- and exactly and I've. And I got the impression that everything was a little bit smaller at work so there's a little bit of the fusion. And maybe with the size of -- down ten and with its screen material on the gap on this one and I mean I'll have to test out. I never got the impression that this is too small and actually an ancient people exceed its like I agree upon that's not cute. Nation at that spot spray them. Which -- able all of it but anyway. And so this and I'm really excited about looking -- and I think it's kind of fair to say that there's a lot riding on its -- For Nokia especially on because Nokia is basically all it chalked it -- and now they're they're putting their relate their livelihoods are at everything that. Magnus -- exactly. And -- insane with this thing -- in Europe you know accused at and shot and if not it's gonna be an even harder struggle and I am. Yeah I don't know. That's very interesting point to what to think of the focus -- Actually really like -- yet either and at the battery can't save an identical who. -- engines of the year Alice and her -- so I really like -- on one of the reasons I really liked this because it is me fifty dollars it's and you get -- speeds. -- -- -- use and it's their H and that is why -- on -- day -- eaten it's definitely faster than three -- was pretty impressed with the speed and how quickly I can lead to New York Times -- and CNET site which it uses my benchmarks and for all of these contests. It is a single core processor -- like we've said before. For Windows Phone and you may not need dual core processors because he addict processes. That they may. Dividend as this and the opposite that with the downside of Windows Phone 7 is in a dual core processor but up pretty system is -- -- -- It's very light week. It doesn't need that much of the processing on the right and athletes and issues to I think part of their challenge is going to be to educate people -- single -- and that's okay well -- -- immediate re runs O. I don't know if those consumers that you'll -- off beyond this the our ears and -- -- tablets. At the most consumers -- have a single or dual I don't think it -- it sounds yet. It appears that have that is. It's that cute little video I want all the Wi-Fi as an all the TVs death in. -- -- You know you hear about where its new associate at me if top line has these things yet why -- -- Also it's got a five megapixel camera on the back it's good megapixel camera -- -- -- of the same as the first run. And stamping out via phones. That had you know the five megapixel camera and they were -- -- that original that it has. And so I didn't have a completely that it does have a VGA front facing camera. For video chat I ticked the couple pictures of myself and -- -- really there in athletic looking at it but it's the kind of thing that like it here. It's never gonna be back pre. We have two megapixels and are facing some of -- -- -- -- -- this one happens to be a little bit wary but it's there -- you can. Ray which is not a new feature of the mango operating -- and then every I think just worked between Smith -- and worked really well. And still let's say I'll is to come -- you and I said. Okay Jessica convince need to buy a Windows Phone 7 cents at Harvard. Said. Well it. -- -- -- I think that's one of the biggest ammonia means for end -- directions off doesn't -- it's not as much fat in and out. -- public transportation -- And it -- -- I -- think you know I can't mentioning when you have to -- but it yourself eaten their yet but are showing in my -- SP and its fifteen. And -- like I can't look at -- -- -- neatly line but just hang it high you can change the colors elements and unraveled what I think the main selling point -- is operating system yes it is but for -- It is the very fragile actually one. That left. But it's the tiled mansion or a in the Mac blades and it's an operating system works -- the way atlas all the hidden things like there are actually you know. Some and each features that are extras that you don't know about just by -- -- you've got to figure out that you can. -- in and human beings that live tiles are dynamic. -- that you can't listen to podcasts via an integration is actually really -- -- -- there some fun things you can do with thing. You know I would just say about it for people who don't necessarily know they want -- and met. And who don't want Iowa last -- this is a really old alternative that gives you pretty much all of the features that you would want. And on and it is in there are really interesting -- -- -- So that's -- I was April when it's that I do think that one of the problems with windows and Microsoft is gonna have to hover honestly there's no real got. Like ray with IOS five and it -- you know iPhone -- -- right now they're Syria which is really fun and and then. With -- at Fort -- you know there's way. And at seat if you've bed and there's Google wallet started pop up everywhere here and infants with out. And you know you've got in -- thing which has been fine in -- facial unlocking -- -- -- not key selling points yeah they're funny interesting -- I think it I don't think they set themselves. As of the -- the leader in the speaks badly by doing all of this just exactly it's innovative yet innovative. And people want my brother takes this phone. He starts talking and it is at its series. Like Ricky -- -- tonight at an acute -- work on an iPhone for us. And he thinks that. You know also is that it is -- right he -- at all on -- -- it to keep feature to keep telling -- And you name. -- he has so much so much. Yeah let's -- going to our quake -- went -- I started off with HT CE. The site into four point oh dealing and it's and it's off for seven HTC phone -- -- -- and senate Android four point oh in the -- early tiny twelve far. -- -- -- HTC the sensation the ACC since he's an excel that sensation takes eat them is -- -- BDE would design forage in the -- And that's just for starters yes. I there have also been leaked photos of the HTT. Ads which could be the world's first Quad Core core core. Because obviously dual color in -- not enough -- doesn't. Have Nvidia tegra three processor allegedly. And one point five gigahertz Quad Core processing. Also four point seven inch monster display and Apple HD. -- have a very busy week they had not only is it released -- try to reason on 111111. It doesn't it's -- is doubling the amount of monthly data allotment -- for -- G Smartphone owners and starting Tuesday. Any customer as a resident -- Smartphone will be alleged with the get doubled the data. For the same so that's two gigabytes. With their dollars to be putting devices that. Even noble is really saying or has actually released on November 2 that -- and -- touch Q phones. The myTouch -- has a slide out QWERTY keyboard. And the phones are going to be -- -- 999 after a two year service agreement. And that's it for our news that the quick add. And. But anywhere and back. To a reviews section. -- -- the -- -- and here's an of the -- preview of the military and but this is sort of the last -- also a Sims and that's why doesn't focus flash that's but he sent the other reviews and reading gets you an -- section unit. Jessica unity the Simpsons and -- stratosphere out of first look at this planet its heat CIA -- is on Verizon. And president claims it is another first because it is their first four GL TE -- -- with a keyboard what's. Wow. I. They're trying. Overlay ads and trying to position him for business users because there -- some -- on air play cat VP and then. Support encryption supports. Things like. So -- nice yeah. He's also excited -- A little warm on it means speed rates -- beaver and I mentioned earlier and -- relief it is performing. My problem is all the rest of the -- make it. The same phone basically is their original galaxy S line -- and it was okay so I reducing the stratosphere felt a little -- recast. And compared to the other phones. That are odd since it started similar of the galaxy Matheson and I don't think there's a problem. -- and because it means of well it's definitely not -- expands and it's like. -- 150. Rain and the premium hotline phones. Or 301. And Verizon is Smart by adding sun -- GL TE phones that are less expensive and so -- the anti expert outlets and then orgy of -- But it's not supersede Schubert spent right dollars and I -- just sort of bringing that four GL TE experience -- more affordable phone we were headed an absolutely. My problem is actually with their marketing you know. Marketing it as a business because rang out -- two phones also have those features -- and exact business features and I I don't know I mean they have to do it at and it's the first one and people are really excited about it and it -- -- -- A little bit this is yet this to -- this perception. That just because it has a keyboard exactly that means it's like a business. Guy and I mean I can think in many business professionals who would rather have. Other attributes. -- -- -- if they really line. Encryption and -- yet that so. It's a good yet again a study exact I mean it's pretty much the same as patent that epic four G -- That the keyboards -- It's pretty and -- to mean this summer -- flat actually when it keyboards that I did like attic -- They did a good job for the slide out and in keeping accused raised as -- Milan Ohio. Teachers review again like a clunky phone is smaller -- -- -- -- think they did a good job on the keyboard -- thinking like this is exactly and keyboard that I would like for our. And -- -- it -- wouldn't want a Smartphone this is the elegy double play. So on the front in the -- treating normal regular. And and you open it up. And out what. -- it's another display underneath the big display and the key way is its. Added. This is does weird. Says the -- doable. Reckon doodle design of the year award I have to say because first of law why do you need another -- down. I don't. Either way they're real -- their -- means is you can use land to multitask. You you can browse the web on one -- you can use just the tech -- on a text message. So -- easy do multitasking a public between -- actually -- on the bottom changes can text to leave it yesterday it costing even in the browser for example you can scroll it to your bookmarks -- the second -- you can. Skeleton your new incoming messages -- while while typing one on yet. And -- gets a slot -- TV once. But I feel good and -- design is says slow -- when you hoarding the following your hands. -- trying to hold it to -- position your thumbs in -- -- to type comfortably. This is not natural the -- You know and also the battery -- of this -- I had to -- in the states. Because I think because of the two screen and writing great -- asked when -- battery XX and extra power. So it's a it's either a really decent politeness gets -- -- point three gingerbread and -- DLN -- Wi-Fi calling. Mobile hot spot and yet of what it -- Qualcomm processor on here so it's decent actually in terms of the mid range phone. But the QWERTY design -- does not in this water. When you. Dad and she did -- us to the iPhone -- outside and a half hour ranting about it yeah so we didn't. -- used to it was an ergonomic keyboard every got -- used to the split design. I understand the reason why an economic unit that -- split keyboard for typing out. At things -- this for economic reasons this just split now for economic physicist -- because it's the one pedestrian. But to me admit that ergonomic reasoning united -- he doesn't really ring true for me. And it does in -- -- than but it's instead of the keys themselves -- pretty nice -- -- you can get pretty easy it is. To it to feel. -- because it's but I have the -- are looking at the keyboard in -- the -- what am typing. It is not limited to sit in detect if -- opening it. Yeah and -- using it -- give -- an opera but we are trying to come up with -- need expert for actually integrating and using that second display the bottom. Yeah and it wasn't really like this for do it it's not -- I just I just a second solution and waiting for a problem that. It's like old Dell did this -- an issue before early I don't understand. So it's very clunky to made very big bulky -- while it's unique it's you need to. -- -- I mean you know I did at giving good -- for its features and performance has been to get but the design -- wacky. I would recommend. That you have -- -- and next that we have an email. Missed an email. And any reason attempted emails as a lot email volume custom -- can try to get a condensed a couple of -- here. Let's honest from better than any she says he's interested in the Droid -- because -- abetted terrible relationship with -- Apparently -- keeps freezing on and -- -- on and did not the greatest experience heat and patent suit iPhone lacks. He's interested in getting the Droid RAZR which was reviewed and wondering if how -- how it compares the -- fluorescent. And you know that of course he won't get Siri -- -- straight razor of course. -- but no one is obvious the iPhone iPhone system one is an assistant -- current depending on which. Which ecosystem you want to hang your hat -- even that you want to android's -- and diapers and -- iPhone prison. And I feel of the -- it is actually a blanket Android phone to do -- to -- and opponent to greet and get. A medallion Arianna -- have because -- prices and other means island outlets iPhone as a smear test I. -- -- -- -- -- -- And I mean definitely those that -- runners they're released Tron. If you're done with IOS I mean you don't have to use -- -- I -- -- -- kind of an issue and I understand the -- down the -- but if you're already going to Verizon. An area eight you -- have thirty days to cancel the contract if you can like get into a store and look at one -- bounds because even if the galaxy -- but it's enchantment isn't available yet. You are not going to be sorry with -- -- or the RAZR from the sound. And then next email and it's pretty darn fast yeah that's the next emails and all windows phones. Actually whether -- -- fabric and he's wondering. And what do you think she she get -- the Nokia Luna 800 design seems to be grabbing his attention. App. And he also asked which is more important form -- function. In -- function but for matters to you absolutely does it is a well they be using -- -- to build fuel that does matter the look at it and look at that matters and people safe on a personal because you have a visual emotional. Connection with your. And you look at it -- like. On upping its awesome or -- and me it's funny that I love holding it or -- yet it's really uncomfortable. And I -- -- -- in -- designing. But it but took -- say -- -- -- is too small for me because they used to be that may get a huge screens on and -- I -- I mean for what it was got -- the -- of the patents it seems pretty good so I mean I think it is -- really beautifully interesting -- -- And then he also says -- yeah I'm ready to spend my money where are you. Yet that's another thing is that it's kind of hard to get it in honesty and I am absolutely but we are gonna -- big things. Probably I -- -- CS's primary care about the version that'll be coming to the rest of LTE. So -- sound -- millions from to listen to isn't Joseph Joseph Mann and he's into -- on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he -- to myTouch 3 key of 14 am almost wondering if he wants to -- useless continued the -- And -- experience however he has heard that the definitely deaconess will not get ice -- just swap the -- of the limitations of hardware and all -- that so. We don't get it if you want to get to disagree phone and marry it I would made at this point house. That's. At week we have a -- mail me. -- -- -- -- I -- ER HTC thunderbolt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This a thunderbolt can be upgraded and it was not one of the seven that was listed yet for the first -- a difference HTC will be announcing other phones to get it and we do -- that I HTC is committed CU. -- out updates for phones released with an eighteen months of a new -- operating. The -- was release in. -- -- you might not I don't know -- -- little bit skeptical about it looks great but does it does have -- -- and last week's question you asked about the zombie phones which found would you rather see would you like to she returned from the dead or have a stake permanently injured and part right. -- -- -- Rodents he says he wants the dells -- -- -- phone to be as large as possible. But unfortunately. They very -- -- version and but he wants -- phone to be huge massive. The -- -- -- maybe he'll be happy with the galaxy -- says all it means. Add in for its -- at the latest act and a OS and carriers and the U Rok the mobile world. I think that's the first positive thing I -- -- about the belt states. There is the Samsung galaxy note which is also -- and a huge screen. -- -- the as a cold out and I am tooth hands. Music Bluetooth incidents of outline is not -- -- the -- announced earlier than September. Don't know anything else about it there's galaxy Wi-Fi with five inches and I -- -- -- how -- this of on the big and massive. It's crazy. There we go so the question for next week when the action for next week once again ill be your opinions on the lead is glad of Verizon's Smartphones accusing too -- -- -- -- -- consumer is. Yet a consumer paralysis and you -- what was you can get anything -- -- The agency was on the drive. -- -- And also from the chat -- bring back the HTC HD two. -- -- -- -- -- -- So you can email us at doubted that CNET -- can also cause a 186640. TT 68. Can check out our blog -- thousand dot cnet.com for all of our show notes and -- -- says. An Opteron -- other CNET podcast community podcasts not -- And that's free up -- offer viewing via an acute leukemia in 200. -- and -- Will.

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