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Dialed In: Dialed In 187: Pity poor WebOS

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Dialed In: Dialed In 187: Pity poor WebOS

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Google buys Motorola, and now HP is killing off WebOS devices. What a crazy week in mobile land! We also go in-depth with RIM's new BlackBerry OS 7 handsets, discuss the imminent U.S. arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S II, and more.

It's August 18 1011 you listen to -- in its CNET cellphone podcast. I'm senior associate editor Nicole Lee -- -- in studio but I am I senior editor Kent and and a producer Steve -- Any -- a dying by senior editor Bonnie top. Air high -- also -- and this is a unit attended the event -- today by lava -- -- throttling back is because Mac is so cool. It exists and it didn't think -- Okay so this week has been one of the busiest weeks in mobile I have to say in the long Iran's. Mean craziest let's just get right NC and the biggest news of the week. Alone will -- and doesn't let me the biggest news of 28. Is that global -- agreed to buy Motorola mobility for twelve point five. Billion dollars. So and this is that the first news on Monday night I woke up like. Let go and this isn't practical joke I was on vacation soon yeah the thing minds. Yeah that's not. You and I did He jogged my job my dolls that lets you -- -- -- and see this and relieved maybe that means being not very smart but I can see -- and I really. I don't think anyone expected that in. And -- you can -- -- of is is it all about the patents at that. And making a lot of it is yet you know. And that's really -- in the discussion all week is -- Initially I think people -- zoned in on the patent. Thing because that that's what they -- in the press release they talked about it on the conference call then when you really looking at -- it. Like Google could possibly do with Motorola. -- you even if the I do nothing with the hardware piece of the company. They got patents -- so then. Which is actually interesting because I think that. One -- Motorola's are some of a group of Motorola's shareholders are actually. Simulating Khamenei and saying that they want more money. So even allies like and it. It is 63%. Premium over the stack -- -- anyway so. Acting -- patents are hugely important and I think there's a big question mark about what they're gonna do with the hardware piece of -- you know will. It keeps saying they're gonna operated as a separate company they -- doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. To me right -- like to be me it just makes sense to me that if -- missing accompanied consider make more suggestions. In any incidents dropped. Bigger -- over time -- -- you want. Things done a certain way I mean. It's interesting to me on how mean of it is obviously a -- violent He -- I am Maggie. But -- dead the -- this seemed to be implications. You know in the future. Yes and meaning it's just that part it doesn't make sense is that bit the handset businesses highly competitive. -- it's very. You know. I don't see how the Google thing would think it Motorola's enemy get a ton of money -- might acquire something if it's just -- mediocre business so. On and they haven't been doing -- -- -- -- doing okay -- they're -- of in the middle of a turnaround. -- so that's why I think this is more about the intellectual property and it is so I mean there's a very good chance that Google. -- -- -- Selloff this business unit at some point org or sort of let it -- away warrant makes it goes the other way and naked down. You know even -- they're saying that they're not planning to do this right now. But on you know they could make this their premier size. Android platform and really show what they can do with handwriting kind of take that Apple approach and sort of -- -- and experience said that's. Something they could do you know whether or not they actually will do that I think is. You know -- big question it would. And that. -- -- -- -- I just contained and also. You know kind of brings up the question with other aliens -- HTC and Samsung you know yes I know they've come -- and you know praised. The patent part of it -- but you know if it does come down to. Motorola V pendant that premier partner Nino -- gonna do. You know how -- -- aliens can -- And if they're gonna -- -- -- device I mean I'm. Doubt that Google has a bunch of brilliant phone designers on staff that suddenly change it like Motorola's -- is gonna -- them it's better. -- just because of the spy game announcements that's what's invention and and Motorola's been in the sportsmen said that -- in the middle mean they. They they came back -- after. -- is sort of reliant on the RAZR in communities really buried just doubled in a despair and remarkable phones in real some -- about months as well. They come out with the -- they come out really -- in -- series. They come out the things like the clinic and and they were really big and then suddenly you -- -- -- huge CES this year. Where they -- -- it's dominated the show and then -- mobile congress tennis. -- -- And it's like they were in the back of a -- in this tiny little table pretty much was really very weird to see that so. You knew something was going on -- -- -- now. Yeah I mean I I just Motorola was in doing so I just I just never thought. He would be spot like this. You know -- I think quit and it really keen from you know have this one. Investor Carl I can who really aren't minister to give -- an. Shareholder value here and and I think -- What happened is what we've seen over the course -- note -- past year. It is all these patents going for lot of money so the Nortel patents which I think. -- There are a lot fewer Nortel patents -- -- were auctioned off. Verses and Motorola patents Motorola has over her you know He. Over 24000. Either completed or word. Filed. I mean hey JP very handy -- what was proposed yeah and that they they paid you know consortium bought -- Or four point five million dollars so this twelve point five billion dollars doesn't look like. A lot of money in that context so I think. You know. Motorola was feeling pressure to do something to to maximize shareholder value -- This was a good way to do it -- you know intellectual properties hot right now -- There's these patent wars going on and they have to defend themselves so. Com what Google has to defend itself so. -- yes I think that's pretty much what it was about it you know. May be -- and -- been interest Steen twist today Apple and drink -- may be. You know Google just very kills the Motorola Brandon and -- -- listen you know who knows you know and that sort of leads to the next and offer ready talked about it yet but you know the webos. You know I know it's -- -- -- -- yet in and again and happening manner you know we can make you at. We come on -- for -- enormous thing about Mara I Ellison among persons from time to man and a -- Motorola. It's so much to build the -- -- -- and and to see. And if they really do just. -- interests in -- Motorola name in that product line it. It's gonna be a little since -- momentous and I think a little sad -- little a little soft spot -- girl just as they've they've done much for this industry in. Yeah -- saying that that's gonna happen. You know me because Google is actually it keeps saying that they're not gonna do they're they're saying they're gonna run -- you know a separate. Basically separate company and keep it yet they're gonna report their earnings separately all of that but I just think it when you look. And you've been around a black as many. I -- is see things get it you know companies get acquired in and company say things when when acquisition is about to happen and then. Eight you know a little time goes -- ND. Spin it off they get rid of it. You know act. -- interviewed. CEO of Cisco many times John Chambers and I mean he's the master of of acquiring companies -- companies basically it. To big hodgepodge of companies they acquired and He told me you know it's on several occasions that. Acquisitions don't usually work. And big ones especially are the hardest ones to make work and they typically fail and if you go back -- you look historically I mean I could rattle off tons of acquisitions. In mergers that just you know fell flat on their face so. -- -- to be a bit of the pessimist but now it's just you know if it'll be interesting to see what happens in any year in two years now. And speaking of acquisitions were companies say one thing and -- another yes. Webos. Goes down in a quiet death this is my sentimental -- yeah -- I have have to agree with you like this is where my way is is a -- -- in motion into play it because. Webos. Promoting formerly known as you know -- -- and -- at best and it does so -- is it is basically said it will discontinue operations for devices running -- less and this includes the recently Betty recently modest man bad touch pad and. Was to -- the -- a few weeks two weeks ago -- -- in the labs here. An -- and I webos silent going in to actually think. You're not you'll like the the software in the UY -- the whole deck -- -- -- despite -- thing I I was really intimate and it's -- No I just they just weren't making enough money and assistance to necessary -- -- -- all right here's what upsets. Me and I feel like HP did -- -- really give it a shot yeah they came out with the pre. Eighty name come out with increasing they have -- -- they had the touchpad and then they were like okay forget it you now and so little. That's what's upsetting to me I know it's a very competitive market that you know. Webos had so much potential you know that it was a problem of hardware sometimes in yet I feel like HPD in human. You know I agree with you body because I feel -- down. You know it. When they bought it you know there -- some high hopes of like okay this is HP's chance -- to get in the game you have a lot of money. Alms they can do something like this that was sort of -- the challenges that palm had is that it is a very small company. It was hard to make it the kinds -- relationships with carriers and so forth that they needed. And yet this is a competitive market but He didn't even see -- really try to develop developer community. And and that -- -- what was lacking marry you know I mean I have to say I'm not a hardware person as much as I am -- I. I like the software and then OSX. Features -- mean it. A lot of times I think the phones are kind of look the same to me in some respects yes on the -- and ages and yes so I think that this you know. Even even though they didn't really do anything to allow anybody in terms of hardware they really didn't do anything at all to to inspire any kind and developer community and people have been saying from the get go that that's what this is about -- if you look at the success of the handwriting and market. What's happened with Apple I mean it's all about the apps in the developer community in that was what was holding webos back and I think that's. You know it's it's great software and even when I attracted -- -- -- know I talked to the CTO it it Verizon. -- mobile world congress in February and He was like yeah we would absolutely love to see webos as sort of -- the third. OS out there you know when in -- in CHP making every didn't -- to making an effort and license the software you know I mean they still possibly could. Play practices like why the heck did you make this acquisition what did you think -- it -- In it even this didn't seem missive you'll have -- open with some kind of miracle product that would just turn around and -- completely successful the first time around. And it's just not -- doesn't that way and now. The year was not that cannot and why not what happened in the pre three -- -- what's gonna. While identity loprete connecting its output at -- race is not is not and -- in -- -- put it on sale after united Antonia. Again the and to maintain. If you really disappointed if they use -- years sort of like a restaurant. Which they really shouldn't have the first known to -- That was that was such a bad move anyway and for them to me that I'm not they're doing this but look at that and say we'll see this one didn't -- -- again got a problem. Yeah I mean that's honest yeah right they did it didn't engine these devices tents to. To get a meat is not even the holidays -- you could at least we passenger attempted on this is you know that people -- have -- doing is it's just something. I easy oil on the cost -- Look at. I still it's it's so premature. And I'm wondering what HP's thinking -- Think my speculation hair and don't have any inside information that you know you're looking -- -- a big company. This is obviously not their core business -- -- Amy. Laptops and PCs. And I wonder if there is just some kind an internal. Struggle going on it because I was just I got -- PC division to say yet what to do about some of these business units and you know clearly. I think this is a big mistake in terms that fact that I -- mobile is where things are going every other company seems to recognize that. And you know again but it it's not just about the hardware and it's not just about the software it's being able to develop an ecosystem and everybody in the mobile. Market has been talking about that mean in you don't hear that from -- If it's if they didn't get it or they didn't wanna invest that the time and money to actually do it I mean if you look at what Microsoft is doing -- gusting. A lot yeah I mean they're putting all their chips behind. Their mobile effort and you know they were out there banging on doors and and paying people to paying developers to SL REM -- you know so. And He didn't really hear that from -- And now I mean it's sad because it it's a good technology in you know -- and then there's a touchpad in that. You know -- did make sort of a big deal about the touchpad and all the commercial. Yeah definitely that there was -- -- one item those are Russell Brand Orlando's you know -- to. Next feel like they had a chance that the patched and -- not -- it and it didn't fares alone and review is I just thought He had me in a fighting chance via. And and that. You know that leads -- -- questioning -- new creative you know. -- -- What do you do with level estimates kill it try to sell it to you licensed it yet well you know due to the to oppose as well I have -- -- room. And -- back. But yet -- -- and would hate to see. As speedily. Now. Yeah I you know I'm I'm hoping that someone -- in license it out to something I -- in silent or something that would. -- am I predicted and I guess not. Very smartly -- traffic. An Amazon maybe you'd be interest -- no -- Now than ever examined their tablet products you know coming. I think everybody agree that it would be. I could be very partnership but -- you know if HP isn't willing to started developing it any further to do anything like it. -- that's probably by -- think a. He sees and turn around a lot to people are saying and a -- to get it. Can't so far -- set 33% says distribute distribute it through open source. In your -- and turning back and 27% say -- -- needs done. Which are now all -- Does -- I mean if it was if they if they turned out to that says that opens. Me I mean that it could be any -- on an -- thing is is you need the developers now in the only way maybe this point to get them on board is -- open source and make it easy. To access you know but again it's. It's difficult because you've got you've already got the struggle -- between. Or among. I OS Android and Windows Phone and you know is there room for. -- -- -- Yeah I mean I did -- -- you Bonnie and mean palm is content has a -- in my heart had a warm PDA a back in the dead economic -- unity and to see economic die like this is suspected not not a good way to go and is gonna -- every acts as like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the fetal position. And the camera called back from mountain -- And the space some years so we'll -- -- anyway so that's on the T biggest news this bill will have markdown more coverage. -- in on this week is. It's a -- sign -- for that mega. Content Peggy and easily add calendar pass catching on thanks for coming and -- -- -- very good thanks for had me and after senior foreign donors and the agency didn't yes I forgot to mention that Jessica don't quite as unique as he's on vacation she's -- to -- -- now. Simmons and Italy and handling. We missed an end and she helped me a lot this week reviewing -- Blackberry phone because Blackberry. Thirteen -- full moons they just released this week and Dan -- -- -- -- little. Of the crazy -- -- -- so funny to do well and -- planning for this huge Blackberry week this week as the all the -- -- -- to launch the same time. It -- do immediately overshadowed by eight yes the good Motorola. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's of the devices like candy and I can't value say yes this you know these are qualities and -- but it's just. -- Do you mean immediately overshadowed like the idea that first -- and they're gonna try to wake up Monday morning I have answered yes. Other reviews are coming out tomorrow it's gonna be trained and. But -- this assumes there isn't like that. So. Will get to as have a deeper in -- review of these devices interviews section but just you know. Yes rim a Blackberry did announce armed -- Big like -- Lewis -- alliance. That's the first -- of -- that Verizon has been reviewing and are going to be launching these phones in August I think. Rising to meet two -- -- when He says since been. On August when you first prizes is setting the balloon landing thirty acting as it started sending this week so just neatly -- -- big. News I think its terms of price. So -- I'm so team all of brightness spends half priced double mining 3249. Dollars 99 cents. It's -- I don't already think is so -- And then T-Mobile. Announced that the -- in the I 900 which is basically the GSM -- seem violent. -- -- for around 300 dollars. That's after -- -- -- that's a funny sense. This can mountains. -- and so this wasn't under Indian gaming mean reading about is his irises I was at home watching TV -- and in mile nine and -- that he's out. Was really late and I was tired excess in just very busy day and -- -- And I have read the price and I just typed it out its equipment there and went to that at any good at and -- -- a bag in the current means that news. That's them and it. -- don't -- I was just sort of -- program out. And I -- the next morning and Roger. Roger said this is its aim -- -- -- and ride isn't -- a blog about it we are very good blog you have written but I. I'm innocent and Christopher season. Gas and -- On Isaac on the flip side I also felt the same -- the pricing for the torch came for AT&T. Which way. And how much on how much -- -- in the 19100 and last year. -- is 1141019. Yet I am and -- and it's for the typo I think they missed the one problem right it's because. The Blackberry torch nine 810. Is selling for fifty dollars. It's just -- -- -- -- other end of the spectrum. -- right so He had to fifty dollars Blackberry tolerates me its and you had yet to your 300 dollars. You know -- my in 19100 and yet determined and is just it's like a cuckoo pricing is just the most. Or anchor -- group SM CI and. United treated out Rogers article on that the crazy pricing and you know people are going back and forth really -- you know they're probably. Rim was trying to go for the enterprise users with a bowl DL thinking businesses would pay that premium -- and I can now. But it mainly -- my enemy of your article Nicole about you know. -- identity crisis -- only now are they consumer are -- business and at this point can -- be that picky you know Garrity struggling so. Why would they wanna do in -- even consumers from buying nibbled at that -- -- -- -- and and the thing that Al Alkatiri in my Reba I should do He did like the bold 900. Just -- anything yet so I reviewed. An accident like the only -- it was pretty good hardware very nicely constructed all of that. End but it is that Intel is a specifications in terms of what people are looking for on a smart -- just doesn't warrant at the hundred dollar priced. You know like I just I just don't see the cut He compared this to light. You know at the high end. An Android phone and Android -- in Munich fifty dollars cheaper and have we more -- way better features and we -- -- and all of that so I just feel like it's a little bit. Overpriced as the sun and the but that -- tiny 1060 bucks it is -- an instant with. A it's. Symmetric -- That it is -- one -- -- Lower anything -- you know only. Meaning no carriers have a say in pricing in. But it says its -- Yeah it's into stinging and yeah pretty desire so let's get two -- and uses less. Huge news this week and AT&T has streamlined individual messaging plans am leaning candidate as the -- right. So essentially what this means is that it's ditching it's 1000. A message a month plan -- -- -- ten dollars a month in favor of unlimited options. Let's just -- how much is imminent and the limited messaging will be available for ten dollars per month starting. An honest Tony for a while and family messaging plan will be for thirty dollars per month so they're essentially going far and limit and only you had you have no choice anymore. It's no. You know you can just pick the deposit messages -- -- -- -- To me this is one of those and in the windows though AT&T things He did it they just seem to have adequately. -- I guess I just don't like this that's force people. And if you don't want the unlimited plan you have to make the attorney -- -- message something like -- And -- mine equipment and but that. -- -- what do you think of different assessments. You know and I -- And I text applied now and admitted that He had unlimited content and to me and I authority and on -- limited and after a couple of so from -- is that this fantasy -- Malia. Thank you so. Coming up it's another big. On cellphone use Bonnie unit that's not. Samsung is announcing. The new phone. Next week right next -- on -- and then two weeks. On Friday on I mean yes and finally mean it'll be the galaxy S to. Flood any day but -- it and but there's a big Roman -- that the bottom of -- -- and as like a image of the lights guide stars -- Now I think it's pretty safe as they -- -- -- -- -- It ain't gonna standard time -- But yes there are having an event on Monday the twenty ninth. In New York 6 PM presumably there of course but at you know. It is expected that they'll talk about the US version of this infant galaxy S two it's what's -- and there is you know. Timing devices downtown Tina it's rumored to be coming all carriers. And you know they did that with the first generation of the galaxy S series right there has been tapped in the end of fascinate for just mobile carriers upgrade. So you know will have to see who -- announced four and you know pricing and released -- things and -- -- finally it's coming. -- finally eagle is legally be as good as the in an actual version may ask Amy and I don't think they should analysts expect from many teens is found dead. International versions you know and be really like dating game but -- fisheries them you know that's convenience. -- accidents. And an announcement at least before we get reviews and team mobile is -- to -- over its fees on east few hundred megabits. I get up. Yes so that came now. Leo last week but they -- and went back on demand. You know their policy where they where throttling. Uses who -- who are going over. You know their data cap but -- only a pricey they're -- and data plan which is 200 megabytes. But starting -- pick -- favorite saints August 14. If they they are gonna start charging ten cents per megabyte when they exceed 200 megabytes of their data. -- -- for ten megabytes. So. You know that something to be aware of they will still you know. Allow unlimited data with their other plans witches two gigabytes -- gigabytes or ten gigabyte. Himself. In -- so get unlimited data but they will throttle fetuses because when it. In. Well. It does its foreign news this week -- we'll get to -- after despite. Portable did. And they're back now let's get she's different street view which is. Yes so this is. Sprint's. When He fifth four -- capable device we that are kind. Power and of course includes all their US pollen isn't exactly yes it -- -- They have. Bled this is actually their first four G Smartphone that planting less than a hundred dollars it's 99 mini nine to -- -- -- and act after 59 million rebate and it'll probably be over -- hundred you know. -- -- anything but -- you know it's a good starting point and I think I found the phone to be a great value. And you know obviously there's some -- -- not getting the sharpest screen in the world it's 320 by 480 and 3.5 senses. Year and you're not getting a dual core processor but you do get -- next -- one gigahertz asked Amtrak and process and I found that B. Enough to keep this phone carriers boxes. So an Aussie getting a 3.2 megapixel camera -- -- 58 so. You know those are -- -- tradeoffs but on the upside you know you've -- a very nicely designed phone really good responsive phone. I need you get the -- You know I think it. It's something if -- could if you're willing to kind of sacrifice those other hand features and -- and want the four G data speeds this is a good value to get you know. -- good call quality speakerphone was a little -- -- -- you know enough to hear your colors and things like that but overall good performer and good value now. Again thanking his pretty affordable yet again yes and you accept the data -- and buy it again you'd expect things. You know I -- -- -- right exactly. It's -- and I have that option. You know that kind of based phone plans to spend 200 dollars ticket Ortiz. So on the extent RM the trio of the game reviews this week and -- the first phone -- talk about ST Blackberry torch. 98 and that I have in my hands here. And if you don't see a lot of change from the Russian -- -- it because there isn't much change and dashed any and it. It's the same. Portrait sliding form factor. -- the big screen on top and then the yen keyboard underneath here. End the debate changes in terms of design is that the mountainous. Tied to higher pixel resolution as VGA resolutions instead of each -- and has emissions and it's. But -- -- a bit crisper more colorful. The keyboard is a little bit lighter on the keys a little bit larger but to put them side by side maybe it's -- differences but. Overall though it was -- mean the difference is that nobody that legitimately. -- OS seven I think is the big news here at all of these devices don't talk about as low as seven. And that and into a user interface really not that depends on a six and -- -- OS seven has mostly -- -- -- adequate it has. Right down -- -- graphics technology that makes the graphics are smooth and more instant response times that sort of thing. You get and voice activity universal search -- -- just speak inserts. Into the phone. Had a thing is as a improved apps and -- -- also has sound support for seven to -- HD video recording finally. Found the browser is a little faster with html five video support so all of these small. Incremental changes -- would Saint -- avenue at the things faster. Snack year. That sort of thing so the phone also has lump as a want to tickets we did -- -- process which I think makes it really that much faster from the old torts and. I do think you know it's that much different from -- -- -- these days you might mean complain about it by only fifty dollars actually. So. A few bucks. You know it's a pretty content by news that -- a lot but a lot cheaper -- -- 149 for the original torch nine. So that's the torch made -- ten and -- going up there is a very interesting and -- Jessica dual core and review this is that. -- -- 9050. This is essentially the first full touch screen phone after distort. Okay so just learn that historic -- to yes -- -- onto this is the first -- -- After just does not have that sure repressed technologies -- you -- to -- you think you -- -- Q -- very. So it has -- seven on it and nice three point seven inch touch commitment to the biggest -- keep them because on these other devices have a much smaller testing. So I mean acted it -- to do like it ain't even Jessica's situation she -- a lot OS seven let's and He was on hand. Pretty nice very very thin and -- nice design rain at the very. Accident nice. -- simple. Industrial design. And -- -- -- -- -- which is seven M -- until we couldn't write like it's a Mexican apartments and it's. -- think it's more at OS six point five. More than -- -- already get it you can. Yet different yet outfit -- looks it looks exactly the same as -- eggs exactly the user interface is exactly the same. But in terms of what can support it's just a minute -- -- applications. It NFC support -- -- although it taught many the book -- torches did not have an FC sport in it and support it you're -- Green future. Am so we had had to new technologies as new -- for a feisty smart smartest improved support issue rather than U -- issue. -- So it isn't any -- pretty nice variety nicest thing here and you know Jessica dip like she did have issues. Occasionally with around the performance since it was in this business issue like. But generally pretty debt and for -- and she said it was decently priced at 150 -- expert -- that's to speak. -- -- is gonna ask about battery life on doubled I've heard mixed reviews on mobile yet as -- been. Okay. That it has been okay yeah I would I would say -- it's -- -- its its meaty piece. Com the only thing is that our. Nobody precedent for it not that the time but no it doesn't rundown fairly -- in He. Unlock things in the background yen as menuing but I have a debate -- -- -- -- from. Next up is the bold 9930 dishonest -- Verizon don't have one for sprint Islam it is. And world phone. Credentials. And I would have to say this compared to be added to this is actually eat the better phone this is the -- Ellis Island best Blackberry ever meet. Because there. It's about supporting it because it's a -- it's. The fit and finish on this thing is -- -- means stainless steel frame on the outside you very sleek. And it's like is that is a luxury towel car -- something -- why mention it reviews it its its author of this physics do. It pretty well only about half I think that the best -- that the key part is easy I've been here -- lot of good things about the keyboard actually keep what is it really nice and why He believes it is really -- -- I think I had no I use from Blackberry to date. The committee stupidly and then that street that the despite is also. Very significant because it is the first bowl -- So let's see attachment gimmick and yes that's and a -- -- So you can use -- scheme to navigate. The two models -- gonna be about like this news -- so this is an I ninety in the 900 STT -- teens that's so. You know a lot of improvement that -- the same improvement -- on these -- if you want to educate processors and seven on here. -- and Antony. FCs which attitudes it's not. And it's -- that that the photo quality is pretty again at the video quality is decent. -- all aspects of Betty of capable and very and I am very good program very -- backs. -- good performance like we mentioned that -- only beauty big problem with this is its. You know it just -- -- -- fifty dollars this is not making it. That much of competitors all of its available on Android phones and a market out there. It should you know 199. Exactly -- -- that's a significant amount of money thanks to 49. To be like. That's still pretty pricey but you -- -- some people paying him a going -- too many -- and this is with the -- -- you get the fifty dollar rebate but that means it's our version to two dollars yes at one time and it's a money. And -- it's a lot of money and you know. May be that didn't by using like you may be a corporate user might buy this ever beat me company might buy it for him or her but. That's not that big of a packet me. Now He and I just don't think grams in that position to be. Picky you -- -- they do need those other customers not just the business. Yes and I mean I I really do things the bullet mining community is really the best that enabled. Mean maybe even the best directly out of these three and is deathly deserving. Of you know high accolades and all of that. I just think they should price -- more competitively just to keep -- in. Mr. by the joneses in just two button to bid up the other end it was adamant that it but that the -- -- -- and that's. So it and I I. Totally agree. Hey you know lowest -- and present amenable -- -- found that the -- is just tough. Asked annoyance is navigating as a ground they did make it where they need to make no. -- have you have enthusiast. I mean I like that -- didn't like because. It may well worth it if OS seven was that different and it's including. It's what is this the OS six point five it's -- six but better. And it's not -- -- -- itself does not warrants the richest and you know so. -- -- -- but we're going to. I think that that's the thing back and really like it I just wish -- was. Verizon's. -- -- -- you know we get the subsidy in the EMI's console are more. -- is it it's not to be competitive that's the problem. So -- a very busy assuming -- Some are not gonna do it and reading -- of you eating -- this week listening this week. But He can know if you analyst at -- at cnet.com can also -- -- -- like its ex expiry unity T 68. You go to our blog it out and dot cnet.com for all other. And shows an practices and show notes it was a goatee podcast cnet.com for all other students. And that's funny. So we'll see you next week in attendance is -- content and every. 59 -- -- way.

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The Yi's video quality and shooting options are well above other cameras in its class, but you'll need to bring your own accessori...
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Facebook's new features and Twitter launches Periscope
2:58 March 26, 2015
Facebook lays out new features, Twitter launches a Meerkat hunter and Steven Spielberg gets the call to direct "Ready Player One."
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What's coming and going on Netflix for April 2015
1:37 March 26, 2015
On April 1, Netflix is giving a lot of movies the axe, no joke. Not to worry -- here's what's replacing them.
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