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Dialed In #172: Belt clips are 'back': Dialed In

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Dialed In: Dialed In #172: Belt clips are 'back'

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This week's Dialed In tackles a bundle of new phones, RIM's next move, and the possible seeding of the "holster revolution."

Do. -- text is available. And I think the last week -- generally -- -- authorities so. You should receive it's coming on in batches like a lot of -- software updates so. You'll get a notification on your device and let you know that it's -- -- and in have to do it over Wi-Fi. But afterwards he -- is that hopefully see faster upload speeds on these Smartphones. We'll be checking our. -- -- -- If you have one let us know how it's been going. Eight he and I can just keep making movies these -- high these -- beneath its so annoying. Is reminds me. When AT&T did not even allowed their Blackberry bridge software for the playbook when they've been writing for is not -- -- -- -- -- social -- A great theory hey yeah -- two weeks ago. -- -- Much updates and -- the bridge application is finally available on the teams he app world now. -- -- they're really bad it Munich who you really aren't. And an -- we wonder if they're ready for a hostile takeover. And -- a team helium balloon. Plug and managerial may just need -- -- detect the feeling you need to buy out the competition. You know. And being well speaking of the playback in the meantime in Orlando Blackberry world has been going on strong in the foods rim. Nearly attempts to. To convince everybody about. Blackberry device -- foods are still relevant and on the market. And there were actually some pretty interesting announcements. Article Bonnie have been covering both of those US. The first. Music came out of Blackberry world was that they're announcing two new phones the Blackberry -- 9900 in the -- -- nine -- eighty. Correct me from -- money but -- -- 900 is the GSM he mobile versions. Account -- -- humility test. And and -- -- -- infinity is not strictly -- CDMA AC -- and GSM. -- its dual mode dual mode so if that's how it hit me yet as always a very nice thing to have these new phones -- -- look -- look. Very similar to the older bolts except that its touch screen it is as the display is a -- It's a two point eight engine -- -- And looks a little -- -- and looks a little sleeker but I'm a set at least he -- changes Bonnie you reviewed the the previous doubles. You see any any any -- Visible changes to the design. -- really a day in day you know they're saying it's the -- and yeah now. But aside from that is books prior to me like the previous old versions and I might not be a bad thing does not have been talking about coverage should really -- them. Three sources include -- I like double. I like that -- violated two dollar plan so it's not about -- from them then I think actually still better than a lot of Dominic grieve that we've seen out there. Grade I think from my perspective is that I think it you know or for people who -- -- like a lot of -- do. It's definitely a welcome addition it's it's you know it's that -- -- -- -- very only seven. It promises augmented reality applications because -- a lot of technology in this thing. And the non in the U meter graduate magnet and Eden and it's common -- -- and it has though I'm pointy gig interests that packet processor I mean that's a bit processors that model -- of our own. Very happy to hear and a very -- -- that then again -- not single core. Right but then Florida's large ripe for the -- he had -- yes I am. Luckily you have a html five video support an FC very interesting as -- -- unit. Oysters seventy. So clearly this is a souped up. Hey it's not but again blankets -- -- the through again meeting with that I stay at Niagara -- -- I think Blackberry fans will love this and that those who love the labels will definitely welcomed something like this but it's asked as its powerful. Only seven scenes can of at least a little bit better than what we've seen OS is because of -- on new technology. But you know like -- that you feel looking if you wishing to come out with something. To look for something new from -- -- Something interesting something you haven't seen before her palm isn't on manually it I mean it's. You know it's it's it's by far the thinnest and perhaps most powerful. And Smartphone in -- lineup certainly. But it's not Q you expect from that we -- at the -- unit in in in the Smartphone is not something. You against. You know at the same time Sony decided that -- say that's a good thing I do what they want it to be relying on a reliable and comfortable. So the current plans on what -- perspectives. Personally I think outlook rim did say that they're promising. You acutely -- you -- Unix OS for Blackberry Smartphones next year. -- you -- you this now. And you lucked into a cute contract. Then that means you might not get opportunity to biting you -- in quotes Unix platforms Apple's next year but I suggest that this whole problem that. Rim has that down windows -- -- the introduced -- be it but -- explain why wasn't it. In the same -- it was going to introduced yet. The 70. I would make everything else obsolete before it right it's it's a little bit of -- -- -- -- -- that you now. At -- at the problem they have built advantages of budget -- use software solutions. To familiar with the east but at one of them is very -- system five that will -- the desk phone and the smart thing to unified communications system. And that very balanced and hopes to make the Blackberry more compelling for both business and personal use without compromising security analyst at investment those. Reviews I've used -- -- combinations systems Malaysia and that another one is that. Apparently river and into use. For all phones not just blackberries. But -- also and present -- analyst it is interesting thing. Enterprise. And then the filing dated using applications and you play as part of liquor licensing -- The licensing their enterprise security key and other phones death. Little bit. It just -- That's that's the way and I mean if they're -- -- getting eaten up the -- we density diversify their business. It does mean that it etiquette and even not be well -- better that they know and -- LA. And then does indeed indeed using new media -- effort to play but giving you -- the -- as well. And they also said that and native. As well as -- apps are coming at them like the -- -- Again kind of an anemic announced that. And it just dust disk -- Active and you and and I know a lot -- there will let -- a lot of that a lot of comments saying that -- lead you don't need to do you really talking about you now it is these people as a grade. That. This -- when -- more out of. -- -- right there with -- in it and so we have Treo. Story -- friends Scott Webster who writes for us with the blogger. Sprint might be reading a low cost four G -- -- Smartphone possibly. There is some news from another web -- pocket now that -- said. That a new Samsung phone has appeared in FCC documents and because it's prefix with BSP eight's. Call letters on it that means that it is headed or sprint. So it promises -- -- VGA display and totally respectable but nothing awesome and amazing than three point one megapixel camera or higher. Slide out QWERTY keyboard aired one gigahertz Qualcomm processor none of this is a bestseller has been announced this is just more where it's been presumed so. It those specs. -- am totally totally defense but not the super premium and some other hand. Which we've got to believe that it could start at about 150 which -- -- -- the -- -- fourteen costs. Or it could be even people at -- and there's a good chance -- -- to be a Ford G. That it's packed for when -- found. You might hear something about that in the future. Yeah very close and -- -- Thinking about it if it's a -- phone any that the low cost and -- -- be. Some of handed out to you -- the PP. And can use so upon the main version could be a -- prepaid forgy found it funny how those candidates in and -- so Verizon -- also readying its meta of the Motorola -- three Android -- TO. There is proof on asked by a and system we've got an image and that and that was originally. Posted by -- life. So basically. It shows that these are two upcoming him fat options. Again nothing's been announced officially by Motorola or by Verizon. That's -- was leaked. -- For the drink three it could be that the design development. Planner in mid or without a protruding lip that came -- on bottoms a little bit more plus. With better processor speed and performance possibly -- dual cord chipset but that's just speculation at the moment. Have them in out you know isn't looking it these lists and -- lot of dried that are there now there are a -- Giant X two -- at three in the end recently those that drank -- -- -- -- aren't. And QC DH TC habitable -- and expands out oddly. In the middle. I -- and what do you know all what mores and flake who. -- what gets the Droid name and I do not now because the -- acting was one of the didn't do the outlying areas. Right yeah hey that wasn't branded illiterate friend and whether varietal considered part of that allow them. Maybe just. I think a marketing campaign thing sir is it and her -- as well. Is the -- charge similar to the Droid incredible names of interface I think if you know the -- though you probably get out wallpaper. -- -- I can only end -- buying now I can't be dad and -- anything anyway I just I was just wondering this curious why can't -- -- -- how to be decidedly to the -- -- -- the Hamachi Ryan which is an inherent. Well speaking of and -- Verizon's going to update it. After. Not updating it it will receive its first software update. But it. It will provide enhanced data connectivity. When accessing the Verizon three G network. Whether that means it means that basically before you weren't able to toggle between them forgy LP in three G networks and with and then make it much easier -- device and does now. There was -- it. Which is stupid and -- and that data's coming out for that -- you could critic Robert battle of it due. Canyon and it's frustrating because that you you know that. Battery life was so horrible on that venerable you know I'm one -- that options it is switched to three G when I -- need for. And that wouldn't you know helped with the battery in there was a hack that you could do anything and uncovered it. But in -- you don't wanna hack it you don't wanna -- and you don't wanna read on to -- and trouble of entering this -- attended just toggle between -- and for deep down you know glad this is coming. -- -- -- if you're sprint customer congratulations it can now officially. Bringing Google Voice capability is two years are found -- up almost every handsets Smartphones and feature phones like. We cover this spreading Google first announced it for seeking a hands. Then last week there were some beta users may be about half of them were able to get it. And -- then confirm that even -- -- weirdly invasive about it. But now it's official and so if you go to the google.com slash -- -- flash sprint website. You'll be able to kick off -- process for you can either use your sprint -- and get some of the Google Voice features like. Visual voice -- on cheaper and international calling that will be sort of appended to your existing sprint -- -- number. Or if you already have Google Voice Airways -- integrate as -- -- that your Google Voice number. You know so and so basically when you use sprints EU. Taxed and everything like that it will come from -- Google Voice number -- your it believes that's component. Not have to worry about going into an -- or using some shortcut around about if you don't have smart. So. It's really cool and apply if you should check out our if you've got a sprint phone email me and let me know you think about -- Especially given Google's latest -- to be. Yes exactly. And then -- isn't here to present his story but -- -- really interesting his on call. Column this week was talking about. The California -- Proposal the basically -- the radio frequency information on the packaging. And that when it comes around you is are you hearing yourself on the runway. So the -- is going to hold its first hearing on the spill and again it would just require retailers and all of Californian. -- inform consumers of the possible health risks that stem from the radio frequency. On the phone so there's a lot of debate back and forth this is a necessary. There it is necessary -- the numbers don't mean any staying in and it's not really understand it. Buy it at -- has -- many times -- because the science hasn't proven. That radio frequency and -- specific absorption rate which -- the -- that -- list with every review. It hasn't proven that that can cause cancer that it is harmful but -- hadn't -- that it isn't so basically. -- opinion -- that the system ethylene discussion worth having and -- Francisco. And senator Mark Leno refer to this is that -- -- -- ordinance. So what he did was he went through and looked at a bunch -- maybe like a dozen different manufacture. And pamphlets and manuals for popular phones like LG -- you acts and the HT CH TC honorable as part of those and pulled out all of the wording that. Sort of suggests that. Maybe it's not as clear cut as we think it would be. So there advising for example that you should actually hold your phone further away from your body. For it specific absorption rate not to exceed that -- -- fees one point six watt per kilogram limit. -- and we're pregnant or a teenager you should hold it even further most of writing to. Mean and leading all of these different quotes from a different phone user manuals that buries. But very little on standards yes and again all different -- being the governor kind of re all over the place and was this kind of shocking -- -- -- that was suppose that is supposed to be. Legislative. You know that lies in the -- kind of standard across the board. I like this one from the -- tech caper to maintain compliance requirements. Is only belt clips holsters are similar thought there -- maintain -- do you centimeters operation instant. Between the user's body and the backbone including -- My guess I let go okay Paul -- will become cool again I am not on that yeah -- area and think. -- giant anti analyst and that's that's my dad as a whole and and money getting out -- -- when your walking around their data. I -- the opposite of it -- Lazio a bit old school pages now include opinions about yen. Enters -- -- look. But I I do think it's you know. My entire -- as -- album especially since they review them every single day and didn't have -- updated by my desk. Bullying. Admitting radiator on around all around and I medical -- content can minimize says the so that's maybe perhaps -- but at the same time. I know it's very interesting global we'll have to see what -- but the findings. In the U. -- it next week. We're pretty aren't gearing up for Google IO passes a yearly conference -- have it's their developer conference but there's a with a lot of really interesting news especially. I'm not -- be geared towards amber and says Scott Webster put together a little list of what he expects that Google -- and I -- say I agree with most of it. And Google TV was introduced last year. And because of some seminars that there. -- -- putting up for the developers there's a good chance that. There will be you know a heavy emphasis on Google TV with entry markets report. -- There's that. You can always look -- -- to OS updates. And Scott thinks that the next version -- -- might be demonstrated -- not fully announced I'm about my money on fully announced I think for ten. Think it becomes mayor buddy now maybe -- -- to be about ice cream sandwich relief. -- I feel -- -- this is does -- Crazy prediction and an adamant that he did crazy -- -- out there. I think I think they'll come out with our debt and is announced. He Google. Branded. Nexus tablet. Connect the Nexus One phone at the nexus S phone -- -- very Google sanctioned Google branded they'll be a Google branded. -- -- It's that idea and thinking rhino while the thrown around this is the key isn't it I put them to releases -- you know LC rumored prior games. -- -- And -- just seems interesting considering that the Motorola zoom. Almost was -- it's almost brought you know -- -- it was the first ones that you partner with Google to get -- around -- that was the first that we thought seem to think of anything without flagship product it would and that that he. But -- -- -- has been getting a lot of it is used. No means. -- -- maybe it's up to Google now maybe. So also music and movies right this is something we've been talking about I was sitting right there and audience last year when they mention music with coming. Really great this is so exciting we held our breath and Holler -- then finally ended new Android market came on line. Which is great because before with the sort of -- hazard catalog -- like a real flesh out online catalog trying to mimic after rim catalog actually spread Blackberry app world. And still -- music so CNET news reporter -- and the -- has been covering this beat and he keeps talking about it now how it. -- Google's turn to do the cloud music. Apple hasn't yet and iPod music Amazon came in to do it. And -- this is something you know this segment is really heating up and if we don't hear about this. Next week. I think average could be really disappointment and wondering what Google's. -- global could just use bear clout in their financial finances he just partnered with Amazon. Or -- I thought hey I Amazon or -- let. -- -- So we will be covering that extensively insisting it in with us next week as we go to Google -- -- and stick with us after the break because we've got some reviews coming up including the Samsung trade charts. -- Welcome back. Now you've all seen a lot of the Casio rugged phones but -- -- a -- hundred Smartphone before. Nicole has just taken elect and reviewed it for -- and nurses and a -- all about it. Right though this is the town can't hear he's one commando. To -- pronouncing his name in his opinion of the DUIDs one he inbound call one -- I don't know. About and isn't the phone is -- can see is that super rugged. Know very patent law is hire our Robert. Casing around sites as -- this is that military certified to be. In elegance watering -- and shock bests all kinds of an -- -- hazards. And an interesting thing about this phone is that it's not only does have Android 2.2. It has its own sort of interesting cost than you why. The academy to show it and in this in this podcast you picking go to the video on her site is he. Basically there's a little snap out menu. -- -- Kingston -- used to snap out. He -- -- -- from from the site here. So. The -- booted out pull it out. On the -- -- feel like list of I -- shortcuts right there so you can customize the chart and many tuner that with a variety of applications. So far I. Like the phone is very rugged a face said it does have a bunch of I would Dorsey applications make -- an accomplice. A thermometer stands a bit of this. But if the temperature sensor built -- uncle navigated Saturday Yankee seeking used at the monetary to adjust the temperature not and I just have to be depicted at the -- to temperature. It's a very rugged phone the five megapixel camera on the -- doesn't -- -- those but you know it's it's fine for simple snapshots. -- don't end them. I like a lot actually as an Android Smartphone but I did fire -- in the overall. Accuracy to be a little bit suspect it's not as some refiners as I as I would like that patched -- to face anyway. And the keyboard is not the spot and keep it's an interesting X keynote -- Keyboard. Sommelier at high bit can you change inputs at all against ending up at you can't you can't install -- if you want but you cannot get the stock -- keep it that that is not the feeling wow that's really bizarre is just -- eyeing input. Like you have to do extra work the block. Yes so that if you -- -- -- -- on the spot and you kind of candidate because -- there is no way to get the spot and right. From the immediate people -- face. He was not my favorite is not as a -- not as accurate as as -- like it to be. And he doesn't intend to make that process and the disc pretty kit from what I can gather dust activity is just not really you -- -- simple -- and think that. On the count of being people's search -- -- found that. What you get -- of a lot of these resident Android phones. No Google Maps you can have yet -- Extra steps not really my favorite thing. But if you what -- super durable rugged phone. And data you want all of these outdoor applications accomplice in the them attempt to channel that that he does it does the does it department to get -- -- dollar and to. As around 200 dollars. I just think of science that so many of the rugged phones have read the itty bitty teeny tiny screen and -- them that this is just on how much protected and and not necessarily mean you can do with it. Now I like that that we about the Samsung Droid chartered. To our hairy body fat as large and and -- It is lagging change in emphasis on large -- Then it yes yes it it that handful it. I mean I've got mine and it even other people said the large phone and one good thing about it -- there a couple of the things about it as far as design and its its light so you're not getting heavy and Larry do but that trade -- there is you know with a hint on -- -- -- it feels really plasticky Netflix plan. Uniting to -- a soft touch finish would help. That he reached back in with death of the things we're a little goes a long way and sir it's greater -- probably in terms of material -- how much rain it really be per unit. -- and you're paying. -- this phone is 300 dollar -- so in online yeah. -- they can battle a little out of that and again on yes though I have that and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- deal T data speeds presumably. He. Which chip which are great aiming. Here in New York in Manhattan I've gotten great speeds. You know I have that the results on that in our review -- it and is getting. Anywhere from like fifteen megabit per second now when I get sick though I -- -- Real then I mean I tell minded the beastie boys -- album in just a couple minutes using an as a mobile hotspots -- It's impressive but again. You know in the four -- connection might vary depending on where you -- even if he did it. The other thing about the jury carriage designed just going back to that it quickly it has a -- -- plus display. And and the difference between that and then regular differently screens is that it has 50% more sub pixels. Unseat getting a little more clarity and better -- visibility so that was really nice and actually. I don't really like watching videos there like -- TV shows or movies on the small screen but it. The jury charges one and -- -- act we felt like -- 24 video element and -- like halfway through a move mean. I did that it's doubling convenient appear at the gym or on it yeah it are actually easier lying in bed and you don't wanna -- -- allow definitely lap or you don't and it's yet. I evidently felt. Like I want it to you on other phones but this when I was definitely count if I have something else I would always -- it. But right this -- only thing that I have giant had yet. Here's the all important question -- let the battery life it is I would say it's alive better than the venerable you know of venerable -- Probably got five hours if we're lucky in late afternoon I was running for and I'll let this one lasted me a full day in. -- you know from -- For a full -- -- from probably like nine don't like thick -- you know that event kind of average for Smartphones have found that. I can't get there this is at the beginning you kind of expect battery life to decorator for. The lifetime of the phone as well so -- near -- starting -- kind of low you're starting out it. Yeah five hours what -- fact adding to your reduced down to three when it -- and -- and even -- that and -- the -- -- the jury charge because of I would I would say you. Probably get eight hours out of it right. -- I mean that. Yet so that I mean in that sense it's a lot -- and I think in battery life is your you know really high -- your priority list. You know the -- charge would probably be the better choice I do you think it's way over priced at 300 dollars it doesn't -- a dual core processor in knowing. And you know him. I think the problem with the prices that the features are not compatible to what exactly and 800 dollars will buy you brain gas and you look at -- you know the matrix port. Major. The video's tone down right it's just the which and the deal carb processed there and you know eighteen he's -- -- and now. LT is spending mean that 200 dollars in the thunder bold -- rate dollars the latter's network speed and then there's processing speed and they -- yes equal speed. Bring -- -- way and you really not to say that the phone doesn't look great is just that in at -- price and I think illustrate. It -- look -- -- everything. But I mean going beaten beyond month and intensified Smartphone -- I like where it went argument that the features don't necessarily reflect the price right now. Lan though with that and say and mean if you can't if you want a -- for dual -- hour and battery life out of my math importance in -- to return. -- I would expect the price to drop on the I I. In out audible really worth 300 dollars but we're gonna give it -- your first national. But they make you feel like you gotta steal verses before -- if they Avic U for a little bit less than and I just feel like without -- they're trying to keep that premium gap on the speed and then that's what ever -- was talking about. And systematically. Shop around you could you know Amazon and best buy they -- -- you know you live is -- Lower acquire their lives of the yen level -- adult -- -- it's. The jury tried to with a personal underneath what's neat but they've pushed back and -- -- -- -- anything. So far about -- they were released that and think -- be thinner than meter that. I am right now with them yet -- Samsung earlier today permitted and it was like its keys are added there may want an imminent catalogs. Yes -- -- -- going to be -- them other then. It's. We had to push -- back. That's the drink. And how about other current incredible. Incredible -- so we -- and I am. -- -- -- in the pricing of this one either but. It -- incredible Q is you know obviously -- -- to the Droid incredible and and it's not what the Droid incredible was it wasn't that -- must have. You know top of it. And can cream of the crop phone it -- more of a mid -- -- comparatively speaking now. But it's a better product -- the -- incredible as it you know Dave Allen added and next gen processor and they've refined -- where are so -- it it just runs a lot better. The design it's okay and think it's one of the more plain looking HTC phones I've seen a long time but. It's got a super LCD -- -- getting a better screen and it's a lot sharper. So. Like -- and I can get it's a very it's a good product it's a better product -- -- incredible. It's 200 dollars. And I think they may think they could've knocked out at least -- at least fifty dollars and it. To play says it's not as high end this and -- it yet aiding -- ease it it's such it it it feels like such -- increment. Well upgrade you know rather than something they. Totally. Built up again by -- I mean it's a good phone it's not it doesn't have four G though that's -- and the reason I think it's a little over priced. -- -- -- -- -- We do have. Now we have upcoming review I just glossed over as though and here's the Samsung galaxy S -- unlocked and taking a look at that this week. And hopefully we'll have -- review out tomorrow at the food so far are really really ninth -- its release landmark. I mean use science earlier and mobile world congress -- mount saint. You know it's -- slam it feels really ninth it's one of those but again it's pretty large with a four point three inch screen but it's not you have been. So I I even though we usually think of premium phones as having a little bit of -- I found it's pretty comfortable pretty quickly and I think if it were happier and might actually pose a problem -- start weighing down a little bit on the hand. First impressions right now are pretty positive so check back later at the full story. And -- I think Bonnie and looking at the VF argues become AM. We have a little bit of reader email -- in Los Angeles lives in the building that seems to stop receiving signals at the front door. And he says that those for all the carriers but he personally doesn't have a problem with his -- basic Motorola I eight to ninety which comes with its mobile. So he says it now on a clear day if you're with one of -- other carriers in new hung out the window you can make a call -- elements he wants to upgrade to smart phone. But he's concerned that he's gonna stop receiving cell phone coverage if he does. And is there any way to guarantee that he can upgrade -- Smartphone and still receive coverage. And I don't think that there's any guarantee apart from moving sometimes you're just in the building a house a lot of tenth if -- -- the descent like unit did -- Yes now I don't know YA. Donald of what you with that but I would say that you could always try to stick with its mobile that seems to be the suites by I was a big fan of the Samsung galaxy -- I think -- the -- -- and -- hundred smart and it's this Noble's best. It's an imprint smart and I think it's really good value. See you could try that and then give it a return policy is -- -- You've gotta have a smart -- Get a Smartphone and gets me up the -- make your calls outdoors another option. -- -- and while I was gonna say another option is. -- -- -- sprint phone and then see if you're eligible for the unto itself but -- -- V we're giving only report that would help boost. Your. Your network. Yeah -- -- nearly if you get zero signal. Big defense and so might the option -- at a bar are half a bar two bars. You could try any of the various. They're part he -- boosters villains and those only work if it at least. It limits you vital elements like a little bit heartening to hang onto and into Internet amplified that but with attempted to sell that might be you know -- option in. I'm not getting those out for free -- but I think with you have to -- all the you have -- -- state the island and bad. Things -- -- -- And -- one of those things where it might not just be. I you're not part of the coverage map and -- be a combination. The building materials and where you're positioned inside a variety of factors and he is Canon U felt -- in -- -- I do my parents also stuff like that sit on every single phone and they take over there. I say it may be get a little bit by getting out about our most of time I'm out in the freight yard on the lawn pacing back and forth and my uncle's name. Money doesn't have anything bad guys -- and any opera just talked. To your neighbor's scary -- -- you -- it and see what their experiences -- -- other carriers yet whatever David -- yet he actually has the best experience and his neighbors. Now even on this novels that his wondering if that app actually is the magic -- -- I'll -- -- a tech talk -- in our chatroom. A solution. You basically use Bluetooth. And put the phone and a good area and walk away you complete its maker calls but Apple only work if you do have one area area adding that has something. That's a variety of options -- that Iran desk phones solutions that little phone look solutions -- the -- you leave your phone somewhere act. And he beat to beat a portable phone around you used as equals -- -- All of which is a little bit more public yet they're getting a pretty complicated yeah -- Pacific it. So we also got an email from care in his going off -- university in September. She has an iPhone three G because the new features on the iPhone didn't really -- her enough to upgrade. But they're all these rivers now about the iPhone five being delayed such as saying what are some of the reasons to get -- iPhone four and -- the iPhone five. And Android and Blackberry are not an option for her she really month and I found. And then don't -- pretty it and get and I honestly I feel like if if you're happy with what you have. And -- -- -- -- if the iPhone -- isn't enough for you to upgrade. And the thing is we don't know anything about I -- they do not make your decisions based on something is on rim didn't know about brain you know but and I'll. So. You don't even though there's that rumor that the iPhone five. Production isn't it it's going to be delayed her its shipping later. No no I think not and what they announced no. In Auckland in economy -- guy must happen would -- I'm gonna let you upload other noted in mounted and I'm gonna be talking about five in my body that -- -- -- -- where operating system. But an applicant in -- -- -- -- -- -- So again -- The three G it's a little bit old. Just that but that is that over two years. Yet but yet -- -- old man. I iPhone four is a great to buying -- -- and I aren't they going to university. And -- That's the time when I we've upgraded everything that I had because I knew I -- -- -- -- in -- U wanna start off on a fresh diet wanna have the best technology that you can possibly have. I would say you know seems like it's time. At the same time -- And -- just this for me personally I. Well -- it if your phone guy -- then definitely get the iPhone or something like that but -- deacon live at the what you have. An -- -- -- problems at least a few moments -- -- Yeah I would also just saying you know have you actually look that -- and because the comparison and -- west between three G in the or the great artist is playing an -- for teachers if you're leaning on your phone. All of that if you're just using is that I mean it's -- that their submarines and that -- wants to stick with iPhone and on anything else did not just for making. That's very issue actually using the ID union a few friends that still have older right but the -- with the -- protecting online mapping. Really cute intensive read in -- if the only reason you have an iPhone has because you make it let yeah for EV II and -- -- -- thinking that. -- News as an email I mean. I know -- they're not the same -- them into. Okay them online Casey consent it's your own emails to -- -- and cnet.com only -- voicemail when he 866. Or is there -- UT 63 bottom -- build a really long time -- and there's only one since the timing -- community and am now -- -- and fraudulent mail. Check out our blogs on -- -- dot cnet.com. And always have the free to and the female. And until next week when -- will be here in the last. On the unique client will remain -- for at least six months. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ARA well thanks for joining us government seen actually via. Two. --

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Star Wars droid BB-8 is real, powered by Sphero
2:40 April 17, 2015
Get ready for rolling BB-8 toys. The droid in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is a real robot, based on the technology in Sphero's toy...
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CNET Top 5 - Crazy looking smartphones
3:36 April 17, 2015
Round, curvy and two-faced: five phones that broke the mold and dared to be different.
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Faster Roku 2 masters the streaming universe
1:45 April 17, 2015
A nearly perfect mix of speed, features, price and ecosystem make the Roku 2 our favorite streaming device yet.
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The Garmin Vivoactive is an ultra-slim smartwatch with a few hiccups
2:15 April 17, 2015
CNET's Dan Graziano gives you a first look at Garmin's first smartwatch
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