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Dialed In: Dialed In #162: Barcelona attacks!

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Dialed In: Dialed In #162: Barcelona attacks!

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Mobile news is flying out of Mobile World Congress left and right. We run down the biggest, hardest-hitting product announcements and stories from Barcelona.

It is Wednesday February 16 2011 and you're listening to you dialed in CNN album podcast. I'm your host -- little -- today and infant with and we Nicole Lee and obedient and non. We have Scott Webster of -- -- guys -- author writes for CNET sometimes on the phone. I've got -- joining us and the Internet and our senior editor Kent German and Bonnie Cha or flaming away and -- and a covering all of the news for mobile world content -- jet -- extremely debilitating and yet. They mention along with three of our CNET reporter Stephen shank land. Maggie Reardon and -- -- -- they are managing to cover all of the news and this is what nation with about and let me tell you it is heaters. Isn't wall to wall. Near the matter. Like -- can't just get started at this guy Canada I counted and there -- twenty for -- -- cell phones and Smartphones announced total also counted seven tablets come out of the shadow. We're not gonna be able to cover all of these but we will be able to get you a bunch of them some of the bigger -- -- -- the -- account so even before the show started actually we had and some huge news that we had predicted. That -- -- and Microsoft actually. Became windows phone -- -- Nokia has the side and that from now on its strategy will be -- make -- Smartphones. When -- found that. Yes and what I understand a lot of -- -- -- those will still have Symbian going forward. But it's legal apparatus is completely dead in the water from what I understand which is really interesting because they've spent so much time and energy creating an and that is that CV the next big thing and it never really -- -- -- has been -- for a long time and supposedly pretty popular Internet. You know and -- is still has quite a decent markets in Asia in Europe and Apple what -- -- that they completely off -- the thousands on lot people and is just like a it's a huge. Huge teens in -- in Nokia and one that. Will probably shake up a little bit the identity of some of the people in the tech world and Finland and not like what they would be keeping a of the so Nokia -- -- something were you hoping for Nokia and Android U instead perhaps. Well obviously he didn't know the garden and more people the company hundreds of -- right now. I look at the thing coming most of the world -- got 5850%. Market share and a lot of places. I am kissing -- and concert -- -- go it. As -- I -- -- interest media. Industry in general -- they can actually. You know to. Companies it could release and I'll do get together -- something that you really viable thing and that's better for everybody else and also. Hopefully they can be something that pushes people move it forward. Not that anybody stressed that no -- at their own thing. -- -- -- Microsoft really does need the help as well and software basis. There are windows phone platforms -- -- news and relief earlier this year -- -- fled to start. Unfortunate too because and and -- I think we all pretty much at least somewhat that it's a decent operating system for. Such a new equipment and wine glasses at Microsoft also announced that the show that it will be at greeting and giving them the promised features like I mean -- -- -- being -- I have copied pay if the thing ever and I didn't care about straight. And -- -- -- -- -- ninety atoll -- American president is this gonna work. Nokia has such a huge -- means they are still one of the most popular. -- equals -- the I'm -- manufacturers in the world. And it's such -- hopefully it may be -- -- -- decent. -- really is just that eliciting kind of holding them back and read it and then advancing quickly and and here's that's ready mean affiliation. With the hall. -- policy it's it's definitely a vanity. It's -- -- take a mobile it's it's very it's very gang it's. Exciting to be -- be. Some of the look at the -- and -- -- -- because of much of idea who enjoy amber and I also don't enjoy world domination and I -- -- and I'm everybody's trying. Maintenance seems to me. Like the windows phone platform. Deserves a little bit more credit than it deserves some about eight to develop my that would every first came out. -- you -- it with a one trick pony and the G1. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If they can manage to panic at the used market if you knew it increased marketing -- -- -- -- like you put the word out there anymore. -- -- -- We know when the first handsets are -- -- -- come about how long on the road. Are we talking here. Probably it's probably a little bit down -- rabbit at a depth analysis excellent and a part of so they'll have to release their new phones. You have. -- Lebanon and there's going to be a lot of collaboration that -- but it does not mean remember with an mean true company merger with which that -- nine. It takes months to integrate madness via Apple's time for the -- found us not forget it's not -- here it's -- on a number mere matter to them or anything like his does sealed a deal capital -- And so. Maggie Reardon was there and she went CU -- -- buying it Nokia CEO and Microsoft. Neo and basically. They spent all their time at mobile world congress trying to -- every video on the part. The older than -- -- The cavaliers not. So. Another and they're actually part of it announced that we predicted and one that was beat Sony Ericsson exterior play -- worst kept secret. And mobile Arnold also could be a commercial with -- And -- -- Don. Makes me shudder to think it. -- -- -- Kent chairman got his real on -- -- Grafton. Who not once but actually twice he returned to use any air and take a look at the so called PlayStation phone. -- -- What -- -- was well he he's not a gamer admittedly. -- heed that look at it from the phone perspective and while he likes that he says he wasn't completely blown away. No way and runs Android ray. -- and three yet to meet the deaths. Very exciting. Absolutely. And and Scott Stein was another CNET editor to took a look at that acts as well and he is the gamer and he also wasn't very impressed with -- Like entity that it wasn't that -- Steve Bauman he was -- looking for. About. It's -- -- use he learned his commitment as Linda crisp. PST 1000. I I actually had that in a drawer somewhere in. -- and the thing is that. The news that an analyst it was the talk and -- how really -- Atlantic in the years ago. Of course now on the phone with the -- on Android is an iPhone at the blog schemes and it. It to compete against Sony -- -- that the PSP. If PlayStation and -- -- and because you -- -- I don't know if it will even if it's kind of like. It is probably a -- -- in that it can of the packet that has as -- those. But something -- already on any other -- it's kind of like you know not really good at either of them. Wealthy. I'm really anxious to see how this does not proceed by the general public know because -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- stuff. Every day we've been looking at this from months and months and weeks and then I'm gonna mountain in the final minutes until it look and it's just commission -- they already -- that. I wonder look at public awareness doesn't get if somebody wanted to -- -- says. Object is that this is -- Sony PlayStation phone maybe. Maybe we're looking at it with different glasses -- -- I think it does and hasn't had any gaining platform and the important thing is not really that device if -- -- that if you -- available. And according to view what we know now is that XP natively does not have the -- yes you elaborate any. Can have a limit at fifty kind of logic -- -- -- and promising. So only to the cell of the gaming life in the -- if the -- But -- an office that he won and things like to mistakes peripherals Bluetooth support social gaming in communication. HDMI out. And some of the specs that we didn't have at least from the perspective in -- we have sort of the plaque control. The hurt. There are rounded touch touchpad. And it only has when -- -- -- from from perspective of the five point one megapixel camera with auto focus that got a flash image stabilization. It -- -- -- -- by all of that stuff and a four inch touch screen and again it is threatening injury 2.3 -- We shouldn't do it however that even though they stated that -- fifty titles at lions. Because its -- because it's an Android and you can also. Likely play games on it right right not going. So you -- expanded eleven handy because it has closed its last close up -- flash there'll be laughed when -- -- Don't. Forget me tender market launch of fifty applications and it cannot do so we know -- I have. 2000 game. Who grew -- little arrow and I felt about president for Sony Ericsson also debuted the experience neo and exterior profile. Okay so. -- and and also god and him on that they are very similar only different is that when and the pro. Actually has a physical keyboard -- -- and all of the works one Acre hurt them -- him -- -- there. Any obvious graphic and two candidates well and that they will be running injury -- -- Region -- -- which really was a theme for our most of the premium Smartphones announced. I think at this point you don't come -- with two point me. And the remaining and then when it comes in four colors blue red fullmer. Three -- wouldn't -- -- Alan black black and the cameras available black silver and red because apparently -- -- is not. It's -- An improvement. One other thing that can that is that Sony -- -- -- pretty -- him that he with. Pretty cute with visas well even -- -- are not as they get some of the Jumbo phones that have been around. -- they last year the idea community named -- with better. And two point eight sites greens maybe Ed me and Germany -- I -- -- them with different names couldn't you can follow my -- successors have been mixed and -- and -- -- -- In the extent -- or just a little too confusing and slapping you know -- An intimate yet -- that it allows them to get in a different directions. Me it -- seem pretty designed for -- I mean. Definitely so popular. And then you don't need -- says some other -- that. Caught our guy our our eyes that LG optimists -- dean actually 3-D phone packet though. Definitely -- it on clinical data I was definitely. Like most people like I was very -- Let's talk about the concept of about the beef up. Scott you about -- and analysts did you like now I don't PD though the content of this treaty and about it actually -- lets you will not -- that on the appeared he he -- -- yes -- -- I didn't even calling me that I get anything right now and it. The she yeah I mean it's so you don't need glasses. And it in Wasilla it was you look as if it's loading above the screen in -- three dimensional. Right and -- -- accidents so there's no need to put on the glasses -- The images appear to -- yup the -- Japan -- And they know something that yet to see in person -- -- unique and -- video actors tend to even during his video if you know there is it is perceptible all but it's really hard. The sea in what he can't honestly -- the program -- three. And -- At this time though that it's cost a lot more than other phones right. Because then you need to the -- -- I just don't know how much -- are you really -- -- -- I had a chance to see Yeltsin loses and yes they had the I guess the optimists -- but it was completely you know secure domain names just like and displaying -- -- we're showing what's available or what we can work with them. Vincent -- -- capable of them and looking -- it turned to record video and take pictures and as I go back to the hotel. I scrapped them because you can't he can't -- and you have to actually -- permanent. And have them turn in picture you scan through this thing in. I don't want people to run out of 3-D TV if you had been preached in line -- -- anything like that so. It's it seems more gimmick then my must have feature. At this point until these things take off. Abram but apparently you can record and share of the treaty content and -- how the -- really packed app it's got that big four point three inch display. It's got that one gigahertz dual core propped up there. So it kind of has everything that we have available to -- -- are now. Or permanent technology right and I when I asked to be something way. For example the light unity bikinis that -- -- agree great TV it happens to -- So if you buy it had you can really. And the grateful -- happens to have the eighty. And you know it's okay I just worry about the pricing -- it's gonna have to be so much mark and irregular array. -- added a terrible thing when it is but it. Then again how many him at having in the well at the selling point and everything else the same if it's huge expense then who's gonna -- And maybe get after it reviews the patent -- to keep the law but there's also the media is going back 200. Look at the media is also a lot more in Lebanon than that the yes. You the did anything about -- something that was achieved yet to edit it I think that -- Morgan and regulate yet so. With the welcome back to the -- in the future. By another big -- hammer. Leading into mobile world congress was the seats that own and did we get caught uncooked FaceBook moon Andy and -- get what did we get. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that HT -- with working with faith back for a phone that was going to highly paid that and indeed that is what we -- So there -- coupons actually there was the HTC tata and the its. And at me funny and have way. Yeah yeah and those attending key leaves her I proud that -- names. No so what they have they're not if that voluntary HT if you are pain will run -- in pre. And they have faith that the button at the bottom -- and that will -- you press that and sort of like your -- -- to -- but the update status -- that a second places. And so it promises. A more -- -- it beats the experience that on it contact directly. Wealthy the connected you can just press one button and -- on -- but immediately. But it's not really a clinical these well that must and will -- alone when you have new update from your pregnant. -- home computer you. That's like a special -- -- notification and shorten our policy yet but it's interesting Mikey because. It is integrated but it's integrated hardware -- not after -- -- You that your if you have HTVs and at the tata has a -- keyboard. And two point eight inch touch screen two point six inch touch screen which -- -- -- this interesting occurrence you Bonnie -- here. When a call comes in from a contact you'll be able to -- their status -- the on the screen as well. -- Then that means the red widgets. -- HTC sense now we'll -- you see if you know -- link your contacts. And it'll show that it doesn't -- like birthday. -- Atlantic Indian and now this might slap you know something right on top -- you're working and it's a movie at your leisure you know and we share that. I don't like it all up I'm terrible -- -- -- I don't wanna know what you're doing for lines she she got insurance and not the -- everything that's the privacy what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know I am I don't know of that would Putin and maybe if they Daryn it uses technology everyday that maybe -- -- -- my interest -- You. Anna -- that the -- -- -- keyboard. And that's the -- -- -- an act it's seeing -- five megapixel camera in front facing VGA camera for the new. -- is -- resolution and no -- doesn't mention the Android lance corporal -- Yet but. -- might -- -- might get a little bit. And basically that initial price relief that went from HTC -- -- of Smartphones -- run entry if you read more on law. It has been hinted -- which has not been officially announces specially curious considering that. Entry 2.3 gingerbread is the one that stuff and now -- -- -- -- thing that -- basically make I got to at this news before that actual press conference. And many of them -- for the press conference and it. I basically -- the big thing you know what would happen if HTC is actually how he hand made few point four kernel library they know that we don't -- Will it what does this mean for in terms of Google and in -- would also hinted that. And I view sonic at the -- -- went toward the market and apparently -- -- -- that -- sonic. Suggesting that there keypad for 202 point four and then accurate about the later that basically it was revealed later. That it's not entry to entry -- there only is like. A little flame war one of our readers to -- True very spirited about -- -- it and it it all kind of Q it's not so absolutely it they've been around there -- a little bit. And I did -- two point is 2.3 point to the -- tree. Mean that in. -- so what happened was and we've asked for confirmation audience still trying to look into it it's been. Such -- Russia to get Ahold of anybody in and get and in communications connected. By each -- needed update error on line press release that they entry 2.3. Three. Sinhaloa. That's what we now I am sorry guys gingerbread is -- -- While we're waiting for because rain is actually -- only available on the -- the path and it doesn't make sense to think ahead -- I was occur awful. And we'll have more information on that and -- it on -- phones -- it will be really interesting to see how -- work. So I HTC also. Introduced or announced the incredible at wild fast and -- -- All running fans -- all updating. The popular. Versions of the funds that are out now. Well for the hassle is that -- At Stanford and I'm okay. That was gonna yeah. You could. And transfer them but it sort of a nonsensical. And not just for now because well incredible we authority had sent. In May and then -- added -- it -- at a lot. So HTC. Incredible -- Are incredible asked rather it's got I have four inches. WV GA's super LCD displays -- -- found. Eight megapixel camera until last. Front facing camera the on its support. I chatted with funny really quickly she said the -- I -- found that she actually was a little disappointed that there weren't more addition. The legend that is I unibody phone and Scott one gigahertz pops -- there. Also front rear facing HD cameras -- slightly smaller three point seven inch -- display. And then the smallest one of the wildfire -- -- -- at the smaller packs that -- the -- back across the board and -- you know it's it's not super premium. Three point -- inch eight VGA display. Am and -- -- megapixel camera and out will come in red black white and the belief that no. You're an initial look at it first. They'll also get that -- and that's all that first and with a US launch coming later. -- I was gonna glad that they can't -- -- desire wildfire incredible. With the S I was kind of analysts are disappointed that analysts -- -- on original after the galaxy S -- and I'm gonna let. Maybe in a serious error and it -- considering they have. In of the desired. HD and desire I was even there is an ounce September it's always been a few months since we last saw these so -- simply -- more -- And evolution of previous incidents is favored economic means completely different phones I think you'd have a lot of disappointed people -- is feeling natural. And because they enhancements what the heck is this this is exactly the same -- -- HTC incredible. -- -- to pull over on. Right and as much more honest and awaiting to carry it on and also they don't pay marketers to come up with three new names -- -- -- ads and urgent letter on their. Though. It. Next we've got be like me and ether a -- -- So this is and -- good about this and Acer -- -- keynote -- -- -- Nicholas. I think. The -- -- smart. And it's no large four point eight inch Android one of those big gamble -- but you mentioned earlier. -- -- happy to anyone denying as an agent is pretty. And dolby -- side. Own cinematic Spain in -- -- qualities was eight megapixel cameras now as the united crazy is the standard now. However the actually -- but does not have the dual core processors just as the regular. And -- -- And then the front facing one point -- and we don't know that's coming to the US according to you by nations that -- it will -- It seems to me more of a global it isn't Europe and and suspected teen and -- -- -- me now. This is the phone that they announced without being couple months back MacBook laptop and yes -- Am an cared if it -- advanced yank or you don't really -- community. -- I could -- -- ever since -- above average system. Well and another thing. That also adding some of the prize with the next generation -- and -- the path that is -- camping out VS two. Speaking of the -- so. We need to get a chance that the about -- well it's gotten -- Nvidia tegra Q. I sorry we were originally told -- gonna have that Nvidia tegra two -- that. But actually -- use Samsung's own -- It -- intrigues you between three gingerbread and -- -- -- -- and her -- as well. And -- -- -- or -- that little bit different. That three new -- on in game music and reader. Asked about all help facilitate the downloading of even work -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That there's a four point three inch steamer Amylin super -- led display which it sorry it's the super -- lot. Even worse deeper and brilliant. WV the day yeah operated by it and it so that's that's a -- -- Easily could be looking them up yet of course we won't forget about that. You're. That it and at at two megapixel front facing camera as well. There is no option for the near field communication and connectivity. And each has PA -- support and that will make it a little bit. Eating here is now. There are no plans for -- -- -- -- version of the phone yet. And again because this show is in Barcelona. The -- is largely geared toward Europe and -- so that should ship. In this month but no word yet -- -- -- -- -- -- speaking of inner -- like the touch with four point oh. Motorola Motorola did announce that it moto Butler -- is getting a few new features. I'm a fan a -- blur -- and you know. I hope these new features -- again acting the -- -- his -- connected music. Lets you share and discover music. -- and she really gain sharing and you can share that content -- friends and will -- -- -- like. -- -- pain but we'll have company that recommendation. Engine and it will include song lyrics while -- playing as well I think it's really often that's off announce something that really a -- were asked in slacker radio which has an add on app and you know that the best slacker. Package is money you pay for and -- if it works and if they've got the library of lyrics. That's pretty built out then you can sort and -- -- that if you want and as an advocate out. That is AM connected gallery widget combines photos and -- -- there is -- social networking sites. In for the services that -- he's the all of that down -- benefit -- means lyrics at. As assistant and call a little -- as the location based being. So I mean you know this new features did little blurred in you know I just stolen -- -- now be honest. Apple owners use this -- And it feels really intrusive and cluttered as compared to other. -- -- -- -- Set up as those that pain because. In little blip has yet to sign in to a mode of learning accounts which they do not get up and go yeah -- -- and then I'm more highly liquid amber. Also I like the way it weren't. Yeah that's an important thing the other -- as sophisticated as HTC sense to me right and are given the fact that Italy or even frankly is I just find it really kind of lock in juvenile. It in Mimi who you do in fear all of I'm not -- very confident that the act in my day. -- have a number dry -- They don't. Have -- And the last few new book cover before operate our break is. Actually not a phone at all -- It is the absence of the fun I love this is -- take well you should talk about I love this so -- you of the iPod touches basically iPhone -- the phone. The galaxy as the Wi-Fi -- essentially the Samsung galaxy SV dot owns a business. The -- It is and -- people into a -- ability -- point city. It's a big company both have that the beautiful -- as displayed at W bta. Four inch super LCD display of both the Wi-Fi I -- -- eat things that can because -- massive. Tablet territory of that money. Have -- -- -- an ETE. -- -- -- -- -- And both of them have the that the one you got it from me hummingbird processor and to look at the rear facing the points you make the exit and map by appeasing VG cameras weekend. And use it supports Skype calls and on the patent and includes Skype -- I found. Yes -- I think it arable bundle actually with the -- disease. Handset and I just it's rates because -- I've been wanting -- and dry aid. Non fluent in non food and -- I couldn't -- it and and -- is. People do and sometimes in -- by thumping and then just in campaign that. The monthly but not really -- it because. How many people actually use their parents may call -- -- they are primarily computer but I think I mean the fact -- record of agreed that the question. Why didn't anybody think of bit thinner. This is just a great idea just because I think for example in the a lot of people that don't have I because they don't -- he. But begun iPod Touch with dignity and like all -- like that's. And it's -- -- thing because Apple actually started with the iPod. And then it turned their iPod into the phone but it didn't know you people -- with phone's Internet and turning -- -- -- -- -- 99 million -- And I think I think it's. I think it's it's a wonderful little. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Archos is -- hands and tiny devices like this even as low as two inch screen two point eight inch screens. Three on -- but they just -- releasing the kick off. He concedes that they don't have the name brand familiarity. Of not the Samsung found that -- tenth and all oh -- the market well and I think this is very interest -- something just -- like that because of Google Voice. Independent -- trends that your cell phone number clinically to Google whites. Right riots isn't -- you are saying yeah Google and -- if you use Google Voice and Wi-Fi and Skype -- -- beauty and you. Lean all the allied. Little bit better -- check at -- time yet it's still no. He -- -- -- it -- -- Google Voice plus the premium version Google place in which you -- for reliability that you might start paying pink light. You might end up paying less then you would -- care. Attic like human -- something right now. I like the fact that this has been great market that's one -- -- -- never -- -- that Google certification. To do -- know we've we've got only Android phones and easier I consider. You know not what the service cable pundits and why some white patent so ask them to -- this from a company like Samsung. With the galaxy branding on it I think it already has a leg up on anybody else interest and -- space. -- Ray as -- let us take a quick little ad break and we will come back with tablet news for mobile world congress. And we're back recounted -- a whole whopping seven tablet announced at mobile world congress. And -- a lot of them are the same entry error in drain honeycomb tablet there -- -- -- sent out. Physically to the nice little roundup of the tablet yet -- why do you have on news that while it's been seven and had skipped it that there are so many tablets -- -- have -- available and I hope that that later -- On the first Canon made the the museum with the LG Optimus pad to essentially -- global version of the T-Mobile PC side he adds. I am ready -- looking tablet very attractive looking Atlantic and a dual core. Nvidia tegra Q process in no supposedly that would be very casts. -- 1080. An apparent ill let you share your 3-D video is that he does so it's another -- in fact this may be our first treaty tablet. I don't know if it's a CD tablet but -- did CC that. But you can share your 3-D -- it isn't previous how many and you need to wear glasses to watch all of Canada right not in a dynamic it they still need the -- up DD don't need any glasses with a patch because I get this to the -- screen right yes you do -- glasses and that it's possibly when the -- that are supposed. That the item through the 3-D experience -- movie inner. That will be the downfall of the -- I yeah I think that's the. Steve you can see that the media. -- -- -- -- Siemens and home movies that you are really no product. That's yeah that's yet can you imagine you're sitting on -- train nearly let me just take out by it. Where the theater when we remove even -- and -- can switch you through the glass is denying it. I'll let you be -- yeah. I will -- -- negative. Via and then you know it is and it's it's one of the smaller -- acting its analysis and knowledge -- it does look pretty small island and and the photos here. -- -- next they'll be at the Samsung Galaxy Tab ten point one and we just essentially the ten point one inch version of they -- dad. -- however the great thing about -- Galaxy -- and we want is that it will run Android three point oh honeycomb. Because of course the tablet operating by the way about Optimus -- has an eight point nine inch display. And -- the Galaxy Tab. The -- -- that was at the seven inch and tablet misses the bigger. Ten is more of an iPad size I would say this you have to do look a process and it -- at the camera and all of that. You have both Wi-Fi and ESP. -- Moving on from that the HTC flat hair. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then I -- Debating whether or not HTC would have been better off waiting to put -- until honeycomb. Vs will be added. -- -- -- more automatic than the more it made sense to me that they take this type of -- at this point. Putting sentinel it has -- -- little bit more optimization for tablets. With the stylus on Sony's service is that they're building into it. It differentiates itself -- not. No question you have promises for honeycomb I think in the second quarter that. I think it looks. Like something that would. Be good for someone who's -- to attack which is pretty much everybody in -- that somebody who might look and say okay this. It seems eminently logical spoon feeds Springsteen. And puts things in a nice place and then. In my package without making me feel like you're right it's cluttered. My sense is always looked nice to meet widgets and things even I don't use too many Apple and I can get much better look a little -- -- competition to outsell. I think they're okay doing it this way but you know people are going on to the packet doesn't her article that just. This is gonna happen. -- I think at the tablet market becomes even more competitive it is that much more important for you to stay ahead to happen -- experiment at the latest OS. Yeah I think Tennessee that at the same time it does look like a pretty decent tablet HTC makes pretty good products. Didn't think it will still be no -- did but you're right that people would compare it at the health and not compare with mythic and I am in -- and -- really nice to use that will be. Why is my friendliness and I can't -- that why even when I preview buttons why can't I have whatever it is side by side. Right. Right there to ask the rain when it -- the money you some of the games you can look completely different. That aren't written for legal notices have that larger phone experience so where's -- -- money app. Page. And aside from these tablets -- just a few -- haven't mentioned here. The view pet for our because it. A tablet patents or I don't -- and her phone and -- that many -- -- -- -- -- the amendment. And that. It can't read -- England because processors -- everyday -- and -- you -- you again for the attack on it and her friend. And as soon as I mentioned area while he's planning on a slim seven tablet is seven inch capacitance -- been and apparently. Planner and an -- and also has value beaches. -- And even -- -- and -- any devices to show. Rim did say that big and announced similar -- books this ability L -- vision and each as he stood there the same playback with two different flavors yes. And activity. In addition to the -- I mean. But that -- speaking and tablet news. Google has said that between fat and video editor and honey comes about another thing the head. The -- will have or any of these other men until it switches. So -- called movie studio. It is able to -- capturing imagery and it will be able to combine still images and videos decree sort of like a super video that you can then share online you'll be able to add soundtracks. Fade to black and of the video and at a fact that it's almost like a movie maker and again that does -- require -- three point oh which is an income. Yes so this is in -- is great you know the iPad and iPhone -- Can -- I think it's really get it and they think it means these tablets are. Lead pretty fast computers these days now than -- with attic kind of makes me wonder about whether last. -- -- HP the week before hand announced it plateau at. Touchpad tablet and also -- and so these are few big. Mobile device makers that are trying to push their tablet out there. And again and all these little touches but -- -- -- gonna make the difference animal eventually make Android tablet. As sort of -- had -- not killer an iPad overwhelm our. Right and then Stephen send them in is in his -- he mentions that. The whole Microsoft rivalry as my present in the connect up -- via Internet and make it better make -- device. It is Microsoft a ready for a tablet I get up another conversation for another day or -- -- CEO. In the meantime we have one more story from mobile world congress that we -- -- on today. And that is. That T-Mobile. Has announced that it is planning mobile payments coming to the US in 2012. About this again goes back to you earlier conversations. And it -- -- near field communication and not. What's in the nexus -- and what will help turn. Your cell phone into a physical wallet not -- programs inside that being able to physically. Touch your phone down on a console or waving it near console and -- -- transfer money from your accounts. And you pay for whatever your -- hit that well yeah we have this in the form of -- and -- the oceans he needs my card -- something -- that -- that he's eaten at covenant a lot of different reform added this is one that -- actually includes something media chip. In the back cover for example and then acting thing depend on -- -- is admirable yeah I actually. So it's it's a physical thing where you actually just enable something physical on the phone you can also do it. -- -- other companies that are trying to push this forward that will not be successful. Absolutely can sticker on the back with the that you -- on anywhere in your found and you can weave the -- near it's compatible console. Interesting. To see how -- out with that company's -- you. I would check in services -- -- do any pain or. I know that the technology exists that you could put your loyalty card in your membership numbers. And there and it. Really examining what if you automatically -- and -- there's a console finally when you pay for the here we've got the clipper card in a -- hold your phone up. And -- automatically -- UN for using you don't have to open up an app. Yeah I think I think it this have to be that easy -- people -- exact can't be like a yet to open up at we didn't avid in the folder. It's just too complicated RA FR on a space yet GPS solutions that -- -- and physical not based on top where it's not it's a Jeep Kia which may not. Being able to pinpoint exactly where you are at the same time that it scares me personally I don't wanna be -- like -- -- -- -- -- I'm gonna share her -- and so what didn't -- just thing is Deutsche Telekom which -- T-Mobile. That said that they expect an FC equipped phones alliance this year Apple sometime this year -- -- -- the second quarter of the year although -- v.s Samsung nexus S -- -- -- aren't half bad. While I -- -- algae during the third quarter is it coming. There is of course the rumor that in excitement. -- exactly that's also what if that. As well we love the continue to freely -- -- It. And in the have fat and who. In the meantime and Nicole what holds about a very interesting not quite smart -- -- -- -- look a little familiar to some TV so this. -- am an advocate and this is the Motorola IE eight states and its the next domestic. And Keebler right here and -- You right but if you take a look at the operating system you -- I'm not familiar then you've got home. Paying him look like -- -- Throw away it would only. I'm fleeing like amber but it's not in that it doesn't -- on -- -- is not so this bad. Interesting essentially it has the and -- user interface than the home screen to pop -- menus the menu screens in general all the icons look. Identical. Android is -- no different matter. And look at the elected the could be about phone up about following information does it sits at it's Linux based on the congress and on -- No. And I think it is and because it does so similar -- to -- trade. But the reason why doesn't any Android branding -- and her raid. Associated and then -- and -- he's he's right because it is -- -- I'm not a smart. Mean does the Wi-Fi on -- it's pretty basic is a messaging features and that's pretty much it and Google has very peer requirements for manufacture. About what on the 200. And and having a touch screen and having Wi-Fi are two of them yet -- If -- -- -- -- and and light by adding that pretty much meets human Android Smartphone. But does not does not have either through it basically -- entering code but they can't legally calling in -- -- and not. Because it's not million smart when you won't get -- of the gene without wondered if no Google apps services off that. That -- Android marketplace you there's is not beauty and clinical and right -- and but the -- is an all the guts that the core of it is Android. And now that -- would probably. What looked up and -- -- interesting when you re booted -- and don't want -- -- -- an error message on my phone when it and they re -- it. And decision process -- Android enter and -- Proof and that -- So it is it at the guts -- -- and it's not. The eagerly called -- because of that than it did the specifications and that's right. But I'll tell you why would you have an Android elected. Not a smart and because it lets you use the menus and select clean -- -- Egypt and that the clunky Nextel. You didn't you just -- easy to use. It's -- -- exchange support because of -- So. It's an Android features like an Android messaging. In -- -- the -- all the features of this isn't gonna funny because at one point I know that if not on the podcast with that it impacting in the hallway at. That injury they're gonna become the next feature I didn't know it meant that. I mean its its kind to me it's not really an end Smartphone but it looks and guys and -- -- -- and -- upon other -- In -- -- any -- is excellent excellent call quality in the Batman that that's call quality photos I've ever used and that. But to keep the keep editing -- -- text now is -- Pretty decent messaging phone and it -- it has Eckstein support you to email on here so it's a pity you fit. Featured phone with it and in that opera mini browser on US units begin at -- at -- rather. So overall I think it it. Pretty get messaging. And is only six EE. EE. Eighty dollars -- the contract. Whether you're so -- era and one of those run windows -- in their. Possible but I that you can't be what I did with the -- XP on the 300 for the good. We'll get that next -- yet. Not technically you oftentimes we get another and there yet is going to be LD. He XT have aim at the how we -- now it's. It's supposed to be the rights to me but beats -- the key X key and me. Because that -- it -- it's more or something. -- -- -- well I honestly that's. Stuff it's essentially. PD based messaging but he does have three key support. Edu web available not available in -- that's that could reach right in other parts and -- try to get 3-D -- cricket. Rank -- -- crickets he added I area average area but you know it's a pretty decent messaging phone. However it's panicky. Feeling that he plastic he might he's -- -- that but -- -- that that the surprised by something that's. -- it's a pretty decent messaging phone it's just don't expect. And coming up iPad -- on an XP 3300 force. And I got -- I got to kick it around a little -- its ragged it didn't say indestructible and I couldn't bring her alma and any if you wanna -- me try to kick the crap out of the phone -- -- did -- picnic at. -- -- Canada. Look at that video on CNET TV. I'm also gonna be looking at the Samsung galaxy involved which in fact should be up. Pretty -- just -- a couple more hours and you'll be able to see that it is the next and in the galaxy. Lineup and its format repeat the -- So. -- gets -- -- nothing -- and another couple the little -- issue. Of them -- was really great it's here now thinking of you joining us today and again you can check out -- other work. -- CNN and for the entry atlas blog and also his own. Then website hundred. And if you -- you email you can't do so dialed in and cnet.com only that with -- When 86640. Q when -- 38 that -- Wii is gonna check out her blog piled in dot cnet.com. And until next week. Out of all -- By everyone I think. -- -- -- -- They're global.

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