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Dialed In 155: CES 2011 preview: Dialed In

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Dialed In: Dialed In 155: CES 2011 preview

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Another year is in the books, but before we shut the door on 2010 and sign off for the holidays, we wrap up some of the latest cell phone news and reviews. Plus, we give you a preview of what to expect from CES 2011. From LTE handsets to dual-core Android phones, it's shaping up to be a very busy show, and we'll be there to report on all the action, so be sure to tune in on Friday, January 7 at 2 p.m., PT for special broadcast of Dialed In live from Las Vegas. Finally, we want to wish you all a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year! As always, thanks for listening and we'll see you in 2011.

And every line is it and that. And ultimate without any let up on the podcast I am. -- in northern Kenya at the bank and in effect hand him in the -- -- but still quiet. And but he -- hey guys. Any money. Event in. America -- schools. Oh yeah but compared to the Virginia they could -- yeah -- here and here you're in Fairfax crater where I am and -- But as a family and there'd -- -- in keeping lines in the act. This is -- -- -- of the year and. Can you do that as the -- for the holidays and let's pick up with them he yet he's. What you guys expecting to have but has yet -- It does it sounds like a whole hell of a line. Yes I couldn't take a lot of either -- and. As -- and this is Jessica's first CES -- -- come every year incidents she gets to go careful what you wish for half lets you see me again. And you'll flavors he -- -- -- that she is I don't know. I'll use at the guys seems like. -- -- happiness he's -- cellphone manufacturers are saying okay what we're really gonna go you know. Who knows they're related to world mobile congress the -- two but seems like in comparison to past years that are there anything we wanna be a big part of CES -- -- -- TVs you know what Lori. And also it seems like. Seems like that. I don't know many Teddy content electronic manufacturers use thing you know we're back economies back aren't coming back and we're back where they -- the last couple years has -- You can go to CS -- -- you know globally notes and in the -- as quiet or via definitely different. From the -- -- game. -- -- -- As angry and demand that great and will be act haven't you know the -- can't believe that yes yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah had to deny any some hints for Verizon's own Twitter -- they believe yes. I was just a promoter Motorola and possibly OG possibly the dual core processor and they announced a while ago and. And are variation of that are secretly instantly as some PCs each DC Islam you know that you -- incredible. -- Airport he will be at. As well as dual core Android phone that actually -- whether it -- very well. Yeah. Yeah as it. The about it do you want to upload a picture so this this the -- optimists QX. It is the first ever dual -- Smartphones since the tegra two processor that mean an expendable and and you know this means is just basically means tanks to power it take to speed. Of course you don't know yet but they -- the Palestinian. The the phone has four inch WV GA east. He. Eight gigabytes of internal memory -- and micro SD card slot that can -- -- -- 32 gigs. Selling it is -- varying Dylan is the lesson is it's a very full featured -- Athlon is -- -- at 1080. It megapixel camera on the back as well as a one point three megapixel front facing camera. So brought. It's a lot it's about it at -- this was that this was the phone that was code named -- star. So at this particular the optimists who -- and this is a GSM phone -- it's hitting -- Asian Internet but SP mentioned you know it could be you know we don't know if a shopping it I guess I'm betting you'll -- -- -- yes. But I know this will make maybe when the phones that. A -- -- to some blurry pictures. Wrong. Yet he's so he could be one of the phones. So the article that voice here at the end of the. We think what -- went from -- an update and yes other Motorola islands do yeah yeah but then Motorola might have. Been talk about a tablet to add any. And mr. honey come tablets at that that -- idea Eric Schmidt said on stage and all things the -- Then we look SO have a dual core Android phones that look at that. Lot of -- stuff. You mentioned we'll look for Verizon to have two to launch a lot of their -- he phones. Hands maybe some more windows phone seven devices. I'm fat where it really that error you know announced their first -- -- up plan. -- -- yet with another bigger one mobile look -- it. As -- -- it instantly killed as he TDMA with the. -- -- -- So it's really isn't very surprisingly -- -- -- the peasants and right because and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is -- -- giving keynote yet that's an eight. Get. In -- that. And then of course the big question is what exactly is present going to -- -- LT phones and some people suggested the you know what it by. And via but I yes but we doubt that we -- that's -- today found. And it's the tying yeah if it comes we don't have don't sort of how painful funny videos. -- -- -- Some of it but it comes where it's not gonna be at CES and I'll be very very Merriam. Since Apple hasn't traditionally -- -- present. Yes well and other free they decide to kill stage so yeah it's gonna be a bit products and I think you know traditionally DD one of the announcements themselves. The scene. So if you want America -- Wednesday is what's called press day which is January 5 that is. Now -- have a very first press conference in any M in the morning is apologies so that cold be there to bring you. The latest. Then will have press conferences from Nvidia Microsoft. Samsung. And Motorola that in them and we'll have -- all -- will be -- all aluminum body will be doing the -- Steve Ballmer keynote that had been. And then the next day wolves in over the Verizon keynote. And then -- press conferences from -- T-Mobile site mobile -- -- to go away all of the same time of the -- Bryson. 09 -- his first day and then. Then Friday we'll have a special dialed in from the show floor wax from the CNET stage which assumption or -- and it 2 PM specifics -- Tune in for some. See what we hope will have some stuff with -- -- ministries of the stuff it's a video. And it's gonna CS that's -- C CNET that -- -- tentative candidates cnet.com so CES where instant. It should be on time well -- some of them. With the front that I might be stunned might -- -- If it. The movie I'm an -- news and and that's what -- that I he -- an international. Communications. And gone back and if it. Yes this is sort of ridiculous what these four -- star chamber where just -- -- people who -- videos suddenly decide what's working -- So previously they had said that well advanced LT and advanced WiMax which are -- will be part of our. With four G technologies. LC and WiMax that currently exist are not four G technology so -- so -- a while ago and because it just got kind of funny because Bryson and T-Mobile and says sprint are shy about calling their networks for -- that we start using -- quotes by. Actually LT is a BIT you decided earlier this week this month that all those technologies that CR four G. And they have a very companies that eventually they say. Well. Foods forgy technologies we have now are faster than what he used to be so -- for. So anyway T-Mobile and Verizon sprint and no longer have to say Georgie you might cost you know mother's -- -- a New England. -- Yet though I too that those are now four G technology so it's kind of nerdy technical story about probably knows you really don't care yeah -- But it is interest aimed at that they were prolonged time to same 44 G -- -- really -- -- Interesting levels and you let fly and asthma. Ford GD stand yet I think because the previous. Definition affords you a salute to -- chick -- had to be seen -- an instance in speed 600. Megabytes was listed and -- -- Bluetooth and US -- an. You know I mean is -- to handle it is against the -- that. Bank account arbitrary Otis is party isn't thinking. Verizon has been super fast that yeah. Them don't in the labs tests about just blow past a fast. And. I would still be really opt in marketing you and level but now on the nation's fastest almost four G network. -- yeah yeah yeah and yet it doesn't make nearly sixty doesn't say that by it was it was just funny to go back and forth from. Yes. I think -- And I thought -- release some numbers if they didn't. Country that -- different -- devices. Has said that people more than one point five million. Devices in the first six weeks ahead this it should be noted that the earth but as well as. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At the date points on me yet I can't believe how many comments you have a story I don't think that's that's -- and adding go through all member of the way we're just was its religious fan boys are gonna be tether was. I'm not you know I'd say yes -- said some of them might imply that they can even be -- all that -- and at business. Nat. Eight you know. -- -- -- -- -- This -- -- -- berg who it says. Vice president business and marketing when the and he said. The numbers are in line with company patient -- You can't really have that you know he acknowledged that is the very competitive landscape. That is. Like Apple. -- Yeah I mean I know -- one. He fetuses is just because it's like you said it's it's sold to use the mobile operators and regions. -- directly -- consumers -- -- -- -- the number it is a lot but again nobody sharing members carriers aren't sure amber that exactly so. But right now. It's a little bit -- as far as who's buying it in as. -- they he -- it in the article on why you think I should have done is. Down I got a little bit appraisal on a flaming. Canada and -- you -- right either I'm biased or via. There I'm biased editing by this train yeah there are any there is no winning here to pick it. I mean Jessica I've seen that Microsoft that windows phone seven dart board the -- You know -- clear lane and yet he. Somebody -- that I should have written about what Microsoft -- right. Well first the plan that would make nearly as interest in the story that he did mention that Microsoft's tells everybody what they do it they don't need need to share that you. There may well. So yes. And my history and I've been kind of thinking about it for awhile but adopt children meaningfully but the numbers that were finally released about the one point oh 1000000 in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Exactly and so I -- down basically -- from you know what I that they -- -- done better we've all been watching. That windows phone seven lines from even before lunch from the first whispers to the demos and everything and I think that Microsoft. Always did have an uphill battle because this is the young it sort of image turn up the -- operating system and -- -- -- -- can do any given amount of time and we appreciate that and -- I feel like there could mean a Microsoft have tried some other. -- -- to try to sell it and me the biggest one there was sort of engaging the Windows Mobile in -- customers that came before so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Microsoft seems to almost apologized from Windows Mobile six point -- and previous versions. Because they were really investing in it as seriously as they did with the windows and seven. Overhaul. I think it would have been ninth Q had seen a real. Drive to try to get anybody who owned a Windows Mobile or can phone to try to convert. Over two windows and and that's especially because. The market is favoring -- it right now. IPhone is still really strong and everybody else is struggling. Figure you have -- operating system. That looks clinical. An interesting and different. But it just can't do as much right now in order to get those sales living getting more devices in people's hands I think is is probably won't be best ways. Of getting. In your device out there -- viral marketing for and he says -- it is not a panacea -- it's not just enough. For pressed to say hey we think -- -- promise which is what we have been saying -- to get a recommendation from somebody who RD house that. And I think my thought they'd done more to get the phones in -- the hands of people who work may be more open -- You know like I get -- that -- mean we definitely. I think you. This is one operating system which certain people know about but it even even the commercials and that you -- this in the commercials as much as they agrees they are net interest there is unique is they aren't but it. They don't tell you a whole lot about -- no idea why the operating systems -- -- -- credit rating about the iPhone announces that. That you should you deserted -- already addicted -- -- -- -- -- music -- just let me tell -- what Apple -- -- -- but -- -- -- -- -- give this thing got a target and the so it they don't then what is a seven they just haven't done and haven't said what this is what its operating system is great in -- -- and and and even though it. Might be and is in a lot -- way. And hand in hand with that it would be nice also I'm Josh -- product -- point me when I was when we are gonna chatting before or at the -- And and he said you know we know what's not there. Give useful little tape shows the commercial you know don't don't just see that you're gonna bring copy they show us copy -- And show us Xbox Live and shows avatar and it's really excited and they think that really good point. -- Very. Thinking that emulate the reader feedback I've got his you know that look great but I -- Have it in the reason that it really need it from the phone you know so that -- -- -- that story. I mean entry did that because it is very much you know we're sort of not the iPhone and that was enough for a lot of people and it was on more carriers and dentists and it. And even though and the Droid commercials of course where the you know. But. The island and as the toll ways and how the iPhone is this opinion it's better in the it's just showed a good contrast but this you -- -- that's -- this bill. If -- would've been a good idea he's positioned themselves. That you know -- the -- island after iPhone if Microsoft could've gone under political could've gone after Android. Seeing 00 no maybe make atom and I'm not sure how they would do it but -- -- -- it. You you don't need a user manual and a user amendment that you you've complicated let it's it's too. If you could look up after the -- -- then I don't think every little complicated but if you I have never seen it before and -- carriers -- -- hold down Frontline press. You know -- more options would pop up it really wouldn't now. The could easily gone after the whole Droid -- legal rain the robot style at the -- after that it pretty easily. And I think kind of data and around -- way by emphasizing the human aspect of the -- -- -- -- with. Pretty good -- if -- -- those ads at least it's an easy to use whatever. -- -- all this mean for like a split second and that they should disk cleanup and it -- -- -- at the very end of the comments of best bested it with an iPhone is that the right -- all the time commercials -- -- -- wouldn't it. Well I like -- will pay him. God you're not come after me with a pitchfork you know -- -- I -- And some final and that -- at a news Adam Dell has released talked about what it is -- the -- it -- -- -- despite the let it be that activated it it was originally December it. -- not being pushed back and they -- that there are some delays. And if you ordered that they've that you cope on -- before December 14 now I'll be. -- Where. Area with giving you the best at a out of the box. It. That it needed for about who hasn't at. Very. Doesn't just cannot ditch attempt to break. Is depicted there really aiming this woman I think that people are really excited about. YouTube. Yes and there -- Had it -- me -- you'd be better and now. -- Hooked into expected -- Toys -- -- in the phone world. You need and that the meals is just something -- just on the course you can activate. -- a lot of something -- a few weeks after January and again okay. Mr. -- and you put up a -- about grant has really new Motorola I. Yes this is Sprint's strange Odyssey of I didn't have. -- -- -- -- Over now that they've they've they floated a lot of ever since the merger of two -- -- validity of any -- -- -- line and then -- but then. And -- they've never really committed to it up until recently in and they also tried to make all these. In a do all these technologies would place items so they started with the -- -- that would did I'd been pushed to tar and the image calls in the Vista. And -- they did the about what was a -- Technology where the use the it was TDMA but he used to bridge technology Dakota side and farmland and far cars so they tried all these different things and it just they didn't really. They never really become a -- that was really successful. Because people really like I didn't always happen -- -- connect is really strong. Ready. And -- really strong and people go for it meaning you know sprint had as a written sprint had its own push to talk service -- back in the for the merchant it was called ready link. And then they -- censors and agents. So. But they did decide a couple months ago as they were actually just last month as they were going to end item in 2013. And the completely. And it finally committed to this. Buy it it's of some of about well they're gonna commit to it in them they're really not to -- -- lot attention to that but actually to release two -- two new -- on this week. With more to -- by guest on -- even more okay yes of course -- Motorola the Motorola -- 86 I 886. Which has penetrated into an Android and they are injuring. In the united and they decide to give us the first slider item -- -- -- keyboard -- No matter what that after I. And then there's the Motorola. I mean 866. Where I'm sorry -- 86. -- I 686. Which is an update to the -- I -- by and you can actually immersed in water for up to thirty minutes and two died in France and I'm going in a roadside and in in the -- keyboard with -- -- -- -- interest in. I didn't isn't quite an idea says sprint is going to presumably role -- in music customers over in CU some other technology. Yet they haven't really sat exactly what's gonna happen I mean you did that this was part of there -- the when he did announce the -- -- 2013 thing. It it was sort of buried in a press release for for -- Sorry. It was sort of buried in a press release for us in the covenant ordered -- that network vision program so and that what that is is that. They -- gonna take they're gonna put a new base stations that can handle all the spectrum simultaneously so lot of this back and sort of stuff and they're gonna increase -- -- -- on the 800 band which they're gonna roll lot of people over to. And 800 that is better for indoor coverage because the lower the frequency the better the building that building penetration but then. -- mean they finish sort of buried at the end -- a by the wayward we're in the united and 2013 cent. And they haven't exactly set exactly what's going to happen with the added people that they will be relevance -- -- will be the last recently -- of an accident that yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I had an office at all about an update where they came in and get at that it that it seems to be happening. -- -- it. Yes so. Yet apparently the N ninety -- software update if Eunice Simpson intercept -- you mean not one to. -- -- keeping Q just yet. To some users have reported that the intercept is and responsive after it is it desist from it crashes and written fees is essentially and so the companies working on solutions and we don't have -- and you update set out soon. An -- of the comments and a -- was -- she should go to an actual sprint store. And have them do. -- clinical professional commercial what difference that makes I guess in my tests of a special. Software -- is -- that but -- Sony was suggesting that and then I guess it's the same thing if given virgin mobile sums -- intercept sustained deal with -- well. And -- the same numbers over tomorrow is -- project from getting -- though -- Okay so they occur at -- book and -- yet it in the book having seen. That. A. Say they're all about -- good -- and yes. -- -- Atlantis is getting -- if it -- as. -- -- They came to office and we actually got to take a look so it is a new unlimited music download -- -- -- on a specific device. Ballmer we're gonna hear much more about the Cynthia S of course because it is going to first become available in Las Vegas. During PS. -- act cricket unlimited music download plan is 55 dollars though. With that comes unlimited music downloads ring tones ring back tones along with the usual talk tech email and Internet. So. So far it looks great -- it does come with an operating system of -- tied with the phone. As that they really want and few emphasize. The music portion in the fact that this -- -- music phone and everything else is also kind of you know there as well. And so I -- that the sort of around both of them if you filmmaker payment you don't actually get to keep -- music. Just the same -- -- even be able to browse -- Internet access numbers and things like that and that's the wave you know that they were able to sell it CU. The big labels like Sony's numbers on all on all of does this because. It's in a different music format it's called. You know it's like dolby mobile plus there's something like that -- that. Even though the music stored on the micro SD card you can't transfer it sure reader on your computer because app file won't be supported as mobile me. -- -- you get it back. In an -- -- Payer bill apparent bit all the services turned on -- this is one basic lump sum of the service that now includes music and almost any form that you inhabit it could also house Suzanne. And Munich music identification out that the time if you hold it up two thirds of planes they like -- -- marine Harrier in the movie -- whatever. You hold it up -- them. And Saddam's results in on I penalty due to iPhone app store and on -- -- it will take you Hugh then move music store. Okay so it's critical and it also has a pandora like. App. That's a lazy day this is not -- -- this is not a Smartphone and all this interest it caused a Samsung swain. And I -- they get my however it may take some pictures and apparently interest in seeing it looks like a lot thicker -- the -- Pregnant tapers down with -- Nero and it. And then. You can see if you're looking at the picture of it there's a giant music button on the inside that's part of the toggle. The navigation toggle in the city. You press that repressing it in any long processor for path and that those different things like you can bring up the normal phone interface which is TouchWiz 2.0. Not really happy about but at but it is sensitive Phillies are really are a hundred F if you -- this about how you're gonna access your address back. And Internet and all the phone features and then you press the button you know and get I don't remember which went along when -- -- one -- also controls. This move music interface that gets you into. The music in a portion of the operating system so. It's pretty interesting because that -- -- -- -- -- aspect of it. Makes it almost at the -- to become -- thing does not only inches and a what other. And use of its who's behind and simple and on this kind of phone you would usually be nickel enough time viewing avid music subscription service for ten dollars a month you might hiring and you might hiring back yes Bangalore attitude how horizons and praying for 99 cent two dollars three dollars whatever -- and those costs this is actually I think really -- -- because. -- for 55 dollars a month. -- it and its its targeted. Cricket customer -- I believe the number is 50% down and computers are fewer than 50% and computers today says this might be the wave that's -- -- get. -- music and so I think it is a really. Clever way to offer music consumption. In a way that's also affordable and then basically firm for 45 dollars a month you get all of that without the music for 35 dollars month you get something else. So it's really competitive be priced. And until we actually see it and get it and live with it. Will be hard to know what it actually usability is that the -- economy knowing that creep up. Analysts see it as -- yes we will definitely defeated at via via. And different phones announced after about I'm sure. -- more and I -- that the -- phone carrier -- -- services were on the way ask. Well and again about one way they carriers are always trying to differentiate and offer something more than just him -- an operating system. And I like Mexican history to take ownership over it and a very unique and novel way that we haven't Kenya them. They're good for them for -- idea. A ged get active -- acting -- Verizon has updated -- -- looking now. And now these things can get it -- NASA the race. In a small update a mobile email is the email app for a -- feature phones that so that includes. That. That the anti cost -- that and mobile email essentially -- to email -- mobile email or tweet all. Will finally bring things like outlook calendar seeing in Microsoft's exchange and push email -- feature phones. And the mobile email app is five dollars a month on the PS -- plan but if you have a fifteen dollar or how you -- a plan. Is included in the X. If and hiring right you wrapped up a penny less than -- did -- The -- have some great -- and that cellphones -- Distraught relatives some of us have on top of -- and buying diet and -- this union of them banking and it goes up from ninety XBLA posts. So this Monica at some estimation of that and -- -- -- of about. But not forgetting the carrier's first and foremost thing in buying a phone for someone. From. And of -- you know. DeVon -- remembered -- -- plans. As cellphone plans and keeping it plans depending on what you want to get that prison. The Smartphone -- what's up with the required data plans -- that -- but that. Costs on top of that the cause of the phone. And and I would also saved a little research and a mixture of a person likes tasking phones -- -- asking texting and this year she wants email -- add to see this he heat tasking. Teens so. And also I think it's important especially trying to get a music phone for someone. Is the personal lives and -- news. Not only that the couple -- -- wonderful it is certainly -- iTunes. If you she's gonna opens the other music services of -- that opens up the door that -- more. It's a -- step I think it's pretty interesting is -- from my personal point of view is that if you trying to give a phone or smart. Consider giving it -- like a gift certificate for. Apps are like bundled in some apps with the 4010. Abundant in some songs as some think that -- -- it isn't -- the extra again with the most productive. Yes I think that's nice but presently to just and a personal touch to itself -- -- Like never get somebody an empty wallet. Well. At an -- that an animal. A dollar noted that to -- -- And and of course keep your receipt of Clarence and but not least if the president -- the phone. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it doesn't make it's. It's. And irate at -- can take a look at the -- use but for the quick break. Right we -- -- and I'm gonna loop on that use less air at -- people. 8780. And the basically ask. That over 97 and it is very -- -- and that pretty much all the about the friends. Okay. Yeah. I'd say angry and that's all you can edit it and -- mean that. Design is the -- up the Flash Memory they double the Flash Memory and put in a sign that the camera over its new. I think something -- it was kind of hoping for a little bit more. Aid but at. I mean my recommendation is that security hackable -- an adult really. -- -- But if you're coming from her her look -- Available now the ones who need it's here. And I think like the other well -- six devices. I've tried it -- looks pretty well in this form factor. That it says they make it -- I think he said. You even. -- at work. And it. -- And the next we have Jessica. 2250. My god. -- don't look. -- Well in what year were accurately and there. -- -- -- Actually I thought the deployment pretty get it looks a little bit more premium than it actually -- with the super entry level the really low. Resolution on a very small screen that was a little bit uncomfortable but the phone itself feels really good in the hand. Summing up -- -- -- -- Strange about it. Not Canada and have a camera doesn't even have a volume rocker. Why the only thing and how -- -- micro USB port and an external speaker that you can still adjust the volume. With the navigation. -- okay. Also speakerphone was awful I can here I can calling people lie held the external in -- bigger -- my ear and founders dribbled out at a very slow pace -- so if you. And their -- -- Bluetooth support -- don't plan nine music meant the industry. However it is fifteen dollars prepaid. And there is a euphoric someone at some he's visiting from out of the country and they need a phone for -- disabled the English just -- -- this -- -- -- -- The Mozilla entry level phone -- I'm still waiting you know the past -- theme from -- at -- and having -- to -- eat. Has been asleep for Verizon and I thought of that design was ninth in an aging you hated I hate that battered an agent -- -- It actually has mobile email on I am on it of course -- -- years and and there is predictive type that it's not a messaging. -- -- -- but -- there but I wouldn't really recommend buying them and for that purpose. But if you've got -- time in any problem to be visiting the country or whatever other reason and it is -- fine. This is absolutely fine that this is not gonna be fine for most people -- So commodities -- and waiting. At the app and you can do it. Maybe that it's he has the -- -- and just tell them look at I'm gonna throw the phone at them. -- wouldn't let you give us what you dictate how you take up your badge when you do. I'm on I'm not really about. We hate it and I -- -- -- Catholic -- who worked to look at. Optimists and in use -- in and yes. Isn't this is a continuation of the -- -- separate he's going from the key and end up the -- to optimize it and now. The -- Yeah I think at its own admitted to it it'd be optimist -- Name me or maybe there should just be a minimum. Maybe. That's. The and the -- okay. I'm sorry can you can -- there -- okay. You thought the jokes could -- any -- here. Just remains anybody -- O'Brien Nebraska crime you number you know I suck at math I'm -- -- -- I did think about my kind of related message you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- but -- it's pretty interesting on how. Noted optimist but -- similar to each other but that slight enough difference that the incidents -- -- of -- the optimists and even though it's known and optimists on the phone -- and two point you know that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think that the -- I'm not sure I think that isn't a decision. It doesn't have to -- but it is Canada's mining. -- it. -- I think the phone it's a little bit -- -- healing. Rooms and other optimists. This. Didn't take to the design as well as the news. But overall the specs are pretty similar but -- it Android 2.2 TP ads and you -- -- megapixel camera. Is very entry level phone. The phone is available for two between nine that's -- a contract. Flights that. -- -- -- -- -- optimist -- is actually pretty much identical. The optimists -- isn't that if you optimists -- like it's it's the same. -- only difference is that the bottom -- a slightly different. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the the the LG -- you is free. With the new tier content but -- you an existing units in question. -- get the phone for free as well but having this and if the new contract next few years. Believe that -- -- -- -- -- of course the advantage I think of the -- you -- -- -- adds is that it doesn't have to sprint IE profile. Is that. Mr. optimist asks -- I've got them and and improvements. And adding to the court agreement and -- -- and maybe just. To. So that doesn't have the final two optimist phones. I don't live there anyway aren't but that's the only want to know why but I guess the -- fee for -- got a good thing. And we've got one final -- that you -- -- -- this thing you know. Yet accidental Vito. Next year so you -- right before we get back to see a right before we go for CES. I have here it's the rugged phone in I think it's time hours -- You know -- I am yes that's right -- and I just -- the photos in -- waters you can and water in the run around and do everything but. -- this review right after -- it. And on the wound up at the meeting -- -- I'm actually don't have many things have. Been an instance when it. I don't have -- there -- here's mine. Friends Wayne with -- on our last podcast we've discussed be pure Android experience a lot on the -- that's asked. There are rumours afoot that Android will not be allowing manufacturers to customized operating system with feature built. Is -- going to happen and with which OS. Tell you guys heard anything about. Actually I haven't heard that rumor I am. Right I would be its -- that was true. Because. I don't think. I mean Google keeps telling you -- you know it's it's what you wanna do it did and what if whoever wants to do it that so I'd be surprised -- they took that stance -- you know and make it happen and I'm gonna be heard that. I may have heard that I don't know if you're gonna complete -- as if they predict and they're gonna crack down a little bit on it. -- -- to be opposed to gas. -- Yeah I haven't seen I would really -- prions that yen just because that's not. How -- thing going on however there have been so many problems with upgrades. And extra interfaces getting in the way here -- You know at some point it that would about the backlash do you think that people would be upset or -- they -- immediate like it's -- eating even optionally choose to have him. -- and throw -- you know I think some. People might be bothered by a but I think I think. Most -- strict standard users are. Really like VoS and who really understands you know how to do what to do with that they just want their update so I don't pay him that's that's their primary concern whenever it happens is somebody you know somebody's interface and where it's usable -- -- them. I would say I don't think I don't think agreements but backlash yet but -- I personally. We also had won her question to be a time for -- where -- from -- yes it's okay. Respondent -- of the current Blackberry users -- contemplating a switch to the trade to global next spring. And he's concerned if you really think that outlet. Out of the box that he's asking why doesn't think with Alec out of the box. And assuming that it doesn't and -- cracked what is the best option for third party software to think differently now. He's not been satisfied with backup area likes the -- -- I. Actually answered a similar question in the past and parent and I think what this traditionalists -- Sort of a work around with Gmail adding -- -- what I was thinking. The sync outlook with demon in Gmail with the phone -- current workarounds kind of -- -- -- -- round about way to do it but that's when we did. There's there's there I -- friendly and yet it's instantly. -- I've heard you know you David email background as. You know yes it's progressing -- -- in the -- So I do. And I have one ambulance and Aries the morning and we'll -- it wouldn't -- from seven devices that he yet. And I -- elite -- privacy. We can expect -- -- And and a private commercial I've been using -- Samsung -- around now -- I I haven't unity. And from and right now I am I -- -- -- and I see what the Evan -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The level lot and if for somebody protects -- -- -- and if you're somebody who attacked the -- your face still good to meet your yet regardless of the agreement I think that that are not. -- -- -- -- -- -- If you're a person -- can be glitch here and anyway but in in terms of just like not rooting around through menus and trying hard to find things. Do you think that -- Does make it easy. -- you get it now. Yet separate entity you know one at the pilot. Good tidbit here -- -- -- that -- happened web -- but that equity that's been very. They can see update without having to really -- differently by different tabs. On that. -- and I can't fault or that the Telecom boom. If you wanna -- questions that have -- thousand. I -- -- break these if it is really not that and I'm. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think connect for CEO of them -- of -- -- And it is the perfect yeah I don't -- -- I had a -- -- -- Having fun and never -- line. A few years back Friday night.

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