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Dialed In 138: We are all illustrious: Dialed In

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Dialed In: Dialed In 138: We are all illustrious

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Even more iPhone Verizon rumors, the upcoming Droid 2, and the BlackBerry Torch. Catch the cell phone stories, launches, and reviews in this week's episode.

Even more I found Verizon rumors but very few and the Blackberry towards its Wednesday August 11 2010 and you're listening to dialed in. We've got the illustrious Kent German and Nicole -- in San Francisco. Any equally illustrious funny China in New York -- running. I I'm this -- just in -- -- written that problem it does in fact -- -- -- -- an -- You -- your time -- Analyst also understand anything about that and installing the lightbulb over my head later. Anyway. We're gonna start the show off with -- -- Jason and Jason how it's okay. Days January -- you -- actually tonight and again. I think it may not just illustrious and the ever reliable -- And it's really doesn't interest you can -- about the -- load yeah this track I think there about things you didn't think it. Andy -- her mind. If I'm -- Yeah sounds as I am not illustrative of and you know anything with it. In it. Thinking -- -- now. Aid so it's a beautiful Wednesday which means that it's time for another Verizon iPhone and rumor. -- -- -- kept -- all the way yeah it -- does it is it August does it mean I'm who let me every -- it's it's it's Wednesday. Demanded it. Actually it's a dividends and why. There's -- there's -- -- and this time it -- -- -- -- and he immediately. I'm just decide you know. Just don't care. If I have -- I'm torn between. Not just right not repeat not writing about it at all. Writing about it and just repeating that order writing and saying well I don't know but I -- I'm gonna be -- here because in the world -- and I'm gonna say now. The broad the prediction is it again in January timeframe -- raising its. And that the gossip this time is that. Apple's ordered a bunch of Qualcomm steamy chips and of course that only mean that those he had me chips are going to be in the right and and that. Added with the fact that Bryson CEOs speaking at CES this year he's giving McCain and and means and to believe that he's gonna pull out of his pocket and interviews. -- I say now. For a few reasons. City -- -- -- well even Apple as ordering them to be for a lot of things that -- be for a phone for China. They can before from courtroom for Korea. They could be for even -- I mean I'm not and that's gonna happen by memorizing is not the only city carrier. Now so we can even see it and Japanese. -- tonight as -- man I have it. Also you're not allowed to actually present an endless -- mock turtleneck -- black. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I don't think Verizon's and Steve's gonna come onstage to see -- it's not Apple's thing I just I don't see it happen I don't announcing that this device doesn't exist when I think it's gonna I do think it's gonna happen it's gonna be -- Which is four G. Selassie of mesa dual mode device. But it in January's way to early for that you can check out -- and see more reasons. That a couple it'll say I'm wrong but you know and I could be but I'm just gonna -- Clinton's. Is it is to I don't think anyone who announced -- aside from Steve Jobs even in it is a seed -- -- iPad are what evidence that no one else is going to be the first to announce it. Except Apple but now that's -- how. We just want to and its -- and -- so many people want it it you know that since their burning for -- just wanting this device does not mean it's. And many people -- -- so badly they're just saying. They just assume there will -- again reading anything that and it's not true Cerro arm maybe I think the more they say it the more likely it is actually happen. Just seeing it -- come Janet that I mean I -- some people say well Steve Jobs would never do business -- price difference in -- of them I read my lips I mean. Yet it's a market it's -- -- properly money so it's there and say hmm no but. I. I would say. So check it out tell what you think that and when seen in January. Speaking of Verizon what we do now -- that there are a lot of hundred phones perhaps coming up on the road map -- Yeah we've heard about a few things. And I had to make a correction actually to my original device I'm my original post about this. We are gonna see some -- and trade. Device and -- we're gonna see a couple entrance of phones. And boy genius actually posted this and and I actually heard a lot about it independently and apparently they have the same time I did they -- -- to it with the proposed by. We are gonna seed -- a ten -- -- tablet that -- artist actually posted about ready. None of this is confirms that Verizon hasn't actually said yes this is happening it's comes on good authority. From. It's from somebody that you know spokesman simply genius. -- are gonna see. The Motorola well and actually -- as they. I heard that other Motorola during two is gonna be out this week -- them it was so we'll get to that -- And I'm not saying -- I was right and I'm saying that's one thing that scared Detroit and we've already talked about the Android Alfredo coming -- -- expire September. We should see a seven inch Samsung tablet that's probably gonna be called the -- and the -- -- probably called the Everest. And in the piece of information I had to update was surprised it's probably gonna get. Something a device that actually Donald bell took a look at called entourage edge which is a dual. It folds up like the book and it's an. So. Probably out maybe in October so -- -- coming online coming down the -- for them so. And developers should be should there. And if you're an -- -- means a brush up on amber and Ohio last week right after the show. Produced a little piece. I've retrospective look an Android friend G ones have for area it's got H charts. -- a pretty little graphic. Ian Fleming and thinking yeah. We've -- an art department for the graphic and we need some things there are copy editor for making sure that our chart. All of that he's cues -- it's everything -- -- -- -- content. And so that's just kind of goes ahead -- and highlights some of the notable updates. Each release. Along. With and the general timeline for when that was released and -- little bit of information. Things that we know. About. Gingerbread or possibly beyond the things that Google talked about during its I. Conference that we have not seen him -- area. Take a look at that if you're experience. Cool -- looks pretty good. But one thing you can do now if you have -- there is the PayPal app PayPal two point came out for Android. And putting kids payment for them so it's about technology. And that you may remember if you capture mind back that is used originally to bump contact from one -- -- -- -- I and an in this country and dread and then PayPal released. It's. IPhone PayPal app with bump and then down -- releasing it also 400. Which means that you ten transfer payments peer to -- If you've got a PayPal account you can do this and between platforms have between I found it an Android which is really -- -- him but cool it's cool that kind of thing is kicking around in and somebody actually asked me hand liking -- on certain apps get them to install. It. Organized anything that's probably not under -- posters. The plan threatens -- with anything else Mandarin and. -- human being to think -- -- yeah yeah well it. -- At look at a USO their family announced a release date for the HTC desire. Which AM. Actually I've had that it's a long time have he had it -- since April though it's finally coming August -- -- seventh. But thinking back of -- -- the -- -- though. -- -- be available on that. Friday and just kind of refresh it's going to be running Android two point mind with -- and and fifty point seven inch WPT touch screen. And one gigahertz process there and -- and I'm hoping that US carriers said in there releases that. And they're gonna how to Samsung galaxy S device in October which he knew about by -- -- gonna be followed up with two Android phones from county. Well they really -- -- up there in doing mine up there. Oh yeah like everything is used as an idea if The -- -- ended. Yeah. -- if I left -- assortment. Yeah. You know we'll get all those we'll get opens reviews and as we can get fifty -- -- Yep and as Kent mentioned are there aren't they doing to this announced this week it was actually announced the day after it posted his. His blog there. But if it's available repeat orders starting today and will be in -- -- map for 1999. Meaning with a two year contract. And this mean -- the -- device shipping with Andrew tooth too. So. It right that's right just yet ESP if you only get the video so you get a unified fair player 10 point 1 -- by both. Voice dialing or Bluetooth and being able you know -- -- -- to SD card in a list -- Fiat. And I can't -- yeah. People. -- updating. Yes oh yeah that's -- market definitely coming -- on time and very that's very. Yep and they keep that it will be able he'd be used as a mole -- by for up to five devices that -- charging. Peanuts per month for that terrorists than just keep that in mind. And other things the improved on the phone -- the they raised the keyboard. And limit and so it's not as fun as they regional trade. And it also comes with -- so. You're gonna have -- another keyboard action there. Yeah that's -- those raised keyboard is going to be that monitored bigger things I'm looking for it was an animate him to keep -- Tyler yeah labs and was again. Do you think you know use of physical keyboard -- and injuring I don't but I mean yeah part of the reason why don't is because because -- urges you. Be big enough and bad enough that using those those keys those really -- keys just -- -- possible -- Campuses not does make it any easier is there any any speculation. Or maybe we can -- -- -- a little bit but then why. -- such a you know this is a big deal that's the follow up to the successful Motorola Android which by all accounts really brought Android began to bring -- -- -- the mainstream gen Y if news about this phone has been leaking for the past month like. Crazy. Did they wait till the day before actually officially released and even so. Like what is the strategy and -- that why you -- that as a company lightweight talked about this marquee well yes I mean. Yeah -- yeah at this -- like. -- in an arena where you have yet -- although leaks were just to build up hype about it. Yet it does is it -- to you -- red tape. Red tape that's what I think -- -- -- the marketing department probably had to get everything perfect and and -- that seems to be that the way things got a big corporations are always ready when the information is ready. I mean and actually I don't think they leaked on purpose I mean I -- now I don't have that. I don't investment conspiracy -- -- -- I mean Apple was the -- Apple and of course. That lasts this -- is exception that Apple you know so I never you never know what's coming from them they keep it -- They keep everything locked down but all these other carriers. And they just deal with so many people -- the deal assuming -- the parts that that it just gets leaked out and they'd you have to go from a testing process that you have to make the -- or make -- the phone is certified to drop on the use of documents that can get the marketing together they have to. You know get it out the stores -- have to train their people in the stores to accept the device so it just can take a long time and I don't know why they choose specific dates mean. There's probably a -- science -- saying. You know well Thursday and it's going to be -- While Thursday August 12 is the good data released them the stars -- because of some there are some reason I -- -- -- and into the movies and is probably something that goes into with these phones to work every -- about. It by checking means getting to stores and it could be that they had to -- actually -- maybe they work and Anderson told a little later and saw this -- they saw a lot of makes me sad you know we just need to get it out there. Very well in the -- wondering if -- look the same amount thing for the original drive and I don't remember it being. This either. -- Indeed the really kind of really really know yet again the notice when yeah trying to remember him yeah. A week there was a week that we started to really hear about there was I don't I don't think it was yeah it was -- -- long -- medium. But -- is growing in popularity and -- you know we have so many people are covering and there's so many people involved that it -- it just -- out yet though yes. And people -- friction by bang and absolutely could but it's so one of the first Android phones for Motorola was the click rate dining with had met -- and not a lot of people -- you're happy about that not so much in I think Motorola. -- kind of shifted their focus and -- and they're gonna look. Moto Blair and more and their products which I think it's a good move. That -- -- -- EO's findings actually -- this during their. Second quarter earnings -- and said. You know it's hard to kind of capture the value happens in a little learn a 32 ads so it -- focus on their products. Which is a good thing in -- -- Kenneth unit with the -- back Friday they barely mentioned motive there and it's it's a much more subdued interface now anyway. I haven't really noticed it -- some -- is yeah this is really interesting. Particularly because when they had the when they brought out the -- communities had devised -- and I sat in the room percentage. And we -- -- Tom -- -- -- unions and he said specifically -- is becoming software company -- So it's a very interesting to see them not even a year later turned a corner again and say well network back to heart. -- area so. Image reflects. A lot of more impersonal out of my moment of glory I think it's -- I don't like as much that she sees sense but it does a lot better than. That Samsung. TouchWiz and I think that's a lot better than Sony Ericsson's Thais gain by it experienced since even do this -- Yeah. And a but that's that's the value proposition of a lot of these manufacturers now I NYC -- what can US attorney little hands being the dumb pipes that everybody says they are. And their software is as the interface in order. Third party packaged software and they let -- -- -- preloaded with them apart from the other Android. Geeknews but yeah it's it's good to see them. And the more room. Little something else that little interface to let it get any interest -- You know an -- mean -- this that in their blog that you know. Injury three point dollar gingerbread is fed to -- custom user interface is irrelevant though. You know going for Adobe kind of into seeing it is he expects to NFL wetter and the company's and it and -- it differentiate themselves. There's only so much you can do with the hardware you know a lot of these companies that -- -- -- -- components though anyway and -- had. I know it's gonna. I think that's a challenge. An Android from us manufacturers as they don't know how to different to the devices and and try to come out with. They try to come out with these software and wrap it up and saying okay what we we really entering the we put a spin on it but I think most April may say I wanna see Andrew the Android. Nance and other sort of I think give -- their summer successfully doing it with the design but others -- not. So now the retiring. The nexus line and the G1 there's not really talking hundred. Took it -- So there's the need to be said about -- it's not an experience. So the developers edit these kinds of -- my department asthma but now I totally -- -- It -- -- speaking of Detroit. I just -- apart from Scotland story and that was part -- and posted it yet but. He's seen it to go for you is finally arriving on the joint response to start next -- and there's problems with that so. Finally getting. Very busy over the air India your business day in -- procedures is. Now I are united I did yeah installed it added that in a letter -- actually still get an over the air update. And you know. Yeah hopefully as the censorship it -- not. Light at the oversee so against trying to come out and I know a lot of readers had questions about. For Oreo and a lot of complexities of -- that Sawyer on comic on this it was about that signature. It's. That. There are a lot of fun announcements that have come out this week. Including one from eighteen team I'm -- write about you until about funny yet it's the Sony Ericsson XPX ten which -- yet. When when that -- was it. -- an -- right well they announced that mobile -- more coming aliens are they announced it before -- before that. And then we got a first look at it in late march right -- CT it's again but we looked at the amount version. Right so that's going to be available from eighteenth he -- August 15 for one of it's he with the contract. And you know it has Sony -- easier experience platform to include parents keeping -- -- Has eight point one megapixel camera one gigahertz processor. Unfortunately. It's gonna be running -- -- one point six fun. Of so that makes any he and this is -- and I don't know if net. You know -- bit and pink -- -- had been earlier that Tiffany Erickson -- they'd deliver Android two point one. Patented X tendon at the fourth quarter but it you know we haven't seen any -- injured when Chilean and being. I'm guessing it will be out of a debatable though but yeah well paid but I think the problem -- -- and Motorola's running of this -- -- is that. They really have some of these -- these personally as aids cases and and it SCSI stand in congress model where respect is earned the click response to get it in June -- happened to happen in July. And then now it's not happening yeah now it's meant anything happening -- -- Another case for a living in drinking and -- gas and -- immediately think pretty -- customers really -- it and I yet. Some part of Sony Ericsson's user loser a nice experience so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- as that as far as the device can did you like it. When you you know I I I think it's I think it's pretty good there was some things that I was in -- -- time skate there were some. Little just little things about it that I'd really like. It was a little overwhelming and I thought out of a -- alerts to but I got used lot of what I thought listener base of some Black & Decker cars and it's always flowing through it just can be a bit much. One thing that really didn't like and it's just kind of small issue when -- in the big picture -- that I'm very big issue for me. Is that that the virtual keyboard and -- it's not -- -- from physical paper doesn't always work -- and landscape so. And your punching and I think it's memorable correctly you're -- seen -- -- addresses -- -- you know you're taking somebody's. Text address or something it doesn't -- it then works when you get to actually typing a message. But I just linking inconsistencies. And yes -- work across all things are not and yeah I'm not so. Overall yes I like to do this big I mean I don't -- -- some people -- Buy it it is a good interest and handsome but what's gonna -- hold -- back I think that the landscape and one point six -- now. And one thing and only getting there means that. Is what look at the -- is cheap but many. Yeah yeah yeah yeah this and it's it's it's it's a price. Even -- via Internet and -- an acceptable at this point hit it. For sure. So. Big news and Blackberry -- last week that it may not be the -- that your expecting. BlackBerry Curve three G is coming to T-Mobile. Yet though this is the follow up to the curve 8500 series and it's still more of an -- -- of the front room but you only get three G support. And it's gonna ship with Blackberry -- by but it will be needed to elect -- And -- -- thirty said that it's come mean within weeks in Unix -- violent and graphic crack -- grain it's. Okay I like okay yeah it's it looks -- yeah it's pretty obvious cautioning that. And you know -- Carriers in distribution partners worldwide this month -- including bell mobility in Canada. -- look at that we can yet that's not the only Blackberry to be announced this week. Yes -- the Blackberry. 8530 -- -- it's seen before from. Verizon and -- -- believe it's going to cricket wireless Islam and this is actually crickets first and a Smartphone according to them. And of a big deal if you're with the customer and -- -- a different -- -- in Banja entries in the so far it has GPS and and and X can have a success keeping -- -- -- market. It's available for 300 dollar and is also available -- -- very affordable. Blackberry eat it up -- which is six dollars a month for unlimited text -- And writes that -- Excellence. Shifting gears they've got some news for quite a bit of news actually from Samsung. Ten illness health about the applicant didn't intend sounding man who there Friday -- get nightmare of. Sam isn't doing a lot of sequel phones lately it's this is we have no exception here this is the flight to an eternity to. Eternity to -- a touch screen and -- from looks like well like the original maternity. It is -- and of fiscal keyboard. I'd it has middle range features most of what you Tynan and the first found has Bluetooth two Y and -- -- T-Mobile TV personal organizer GP it's. Mobile music. It is a quad band -- found but the -- cameras -- been bumped down three megapixels to make its -- does that. -- -- why am I. Yet tempting it is clearly. It is. I guess I'm spasm these kind of -- -- Yeah I've actually when -- review them action -- sort of saying. I mean I see the differences you know but -- there's monitor troubles are releasing my why you have the eternity -- this but anyway. They are really into this space lately and there are also into messaging this is a messaging and house and a messaging phones with a -- the actual keyboard. At the flight to. It looks little different from the flight one of the first flight the first flight was vertical -- had a vertical. Or its agencies with the keyboard down vertically and keep -- -- kind of I mean added trying to -- right into some people wise some people would this found is actually horizontal orientations the keyboards right from the side and -- pretty much the same features. Does include some extra social media -- and access to the eighteenth apps and and it has one fingers in means it's when you and that's -- RadioShack with. Expose for the moment and it is 49 dollars with service. -- fight to an eternity to. In the meantime Samsung also released news of 2 different -- this morning. There is one for boost mobile it's the Samsung -- and that's going to be pretty much identical to the Samsung seek for sprint. Yen two point six inch QBQ. Fiji a touch screen. And point three megapixel camera stereo Bluetooth speaker found. Pretty much everything we saw before expendable. Micro SD slot with room for a 32 gigabytes of memory. Yeah boost mobile and SpinRite to that the Sherrie via phones their communities sharing and caring lire. The difference is gonna be in pricing of course it'll be available August -- -- fifth for a 149 dollars with free shipping from that this mobile website. You can find it today and some exclusive stores we don't know which ones yet well some people might but -- they weren't specific. And and then in the coming. Weeks and months it should also crop up at best buy and RadioShack. In that sprint stores in September and targets hours in October. And this is prepaid. And then in addition to that. I asked him that -- Lots of custom fit -- good. Though except it's really not it -- -- other -- if the terrible -- naming. It is available now from Verizon online isn't really basic flip -- No -- no oh okay. That the disgusting you did this oh oh. Retired from that sound good. Jason that we have. And then yeah yeah they are far away from -- people like the -- -- it's an arms might actually I hope so. On another -- me on the head but okay. I'm -- while a kid and living it right a -- if it can't have been seen an instance kernel displaying. VGA camera there's -- -- -- And text seeing -- as a mass -- sorry and then that's. Instant messaging email. Have basically a lot of basic stuff basic Internet access there are some of the -- services on board like to be the navigator Bing search and -- -- Unique feature -- -- call all. So you can set a timer and have your phone call itself to white -- -- out of corporate situations. I'll. Acting teachers in your -- yeah. I got out of -- -- I don't know about Sarah. Another thing it out of it like this accidents that its -- -- 898. -- in Chimerine an alias and -- into the phone should automatically say. Something bad happens and something came up or something they came up there. -- Anyway you know that's coming down they -- I'm an appeasement. -- targeting. I mean if it's really you will arrive -- -- retail stores. Some time for about 1999 after a fifty dollar mail in rebate with a new contract. And make. It but it's -- if you get it online. Strangely it. And we have one final lots also sequel Nicole -- -- -- yes -- this is the other turn. And it. The density but this -- the market. Being. It's MS GM EM bowel live lead this beaches pronouncing message -- so. Ms. Newton admits that -- -- -- how -- most -- it up. The message may soon I thought that MS GM and it and Nina and I had -- understanding. I'm not making any fans about flavor managed to announce that the and yeah doesn't that. This one is the -- -- message -- the debut last year and notes about the same thing -- -- they had been designed. A different keyboard isn't it think it makes it looks a little bit -- use easy to use one point three megapixel camera and a very cool jogged down the site's news. -- -- messages -- testing is available but eighty dollars. And amber and her -- complain about the name but there's also the text me do yet that she XP -- -- yeah. Men and right -- Kyocera while ago I had. The it was that good good to go and it was like GTG. And there's this whole discussion about whether it's good to go -- -- to go -- Kids today -- have these days are saying got two kids these stay at hand and -- these people I don't know so. And tax money and that there was aggregates news our views -- it. I think plane -- a -- that. IPhone took away the field test -- solution on their phones of course just -- Uranus but. I was reminded that Android does have that so. -- an apartment. Settings section you can see yours -- signal strength and decimals you can see how exactly far. And very useful information. And she -- Natalie take our outbreak will be back very soon. And we are back to dismiss us we have an excellent -- coming up. They've all been waiting for of the Blackberry torts finally take it away. Yeah and now we talked about and -- a bit last week but it. Any overall I think by very I think. Is great. And -- Graham might have updated the hardware to go with it and as far as the -- a you know it's it you know it's raining. That the benefits the Blackberry O six and just makes a phone for under powered planet you know like a Saturday -- pink. Rim did it at it pretty decent out of updating its features it's not. You know revolutionary -- not you know and it's not gonna overtake iPhone -- Android but. It did when he needed to do. Turns kind of updating its features and like it's a classic I don't think they torch is gonna -- -- -- by the who is in a Blackberry user from. From you know -- to getting the torch -- think it's gonna keep Blackberry users happy you know whether it's. Because they have to have a Blackberry for work or because they really Internet messaging and by that Blackberry messenger features. So. A you know -- David and an eight. And I've been getting grief from people saying it's too high today I think it you know for what it is and for Blackberry cuts for anything. If that's a bigger letters or -- money. And yeah panning it's if you could give them. But it's gonna be available staying tomorrow for 19990. You know. Who's doing it. And has also DH TC wildfire. Yet this is actually a phone that isn't available in the us you know -- -- and -- -- look at what's out there. Internationally and this phone was named by HTC and actually. It's it to their FaceBook page in math where. Help picking a name for -- painful and -- reviewed phone and is it. The result of it and it it's collaborative content again and a that the plant -- and and it's it's I think a lot like that ET the Ariane available me teens he took. It's it's got that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's highly HTC desired just smiling I have a lot of the same features so it it's been good in ninth and has a good amount of features -- -- injury to -- plan and I believe in under eight point two it will be updated that. And but since it's not it a phone marketed for the North American -- it. You know you're not gonna get three G support and the -- has a little bit of a lower resolution screen. And not a very powerful processors so. And it's not meant to be empire will not -- smart and two levels so. -- -- I think it and for the North America market you're -- better -- getting ATC area not worth getting in my version -- which -- three and fifty dollars yen. And he says now -- -- -- you mean care you can now -- you combine online play you know. You can you can pending at Warner and and a better screen with HDC area for lack. And -- artists the east yes -- exactly yet. But note that not for the -- -- make them. And it you know we like to -- bucket and knocked from yeah yeah. And but that the land -- Well. We also had a review for and other. Candidate from this mobile. Yes at this steam Motorola -- in we mentioned is that economic area. And innocence of the tropical. Maybe they needed to conference committee -- it into that the. Yes so yeah it's pretty simple looking black. -- cellphone for a whose mobile and has moved pretty it's pretty basic 1000001 point three megapixel camera not the best. Camera of its seen that GPS -- stamp -- news and it's does have a music player and -- on the front of the external display underneath that is some extra music that it controls -- The touch sensitive controls for the immune advancement of the -- that's what's episode of interesting. It's 150 dollars though even though it's without a contract I do think it's -- IRE. Some of semite basic -- so I think for a boost mobile I think he should probably look. They're. I have other phones in it does -- a -- that could be that the beach he the sport it's -- -- features it offers justices seemed very. That he expensive phoned me. -- of the Motorola body pretty good call quality though so -- and that's how does that compare to the Motorola I one. The more I want and flip that for boost mobile -- it's good to seeing with the moral island has been expelled it couldn't -- it exactly the scene. Hardware so the only difference that it's been excellent vision is that study different outlook -- -- that the -- in a phase. He has been its features make them -- them speak TV and then speed mobile features like them. NASCAR for sprint mobile is on here is -- honest yes campers but it's on here. So those are very split specific features and if you want that you should -- the space exploration and other like it's exactly the same -- the that the boost mobile version. You know you get the scene call quality even this scene and it beats the -- everything so yeah it's -- much the same as the Motorola island. -- -- at these Samsung intensity to we have a lot of fun talking about that -- earlier on. So this is another one of -- QWERTY keyboard slider messaging -- -- is pretty solid -- solid messaging tools email. And I actually really like -- compact design it's pretty much the same as their original intensity in many way is one thing that it does have is it's gonna had a and it's moves. -- little soft key buttons from the keypad. On to. The main screen see -- that is too little bumps on the left side of the main screen when you've got the phone standing straight up. If you turn in on inside and it's happens soft keys they're set up I was interesting. We're really glad to see it that the micro SD slot has moved from beneath the back cover which is highly inconvenient. To the -- -- phone which is much more convenient. One thing -- That's I guess sort of interesting about the -- Is it is billed as an -- phone so it's -- from sun. Recycled materials partially and partially printed with -- The box is definitely small and I'm also composed of some recycled paper. So let's see if there are a few drawbacks -- -- -- -- navigation keys remain a little bit cramped we don't link the 2.5 millimeter headset Jack as we would prefer. The standard 3.5 millimeter. And strangely can't only music directly to the phone you have to actually -- -- -- music to your PC or swap it over from your PC. -- fan we were able to do that but it would've been much more convenient the and again it in onto the phone. And but a spur of the messaging phone goes them was fairly silent and not really a lot of complaints in terms of -- of -- Yeah. It's very intense very -- -- the idea that any time it. We also have some things coming up on our radar. Like theme that are -- -- for example everybody yet though that she. -- -- -- Tomorrow. Not unleaded and we'll have a review happen in the. -- -- -- Yeah M -- and lunatic and that it Ian Simpson speak or. The -- element that the testified he -- because some of the doesn't have -- for -- yet but at the end of the keyboard to. So we're priming or -- -- around and out as a galaxy -- yeah yes. And -- -- you're gonna take a look at another fan as well yet experienced and just the -- -- version -- -- looked at him -- persons are and expect a lot of differences probably to Sammy TNT had specific. Services. -- -- You know Marcos says keep your eyes peeled for those upcoming -- Yet have any emails this week. -- -- And we -- discuss it and hair and this is from David from the youth movement has been and then -- and -- He and is wondering if we will see -- world. Phone and world phone Android phone from Verizon any ten -- holding on his Blackberry 8031. Of attention because of that. And an amphitheater for Christmas I -- you know we don't have any official confirmation and fortunately -- it you know according to. Didn't have leaked roadmap the right and we'll beginning -- picking one with if he's he's with aero. And I think -- independently wealthy. One or two devices with -- -- keep -- Right now. You know it's it's something I've been looking fourteenth -- in -- pain in the. Good I -- from Ivan Ivan asks yankees -- I was just wondering if Steve Jobs -- richer than the software company wants to put a tower in San Francisco can take it to three years. And CNET article says it's true accident is true if it hadn't read it Erica are very great story. This past week on just why it takes so long in San Francisco takes longer and everyone else and start the city went -- -- applications so it's good stuff. But I'm question is and how -- -- going to managed but for AT and so by the end here -- -- scripture. Well I'm actually working on a story that -- up steps it takes to get -- -- not necessarily in San Francisco just in general. But it should be coming out within a few days to check it out. We'll talk about on the podcast -- you yeah I am with contemporary issue. -- any other emails. Yeah I had this question from Alex -- maybe can help me answer this and -- like Blackberry devices and I'm stuck with an almost obsolete BlackBerry Curve 8330 from spends. -- he's trying -- visit the Blackberry site for updates but -- home. He came across the new pearl three G and is wondering if that -- that's coming out and and seeing. -- but what's what's -- what's of the -- TT. You know I don't think current heard anything in about. US availability and yeah -- -- -- caveat I I'm -- will be coming back I. You know we really haven't heard anything in which -- he. Yeah. Led AME intensive -- in make around -- I think all the after the current CD out yeah I am Asia. So it's yakking to -- he just yes. Stick -- state type that. Call. That's probably not a lot but it hasn't been in the -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- the. But. Overall it's into the Google might actually be a record of like a street and if you how many -- -- -- So that about rounds out our show for this week. Not speech he sat in the meantime until next week you can email us with your praise or constructive criticism -- in and cnet.com. You can also send us a voicemail at -- 866402. 2638. -- -- blog in the meantime -- in dot cnet.com. This Jessica Kent Bonnie Nicole and the illustrious Jason home Canada and -- signing up for amazing engines and -- -- -- Words can't even describe opens it and -- pleased with Ireland says. A. Yeah.

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