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First Look: Denon AVR-1910
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First Look: Denon AVR-1910

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The Denon AVR-1910 is a fully featured midrange AV receiver with standout upconverted video quality, although it's held back by some subpar design issues and average sound quality.

[ Background music ] >> Matthew Moskovciak: Hi I'm Matthew Moskovciak Senior Associate Editor at and we're here with the Denon AVR1910. This is a mid range AV receiver from Denon and at about $550 it's at the higher end of the price range of the models that we've looked at this year. As you can tell from the design the Denon has a curvy front panel look which is different from say some of the boxier designs that you'll see from Sony or Onkio. When you turn the receiver on and access the set up menu you'll see that it has a text based onscreen display versus the graphical user interfaces that you'll see on some other AV receivers. The included remote on the Denon is not a strong point. It has a very unorthodox design and we found it really hard to get useful especially the fact that a lot of the features are actually included on the back of the remote under a flip down panel. If you flip around back you'll see the connectivity on the Denon. It has 4 HDMI inputs which are standard at this price range. It also has plenty of analog video connectivity although we will note that we were a little frustrated by the back panel layout. The video inputs and the corresponding audio inputs are separated so you'll have to split your audio cables apart and it can create kind of a mess on your back panel. Now the AVR 1910 is capable of up converting those analog video signals all the way up to 1080 P over its HDMI output and the Denon has the best image quality of any of the mid range AV receivers that we tested this year. It passed nearly all of the test results that we throw at it and it also handled program material very well and it's really impressive considering that most AV receivers do a pretty poor job of converting analog signals. For sound quality we were less impressed especially considering the relatively high price tag we thought the Denon only sounded average with competing models from Sony and Pioneer edging it out in sound quality. Overall we thought the Denon had a pretty solid feature set and if you're planning on using the up converted analog video quality it's an excellent choice but at $550 and its only average sound quality a lot of people are going to be more satisfied with another choice. [ Background music ] >> Matthew Moskovciak: I'm Matthew Moskovciak Senior Associate Editor from and this is the Denon AV1910.

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