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First Look: Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (Intel Atom N450)

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First Look: Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (Intel Atom N450)

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Dell's basic Netbook adds better battery life and the newest Intel Atom CPU.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:03 >>Dan Ackerman: I'm Dan Ackerman, and we are here taking a look at the latest version of Dell's very popular Mini 10 Netbook. Now, since the last time we looked at a Mini 10, there have been a few changes, both inside and outside. Inside on this new Mini 10, they've got the new Intel Atom N450 CPU that all the latest Netbooks have and a couple of changes to the outside, as well. A few nice touches: there's a nice texture here on the wrist rest. The spring is actually inset a tiny bit from the back of the laptop, and that gives you some nice either two-tone contrast there on the back, depending on what sort of a color you choose for the back of the lid there. And the rest of it is a fairly standard 10-inch Netbook, the kind we've become very used to. Now, this has got a 10 by 6 screen. There are some options for a higher-res screen, so we're actually going to take a look at one of those models pretty soon. Otherwise, you've still got your 1 gig of RAM. This particular configuration has a 250 gig hard drive, but there are other options available. And it's got Windows 7 starter, which is fine for Netbook. But some people find it annoying that you can't like, you know, change the desktop background and things like that. The keyboard layout is nice and logical and big keys like the shift key and the tab key are regular size. They don't get shrunken down. The keys themselves are a little bit smaller than we've seen on other Netbooks, not really the easiest typing experience. And this touch pad, not a favorite, either. It's kind of stretched out and very short. And the mouse buttons are built right into the corners there, rather than being separate mouse buttons, not as easy to use as a regular square touch pad. Now, in terms of performance, Netbooks with the new Intel N450 are not really any faster than the previous generation of Netbooks. They're still good for web surfing, sending email, basic stuff like that. Any kind of crazy multi-tasking will just, you know, make them freeze right up. What you do get, however, is fantastic battery life, especially because this particular model has a nice, chunky 6-cell battery that they built right into the system. It doesn't stick out a lot. And we've got more than seven hours of battery life out of this, which is pretty darn amazing. I'm Dan Ackerman, and that's the new Dell Mini 10. ^M00:01:59 [ Music ]

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