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First Look: Dell Inspiron i580-5108NBC

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First Look: Dell Inspiron i580-5108NBC

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The Dell Inspiron i580-5108NBC is an ideal match for users with computing habits that lean toward general applications like simple Internet surfing, word processing, and light media editing.

>> Justin: Hey, I'm Justin Yu, Associate Editor for CNET.com with a first look at the Dell Inspiron i5805108NBC. This $830 computer is a favorite out of our spring desktop roundup for its excellent all-around system performance thanks to its up-to-date hardware, and you also get an affordable price tag. You also get a discrete graphics card in the package which adds to its overall versatility with gaming. So let's take a closer look at the tower itself. The case you get is the same one that comes on Dell's budget system, nothing special, your standard black tower with subtle details like this media card reader down below, 2 USB ports and a couple audio jacks. Of course, there's also a dual layer DVD burner up top and an empty drive bay for expansion just below that. The outside certainly does not paint the most exciting picture so the selling point really is the system's components the most notable of which is its Intel Core I5560 Processor. That's a new dual core chip that emulates 2 additional cores for a multi-threaded performance boost. It also has a 3.2 Gigahertz processor that helps it beat out competitive systems with dedicated quad core chips. You also get 8 Gigs of RAM, WiFi, a Terabyte of storage and an NVIDIA G4's 220GT graphics card that's for light game playing. We're also happy to report that the Dell performed very well on our power consumption test. It faired in the middle of the pack and will cost you about $23.00 to operate over the course of a year. Now, while that number isn't good enough for an Energy Start Certification we're sure that the cost savings should come as an extra boon to our eco-friendly readers. You can get many more details about this system including internal expansion, warranty info and more detailed speed tests in our full CNET review, but that's gonna do it for me. You just took a quick look at the Dell i5805108NBC desktop computer. I'm Justin Yu and that sounds pretty good to me. ^E00:01:50

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