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Crave Ep. 78: Everything old is new again: Crave

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Crave: Crave Ep. 78: Everything old is new again

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This week, old meets new as we drool over a new AC/DC pinball machine, turn our old CDs into works of art, and put your condom's location on the Web. Plus, a skateboard powered by your brain, a shopping cart that stalks and judges you, a DIY Chewbacca tissue box suitable for space travel misadventures, and Bonnie's robot gets a name.

It's Tuesday. -- when he. I'm Donald bell your experience in the crave podcast. And who's here -- Eric Franklin. If that happened puzzling that I know I I screwed up the -- already -- -- not bad -- why do you think -- -- -- beacon initiative say it is to create podcasts and that I'm Donald bell and everyone follows in underneath. And ended up -- Parents just don't screw this -- on I I don't -- Right and I guess who's gonna -- it -- and on and on I don't know what -- -- hardly any experience this is what people like about ten. I like most us here times yes. That has never forget each of them and although we don't have relayed up at all she's kind of in the hands -- in -- currently in my Greenpeace look -- I can only see her eyes and the US and -- on this show. An amazing selection. Of old meets him. I -- old meets a little I I usually like this kind of but the little on the -- and I -- -- -- some vintage cured -- We're gonna we're gonna take this show and it totally different direct -- this is what we really AS to hold me and who. The burnout is set in Myanmar technology yeah just -- Italian meat. -- Lots and lots of exciting stuff where it's like a look and like a new spin on old thing. I've noticed I got usually like to group together into the stories and a couple different themes service on almost everything -- -- the category okay all right. Starting list that it. A Blu-ray and new pinball machine. Themed under AC/DC. Is AC DC. Pinball machine slash jukebox this is a brand new machine like this is. Gonna be released in 2012 yes and it isn't anything like a month I stern pinball oh cool where where -- -- still make them. -- -- -- with them in to their. Place of business so that people can -- and -- -- -- -- where -- you -- -- you play Wimbledon stays well I have a bomb museum in in my city -- Alameda yet. In -- or portable have you -- this actually I have to -- -- -- and with my band like almost every place I've played via the ideas bar. Actually mostly -- -- now. But they almost always have a -- machine. Was. William is you and your act now and that is okay -- and those that can look -- -- -- Percentage of garbage collector themed pinball machine this one's -- cool yeah -- CBC. -- Yet while lets us of -- 5000 dollars to get this machine but you know you could rent it out. Every other thing is is why its anyone who would buy it -- themselves is because it is like the man cave. Everything right it's -- -- -- AC DC the jukebox right. It's a giant. Picture of it at the dudes face that you can look at for hours site which all men crave. In their maintaining -- got a giant blinking button right there assist fire next to it. Which as a jukebox or to -- this. -- and I'm good at low drag Iraq. So brave and treatment month I got a whole photo gallery up here it's coming -- in its news museum says I think there's an art and as a software equivalent of this. So -- iPad app or something like that coming and a business later. Like at and ball machine where -- BHD pinball that's that -- -- Android is metal and Baghdad that's a little scary it's lake. My kids into the app and a woman simply -- -- just like. The slayer -- just like grizzled flash. You know digital horror will always ultimately gets into. -- -- -- -- Only and I think you think he's -- it will just a little bit young guy he's not he's never to -- you never -- -- to be exposed eighties and the power -- rock. Anyways and -- sick and the thing -- a this next one -- -- bunnies beat these new blog these on the same day we did AC DC and then its counterpart. The beautiful. Sculptural. CEO claims yes -- -- Says this is and -- -- -- Avery he's an artist from Australia actually -- and the query writer and illustrator but he takes old CDs and makes them into -- and me being. Animal sculptures. These are pretty amazing -- Yet since he get he just has friends fun family journal world CDs Mary goes to office buildings and down and then he just uses it to scissors cut -- And he. Basically uses a wire frame -- to make. -- at the base and then attaches the CDs but it he also does circuit brains which is one in telling their. But he only makes animals. Nothing. -- animals -- because the way that is rule and that is is he that. Because the wave -- CDs her pack and cheap easy and -- an -- yet to make. Birds are standards it's like that the -- -- That I like how the detect the color of the the CDR film yeah bottom of the yes the -- he says -- is about fifteen different colors. -- also making a massive dragon for Ripley's believe it or not is. Awesome and of course the next evolution stuff. -- -- -- -- -- Yes unicorn dragon what else what else we need the mystical creatures. Yes and that I would publicly called an owl with the -- from. That the robot owl from the -- of the titans yeah yeah of those already easy to assume at appeasing treat that could lead the weekend to -- If this -- be we can credit -- the hell alone with this this this. There is this bird is it's looking out -- falcon. How can this falcon -- by AC DC pinball machine sure ya man to man came as our company women who did. IRA. Things didn't bring you out of the man -- Q are coded condoms. Don't necessarily have to leave them. It I don't know if you need economies. Now and well potentially -- we're inviting to the maintain. Like if -- known that women in the man. In its history a visual art emit. -- -- I think is rules late there's rules. I think I think I'll -- EU you don't wanna miss an opportunity is once. Well that what I mean it -- happen that would be tagline for the Q are -- -- -- DI MD. Thirteen. He's being handed out a Planned Parenthood I believe that -- Seattle area chapter of Planned Parenthood. Is -- -- here are -- condoms and a a web site component to where you -- can log in. And anonymously post the whereabouts of your recent. Sexual encounter a sex. Safe sex encounter yes and the idea has -- promotes the idea that. You know not only are you sexually active for anonymous people are sexually active -- random places across Seattle but they're doing it safely. Right now if you want to identify yourself can you do you have the option of doing that. He was -- this is me Donald bell I just had sex. Where his Condo I could well put a -- I have a -- on the time. Actually have a map February -- -- the elegant and well. He -- like this is like over the past ten years of these appearances this morning read and -- in the when your way -- -- -- -- anywhere -- Musty attack again at that and I daily -- counter was really unexpected. Not -- trucks not -- -- Greyhound bus station sure whatever safely yes that's what matters. Also matters we have the right. Code for your -- Heard that matters -- on them. And each. How to improve the -- -- with modern technology. How about if you control with your brain today. This is a evolution of the connect powered skateboard beside C -- -- awesome in this business the board of imagination. Why can't -- believe the board of your awesome imagination. Those ads yeah. -- I hope -- -- ends and you know that it its. So apparently you can control the skateboard. I like this version of a better person office and that and the connecting -- even funnier skateboarding it's connected and share feature it's what -- -- this version better. Well you get to where. Bad ass brain probes chair on race -- -- look so door keeps doing this -- and as ready to Manhattan. Beings -- and it seems more of a futuristic paying them like. -- -- -- -- -- And so you control its direction -- Wii controls. Directions by leaning ranks yet like a regular -- -- preliminary list order or stops is on your head years -- either about future. In the past yet. Right seriously have no seriously I know that's not us are working -- -- future you go for -- Yet while it's not Soekarnoputri slow down and it has yet they've basically said you pick a point had a view and they have wanna go there. And think about how fast in our house and cool the idea that is so -- you know. -- Remote is it's a mind control skateboard -- my original skateboard yes that's exactly what it is. Me me while sitting here like calmly discussing this well we like -- -- -- what. Donaldson -- vomiting over the edge of the incredible also has resorted DX. It -- it would. Money's eyes and bleeding that stupid -- it's just doesn't seem -- revenue -- appropriate reaction to -- mind controls for. -- you can break here like that part of mean that. Haston rain on the parade here is that. Thank I don't wanna be thinking that much while and skateboarding or of being that aware of what I'm thinking about while I don't you don't you when you wanna skateboard. You would we be had a discussion about this offline when you'll use Skype port you wanna use your your your body year you know you want -- your muscle memory to take over you want to think about it. But the -- just the concept of this. Seems an incredibly cool scenes -- on the outside my field. Yes I know Leo that having things better and that are powered by your brain spot. Pretty cool -- In theory sure. But I mean if it's I think make this list -- aren't a broken technology it needs rescuing by -- how are true in bodies like irony here this'll last night her daughter and I am reading -- -- but when I. Those -- you can say that like. -- in theory it's it's it's not. It -- -- physical concept. But you know we get to the point where I can it can control everything and is run by mind. And ask me pretty cool. You know how do we know that we're not doing it right now and while we -- -- Through our mind and into our bodies. In the let me is like it's it's. I like the console I'm sure there's going to be some amazing thing that is perfectly suited for -- from -- I don't know dozen years this I think it I don't IV write a not. Cold -- Going to kill you version of my control right -- but makes -- NGU if you can freak people out with it. That's as this and get some value there. You can like have your mind into a skateboard. Attack you know assume would be burglars -- -- like that -- House. Chat. To go talk to grow and run -- run a -- down and chat room and you wanna get -- -- -- -- -- -- you if you see in a pretty new you -- think about the new Netscape or just put back. There's nothing growth by more attractive than Green for -- 810 tech custom if you are coated condoms and a nearby Greyhound bus yeah. Let a new -- -- way. For a magical adventures. Actually yeah. Why and I. Here's here's how we do this is -- we really believe it is not at least -- to there -- -- you can with gears your loved one -- To a magical fancy. Space. -- high heat. The Playboy -- space station in flash sex club and how these are there -- them. Your your -- -- right direction errors he played all day case. And sex. -- they're not today and let's -- and that might look like a space. At that although it is trying to and it's just this X leopard and right now he's made a point where it's available. It's our racer there's no success -- Com. That my 101000 it was actually this. -- -- -- -- Now but there are some them pretty amazing artistic renderings. Outlets -- -- Playboy club in space. You may or may not want to have sex they have hormonal -- down. Wow. And and I -- dean of -- -- What a pleasure dome had in mind and -- -- -- -- and idol title -- -- that the art in the pic looks awesome very well done. The girl. She looks. Suitably hot. As the floating one month yeah. White with a white -- -- -- -- but the do you. Who was -- -- be represented because you. Yeah I don't -- back to the drawing board for that stuff that guy I don't want that guy I represent. What is flakus -- hair. And his -- skin tight black suit. Any looks like he's -- -- so it looks -- how. -- -- perfectly normal hair but if you're at ED eight -- he looks like that I care to their from a Japanese RPG at an early discs that doesn't do much for me. As far as like appealing to me Theres fame because -- -- picture you I'm not gonna. Line and now I'm not going policy change that picture okay and I've given -- -- 151000 dollars and governments gonna cost to get up to space to have sex with hookers. Because there's -- this mean as -- is a -- and brothel in space but I'm supporting this but. Represented correctly is what I'm saying like. I've got like a beer -- you go in you need to be women of flannel shirt or something like that the -- like us more realistic that's the best -- going to be a you know. I just love how our first space colonies gonna have herpes -- and hit. -- And any column I am gonna have some kind of media outbreak can discover not a problem on. Yes the outbreak move. Space and also look at a I -- remain convinced that zero gravity. Sex is something that is really. Getting -- -- as you can -- to sane like. Neither astronauts have to -- Who until plastic bag of cash to buy it you like you know in order -- not -- around everywhere as. Yeah that could get messy that what is and India and you might come into -- space room like this. And that's why there's no matter where any champagne and I'm not alright. Yeah that's that has -- -- -- -- Every mouthwash anyone businesses. -- -- -- -- -- I got Kleenex. Yes -- -- yet banks bank of teach him that. They have -- -- and -- hello under its own. How perfect this. She bought dead next to buckets figured out this'll -- that's he said that -- -- -- -- thanks agents. He's been doing it for you -- have by bringing -- bringing along his own brand of -- -- -- -- tissue boxes. The idea this is a DIY weekend project with that the -- -- It's also the end it's also the wicket tissue box we can project it and -- we could. The character -- hit Nampa. Yep -- pieces of -- cook up a. Pieces of to the and I need to type this at the battle that he can have is -- its. -- up -- and sexual innuendoes and 6000. If you consider a mount -- Mama I ten dollars worth of supplies and you can build your own she bucket tissue box for years. Adventures be -- terrestrial. Or. On the Playboy has been they'd look like they're they have sex as -- -- -- -- out there. Hello we don't get -- down -- okay that it mainly for its. They were very excited. -- -- that -- socialism it's my wife I'm ready I'm ready. And standard and an in the doorway like -- -- Until she wakes up and fix this. I'm scared. He should instead it lost out -- -- night. Bring it bring it back down to earth. Earth earth to -- math I just blog about yesterday this is the midi fighter 3-D. This is a DJ USB controller that brings together. DJ is an arcade style giant. Buttons and a four eighths spastic. Interplay of music and technology. Idea that I like them the Egyptian. The -- fighter itself as a DJ controller been around for a few years. Which uses these oversized. Arcade buttons the -- makes what makes this one unique is that has a built in digital compass and gyroscope. So that you can dial -- effects and volume and whatever kind of -- controlled -- you want I just -- their allies around Apple holding a certain button combinations. So it's kind of like. It's literally like taking your your button combo and moves it geared. Arcade past chair and and taking advantage of them so it's -- amazing DJ career. And -- -- giving unit chance did shake your DJ controller are. -- So that. So that's all you -- links. And it links are in place so -- DJ you have it all hooked up properly Nelson. That's all you control everything just from the buttons you're not looking as -- -- screen -- any feeling that you Nat. That's an idea there were. What's it can be I mean if you're if you're if you could be doing you can -- -- you -- use this and double digits and has been DJ you're gonna be -- to look at what music you might be queuing up and you know on your laptops in everyone's home but then you can take this out. Now -- this mean and queue up -- from points of the track. -- makes it kind. You know double the -- around a little bit. Yeah -- if you just like electronic musician. Tune up your own songs and CDs just use this and never look at your -- share. -- -- Which is very cool again like it. I don't like that regularly this -- -- He's look at me and my group and a whole doing I don't know -- He's not the guy you give them the guy you want to be looking at the party right now. It looks like the guy -- a kick out. Collected dust that doesn't help -- out why -- -- -- won't won't won't won't won't. Shift register them yes yes. -- -- -- -- Com so that's it that's the entire block of old meets the -- as all right we got through it okay we are around two -- it's little sections here. Yet we're still here is that Tony has -- the action packed shouted and so far in outlines there. This is that I am putting this under the category of the robot -- or that this is how we're going to dying or. Holy crap. The robot. Because OS and always has been robot Michel rent only following this one is a self assembling the robot -- Courtesy of like men's technology in the origami idea of additional reasons Mendes is like that is -- had to -- -- fabricating. Circuits and electronics at layers. The circuitry. And the actual kind laser cut designed for. On to one like little -- which. The U -- symbol pitched -- and suddenly the little kind of folds pop out -- until you go into. Goes in the form -- use and selected for this particular robot. -- you build easier. The lessons or it -- really. This -- quick mass fabrication of these little to the robots that mostly this is like a constant I don't think and emotionally clamoring for a I think you will be but definitely hit. The nail on the head with the whole -- Robot apocalypse -- With this when this is this this is this up and -- -- -- nightmares right here -- and then there's -- leaves little parts of like liquid Solder that will pop out and make all the joints when they've been put in place. Solid -- And then need to supply some voltage to and then at the very in his video purchased -- the wings flap. The -- and he can imagine -- like scattering out. You know a handful diesel -- shaped flat. Discs and then having the robots to self assemble and fly away -- Kill you are looking Q are. Gonna get -- in a thousand different thing he it has a god. Actually it's like a working model. I W -- made CO on the terraces. Preferably choose the form of the destruct -- that's exactly what would happen that you make sure the from the dish out there and -- think of robot be particularly in hello got a got to make it lets you choose I don't -- it's got -- -- And then -- -- and -- because of that. Well what -- what if the all swarmed into a state puff marshmallow man after that Levy that he -- -- -- -- I could pick the deal. The deal -- Now -- -- failing black cloud of robot eve in the woman's shape up -- -- -- that -- swarmed from Spiderman has amazing friends -- -- shirts will. School that's particularly. Said school -- art school. It was a bunch of peas are a murderer or insects that they got together and formed a huge giant June 5 -- it's one. -- I -- is there yes piracy and but at least he doesn't -- video out of it I'm. This next one is another connects. Device canal connected device to connect connected shopping card that this is from the same dudes who did via -- -- -- awesome this. And yeah this this is that a -- moon -- and this is that they they're talking about they're gonna announce this with a whole foods in early February at the and -- -- -- now they're just they just announce it. -- little demo of this shopping cart that has a connect. Of the two and I guess a -- media windows eight tablet as well. And it basically follows you around. The -- the grocery store. And talk -- you in the you know you put. Items and in the -- you scan while -- putting them in McCartney say stuff like. It should be eating. Mean yes they say they -- have really unit gluten free free diet you -- out. You shouldn't this has coordinated and the merely new and sat -- suggest an alternative that -- in the funny yeah sorry. -- -- like a little -- you have to go down no. Well it's about slots while it starts up as -- little like you know kind of you -- very cooperative on shopping partner that's gonna you know you know it's going to assured I'll just -- you put whatever you want an -- It's like you know these -- like to Begin a relationship where everyone's like -- -- -- School but then you know after a few times -- with it. You know it gets the point where is it -- -- want an. My department know what to put that there -- do you know that you know I can see that Sony. Don't even know me. Exactly adding to an -- crisis. -- through the door to the chase said I and you -- as big. The other big argument from everyone and from a whole foods and looked outside I now I was being a teenager I was -- it was and that's exactly and absolutely actors Matt this is just a -- and am -- impairment -- -- -- You -- -- you okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would -- he has the skateboard over the analysts say that I like. That the best part is that you can check out from the shopping cart you can basically. Each of -- -- right and say good -- to it and then it. He points on this in in the in the article comes sadly and cold you know since it does things anything -- -- What you can check up -- there you just leave from that which is great when it backs up the backs of whatever. But that's the best part. The dvd to be else. Yes. I concealed way to do that without out of Russia in -- -- -- they have now. -- paid stooges have like a cell like a little Q are scanner or whatever on the cart without talking to you make sure. And it's I don't -- -- like have the -- announced everything that -- decided heck I would see in Hawaii and hard -- prevent me from getting any kind of Q are coded content -- -- yeah you know. Cache age and I'm at the -- courses like you know and even that Google now -- -- -- Part of tunes you know or. -- -- -- Our view tickets well that's it -- -- Large block of total foods that -- in my this person whose body that block helpful if you're in hopefuls and news. You. And then you know the yoga -- cute yoga girls will be -- ITunes -- -- -- -- As a father to this scares the crap out of me -- -- That -- -- can just follow me around like I kidding citing data may be -- -- someone else got this. And -- paying attention. Organize your digital legal calendar in an insert she's -- on the -- -- -- which you can. -- just love it. -- Also it -- a substantial costs on every shopping cart to union. -- -- -- -- -- -- Dwindles and now the biggest upsets some. I'm not -- -- I'll give give the chaotic -- people mind controls -- board. This thing you know and but I just like another reason liners that Clinton whole foods -- food itself because it -- -- it. -- -- A school that doesn't mean what else do we have Eric do we have a segment from new possibly. One that I love every week. It's called. Nine control. I had made clear Blair acknowledges -- at. You don't believe me efforts. We found the practical. Appropriate application. On -- got some stuff from the new -- means well do my best. -- And really adamant you know it's less than three months until the interest of its. Yes and -- moral. They are releasing a new trailer with the vendors and I hate when they they telegraph that stuff because it just makes the anticipation is that much -- to deal with. Com but it's I think is tomorrow night -- this new trailer and she was -- -- be -- -- but they also released this. Incredibly photo -- -- new poster. That really does not look at an all the pollsters this if you could put them about Steve and -- is -- science. I don't know what they're thinking by releasing this it is you can tell -- each. -- from -- completely different scene. It a year it may mean I even the seen in the movie probably just like a you know promotional -- you know you really did take pictures for promotional purposes -- and what they couldn't get one together. So there is -- to. Hodgepodge as well whatever it. It's an idea across all these cereals are together in one's -- will blow out and stuff will blow up and -- -- you'll be lights. Around the stuff -- It's got a handsome where some intact which is all -- will need to know about the movie they're going to see. -- -- -- -- -- Loan now whatever men and women -- -- -- institute and so -- the point I can't remember who was at the launch on Twitter so many good point Bosco -- and how. People forget. What a good actress she is like. -- a vague at this she's been in some really. She's -- she's had a really good parts and has actively -- in their hurt her kind of hot miss. Distracts from her acting ability when I saw her in -- -- years ago. I was. Impressive I mean -- might -- these young eighteen year old girl is really cute. But also she's really naturally she seems authentic -- she -- -- -- -- active and I think sometimes are hot biscuits in a way of -- Peoples appreciation of acting ability. I -- think like playing an emotionally speaking teachers that hard of -- -- -- -- attractive girl. Maybe not maybe not but since then she's gone to meteor rules com. Where she can actually shall summer for acting chops that Inca at helping people. Appreciate and -- -- I'm trying to think of the main Russian and international and the Lily Allen film. Where she's too young girl and -- in the -- You know engage -- -- and Acer's come if you parent teacher and school on don't take away my ability to -- unattractive. I don't want you to you that it's an issue for women. Because it can it be turned into insists this is kind nerd stereotype. Where nerds I hate attract chicks are coming in a you know set its -- -- -- Brad no ill will ports okay good. Could you shorten -- she's a fantastic. Actress and really hot at the same time I think. Saying it less of -- got a I -- can fly at high end at the cnet.com. What else do not gonna we have around we found. That last week speaking of fantastic heroes and cyber at least. -- -- It's got that play a video of how he would. Change style wars episode one Tesla is better did you watch imagine I'm -- I'm Bonnie that you watch it. It's pretty it's pretty cool so that's them in front of his Green -- he. He's got obnoxious the guy but I -- -- -- he makes some good points. Not that these points have made before they related media videos have -- went -- for but he kind of you know -- amounts to twelve minute video that's. What -- -- the main points being. And I agree to all of these points. Is that so wars episode one did not -- main character you may think it was and -- actually he doesn't appear to forty minutes into the movie and he doesn't. Take any real. On you know he doesn't take any action for -- -- -- than taking them. I guess action he can -- goals and indeed it finds itself in situations and he's all let's try -- that's -- -- economic analysts that the stuff and whatever so. Given the from a real main character which is all we want to be making -- -- -- the -- main character which would bring attention to quite gone. Say they'll want to train and -- -- He could have like these tension -- and organs jealously lightly trained him you know you you're my master each between me lightly -- -- -- -- however. Op also he says that you should meet yellow right away in the movie DB you literally you don't really build it out. Easy it is and alligators is better is to hear how -- it is in had a volatile Lowell mass you to do this -- -- into bills of his character and canceled yet she -- and -- -- This could pay off for that and -- don't come -- -- the character as we. As George Lucas did appeared in and they also don't that we don't seem fight which I agree with. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I agreed with. Everything in -- then I -- do you feel bad though for this amount of investment. In a movie that's already been me I agree with you now directly culinary academy -- -- and yes just hurts now right now there's Larry out. I agree with you on that point but this is good for someone like this -- actually have a passion for it is -- -- for -- causes this is gonna make you know it's gonna make. Waves across the Internet give him some attention. Using and is make -- a different -- made the but -- like 1000 views yet. So that's that's -- for him I think and people are into style wars and people will will respond. -- either emotionally to style wars videos and style wars criticisms and lack of criticisms that people are still in just hours after almost forty years -- It's amazing that a piece of art like this that a lot of people agree. It's disappointing. But this much attention goes to figuring out why it was disappointing. You know you see something at and there's a -- are out there that is blame if there's an album that sucks. People would just ignore it but -- -- it's not great. But like -- not letting go -- -- and his. I -- and this -- not alone the relevant data guys out there that threw -- -- great guys and girls mature by the. -- never a fan of this hours films like a big fan as a kid -- kid and did you really feel. That disappoint it would episode one -- came out and I. As a Kennedy -- she and but it wasn't like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because because -- -- Didn't have that that that that that they -- soldier -- What you. Engines that Amazon adults and we -- -- -- -- -- found again you were lied to by the start to me for side opposite ones -- -- Like you -- Newman has music and we sat in did you get this guy on is like the James Bond films that were ruined in the seventies. If that actors. Bad intention you know -- I -- advisory premises for genes bond films record yet he you know our fourth that -- error yeah her. Sheila -- -- details you know they could they'd probably will have to at some point though that ideas -- But there's no chance in hell they gonna remake all of Star Wars episode one too -- now. Even I am assured George Lucas and dividends will don't ever related -- -- contact -- heart all the people are so bad -- solemn. Yeah he he doesn't care what these guys think he doesn't care he wants to make he has his own movie -- -- his movies. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At the end of the day legally I guess -- George Lucas into everyone's. We're gonna do whatever we want right now canal almost skipped over this. Think you guys -- Not kicking me that I should have. I did you come back to Boxee the robot. Named TK at that point right me and -- -- bodies box robot. Didn't have a name and we reach -- you guys we age we shut the crave blog to submit names. For Boxee. -- guys came through. You did we get them on to bid submissions letting go through the milk the shared that love box -- -- -- I heart box as in I EYE. Gravy. -- like me. The heart meter. Box so. -- -- And Cuba. Cuba it's pretty clever that is picked up those first to those at the -- -- -- there at that it you know -- fills the box. Well and age of submissions it should be -- -- You'll love rising too much of coral. -- So we picked want to take an and the -- in the and is listen when I get some CNET -- look at teacher and an iPhone. It's cool centro and some other stuff than we want -- any. If I so -- decided -- due. To popular vote yes. Violence the name of our new robot. -- -- -- -- Old. I like -- -- -- my favorite name. That's the one I picked out just yet -- -- lot so -- from my home was sorry he was but he was -- sort of rescue Maine mountain lake in ultimately most of exactly. He's so cute but you know and also sounds like something that -- -- -- name box. And. United Nations to Al Douglas. EC's. First name it will often in email later and you. It plans to saloon and a -- master chiefs admit. Your brilliance in any form you like. Clause in red attempt. You can email us analyst at that tell people that -- This boom. A year's worth the disappointment. So surprise me. -- crave -- podcast. At cnet.com. Who knows we mean -- what you write on the air here. A -- -- a phone number of which may or may not where he is has a real phone number should close their phone number this from the -- Don't call upon -- content. There's you know there's no phone numbers a little -- that I didn't -- Funds overrated. And you can check out -- document next week on cnet's crave blog. -- -- And that. We're gonna try to keep the iPad three out of this because this many people -- within its next week I suspect this new lot of people -- iPad. You'll not want to talk about antenna and share. -- -- leaders think that we'll try to guarantee you an iPad three freak show. It -- that.

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Mini's concept begins where Google Glass left off
1:51 April 19, 2015
The carmaker's Augmented Vision is a new concept projecting information, navigation and safety information onto a set of glasses.
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