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Quick Tips: Control iTunes with an iPod Touch or iPhone

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Quick Tips: Control iTunes with an iPod Touch or iPhone

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Using the Apple-created Remote app for the iPod Touch or iPhone, learn to control your computer's iTunes music library.

>>Learn how to control iTunes in your home computer using your iPhone drive iTouch on this quick tip. ^M00:00:05 [ Music ] ^M00:00:11 >>First things first you'll need your iPod Touch or iPhone with the latest operating system installed on it. With your iPod Touch or iPhone dock select it from the iTunes sidebar and on the first page hit check for software update. Also be sure to have the latest version of iTunes available. On a Mac go to the upper left corner and select the software update. On a PC select software update program in your iTunes folder. In iTunes go to preferences, then devices, and then make sure look for iPhone and iPod Touch remote is turned on. Once your iPod Touch and iPhone and iTunes are all up to date, go to the app store. Search for a program called Remote. Now this is an Apple made program that will let you control your iTunes. Once you have the app installed on your iPhone or iPod Touch be sure to connect to your home's WiFi network. Launch your remote app on your iPod Touch or your iPhone then select choose a library, then select add a library. Then the remote app will give you a four digit number to sync with. Be sure to have your iPhone or iPod Touch docked to your computer. In iTunes select your device and you'll be prompted to enter in the numbers that the remote app gave you. The app is pretty cool. It will let you search a library, play lists, pause, start and skip to the next track. I'm Wilson Tang with CNET and this has been another quick tip. [ Music ]

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