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First Look: ContourGPS HD sports camera

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First Look: ContourGPS HD sports camera

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Packing all of the features we like and skipping the ones we don't need, the ContourGPS is likely the best value in Contour's HD camera lineup.

Squatting squarely in the middle of Contour sports camera line up is the ContourGPS, which brings us the value and ease of use of the Contour HD, and the flexibility and advanced features of the ContourPlus. Wow, look at these two, we're pretty rough on our cameras. Anyway, I'm Antuan Goodwin, let's take a first look at the ContourGPS before it gets all scratched up. The ContourGPS fits well in Contour's line up, with the same bullet cam form factor that's easy to attach to almost anything, with it's TRail mounting system, and array of adhesive and strap mounts. Up front's got the 135 degree wide angle lens; which are flanked by a pair of laser sights, which we use to help aim the camera without a view finder. The lens simply rotates 180 degrees, allowing the unit to be mounted vertically, or horizontally, but not upside down. At the back, the rear door features the unit's power button, and locks with a switch. Behind the door, is a mini USB port, a micro SD card slot, and the rechargeable battery. At the top, is the raised recording switch that houses the GPS and bluetooth antennas; slide it forward to the end, recording at 1080p HD at 30 frames per second; or in 720p HD at up to 60 frames per second. There's also a still phtoto mode that captures 5 megapixel pictures in 2 to 60 second intervals. And each of those have GPS receiver which keeps track of the latitude, longtitude, elevation, and speed of the unit; as it records, and stores that information in the video you've made in the day for later retrieval. There's also an internal bluetooth antenna that allows the unit to connect to an Android phone or with the help of the Connect View card and iphone. Once bluetooth paired users can launch the Contour app for android or iPhone, they use their phone screen as a wireless viewfinder to help line up shots perfectly, before hitting Record. The app also has a Settings Menu to adjust Recording Mode, adjust Exposure and, Microphone Gain autoplay. Compared to the top of the line ContourPlus, the ContourGPS only lacks the HDMI video output, the external microphone input, and that extra wide angle lens. It also lacks about a $150 off of the MSRP which is a trade off that I think most users will be more than willing to make which is why this middle tier camera is catually my favorite in Contour's line up. Check out the forum view of the ContourGPS for more details and photos of this HD sports camera over on cnet.com. While you're there, check out CNET TV for even more cool first look videos. Untill next time, I'm Antuan Goodwin on cnet.com, giving you your first look at the ContourGPS HD sports video camera.

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