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Always On: Coming Soon: Always On
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Always On: Coming Soon: Always On

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This CNET production will review tech in ways you've never seen, and spotlight the future tech that will change your life forever. Coming June 19.

-- -- Introducing always on coming June 19. This CNET production as a whole new kind of tech review -- We've taken the show. Every episode of our weekly twenty minute show will tell you what new gadgets are out there and how they perform. Okay I'm starting my half marathon training to adapt to these three miles I have my -- -- and and that might visit. -- you had big Golden Gate Bridge. You -- little iPad. Plus whether those gadgets can survive in the real world -- which can be a pretty tough place to be. My be okay. We'll tell you how to get the most out of your devices. And take you inside this test that will change how we live in the future. Always on its -- like you have never seen it before. Coming June 19 at slash always on and I can't actually somehow there. I'll pass out.
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