CNET Top 5: CNET Top 5: Most wanted gadgets
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CNET Top 5: CNET Top 5: Most wanted gadgets

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What gadgets do CNET users want most? Tom Merritt takes a look. Expect some big surprises!

[ Music ] ^M00:00:05 >> Welcome to CNET Top 5 where each time we meet we count down another hot CNET list, I'm Tom Merritt. One of our most popular lists here at CNET TV is the monthly, most wanted list. You determine what goes on this list by marking products at This week we have a brand new never before seen number 1 product. Are you ready for the shake up? Let's count down the top 5 Tech Toys you want most. At number 5: The Nintendo Wii. Okay an old familiar face here, but it's in number 5, not number 1 or number 2 and still impossible to find, I might add. I promise the next one on the list is actually a surprise. Coming in at number 4: Windows Vista SP1 -- ha, ha, didn't see that one coming, did 'ya? This is a yet to be released free service pack you download to fix bugs in Windows Vista. And it is the fourth most wanted product from CNET readers. You're getting this Microsoft? Up to number 3: The Sony PlayStation 3, 79th week on the charts and probably benefiting a little bit from the victory of Blu-ray in the high-def DVD wars -- PS3 plays Blu-ray movies. Plus you can actually find one of these in stores. Sliding in at number 2: The Dell XPS M1710 gaming laptop. This one won an Editor's Choice from our reviewers and as apparently won your hearts as well. Before we get to our most wanted gadgets of all, let's check in on the rest of the top 10 most wanted. The Nano is the leading iPod. Way down there at number 8. All right, as I said before, we have a newcomer to the premier spot in your gadget-lusting heart. The number 1 Most Wanted Gadget at CNET as determined by you is the Panasonic DMP-BD50. That's right, a Blu-ray player. You're taking this into the format more seriously, aren't you folks. This isn't just any old Blu-ray player either. When we saw this at CES, they were showing off its interactive features, like the ability to play games and chat with other BD50 owners who are watching the same movie as you are. I'd call that distracting, but apparently you don't think so, because you want it just as soon as it's released and man, I hope its not Vapor. Well, that's it for this edition of CNET Top 5. If you haven't created your own most wanted list, go now. Register at and get started. I'm Tom Merritt, see you next time. ^M00:02:31 [ Music ]

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