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Tech Culture: CNET to the Rescue: Apple will sync you

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Tech Culture: CNET to the Rescue: Apple will sync you

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Josh Lowensohn is here to help us grok Apple's announement that it's bringing music and data cloud synchronization to its apps and device. Also: What to do with a dead RAID array, how to save big bucks on Windows upgrades, and much more.

Hi everyone -- here to the rescue. I'm repealed in -- -- joined today by Josh -- and and media who is graciously given us some of his very valuable time today to help us answer -- tech questions. Josh -- you guys know has been covering. Up pretty much non stop everything Apple's since. WW DC which was Monday morning correct. He live blog it. That is by the -- the hardest job in journalism -- offering live blogging. I I just a moment -- my hands and cry yet I you know what I -- -- putting like them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For real -- really mopping yet because he shifts in that you read these things to your hunched over like an hour and yet you leave the thing yeah it's miserable look at -- are right so today we're going to talk about -- begin one of the big announcements at the WW DC which was. Synchronization. Coming to. I OS and iTunes analysts. And and with and eventually we got some of your questions that we're gonna do is protest before into those questions. If you have a tech question for us send it to rescue at cnet.com. I think that email interest it works -- another big email changed today another part of our protest. No question as to basics of got a tech problem getting under your skin drop us a line. And we'll try to help -- and I have a request for everybody has been sending a female questions which are really really do appreciate at the everybody else who's getting the benefit. Of the discussion we have -- -- issues. If you happened to send us an email question. Please please please take the time to put in capital letters were capital letters -- called for because otherwise. I have to go in and word by word change things like and put that in the notes into the live blog. And the copy editors meet just wants to wrap you on the knuckles with a ruler so don't do put in the -- thank you very much. That to mean now. When we -- -- with -- machine tool -- you all the -- automatic I don't use word I do this in in Google -- -- -- -- -- feature Google yeah those a lot of don't get me started on Google today I'm fighting with Google. Before we talk about fighting with Google let us talk about synchronization which as everybody knows that there is one of my favorite topics and Apple. Did at Apple said okay you buy a music track here or you put -- document -- pages there. And all your devices. All your Apple devices. Will get the same documents -- won't have to worry about what's where Josh what is going on how how big deal is this and -- How -- we use this. This is a big. -- sensing. Infrastructure so if you take a picture on your phone. And it shows up near photo library that same -- gets -- to -- iPad. Or your -- here are iPhoto library thinking if you buy a song on your iPhone. I'm or your computer it'll it'll go over those of the devices -- the -- idea is to come and make it so you don't have to sync all the time you got to play in iTunes yet find a specific program and and manage -- immediate because it doesn't it doesn't scale that's what Apple said you know it's it's this problem that we've created with PCs -- hub. That's their pitch of course the solution is only for certain devices so it's not for. Computers as much because. It's more about the files that they share so it's not like you're gonna get full backup of your hardware and -- -- -- -- year MacBook -- It now. People who watch -- show in in geeks. Know about synchronization about drop -- the most probably the most popular general purpose file -- app right. You drop a file in your drop box folder on computer than it magically appears and all the others and you always have the latest version rent. It's still that's still -- pretty obscure technology for the mainstream Apple is gonna be bringing it to everybody with this new feature so the idea of synchronization is gonna. Hit the mainstream yet. Rated their takes a little different drop box kind of goes with the traditional system -- this giant -- file browser you have to go through and put things in folders and figure out where they go and what kind of media it is. Apple's kind of broken in at up -- apps that tether focusing on it. So like I said if you take a photo it's gonna show in the photos app and you write a document -- pages there were processor. It's gonna show up in pages in your desktop the whole idea it's really kind of decouple. On people from that. Trying to find like file browsers Steve Jobs said that. People are really easy time learning how to use applications they don't understand how to deal with the file management like when it comes time to save what they just created. Suddenly people become can. -- right everybody knows that my favorite application. Evernote. -- Does synchronization by. Out of the box and so -- -- the to do list manager or use wonder list. And applications like this in which it what you're describing as is Apple applications as well now. The you don't think about the file system. We just think about you have the application you install it on a new computer you giving your character ID and then it just sucks in the data from the cloud and then your apps are are are hooked up. To each other. It is this kind of the end of a file management is that -- we're talking about here. It is it can have it turns having less -- -- a bigger hard drive. -- percent you know it's it's now -- You don't have did manage it anymore that's the big thing it just comment. It goes into the they're in and all the apps know where to get that -- you don't worry about word is -- story is on everything wants her. So what what else -- think every we've talked about my favorite apps the Apple apps will do it is this coming to OS-X as well and this is -- coming to other apps get in the App Store. So that's -- paper for an actual old Mac apps. Not so much its its kind and there is an infrastructure -- her. For it and had is like a file. Service like there's an API -- to tap into the cloud to take a share this allows us to access them so developers can build apps now that don't use the standard file system and that you -- services -- -- -- usable. And and the thing with that. Where there's -- big you know caveat there is that it's not immediately stored just eight file. It's like mister -- and your hard disk -- it's just -- store files from those apps that use that I'm an as far as I -- Yet meaning included -- in the -- STK which will launch you know when -- five in the fall. It does that so all these apps will be able to kind of tap into that Apple's iTunes store a little -- the data. -- have to worry like if you're reading -- book. For example when you an e-book app not -- out its captain Ike about it'll save your page. -- -- -- buys something on one it'll go on the other all that its Kindle already does that I'll have you know. But don't realize that -- Amazon's service and -- -- -- -- I'll stuff this is for -- -- developers that they don't have to build an infrastructure that's what Apple's pitching -- that was games. With games is actually really instinct is company will open things which can -- -- IOS gamer and Android gamer. They -- basically do the same degree he get that little bit of data that developers can think to -- -- -- game medium iPad in your iPhone. You can get it -- harmful then and sync up your progress possible and and for app developers that can be that they want. Well that that be great -- just like go to wherever a web version via. IPhone -- iPad whatever cool though it. Now -- we talked a little about drop box there are other interest -- sync apps out there there of their apps than there -- services. Apps Evernote one journalists. There are probably many others. For services you want to synchronize files check out drop box which is simple and beautiful. I use sugar sync which is much more flexible. -- not as easy to use more flexible. Also live mesh formerly folder -- share and Microsoft. Is a synchronization -- in addition to having a cloud service with I think 25 gigs of free storage. They also do peer to peer those challenger to computers are on at the same time they'll synchronize. There is an advantage to this which is that the files are stored in the cloud through your security conscious I mean the files the other transiting through Microsoft servers. But if you don't want everything stored in the cloud. It's only on your computers. And only when the computers are on the -- the they synchronize data and that's that's an interest in alternative especially -- lot of information to synchronize and -- end and will run into the them stored limits on -- services. Hmmm -- Let's when he -- ethic that vision thing about this before we before we we move often to protest is a what apples and I just have to mention it. We we've been talking -- sync and cloud sync as the as the future forever what what Apple is doing is they're using the cloud. But they're not giving users access to the web versions of the data -- they it's all about putting that into an Apple device. It's yet to have Dave announces their killing off mobile me next year two -- 1 June 30 2012 and that's basically a service or the web mail -- -- you get. Gallery all etc. stuff. You don't it didn't really do that while an applicant admitted that finally got -- look -- that aren't that bad it was prior interest in. And it kind of off limits and that features and find my fun thing that's just banana yep and I I am -- Atherton and they're of the eagle that feature an -- -- That move away from -- -- it's kind of funny that they had been due to speak like Internet thing and yet it's still about the soft. Where it well it'll be selling. It'll sell their apps and their hardware -- Speaking get your signature Apple cloud data everywhere but on the web itself is what looks like right when -- all right. The more buzz instead at the message saying the enemy and you know why away Apple's clearly doing this is because they've Conakry this thing -- -- combined weather products and it's just the vessel. It's like you turn in on you plug in your Apple ID and all your stuff comes ultimately. Like you just use the device that maybe exploded in some sort of horrible train accident it's like. The whole idea of specific devices what's armaments that the law it's not just the vessel with the store. I mean you buy this device and you get your media your books. Your music your apps all through it in each time you buy it. -- -- into Apple in the conduit. -- -- what some protests we're gonna stay with Apple for briefly you have IOS five -- you -- that dev version on your iPhone four there. What do you think of it. It's it's pretty interesting and it's really buggy. As -- darling ones aren't yet but there really obviously neat feature is that. You can just -- swipe your finger down and now you get weather. And you can see your emails and notifications from maps which hopefully nothing horrible coming up on and -- and then it's just scary it's like if I -- fuel to -- it that is it just opens up right away. That's the overdue and you note that it's basically sapiens and the and the rate at getting. But assessing that was was -- great system -- -- mean to you finally if I was NN analyst every I was gonna borrow an idea of many company. Who proudly pupils use and really notification yeah they're notification handlers much better or has been until this. Great artists steal. It. It's. So cool I can't wait to try that when are we gonna get that all -- day which will only once. You artwork -- -- with what am I gonna get my. Any rigid MacBook Air who. And now it here's an Olympic and they can because they thin line would be on July in April wanna throw its new hardware out with it. July the July would seem like a month are. Let's do a couple -- quick protest we got your questions. I have to report. I'd. Got my mother a new computer -- -- one. A not a home built -- type that anymore and at the low end you don't save any money by doing a home built vs them mind -- she -- -- bought cheap Ella bully was about 300 dollars. -- you know what this is really. What a bargain. This about 300 bucks for a real computer now in arm up -- -- beat playing some major games on it but it runs videos. It does what she needs it to do and it's. Quiet it's -- It's easy to set up. But almighty god the crap where the comes on this thing have we learned nothing PC vendors. So you know we've gotten ridiculous -- and eBay icon on the desktop. Pointless and at the stupid -- thing here's the thing. If you're buying a cheap computer like this. Chances are it is not your first computer so why try to replicate the -- a new computer experience with this new user interface just give -- windows like Microsoft signature series does but of course those machines too expensive. I mean this I I I cannot tell you how much time I spent. Using these clean up apps trying to make this computer without all the overhead and crap and -- -- the nonsense that nobody needs but -- you know it's just like the little pamphlets in in magazine's the one know it's not because they make -- computer boots slower it doesn't matter if it works and enough people it's like spam. Yes and enough people click on that -- knows that and that's when they keep doing it -- way PCs three dollars. -- -- -- Because it helps subsidize. Maybe. I don't know here here's the thing though there are good solutions to be crap -- PC decrypt a fire that application actually called that which is quite good. Or -- an installer C cleaner STC cleaner. I mean it's the -- PC TC cleaner there's some really good apps out there that will help you bring a computer back to what it should be witches. A desktop a vessel for applications not for marketing offers thank you very much in by it do that. That's my report. Just you got anything else out there. Now now you you you know here it at at CNET we moved to Google app -- from outlook to Google apps -- mail which is the corporate version of Gmail. And I just have to report that them. It's going to be a difficult transition for many of us including me because. They are I mean I hate outlook but. It I'm weren't old married couple we've been together for 25 years and I'm used -- on all its Altima in my work flow is used -- -- Gmail is yes it's different. And I I. There's something I just can't do. As quickly as -- -- an outlook so I'm right now experimenting with thunderbird which is Mozilla's email app which is more outlook like anything out there that that runs against female and it's it's actually very very good but the folders are. In the transition settlements that I've got to work -- -- the thunderbirds are very good email capital works well against Google. And sparrow. Which is a little Mac email app which is very simple with a lot like Twitter. And you tried -- -- turned you onto this and your like Rafe you're -- I mean it's very beautiful don't get me wrong maybe it just didn't. I and the kind of job bringing to see stuff -- music comes in the notifications really weren't there. And that tagging in the flagging in the organization to be you you know is very pretty but it it just didn't. Well if you want pretty -- with sparrow to a functional though thunderbird if you're really here real man though just that with Gmail Google. That's -- earlier questions. Josh I'll do this one and get read the next one that -- -- says. Is there a Smartphone that does not require a data plan. I would only connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi I wanna for my kids and some friends that want everything but a bill for data well I asked. Are are. Mobile advisors about -- Nicole -- and she says some. If you buy a smart from smart phone through carriers they will force the data plan on view people. Sometimes do by Smartphones unlocked through third parties like eBay. Which can circumvent this but generally the carriers don't like it and you risk getting caught and paying more for your data. T-Mobile is a carrier to go to this is what you wanna do they seem to be the most lax. The what I would recommend -- this is what you want is get an iPod Touch four. Which is a Wi-Fi device with no. So -- on -- and that that's a a great device for great mobile device for browsing the Internet without a cellular connection and the get a cheap phone of cheap free phone for making -- -- now I agree to pursue and you know it he economic ultimate portable he always been Wi-Fi hot spot which is a pain but then he can get a prepaid ones -- not sending -- to plan -- and it's. Probably about as much as buying. And I'm mark but and you get two devices and you know you can use the Wi-Fi -- with your computer here I mean has multiple uses yet -- separate two batteries. Eighty and two bills. And your grabbed -- -- -- A writes both my day and now use wireless headphones while watching TV and listen to music and podcasts like -- their rescue. After reading about the recent who report on cellphone use and possible link to certain cancers I got to wondering if the wireless headphones -- -- a similar problem. Should my dad -- stop using the wireless headphones for what it's worth the head phones we use army by TDK and use their clear technology. Thanks and I love the podcast. That's an interest in question of course the that World Health Organization WHO has. Released the report saying that that -- is beginning to look less inconclusive. On whether or not mobile devices and contribute -- cancers and -- cancer. Are -- cellphone I can't says he's beginning -- -- I'm convinced of this. And the question is if you use a headset. What is is that better or worse and I got the radio sitting on your head or Bluetooth -- that sitting here now. As I have to be clear. I'm neither a doctor nor a 88 certified expert in electromagnetic radiation but I talked about people that this and here's what we know so far. Headphones and headsets. That use radio waves of course do it do emit radio frequencies -- radiation. At -- at the same thing three times. Yes they radiate but they rated at a much lower power because -- that radio waves only have to go from your head. To your phone which is like three feet. Bluetooth is very very low power even when the -- -- your year than the amount of radiation that is being transmitted are being conducted interior is very very low your mobile phone. -- -- -- -- -- Or more or maybe a little bit less and that's I think point six watts or something is the maximum radiation get -- -- phone and that's a lot of power that might be going straight through the middle your brain. On the Bluetooth headset is much much less than that. Here's a trick. If you want to keep your. The radiation from your phone as low as possible as -- go through your body stand right under -- cell tower. Because the closer you are to a cell -- the less hard the phone -- to work in having that connection the further away you are the rate the phone will up its power level and you will be sending more power. Out of phone and bouncing around in your brain before it reaches the -- the people's -- and to cells accounts as well yes actually that will lower power. Are -- up your phone and an eighty speakerphone from thirty feet away. Yes although when your opinion of -- -- video too -- You just can't win no -- really cannot. Lets the Eric in Hawaii. With this that story here. But illustrative I have a five year old Dell Dimension -- that stopped working all the sudden. Fortunately most of the raid zero hard drives have been backed up to an external hard drive but I would like to recover my old outlook emails. It's not elect panels on overdrive from time to time a couple weeks before leaving even able to get things started pressing the power switch -- do -- thing -- -- the power cable plugged in. It for you -- -- -- next. Now normally when you have a hard drive. Failure. Like -- -- failure like this we can't get too hard drive it's in your computer. What I would say is take the heart -- about pop and one of those USB IDE adapters and just that on your desk and and read it all the hard drive without -- which trying to do is get your PST file off that it doesn't back up but like other data. That won't work because you've got a raid zero array in raid zero -- that means you've got two drives. In the data -- bounces between them though one drives -- one drive fails both drives for raid zero its faster. But you're twice as likely to have a catastrophic failure. If one of the -- goes out now it doesn't sound like here. Here like what happened -- -- actually had a drive failure had a computer failure. But the problem is because you gotta raid -- you can't just take -- -- that's the somewhere else raid isn't like that it's not like you can just pop the drive into a new computer it's just gonna work. So you've gotta get your machine working again. So power supply might fix that I would call -- -- -- get -- -- girl power by for an 8400 I'm not sure it's a standard part you know I don't think that ultimately work. -- but. So -- basically your answer is you have to get the computer working again to get your data -- art director finds that it's doing it easy -- And this is a less than I think for everybody about. Weird disc format on the raid zero -- all that weird is a standard on com. It's uncommon enough that when you have a failure you can't GS pop but dried out and pop -- in some growth to use it. And raid zero is an extremely dangerous format it is like it's like they say if you're flying around and double engine airplane. You think you're safer right. Know you've actually got twice as much -- likelihood of an engine failure -- -- commitment but it will limp home on one and a -- format that there are. Ray format that uses mirroring. Is rigged up a redundancy and mirroring is good because then if one drive you know if the -- the other tried to keep -- -- Raid zero is the exact opposite that you trade -- liability for speed. And in this case what you're learning as you trade off. Flexibility when you have failures well all the lesson for people in Germany and -- -- more on this advice but. Raid zero scares of the Jesus academy Fries are flaky enough that residents and apparently computers are too. And seems like you know maybe -- camp -- it's worth check Ann -- local data expert data recovery service you can go on and actually. Set -- to drive and get stuff off if it's really important point consequently. I'm sure you can find some. Similar machine find a friend has an 8400 and it's configured more or less the same way you can pop those two drives in there and then -- -- the data that way what a pain. The real quick one here another Dell issue -- Austro fifteenth when a problem -- Matt and Syracuse. He was doing a bios update and it froze about halfway through the process -- let it sit for about tournaments that nothing so ended up holding down the power key to -- to power down. And now won't boot files it's totally wrecked can you help. If you hope it's in time -- No it's firmware updates as that scary there of the scariest thing in the world and Matt I really feel your pain I don't know of any way. If the boot handlers bus that how you Buddha machine. You know -- -- I'm sorry but that's. That the scary thing it's a Phoenix bios might be some way anybody knows away. To own brick a brick -- laptop with the Phoenix bios please send it send me a note -- at cnet.com. And put it in the show notes I don't know how to I -- do -- on parking. If that's what -- Since it's from surfing the -- and who says I currently have a laptop running Windows 7 home premium. Now when I upgraded to professional however -- -- paying 8995. For anytime upgrade I can get Windows 7 professional upgrade disk. 415 dollars through my university's help desk amazes pieces suffered upgrade my home premium to professional. Well that's an interest in question and you would think that if you have a machine that comes with one version and license and it. Mechanism in place that cost -- about the that will be the only way to do it. That's fifteen dollars is a lot less than ninety so I I ask Microsoft about this this morning and they said. The short answer. Is yes you can do this. Through Microsoft's licensing programs when I heard -- schools can provide windows as well as other software the student may just want to ask what are the terms of use so they know what there are options are once they graduate in other words you may not be allowed to use that software after you graduate. Do -- need to -- like anybody's gonna check. But anyway windows anytime upgrade is just one of several ways that people can upgrade -- windows software it's not the only way. You can continue to purchase -- from local retailer or in this case. -- additional options. Through the schools or you're gonna save yourself a bucket of money by getting the professional upgrade disk from your school from that can from the university -- -- like you said and doing it that way and good jobs that money. And I -- student discounts on software and stuff. It's so great like free Amazon prime membership really like twenty dollar copy of -- -- office -- -- the -- copy of my that's what we went and we went to that conference then at the Microsoft labs and in Mountain View and they have Microsoft store they remember that now the cost. Yeah -- like that -- melts I -- was liked. Thirteen dollars for an eighty dollar -- And there's strict security controls mean you can't get into that -- with him a special -- which we got it now does it run on the campus people -- -- -- is gonna. By windows for four dollars magazine via museum. Any one thing -- thing you know that they they can't go there and and -- something. Legal with. -- centro and writes to us. Can you tell me what to recommend a performance offer to clean up the registry speed up the PCETC. I currently have power -- by union blue but I've been having same issues with it that it removes my Trend Micro for my desktop. And tech support can help. Well -- when needed to speed up your window seven machine it only happened hidden somewhere you know and honestly at least under programs installed on my machine down. No problems at all really yeah that's rock -- -- download all sorts of horrible things on there no problem. Well I'm but the worst an example -- just works. With a seven I gotta say when the seven is not this does not XP is not -- it actually is a fairly stable. Operating system especially if you've got headroom on your computer -- got enough extra CPU. Not an issue my mom's -- national and elements assures that extra -- But I got a three year old Windows 7 machine which is very stable I really don't run the stuff but when I do the have a crap -- old XP. Thinkpad in my office. The apps I use RCC cleaner PC to -- fiery pro and installer and a new on call salute though it's the I find it a little bit heavy. And though it's too much like any queries a little much I prefer to get a little closer to the machines he cleaner does a better job -- -- -- and apps dying and they -- ago. If if I refuse to inflict some things crash yet salute those that probably the best business -- -- -- -- -- -- with incredible database of crashes. But I I use I still -- cleaner. I'm gonna read this next one and I think -- you've got the answer this is from Scotland's water. I am a photographer and I just bought a new Canon sixty. I gotta for the low light performance because I often should concerts and I have been thrilled. However I was also really -- in the video features included it can record 1080. So here's my issue. I use light room 3.4 to edit photos and I couldn't be happier but it doesn't have any editing features for video. I don't own any part of the Photoshop suite of of the -- -- I don't feel like forking over the money Ford or acquiring it illegally. Is there any free or extremely cheap professional quality video editing software out there -- -- -- out of luck I'm on windows. I heard about the Linux software I don't want to change the Mac. -- is key I'm a student what do you recommend. We can always use windows movie maker and and this works with at least if you have -- networks and HD videos. The only thing about importing any geeky footage is that it'll actually make you converted into WMD which is windows. When -- media file. And so while -- posted an issue that's a good list arrogant how to how to convert that and get in and now library on the bad news. -- sorry. My advice to you is to spend eighty bucks. He's been thousand dollars on the camera spent eighty dollars that's a couple went to -- on -- Adobe premiere elements. If you're already using some likely room. You kind in the seem Adobe ecosystem. You know you can you move files back and forth. Premiere elements that's for eighty dollars fantastic video editing software they can -- color correction and new clips like if you just -- video editing. Software just that cut. Little parts of the clip. You know you can do that -- this movie maker. But if you want to make actually put together. You work in turn into actual project. From the Mike -- -- -- -- Powerful aren't Scott's election -- the terms Scott suck it up you spent just spent a grand on a camera you can afford software to make it work right at the world of camera it's it's deceptive and you get there and now -- at some lights that you aligning it's like. The -- these 4000. Kelvin. -- -- -- -- 5000 dollars no one told me that if -- up. Secular and another thing you might wanna check out I don't know what you can do on this for free is a little app that I use from time to time. It's not an editing app but it's one -- in here if I like it is called V reveal. And it has an image stabilizer in it which is really cool so if you take around a video with an iPhone or something that the shaky. You run -- through here. Election take -- -- -- and it you lose some of that imagery -- the edges but that's post production image stabilization and. Also if you were can collect in new south or out there's YouTube -- -- video editor. I'm not sure if it can handle HT VoIP and -- -- sound quality when you're editing it. But it's -- he just wanna put a couple clips together it's an -- in minutes REM want. The device. Boom. Are adequately here from -- on the Houston I don't think it's an champions -- -- -- -- coveted one. I recently moved over to Picasso from being Flickr -- being a Flickr user. Mainly because of integration -- Android however I'm now facing a crisis of downloading my photos that original virus from Flickr select and move them over what do I do. Here let me Google for. What -- recommend I had used before use Flickr -- -- There's also a new download Java version that has been through it and thank all -- back up. They exist the apps exist because Flickr has a pretty robust API the people -- built these apps to basically suck your information your photos down from Flickr. Into your file systems into -- you want will put should -- the -- -- which when. Using and flicker back up at the in the united talent -- installing -- pretty handy. But four years of those photos that's a lot of -- -- this is what Apple's trying to fix man. -- -- -- Faring these files around -- backing from one place the it is when -- stage I gotta think -- -- -- -- -- little side -- here what Apple's -- with how they're handling the photos in the cloud -- which I think is so smart so you take a picture on your on your. IPhone. And then it automatically goes into the cloud. And your iPhone in this photo stream things will keep. Your 1000 latest photos. The tablet the iPad will keep how many photos -- thousand. I think it's or as many you want not only have this thing were different devices keep different numbers of photos because they've -- -- for example so your photo stream. On. On a tablet or phone will keep only a thousand of your latest photos in the stream and you can save that -- all build up right but. If you have a and OS-X device a MacBook or a Mac. Configured. -- -- your cloud service. Everything that goes -- photo -- would just -- on the machine's hard disk -- so they know the different devices have different use cases than you want you know your big computer have everything. And your your small. You know mobile to have just the current I think -- -- smart we'll see how it works Amtrak but I like the idea. Yet that's what -- she met Flickr to visit the if you're at least a free member it keeps a certain number of your photos the concede that it actually stores more than that. And if you ever go back down and to a free after being a pro member you only see your latest that it's a thousand photos but the -- are -- there there are you have to pay to get him out. That's like they're held hostage here. Were running at a time I'm going to move on to one or two. Little comments and follow up questions from folks. Let's see. Henry C who wrote in March when his experience -- experiencing problems with adding a second monitor. He was talking about the Samsung -- -- which was the best USB monitor on the market he could find. But it went black after being on for two minutes and he'd be restarted. So here's the thing and the reason -- reading this is is just a word of warning he says Samsung display link which have the technology and HP which I think at the laptop. Were all terrible and rude when it came to customer support and this kind of thing -- -- -- -- kind of have a non mainstream product -- you're gonna have issues you're basically a beta tester and you need your tech support on the other end of the line to be helpful. So he said he found a great solution which is an external video card with no weird installation. -- hasn't tried it yet it's we have a link and Amazon with this thing called. And have the link -- it is called the start take USB VGA multi monitor external video adapter. And it's 45 bucks and Henry let us know how that works when you finally get it that's an alternate solution meets energy USB ports -- VG -- ports. -- -- -- -- To India these days. Well yeah but if you just -- just need an external monitor monitor like chat something like that -- -- in a meaningful stream games over USB 2.0. Although over USB three point -- Anything. -- Finally. Little interesting comment from Gordon. I'm still windows XP user but this also -- Windows 7 he says a reader had mentioned -- the first thing they do after installing and fine tuning their machine is to create an image of the system partition. Another really useful thing you can do is to partition your hard drive -- C and one for windows system and programs and the -- for you your data. If you then move your slash desktop and my documents and application data -- folders to the and perform -- data -- performing a data back -- becomes a very fast since the windows program -- only be backed up. And imagery created when new applications are installed in the event of -- hard drive failure or corruption of windows or something like that. Or -- impossible from virus. The system can be made -- simply by restoring the system image -- documents program settings and desktop continents are preserved. It's really interesting advice I go a step further than this though instead of having one heart right with two partitions I too hard -- now this only works on -- But -- -- -- desktop machines I get a fast hard drive like the colossal raptors although future there are -- DSD. And then a cheap big hard drive for data. The fast -- for system big one for data and then. You know if this system gets screwed up I eight -- -- the system drive and if I move computer that just take the hard drive out -- it's not raid zero input and a new desktop. And the copy over to the new drive -- they all -- bigger drives. I don't know that's just me. I'm also rigorous about. How much you just needed for back up now I put everything in one hard disk in the redevelopment -- perfect yet everyday hasn't been working for -- I'm still here. And -- but the data the cloud was built for -- -- thought that the so just where can people find you're good stuff if you just getting news.com. Or -- -- News dot cnet.com. Says if you -- in the outcome will take you there if you can find her stuff and anything Apple. Josh is the man comes the covering what's going -- I have to -- -- -- shipbuilding. Only catalysts TVs -- got Allan thanks to great story that Apple wants to build this giant 121000 person capacity. Headquarters in Cupertino. Apparently. What -- Cooper was filming it was talking about this earlier. He said that -- jobs went to some Cupertino. Tom Hall council at city councilman because he wants obviously big permission to -- to make a complex and it. And one of the questions is mr. jobs. A house is going to help the residents of Cupertino that they're wondering about a -- instructional stuff -- like. Well. As one of Cupertino is if not Cupertino the largest tax -- I would certainly hate to see that tax -- that that tax revenue moved to Mountain View yet he -- that -- -- And I like today apparently also asked him why we don't have like an Apple Store here and easily on the traffic sorry. There's no I -- -- -- -- Cupertino man like it's. People want -- scars I know its its office parks include trucks were announced Napoli three -- -- to -- -- you know. Big malls bars and drives it to those in the fantastic her store in Palo Alto that's that's the one right -- -- numbers earlier one. Now they do have a company store there now and it's a few hundred campus Eleanor. Pre you can buy a big deal in place -- -- the only Apple's -- -- teacher to back off its sector here at 01 with played since -- been the malicious so. Only a month to get this new place. Right and I have to say. Friday reporters' roundtable we are going to becoming covering speaking of Apple. Why -- end user license agreement so convoluted with so bizarre so written in space alien legalese and got a great get -- a lawyer friend of mine gave -- is coming in here. And you probably already seen this go through kind of gone viral and we have got. Richard Dreyfuss and -- Academy Award winning actor. To do dramatic readings from the Apple. ITunes you'll and they are on the site and reporters roundtable right now to protect those that we will be playing some of those as well. On the show on Friday don't miss that show great conversation very timely. And try to. Just -- for joining dep budget Kelly thanks to this thing. -- -- report watching we'll see you next --

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