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Tech Culture: CNET to the Rescue #37: Josh answers your Apple questions
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Tech Culture: CNET to the Rescue #37: Josh answers your Apple questions

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Josh Lowenson is with us today answering tech questions about iPhones, iPads, iMacs, iEtc. Also covered: Which Apple prodcuts are worth buying today and which aren't.

Hi everyone welcome to -- to the rescue our weekly show -- your tech help questions. This week we -- very special show were joined by Josh Lois and former collaborator. Accident rescue a compact just a -- an ambulance. It's really good to have you back. Josh is is new on the Apple beat at CNET news without being more than appropriate to have him back -- into a special show. -- we take mostly your questions about Apple products. And them we're gonna start by by getting in little -- on. The Apple product. -- the line -- of what's available now and yet though some questions about that. A couple of good road tests and then your questions most of which are Apple related. That's why you're here and hopefully your interest in Apple otherwise. You know every year you know right is the show was going on. I got some Twitter saying so this just works thoughts about it if there's if just if Macs just work why there's only question. -- the answer of course is well that just -- and pure BS. But really really everything can all work better -- even eat the Apple stuff works pretty well. Which for most people it probably does work pretty well when it. Let's talk about that remembered folks if you have a tech question for a a call with your questions -- -- -- -- -- -- you -- -- 8774386688. Or send us an email rescue at No question of -- basic so he got a tech problem with commanders in. Or camera -- just wants them wiggling. Sent along questioned. If you can rescue at Josh let's get into the Apple line up here -- do it let's do it so. The obvious question right now is I want a tablet computer should I get an iPad now today as we're doing this but what if the -- The eight -- -- in a couple of days something big happens. Yet the iPad goes on sale on Friday at at two -- are not kind of too. Yes so. Yeah I mean it is -- the big upgrade obviously it's the same price and it about you features it's got -- -- internal faster then I'd have two cameras which is cool. Just like -- iPhone and iPod Touch seat in the facetime via chat. And Apple -- it at nine times better graphics. Nine times that I regret that that to be clear that the screen it's not any better at the same exact meaning it's not a retina display there's more power can published behind -- so I've been -- pretty old iPad and it vigorously shouldn't. This -- general graphics processing -- -- 3GS. We'll let me -- you this question that we got from Matt Wilkins for the show he says I'm looking to buy an iPad in the next few months I've waited for a couple of reasons. And now that the iPad two's out of bankruptcy that -- won't I won't really have any use for the new feature someone English get an iPad one. What do you think will happen to prices of used iPad ones especially after Friday. What's what you should do it if we want an iPad now we want a system but to get north had one thing this is a really -- quest cancer because it's almost too early to tell. -- -- -- -- the iPad ones yet it's a great device library I mean actually look for first generation products it's pretty amazing and how many things just via. Got done right it does just work with most of it. So I had the real question is that the benefits you get with the second one dispersants and that they don't necessarily when he needed via chat features you don't really care you know there's a magnetic. Sixty dollar thing he can put on the front that wait it out and put -- sleep button. But acting to keeping that understand years it. There's. And I'm really being kind of change in in architecture of the processing and that's in you know and -- brand new kinds of applications it. Maybe you don't know if you want yet that mean popular run -- -- line. And you know to some degree we -- how it happened with iPhone. In its move to faster processors that some apps. You know kind perform a lot better you get these kind of extra graphical flourishes that's what upgrades are all about yet is opening -- new -- -- angle. And last week I talked to a bunch of developers who were here in -- for game developers conference and they said he notes is the iPhone or iPad two was announced that. The or complain ended the start adding some additional things to games an application really. That they can't do Crowley and the first one and its its gonna be you know big -- -- enemy don't have the right away. The six months from now we get some pretty seriously intensive apps so iPad ones will end up being cheaper is especially as the market develops -- if you have an iPad right now you don't need to -- -- out and get -- -- like that not all do especially since the apps are ready. -- -- -- -- Yet not necessarily although Apple's provided tools for -- helpers the -- take advantage of the dual core stuff. -- -- who wrote to us do keep in mind if you if you decide that you want an iPad one that you that you're not really -- -- an iPad two. And you. You will save money I mean I was looking on the Apple -- -- their -- store which is by the way I would say it again. -- firms way to go to save money and tech totally. You can get a 32 gigabyte Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi -- not three G iPad for 429. From Apple full Apple warranty and that is. That's a big savings that a new. 32 gigabyte. IPad will be 600 dollars by -- -- ten dollars. A and you plug you'll get even deeper discount -- -- like Craig's list yeah I know for example lot of people put him up on there. And I think I might mean some -- like the iPhone or something like iPod Touch. I don't think these things can be worn down as much as they work because that -- make -- your pocket without all Dave Schroeder a -- And you lot of people bought ipads originally released medium like people at senior and they buy cases -- worried in the need to sit at home it's in a bag like it's probably just about his -- Mine has. Its own sheer ruling chair at my house right -- every night finance chair and a pillow down pillow. Yeah -- -- baby and I feed it only. -- special -- pet food. The good idea -- very happy it's gonna be worth the fortunes. Something else -- you know as we -- red forehead with -- anything's going -- on clearance and refurbished is in things like that. You know couple months down Lima polling and -- a lot of iPad -- -- Apple's clearance I mean he's in third party resellers. As as referred the FE -- in you know appeals its money on -- he wanted. Well let's talk about other app Apple products and whether now's the right time or not. First of all if you're interested Everest than buying an Apple product many are wondering as all the -- was due to -- get it now or do I wait. What's a good -- there's this one really good research struck -- resource struck that you know of yes this is our competitor mat -- few reports you know -- -- Apple stuff are all over the web all day. They keep it's really really can -- Wiki the buyer's guide and what this does is it basically takes all -- various products. And and eight keeps a note of every time they've been refreshed. And it also kind of puts on the side bars that just some that that recent rumors that have gone so maybe if if they find out. Maybe that there's and update for the iPod and Apple put that next to it I absolutely -- this feature. Because it gives you the history and it shows you make it has all these products -- he said they settle into a cycle of upgrades. And every on an Apple break that cycle for -- of reasons and it's like. What's going on here -- is just a very easy way to kind of eyeball that -- hey the the iPod classic and an updated basically every year her. For you can't hide -- years like obviously. They -- A pattern here and oh wait. But but for some reason it's it's been 547. Days since that 262 since last refreshed media shouldn't buy it -- speaking of iPods. What's the -- to get right now the iPod is that is the most complex line we've got the touch which are the shuffle the nano on the classic right. Well you know my personal opinion I'm a big fan that apps and and -- human use apps you pretty much have to get the iPod Touch that's one runs the apps. -- it is a great piece of hardware -- lead you know it's as it's often called with the iPhone without the phone. -- as a listening to that -- displayed new facetime chat and it's not aware of -- -- you continue through. It's also broke its -- of really small iPad to it. Otherwise you know if you need to shuffle that's obviously a small thing it'd be in his column inches -- -- last year because they went from -- -- -- where there were no buttons to -- the buttons back these people like this is ridiculous. And then there's the the iPod nano which is desperately -- The original shuffle and -- Just the screen of an iPod that's the one with the watch face one day it's like they stuck a screen on an iPod Shuffle it's like how did this happen -- this weird. Now what about the classic the classic is the last hard disk based iPod in its. What they have no 120 gig version and 160 gig version yet the B gorilla I believe that the object that -- -- that's that's the huge one. And keeping with that is that -- hasn't been updated in a long time and it's really -- if you go back to the house ways I got one right by its stated the new person a classic in mountain and I -- been using. These flash based players for a while. And it's really weird to go back -- -- -- -- is it's very noticeable lag and how long it takes to get between menus insert the song you know what's in -- the hard drive. But it still you know you have its huge capacity as -- 15860. Gigabytes which is enormous. -- for a lot of people it's you know because -- -- is it a product again. Not right now I mean it as we said -- and buyers guide it's been. 547. Days since the last update. Which is -- -- in technology and that's what he's forever think they're gonna kill it erupted. It turned -- Weaver and stories about this word there's still is contingent -- -- and they needed because a lot of people need to act passed the mean of the largest capacity can get an iPod its its 64 gigs you know when you have an eighty gigabyte music library new monitoring all -- music with you you're gonna need them in larger it. The cloud to the cloud not yet -- -- that's rumored -- yes the next version of vikings with. -- -- -- -- -- Now on Macs again you've got a rich product lineup. And Apple recently updated the Mac books the non aluminum mono block map books -- that the white plastic poly carbon -- there is. Looks like the entry level model. And a lot of people are still -- getting into Macs are looking at that thing well as it. That's the bargain one but it's a Mac shouldn't that be good enough what do you think. This is nascent product because for awhile sum this up they were doing that the bottom the barrel MacBook and was. In some ways almost disputed if not better than what you get for the MacBook Pro the same price and slowly over time Apple's kind of shifted it. Switch you have now assist you know this entry level PC it does some of the stuff that the pros and you but it doesn't do everything. And -- -- -- it hasn't kept up. Nearly as well on. Especially within the processing power and it doesn't add anything -- year to two what you can get on that the pros now the sandy bridge processors from Intel. So you recommend that I mean I think there is a gap of only about 200 dollars in a reasonable. MacBook and that thirteen inch MacBook Pro aluminum and well and and the other thing to keep in mind for -- -- the snacks is what you get with the pro now which is that wonderful technology in of the onset. As to what thunderbolt is is that Intel I know it's basically replacement for the USBs is. It's just it's like one port that can just two cores the speed and -- -- the second and that's it that's in real world technology terms that is transferring a Blu-ray movie. Across from from your computer to a device in about thirty seconds and there's all sorts of you -- of a purple -- and support this right just. Are now look at they're coming activity if you -- when these machines are now on this is actually one laptop currently has the -- technology. It's gonna be -- -- that. And that'll be the pros yes and -- every single -- Has that stock and basically it looks just like the display port and it's actually which plug -- they get to the display port. But it's this huge huge technology it's gonna take over the world in a couple years now the MacBook -- the super slim. Notebooks used to be the toy toy of expense account expects and super rich people but now old -- shifting a little isn't it yeah and and the newest one and its which I've been using for about. Three months now it's it's a great little machine it's very it's not very powerful but if you just wanna get a lot of stuff on -- very tiny. And the cool thing -- that just having one size fits all they have an eleven inch and thirteen inch. And them beaten impressive part about these is they have this really really rich. And pixel display and Steve get this kind of resolution on the just eleven -- that's. It's huge I mean it's it's unbelievable how much -- you have on the screen -- small -- that of people bad guys like me. Says the key thing to think about you wanna violent means is that if you -- it too will probably get an -- one point oh we and then of course. And now also I think the next refresh the project due in processors as are now turning core two duo which is feels pretty far behind which you -- on the pros now. Let's skip over the desktop Macs IMAX in the Mac pros and by the -- -- And my dad just got an iMac he absolutely loves it except for the keyboard which is horrible for these professional -- -- -- what Islam is a joke. And the mouse I don't get me started on Apple for -- -- skip over the Mac mini in the Apple TV for another show again check out -- that buyers guide dot Mac rumors dot com north the wind buyer or not. We're gonna do just one grotesque -- because it's fun animals on your questions. Haven't done this before this is the jam box the world's market's largest Bluetooth headset. Made -- the same guys who make the Jawbone headset. And it is a speaker in the Bluetooth speaker and microphone this is actually speakerphone. That really gets him out and the best part about is when -- -- on it just makes you happy. And that's and it has -- -- the whole thing I'm hoping by Britain's -- their part about that is what the actual grill on that looks like. Maybe boom -- that you had the drop something heavy on it repealing. -- got in and kinda looks like it's been an hailstorm. Anyway. It's expensive -- in the Apple stores and it's just it's a really nice portable battery -- if you want it. Bluetooth. Speaker. It's great for traveling with human like play -- at night and stimulate its product and to give her white Puerto racer when it first on about the way things like that side willing to on the bottom of -- Yet -- that's got your questions. Chris pickles right -- and says I'm looking for an all -- one solution to streaming music video and pictures throughout my house. I have an iPad that I would like uses the controller and I have a NASA network attached storage device connected to my network where I store all my media. I like the look and the idea that someone else multi multi room systems rodeos but can you recommend the best overall -- -- for music. And pictures. I know Apple TV can stream pictures from my iPad the TV but I would like. But I would only use it for that and not any of the other features of the ftp. Ideally I would like one solution to do everything allowing me to stream music around the house is an iPad as controller and then stream pictures directly to my -- From my iPad to any TV show friends and family. It was a question this question comes up. Basically every week -- and the solution Chris that you're talking about with so notes for music and Apple for. Pictures is actually not that it's expensive. But you really can't beat the -- notes for whole house music streaming that I think it's expensive it's expensive -- it. -- -- as an iPad and yeah I mean that's. That -- there is already. The big chunk of Apple expense taking care of right so all you -- at the Apple TV to the living room for streaming video and and pictures. And that worked really well but two airport rental rate and if you want to actually music component and have to get some like the airport express switcher -- -- this -- hundred dollar white wife hypoxia can plug their and -- -- -- -- -- speakers from -- -- -- speaker -- -- in -- -- and -- -- -- To that speaker set from iTunes or or your device them. I have -- -- -- that at my home which is the demo unit and I just I love it if I could afford it I'd buy more. Now I owe us for three just came out today yet what does that get us when it when it comes to this type of issue today just that in a way for users to stream photos and videos to -- Apple TV using airplane which is Apple's -- have or the year. Your media streaming. Kind of thinking is windows -- group. That little bit more plug and play. And then you also get iTunes home sharing you can actually see your iTunes library on your IOS device which is kind of cool so if if this person is running a network. Network storage and that has iTunes on it her network system rather you know you actually see on a device he could see and I iPad and then push it wherever you wanna push it. Oh that's cool I know mice analogy actually works as an iTunes server -- don't let them next week we'll talk about it again last we talked about last week. The talk about it again next week so I'm now going be able to. Use my iPad as a client to this -- server yeah I'm not sure how well that works if that's I'll let you know -- Find out that's cool. Very neat feature. Daryl from New York says -- considering a move from windows to Mac but here's my concern I have an external hard drive that holds all of my media. And file -- -- format it for PC and I am worried that I will need to reformat it from fat 322 and PSF. My question is how -- I go by doing that without having to off load all my data and also. What to do my move to Mac and the wife stays on windows I want to spoke to have access to the external drive. Launch what can he do to make his. PC hard drive or -- Mac -- went with Mac discs and PC disks is that the -- he cannot natively read Mac formatted hard drive freight. But on Mac you can read. Can't write to a windows format and -- right so if if the with a pump one around that -- this the solution called Mac drive this is a PC application that lets you read Mac formatted discs on a Mac. I believe it also gives you write permissions on PC discs on the Mac. Okay let's come to go between the problem is if you're not running that software and and when these machines you. -- yet so here's what I would recommend in this recoup its first of all I'm sorry to say. If you're going to change the format of your hard drive which is something you might need to do if you want to please use this drive on your Mac and you're gonna have to put the data somewhere while you're changing the format. -- you know we can't change -- -- by school. That way and change format underneath. Underneath your data. But what I would recommend instead it is specially since you want to share of the strive between two different computers is taken off the computers and put it on the network. Now -- your router might actually allow you -- plug -- -- the USB hard drive and share over the network. If not look at the pull the -- which we've talked about on the show before. Which takes any drive basically and makes it into a network multiple drive. That you can read from any computer and that to me that includes the best solution -- -- even after -- format and. And honestly it's a really good idea just get an external hard drive to back -- that stuff before you do all this anyway it's just in case something goes wrong I know when I use Mac drive. Probably yeah a few years ago -- mentioned -- improved its sense. I have seen some pretty serious data corruption issues and and now -- -- -- having a back up before it did that was a bad idea I I you. I'm always suspicious of applications that get that low level and -- in. And to -- format stuff -- -- run all the time you kind of get locked in the them totally much prefer that the community to Leo it agreed on the net. We got a phone call a phone call a very first thing called which I can play imports because the -- with little thick. But the question was should I jailbreak an iPhone if I'm on Verizon is it worth it. This is such -- -- The question ask or answer rather in my personal opinion I think a lot of the reasons for jail breaking your iPhone are no longer there I think things like out. And applications like Google Voice and things like putting background on your phone and doing custom ring tones and -- things and maybe some custom SMS settings -- And multitasking only thing -- used to be that being a new artillery your phone in and putting. Things like city and and various that a third party app and sellers you don't really need this much. If there are a couple apps you really want that are on those. Jailbreak away right like what though I write because I have this all three G lying around this whole iPhone which is my -- control what's on the guests use. And I jail broken because why not. And what four does not in -- -- you know. Bull yeah I mean that's half the -- the -- -- the problem is that and all lots and Apple updated software and kind of push -- these exploits and if you ever do need service with the phone you mind up you -- and it. In his there's some dangers of all right and and the actual process of doing it's pretty safe these days there's a lot of really easy tools let you do it. Especially from -- -- iPhone dev team which does. That really -- I -- program like if it it's unbelievably easy just pulling your -- it does everything for you. Yeah I mean. I don't see the need for it anymore besides unlocking which -- nuclear alien very attractive option for some people -- locked in these phones but it. For something like the Verizon iPhone dairy fairy. It'll ready for for something. It does we're getting information in the chat room at what the caller was actually interest that in if putting his Verizon phone from cricket which is -- -- -- Service. That you can't do it right are need to unlock it yet unlock -- over well -- -- What will then there's your reason to do it yet. An appetite to do it but that there you go that is violating every term service on the planet but if that's what you wanna do that three -- -- the -- Matthew says I'm curious if there is a universal remote control that can handle both the windows media -- this is -- non Mac question. They can handle -- -- windows media center environment and also control a regular home theater equipment such as the TV a Blu-ray player surround sound receiver etc. The answer -- that is the Logitech Harmony specifically the Logitech Harmony one which is -- you know very. And not inexpensive universal remote control that's programmable by. A computer -- plug in the USB new computer and then you download all this stuff from the web. Tell what apps what devices you have I have the Logitech Harmony -- a third one as you. They're fantastic and Ukraine and that this opera actually cheaper in and it's very simple -- I have -- I have a drawer full at home of universal remotes from rants and -- and all these things and I spent so much time programming those -- They -- and ended up doing what just what I wanted but that I was the only one patrolman television. My house so the harmonies the way to go might -- -- Plugging them all be doing that's all occasionally we'll get some new sort of home theater but there's something there are three program -- you know we unused TV probably about a year ago and had to reset it for all -- For all the different components. And I'm sitting -- doing -- and then you know how you like pulling it and then it starts making your beeping noises I'm just I love doing Mac is like open. If she's in the remind you which is like on. -- it looks like I'm programming on bomb. Yes the air turn on the unique plume that now not everybody who uses Logitech Harmony to run -- windows media senator. Has had a super smooth experience there is a site called the green button the green button dot net. Where there's a good forum and community of people who work through some issues with getting a harmony and -- media center. If -- issues fixed that -- problems though there green button dot net but green dot net. Joseph in Oxnard says I have had this problem for years and I hope you can help. Back in 2007 I have the first and iPod Touch when I played videos from the YouTube app it would constantly stop to buffer. I thought it was a slow CPU in 2009 I upgraded to the third gen iPod Touch and have the same problem in 2010. I bought an iMac. YouTube didn't buffer as much but it's still stop to buffer at least twice in a video and you can imagine how annoying -- When my cell phone contract with up in May 2010 I bought a Droid incredible now when -- go to play YouTube videos on this device it rarely ever stop the buffer. Lastly my iPad one has the same problem and YouTube. Why is this happening -- those who will hate Apple. We think. That -- that question and then there's the -- question. What is Google -- Apple is is that it is a question for the ages -- probably -- that but also no mean it's complicated but anyway technically what what can be done here. So there's there's a couple things issue one of them is that YouTube is sometimes slower I found -- slower recently. And has been in the past that obviously needs to scream -- slowdown -- -- -- and -- another key aspect this issue is that winning. Someone upload the video to YouTube tickets. Format in in a bunch of different places -- the you have the stream for HD you of the stream for four EP 320. And -- of a mobile copy which is usually. And anyways. Does get. Put on all these different servers in some servers are slower than others and this has been found there's like there's an example cases of videos that might not run as well as other videos and service and that's just the -- -- so if you're getting or warrants on one device that's been in another it's usually because it's coming from a different place. That's not the best answer but that is how they do it. And misses people went to -- -- YouTube suffering for awhile now. I get OpenId device though it though the stream remember when YouTube is a Google. Property and Android as Google -- -- it's not too surprising that Android have a Google's done a good job of two leading Android may be to be have a more aggressive buffer so it doesn't have to Paul yeah. It is also possible. -- that your network is too slow. Use that here he goes on that's his road -- Time Warner. I don't know if I mean I doubt they're throttling traffic that would be pretty bad how many people use the net for YouTube. So but it is possible that your network is just not fast enough to keep up with the offered them with the by offering in the YouTube demands of your devices which case. Upgrade its -- yet. One mean -- -- issue streaming here and we have I don't know what we have here it's the allegedly twenty megabytes a second we have the band width of the gods here and that when it comes the YouTube ray and still sometimes you can be thrown on YouTube HD it like. -- What's the well here's what you -- Jim Hosni rights when I tried to upgrade update applications in my apps folder on a new Mac 27 inch iMac iMac for an assortment. I keep getting the message the operation can't be completed because you don't have permission to access some of the items. How do I get permission this keeps happening when I tried installing newer version of an -- What's happening to -- -- -- they're using Mac there's this whole idea permissions is very much slate like -- saying earlier it just works. Except when it doesn't -- collapse and our missions is as you know for years in Poland I wouldn't say it will weakness because is a very powerful way to control who has accessed what. Multiple systems or -- -- multiple users users on a system. But occasionally things go a little -- applications install. On 82 an update to kind of changes permissions or -- third party app kind of makes and it's like like browser plug in or something. Until occasionally have to go through and and just go repair your permissions. So the easiest way do this is -- -- to disk utility. And repair your permissions we've linked and Apple support article in India the show notes. A minute that's not doing the trick for any reason actually click on your applications folder -- click on it. Hit the get info. Option and and schooled -- all the way the bottom where it shows you who has permissions and make sure you have read and write access to it an -- when you actually go through and trying them. And use update. You'll actually have a -- do. Thank you I've had the problem as well. This is also really good way to lock down safety of other people on system and you don't want them and be able to make any sort of and it's to a folder or file you can just give them read only permission or you can completely blocked out. Last question. Not for you Josh excellence for me that wrote notes that last week he talked about technology and I started looking around at other options the wondered if it would be possible to build your own -- network attached storage. I have seen free and asked but the hardware supports is limited in -- recommend hardware -- -- commitments. No away free -- looks like a project that would take days to get configured and after kernels -- polemics that though. The answer is capture if we had there Daryn our -- here they would say -- it's great just run this free. You know network -- -- -- whatever artery outline around and here's how to make it work but. My time's more valuable and that so I stick with this technology which by the way -- talk about a little bit more next week. I have issues with but I'm still pretty happy. Nice little device he wouldn't go back when -- answer. No I'm not going back to Windows Home Server I think that's that's a them. It are mad because they -- drive extender cause you know HP killed via M. Media. MediaSmart line. By the way you know I talked about. We talk a lot about how about referred them and last gen products being good deals -- Which is almost always the case I mean last gen iPhone or iPad is a great deal. You know if that's what you want if you want to get the recently discontinued. MediaSmart server EX 495 the price date. Is higher. Then when before they discontinued it because everybody knows this is actually an extremely good product. That -- been discontinued and you're not be able to get him anymore and it still works -- like. 700 dollars now for product that right before the discontinue -- was going we could find for our country. Funny in this is that that product this never happens in technology except every -- and then. People -- products to early in the media sports -- one of those still too early. Witness the price few things you -- one. You know. You're a Mac that -- -- we can commiserate over its strength and weaknesses. -- right guys thanks for watching if you have questions for seen at the rescue send them to rescue at Or. What Smith and as a -- -- 0877438. XX eight. Now isn't the big week for Apple fans because on Friday the eleventh the iPad two does -- -- as we discussed and Josh is coming back to be. And reporters' roundtable. Thanks in advance -- -- just hours before the lines yet. Wrong where we are going to talk about the strategies. And of the different tablet vendors Apple. Microsoft Google and HP and now all their tablet strategies are lining up and where we think the winners and who you gonna be -- -- old markets are gonna shape up what developers are going to do -- The future of what Apple is trying to call the post PC generation he. Had in the year of the iPad -- anyway if you wanna see. More information about what's going -- tablets tune into reporters' roundtable on Friday Josh thanks again for joining us. Thanks Grammy and I -- plug our coverage -- on the Friday we will be merely covering iPad two lines and what people are buying in anything goes wrong anything goes right to be sure to -- -- Read on for now Josh Donald the whole thing we'll -- -- extravagant. Thanks everyone here is go -- -- thing.

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