Tech Culture: CNET Live: January 31, 2008
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Tech Culture: CNET Live: January 31, 2008

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Tom Merritt and guest host Molly Wood speak with cryptography expert Paul Kocher on cybersecurity.

[ Music] ^M00:00:10 >> Coming up on CNET Live, how secure are you? >> Plus how to look like a dork at work like that guy? >> This isn't that segment. That's coming up later. And we'll take you to Vegas for a look at Sony's 14 plus mega pixel VSLR. All those mega pixels get you anything we'll find out on today's CNET Live. ^M00:00:31 [ Music ] ^M00:00:36 >> Hey welcome to CNET Live Tom Merritt. >> Molly Wood. >> Brian Cooley is racing cars in Monte Carlo -- >> Probably, gallivanting, gambling. >> He is a gallivantor. >> Yes. He absolutely is. >> He is sort of the epitome of a gallivantor. >> A Modern day gallivantor. >> He's a gentlemen's gallivantor. Anyway he's not here. >> Anyway he is way out for dinner. >> So that's why are graced with Molly's presence today. We are still doing the same thing though answering your questions. You've got stuff you want to figure out how to pick between a gadget buying decisions. Trying to figure out to use something? Give us a call 888 900 CNET. That's 888-900-2638. >> That's right Tom will do his best to answer your call, calls in some sort of qualified manner but when you call you will be speaking to the lovely Miss Sheryl. >> Hello. >> It almost sounded like you said Michelle. >> Miss Sheryl. >> Miss Sheryl will be massaging you ahead of time and giving us an idea of what you are going to ask us. >> Wow, they get a massage? >> Appreciate the service. >> I had no idea. >> She's really good. Before however we get to your calls its time for things we crave. ^M00:01:37 [ Background music ] >> This is one of our favorite things from the Crave blog at actually craving watching tonight for Lost episode frankly. >> Ah! I know. >> Which the new season comes back but gadget wise I actually picked a golden platinum computer and then our producer came in was like have you seen the new Garmin Nuvi phone? >> And he said a lot about us that we both went ooh! >> Oh yeah. >> Way better. >> Garmin has announced a new GPS device cell phone. It works on the GSM HS DP and the work has all the Garmin navigation features you would expect. >> So that's 3.5G? >> It's a 3.5 inch touch screen. >> Yes. >> Google local search integration, web browser like super, super smart phone. >> Yeah, it's going to have e-mail and will have all the multi media functions. We don't know how it's going to cost. It will come preloaded with North America, Europe and I think some other maps. >> I'll guess 600 bucks. >> 600 bucks? I think if it were -- >> Its always a little more expensive than you want it to be. 500 because they don't want it to sound like the iPhone's original. >> Well and will it be-- >> That's how they pick this thing obviously. That's what sounds good. >> Well, first of all -- >> How many economics behind it. >> We'll be comparing it to the iPhone now. In fact the iPhone I think its first to come out in the third quarter of this year and if that's true I suspect that will be about the same time as the second gen iPhone and I think we'll have some real competition happening because me I want that. >> Now really we are both craving this one but you have pick as well. >> Yeah that's' true. I do have a pick. Mine is the Connect-A-Desk. I am calling it Connect-A-Dork actually. It's a -- it's a neck strap for your laptop that -- your computer is singing at me-- >> No it's me actually. >> Okay. They are singing so it doesn't cut -- doesn't like me calling that a dork because it wants being carried around. You put this strap around your neck, you carry your laptop around the office. >> The grocery store. >> The grocery store. For the guy who just can't stop working. >> Jim [inaudible] ought to have this because he's apparently always walking around with his laptop in his hand. >> Oh really? >> But yeah-- >> They say you know -- they say it's ergonomically designed. >> And that's the part where I -- I guess your chair is not supposed to have arms so that works. >> Oh. >> But then how do you keep, I guess you just adjust the elevation. >> I think they mean that it's not going to hurt your neck really bad for at least 20 minutes. >> Its not? >> And then you are going to be in crushing agony. >> Actually [inaudible] our producers said it looked like marching band. That's totally and it's the marching band of the future. >> Yes, this is -- >> All everybody on garage band just like making the sounds. >> And then they'll be dragging along like huge amplifiers behind them. >> That's the part that wont be ergonomic. >> Yeah, no. >> That will-- >> That's going to hurt. >> All right lets get to some phone calls that is why we are here 1 888 900-CNET on the line actually don't see the name, do you have the name on this? >> I have no information. This is going to be a complete surprise to us. >> Who's there? >> Who is it? >> Jacob from Brooklyn. >> Hey thanks for calling. Sorry about that. What can we help you with today? >> First I just want to say its awesome, every time I call Molly is here. I think I'm going to call [inaudible] and nothing against Brian. >> So you don't know that Molly is going to here. You just called. >> It's just happy-- >> I know so I'll do it often. >> That's cool. >> That's outstanding. >> All right. >> What's your question today? >> I returned my iPod Touch because of that $20 extortion fee so I got 400 bucks burning a hole in my pocket. Would you recommend I get Kindle or the Sony e-reader or should I just get you know just wait for the second generation of those two and then make a decision? >> A certificate of deposit. Savings. >> Go with bond. >> We might be in a recession. >> So you had an iPod touch and then but you are looking to replace your iPod touch with an e-reader specifically? >> Yeah I think they are cool. I read a lot. >> Wow okay. Well okay Primus aside Tom has been playing with the Kindle. >> Yeah I can speak to that. >> Well Molly, you don't think I should get one? >> Well you know I personally -- I'm not totally sold on the e-reader because it's sort of at this point a single use device. And I'm just not about that anymore. You know a device that can kind of only read books. I mean the Kindle has all of this potential that's what makes it possibly a better buy, but right now it sort of just reads books and to me that's you know the iPod touch could do so much more. >> So that's the question. Are you settled on getting an e-reader? >> I think I want one and I'm mostly worried also about DRM. >> Okay, if you are worried I mean DRM is going to be an issue no matter what choice you make. You can with both of them put on DRMed books on the device one way or another. It's a chanky with the Kindle to get it on there but you can do it. However what you buy from the Sony store or from the Amazon Kindle store is going to be DRM. So if that -- does any of that kill the deal for you? >> Only if I can start it on my computer as a backup because then on the Amazon its direct download. >> Yup. It goes and that's a really good feature of it especially for things like newspapers that's one of the main uses I have from my Kindle is have it on my bedside so in the morning I download the morning paper just don't even get out of bed, open it up and read the paper. But if you want to be able to put it on your computer to read the Kindle is definitely not for you because they design it go straight to the Kindle. It's backed up on the Amazon service if you ever had a crash so you do get to get it again but you don't get to back it up yourself. >> Yeah I'm not going to -- I find that kind of an unacceptable trade off if that's also the case with the books. I think that's just -- I think its just disaster waiting to happen. >> It depends on how you want to manage-- >> I mean it is backed up but it does and it depends on how you manage want to manage your books. There maybe a time when you want to catch up on the chapter on your laptop if you are charging your Kindle or something like that. >> And that's not going to work for you so. >> So the Sony might be a better option in that case although I think you know there is news today that tips things in the Kindle's favor and that's the Amazon just bought Audible so there's all of a sudden going to be a huge influx of titles that are available for the Kindle. So if its about the amount of content then the Kindle looks pretty good that way. So that's super help all right one over the other. >> Yeah I think maybe it sounds like I should wait you know neither of them are perfect. >> So our first answer was correct. Put it in your savings account. >> Okay. >> All right. Thanks Jacob. >> Thanks to all you guys. >> Appreciate the call. Lets go to line 2 and we have Sai Krishna on the line from the Las Vegas Nevada. Hey Sai. >> Well Hello. >> Welcome to the show, what can we do for you? >> Yes, I'm having a gaming problem with my laptop that my school gave me. >> Uh huh. >> I game for like some lawn games like the EA Sports, like Manhattan and the NBA and it was running fine until like a few weeks ago and like 10 minutes through the game and just slows up like dramatically and I tried the speed there is like some other program hogging around but in the exterior I don't see anything. >> Okay. We actually have on our Insider Secret today way to sort of diagnose your RAM and boost it so pay attention to that when we get to that part of the show. Its called RAM Booster. It's a program. That might help you out a little bit. But you said the games were playing fine and then suddenly in the past week or so they slowed down. Okay. I -- do you have Windows System restore activated? >> Yes I do. >> That would be my first guess-- >> Right. >> --is to go back to a point when you know the games were working fine, do a system restore and see if that fixes it. If it does then something you did or something you installed or downloaded before then caused the problem. If it doesn't then you kind of got to go from there to figure out was it something that system restore couldn't even fix. >> Right. >> Or is there a hardware issue. Maybe you got a bad RAM chip. >> Yeah I mean there are million reasons that it could be happening from like you said a memory leak to a hardware issue to you know a Direct X conflict. Who knows? >> That would be my first step though is to try the system restore. >> Yeah. Good luck with that. >> Okay thank you. >> All right thanks Sai, I appreciate the call. >> All right we are going to take a quick break. Coming up I'll be talking to Cryptographer Paul Kocher. >> But first PMA it's the world's biggest camera show just opened up at [inaudible] in Las Vegas and our own Lori Grunin is out there taking a look at all the new cameras and she's got a first look at one of Sony's newest consumer DSLR's ^M00:09:36 [ Music ] ^M00:09:39 >> Hi, I'm Lori Grunin Senior editor with at the photo marketing show here in Las Vegas. This is the Sony Alpha DSLR-A350. It's the newest consumer digital SLR and its 14.6 mega pixels. That makes it one of the highest resolution cameras available for $800, 900 if you buy it with the lens. In addition to having a very high resolution sensor this model and its little brother the A300 also support live view the first Sony cameras to do so. The other thing that makes live view implementation good is it has a flip out LCD. That makes it a lot easier to do overhead and hip level shots. This has all the niceties we've come to expect from Sony cameras including steady shot, center shift, image stabilization and tons of direct access controls. I'm Lori Grunin this is the Sony Alpha A350 here at PMA 2008. ^M00:10:29 [ Music ] ^M00:10:33 >> Lori Grunin she is a straight shooter. So there you go that's what's happened now. PNA we actually have more coverage on if you are interested to find out all the different cameras that are being announced. Right now though Molly Wood is here with our special guest to talk about ways to protect yourself against the newest security threats. Molly. >> That's right, but first 'straight shooter' that's a camera pun. I am here with Paul Kocher the founder of Cryptography Research and a noted Cryptography expert who is basically going to tell us what should we be terrified of in 2008. >> Thanks for having me on the show Molly. >> Thanks for coming on. So really I mean I think that we are -- we are in a state of fear right now in the Internet there's privacy concerns there is this all the stock botnet which is kind of my personal paranoia, we just had a list of the top ten ways that world is going to end. There is phishing, there is crishing, there's vishing [assumed spelling] what should we actually if anything be afraid of. >> Well it comes down to what your liability is. So if you've got information that's valuable and somebody can make a profit from it you need to be very concerned. But if your PC just has your homework on it you know ordinary web browsing. Maybe even your credit card where your liability is limited to $50 if that, the risk is much less. Now we are seeing trends in the way attacks work, so it used to be a couple of years ago that what attackers would do is try to be as visible as possible and you know to face as many web sites as possible and take over as many machines as possible. What we are seeing now is a much more targeted kind of adversary who is trying to hide under the radar. So they are making their attack websites only serve out malicious content to the first time somebody that goes to that website from a particular address. So you go back afterwards and look at it and it looks completely fine or they only serve malicious content to people who are coming from DSL sort of connections an ordinary users and trying to not serve it out to corporate addresses where there might be anti virus companies watching. So some much more sort of insidious kind of problem and much more profit driven than it used to be. >> Now one thing you were mentioning a little bit before the show though is that like you alluded to that kind of individual phishing fear might be vary -- even as we've seen developments in kind of a sophistication level of those attacks you are saying its actually not something that we need to sit around and fret over every single e-mail. >> Depends on who you are, you know if you are working in a company with inside information and stock prices you've got to be really concerned. >> Right. >> But if you are an ordinary end user who does ordinary PC kinds of things plays video games that kind of thing your machine might be used as part of an attack but its unlikely somebody is going to make money off of your information in the way that hurts you directly. >> So how about corporate data security as another kind of conversation that's obviously has been high on people's list. You said you've been having a lot of banking meetings like this. Is that something that your company does help to -- to secure that corporate data. >> Just about everybody that's securities base right now is really busy trying to deal with the aftermath of the situation to see it a [inaudible] with their insider a web trader situation. >> Right this is the French trader who unbeknownst to his company had caused some 7 -- $7 billion in losses. >> Yeah and I mean there you've got a situation where you got a company that had a lot of policies but not a lot of creativity in how you are looked at threats. And one of the things that quickly happens is that you get people just burned out and going through boring policies and the big picture stuff just gets missed and that seems to be what happened there. >> I've also, I've read several times that one of the biggest security threats within companies is the employees. The disgruntled employees is ultimately I mean is there a point where you kind of have to be removed from the process and it's not about security and its not about cryptography, its about-- >> Hiring people you trust. I mean paying people well enough that they can live off their salaries is such a huge piece to it. And the idea that you can put some policies in place and have untrained, unhappy people making you a profit and not exposing any risk is complete pipe drained. >> Right. >> Absolutely it all comes down to people at the end of the day. >> So, speaking of people how many of us would you say are active participants in botnets and just don't know it? Like I said this is my level of paranoia right now. I feel like -- I feel like botnets are something that we should be really afraid of. >> But there are certainly hundreds of thousands of machines running various kinds of spyware and malicious software. Now how you define a botnet is quite difficult because you have programs like Skypes that are doing good things but are forming networks that are sort of self autonomous and sending commands around which is generally okay but the users want in one situation. But the difference between that and a piece of software that you may not want to have in your machine is hard to define. >> So if I'm running some of that software that I don't want to have then I am potentially helping to contribute to taking down you know the government of Estonia for a little while. >> Essentially -- >> What do we, what can I do to sort of make sure that doesn't happen. Is it a you know anti spyware fix? >> Well installing good antivirus program will generally deal with the problem of the widely distributed attacks. So if there are millions of people who have the same problem or even tens of thousands quickly the anti virus programs will find out about this and have appropriate counter measures. What those programs really cant do though is deal with the situation where you specifically are being targeted or a few hundred people are being targeted in a by a determined adversary, because there Norton or Symantec will not find out about the attack and so they'll never build a counter measure detector to it. >> So it sounds like really the key for me is to stay unimportant. Never get access to good information or valuable information and get my anti spyware software up to date. >> Sure and don't put your social security number on your computer. >> okay. >> Little things like that make a big difference. >> Right. >> And when you are typing in something into a website make sure the URLs one that you typed in you didn't get from an e-mail address make sure that SSL really is enabled especially if you are working in a coffee shop or over -- I mean unencrypted WiFi connection. >> Okay. >> Basic hygiene and if you do that odds are you will be fine if you are not really worth targeting. >> All right. >> So hopefully that will ease some of the fear that's out there about security right now. Take it Tom. >> I'm petrified. No actually I need to ask him after the show whether running Windows on a Mac is such a good idea. But next up the download of the week and more of your calls. Stay with us. ^M00:16:57 [ Music ] ^M00:17:17 >> Hi I'm Natalie [inaudible] with CNET TV. I'm finally here in New York City. I'm freezing when I'm getting ready to launch my February in February and its called Loaded. Make sure you check it out I'll see you in February. ^M00:17:29 [ Music ] >> Catch the best Techsploitation vids at ^M00:17:52 >> Welcome back to CNET Live where we are still taking your calls. Give us a ring 1800-- >> 1 888 900-- >> 888 900-CNET 2638. I do about 4 shows that have phone calls on this CNET -- >> Yes seriously, I can only keep two in my mind at once. >> I know but just call, call the one I said a minute ago. The 888 900-CNET, that's the one. >> Right now its time for download of the week. ^M00:18:16 [ music in the back ground ] Download of the week is brought to you by good friends at CNET's purveyors of finding free software that is spyware free and we are taking a look at Notepad 2. This is a replacement for Notepad 1. When I say a replacement I mean a replacement like you actually overwrite Notepad in Windows. >> So if I do my little start-run-Notepad this comes up? >> That's right. >> That's cool. >> And there is a little procedure we have to go through, I think I'm going to do a Insider Secret or a Quick Tip on how to do it. But the download is absolutely free. It's a piece of open source, free software. 2M41K so it's little bitty, itty bitty tiny. And then it looks like this. You get -- it looks very much like the regular old notepad but you get a little toolbar of the top so quicker access to saving and opening folders also has this very code friendly. You can show line number. You can have colors automatically come up for the different codes. You can tell what's text and what's an XML command. >> That's nice. >> Lots of other options up here in the file menus than you have in the regular Notepad. So just a real elegant way of replacing Notepad for Notepad users and its kind of more Notepad than Notepad. >> And that's cool because it reminded me of first brush of TextPad but I think that's heavier and its shareware so you should actually be paying for -- >> Yeah well using TextPad does has a wizzy way again and everything so. >> Yeah then we can do -- we can do preview of the code that you are writing if you are doing web code. >> Little bigger download to 3M 2.59 mega bytes. >> Right. >> But there are lot of -- lot of text replacements out there that are bigger. The nice thing about Notepad 2 it's not necessarily something you don't want to get TextPad if you use but it's a nice light weight download. >> And I like the idea of replacing Notepad and being able to have those Windows links to Notepad. That's very cool. >> All right lets go to the phones on line in Charlotte is Matt. Hello Matt. >> Hey guys, what's going on? >> We are just doing a show what are you up to? >> I'm just wondering why is it I mean I keep noticing that you guys always say that Windows Vista is one of the worst things to come out in 2007. I just kind of want to know why? >> Do you use it? >> Yeah. I have Ultimate on my computer. >> Okay. >> See I also have Windows Vista Ultimate on my computer-- >> and me too. >> and Tom does too in fact I think that's what you are running on. >> No, no, its not on here anymore. >> Oh. >> This is XP. >> It was on that. >> Yeah well that was that -- and here is the thing the biggest issues you hear are driver's problems and application support problems. And this is why some people like I don't see what the big deal is with Vista, its fine if you don't have a piece of hardware that hasn't a driver issue and you don't use any applications that have any conflicts with Vista you are fine. So if you are buying a brand new computer that's why we say getting Vista on a brand new computer is probably not a big deal. >> Yeah because one thing to clarify about Windows Vista it doesn't I have -- I'm not experiencing crashes. I think it has very good boot up times. It seems to shut down pretty well. You know it has some -- some power management issues with my laptop but what Windows OS doesn't. The biggest problem with Vista has been for people in the Enterprise who have legacy hardware that they need to support. A big problem for Tom and for me is it doesn't support the VPN software that CNET uses so it doesn't support our corporate VPN. >> No actually you should probably flip that on the head the maker of our corporate VPN software has not come out with a Vista version yet and the XP version doesn't run in Vista. >> Right. >> So I mean it does circle back around the Microsoft which is the old versions of software don't work in Vista all the time. That was not really a problem in XP. There was a problem in a few rare cases. Seems to be a much more frequent problem with Vista. >> So Vista has been a big problem for you know, so for me what it basically means is I had to get a new printer and I cant get on my corporate VPN. And that is a little bit problematic and those are the kinds of things that are huge problems for enterprises. So when we say it was a bad role out it was primarily because the -- the huge companies that Microsoft relies on to buy tens of thousands of copies of Vista cannot and will not. And it sounds like it was pretty buggy in the beginning although frankly I kind of like it as an operating on working operating system. I just need some of those compatibility things to get up the speed, quick. >> Okay I have a 3 year old system so I mean however my hardware works my [inaudible] 10 years old it works fine. >> Yeah. >> So-- >> You won the lottery. >> So yeah you won the Vista lottery and in that case its probably great operating system for you. Definitely its features [inaudible] like. >> I mean I have data testing it since August of '06. So-- >> You are a little attached to it, I understand. >> Yeah. >> We'll stop making fun of it. >> All the time. >> All the time. >> All right lets take another call down in Georgia we have TJ on the line. Hey TJ. >> Hey how are you? >> We are doing good. What can we help you with? >> I'm [inaudible] between buying the Dell XPSM1530 and the MacBook Pro 1000 and which one to get, which one would be a better deal. >> Which one would a better deal is probably the Dell, because you can -- >> I mean not in price you know just in general like price is not the biggest. >> Okay, its -- it's a tight call I mean the XPSM what is it the M18, 1530 is definitely very MacBook like. I mean they went for the design on this one. It's a hot computer. Its got -- you can get it from 2.2 up to 2.4 gigahertz processor just like the MacBook Pro. You can get it with 2 giga RAM. Of course you can probably out 4 giga RAM in there I'm guessing. The hard drive in our configuration is only 160 I don't know how high you can go. You can go up to 250 with the Mac Book. >> 320. >> What was that? >> 320 on the Dell XPS. >> 320? >> Okay. >> Okay, so it beats the MacBook Pro there. >> I think it has a better out of the box warranty, you know I mean you are starting -- >> You have to pay for it. >> You start -- you have to pay for it, you kind of starting to nitpick at that point. It's really I mean it almost is going to because you can run Windows so well and so quickly on both of them its just going to come down to what you prefer in your hardware. For me if I'm going to be running Windows I still kind of want it to be on a Windows based, Windows design machine because I like to use the Windows key. I really am attached to my right click. I could probably learn the thing with the other finger in the click but I like to have the right click mouse button. >> I am running Windows XP on the MacBook Pro right here and it is the best Windows machine I have ever had. Now I haven't tried the 1530 so you know its not a totally fair comparison. The nice thing about this is I have a OS10 on here as well, which I cant do very easily on. >> the thing -- >> You also have to be a little adventurous right because if you will be willing to install Windows on that machine. >> Yeah but boot -- you know book is super simple. I mean it was dead simple. >> Some where you might be able to flip the coin there. >> Yeah. I would say of OS10 is not a big deal for you, you don't really care about that at all probably go with the Dell. >> Yeah. >> Save you a few dollars and you get pretty much the same machine. >> Yeah. I agree with that. >> Okay sounds good. I think I'll look into the Dell and you know see pick that and think [inaudible]. Thank you. >> Okay. >> All right. >> All right. All right we do take e-mails here as well. Lewis wrote in to CNET Live at and said, hey, hey, I can't afford to buy a new RAM write now. Sorry about that Lewis. How can I improve my RAM without buying it? Well more RAM is almost always the answer to that problem but if you are low cash you could try a program called RamBooster. We mentioned it at the beginning of the show. I'm going to tell you all about it in today's Insider Secret. I have a problem. I run way too many programs on my computer. Yeah I know. Even two gigs of RAM sometimes isn't enough for me but I know where to squeeze more speed out of my memory. I'm Tom Merritt from On today's Insider Secret I'll show you how to use a tiny free program called RamBooster to speed up your PC. ^M00:25:39 [ Music ] ^M00:25:52 I'd say this sponge is RAM and then all this water is the programs eating away at your RAM and essentially what RamBooster does is squeezes that sponge a little freeing up space so other programs can use it. First you need to know how much RAM you have and that's harder than just looking at your sponge. Here's how to do it. Right click on My Computer, select properties. You should see your amount of RAM right there. That wasn't so hard after all. Now for some math. Now wait a minute this really isn't that hard, RAM Booster counts everything in megabytes. If you have 512 megabytes of RAM your golden its all in megabytes. But if you have one or two gigabytes just remember there is 1024 megabytes in a gigabyte. So one gig is 1024 meg, 2 gigs 2048. Okay so let's launch RAM Booster. First thing you'll see is a monitor. Very useful on its own and it shows you how much free RAM you have and what your CPU usage is. Now let me show you how to use it to free up RAM when your memory gets full. Squeeze out some of that water. Go to edit, then options, this is where your math comes in, the auto optimization level sets the low point your RAM has to dip below before RamBooster starts swinging in and freeing up memory. Set it to high like at the 80 percent mark for instance and the program will actually slow your system down by constantly trying to liberate RAM. The developers recommend keeping your setting at about 10 percent or less of your total RAM. So for my 2 gig I set it at 204 meg, that's 10 percent. This section here tells that how much RAM to try and free up and a little goes a long way. So I'm going to put mine at a hundred and see how it goes. You can find the best level for you but you probably6 shouldn't put it at more than half your available RAM. This next option is a nice safeguard. It tells RamBooster to only try to free up RAM if the CPU is processing below a certain level. I'm going to leave mine at 10 percent. Now if you wanted to turn that off just put it zero, turns it right off. Just two more settings to look at. 'Interval to refresh' is how often the program updates RAM usage. Leave it at one second unless RamBooster itself is slowing down your machine by running too much. 'Times to retry optimization' tells RamBooster how many times in a row to keep trying to claim back RAM if it builds the first time. Your chances of success on a retry are small so leave it at a low number. Next, if you want RamBooster to automatically optimize your PC check that box. Now press done. If you don't want auto optimization you can choose to optimize only when you notice a problem just press the optimize button anytime you want to manually optimize. And that's it. It can tweak your RAM performance to your heart's content. Want to thank Jessica Dolcourt at CNET's for the tip off on this program. She also reminds us that no utility can actually replace installing more RAM, so if you need it buy it, you can still tweak it with RamBooster later. That's it for this edition of Insider Secret, I'm Tom Merritt for Now if they only had a RamBooster for my brain. ^M00:29:00 [ Music ] ^M00:29:04 >> I like your funny faces that you are making on. >> Oh thanks I'm glad that somebody thinks that's funny. Well yeah I hope that helps our caller out from earlier because RamBooster is a really good program for managing memory. >> Yes. >> Speaking of callers let's cram one more and who is on the line? We got line number 2 Winston from Canada, let's go international. Hey, Winston. >> Hi, I'm just like last time you recommended a virtual dub but I couldn't get that to work out to try real player 11 tons to time. If there is any software I could just capture like the web videos without downloading it. Yes sometimes I try it wont let me from Real Player. >> Thankfully we have the master of that with us. Molly has got a couple of other ideas >> I don't know about the master yeah we actually did do an insiders secrets story about this and I think I may have done a video, go to to find the whole story. But there are a couple easy suggestions I have for you. One is so it is if its web video on the web site there is a web a site called, which I think we can bring up here. >> It up. >> Its up. >> Just need to bring it up-- >> Yeah check it out. and its you -- you basically type you copy the link of the page that the video is on and paste it in here and it in there is a drop down menu here that lets you choose Google, You Tube, which I haven't even heard about so they support a lot of different sites. And you can try to download that way. And then actually I think the easiest thing to do is use this Firefox Add-on video download helper which is just a super simple extension that you plug into Firefox and then I'll show you how it works here. If we go to say or a site that has video that it could capture you can see up here next to the URL bar this little icon starts to animate at the top of the page there, up -- up where the URL is, more, up more, up more and then over to the right, anyway so then there is a drop down and it will list all of the videos on that page. >> There it is. >> There it is. And you can choose kind of you know which video you want to download. And so if once you choose it basically it will prompt you to save it some place and it will just download a sort of pretty normal. So that's 2 pretty simple ways and then I would say you know check out that story for some other sugge -- there is a few other websites that do it because keepvid doesn't always work well with You Tube. Give it a try. >> All right, there you go, couple of other suggestions for you Winston. Try them out and let us know how it works. Also folks that's the last caller we are going to be taking right now but we have all call show next week-- >> That's right. >> --so call back. >> All call all the time. Right now however it is time for the best of the web. ^M00:31:45 [ background music ] Best of the web comes to us from our friends at and I have been waiting for this one all day long. ^M00:31:54 >> Well we've been having a lot of fun with this one. >> The best of the web today is net and it is awesome. Okay so you basically you just -- this is a total time wasting best of the web I have to say. You go to you typed in a website I am going to be diplomatic and use because I don't want to get myself in trouble by trying anybody else's website. >> No you are going to get yourself in trouble with our boss. >> That's true, that's true but its better than starting [inaudible] thing at you know its just not. >> I suppose. >> So you got to drop down menu here where you can choose all kinds of disasters that you want to have happened. >> Too many of a change we were having so much fun. >> I am a big fan of meteors but our producer insists that I show you Acid Pee. >> Oh. >> Its him Acid Pee, I'm going to leave it on auto so that it can decide where on CNET it wants to pee. >> So okay. >> So the site comes out looks like, oh no who is that guy? >> And some guy walks across. >> What's he doing? >> This does takes a while. >> It does take a minute because he walks across and you think oh he's not doing anything, he's up there in the corner. Where did he go, come on guy? >> See, see. -- >> I'm going to change it to mouse so that I can decide where Acid Pee guy goes. So here he's got a bottle of acid. I click he comes over and then oh that's a so unacceptable. One cool thing about it nice feature is you can change your disaster from right up here so I'm going to go for-- >> Meteors , oh not dog-- >> Dog poop. Tom hates it. >> All the disgusting ones. >> I'm sophomore, what can I say look I have my little skull and cross bones and then I just oh, oh, oh no that's terrible, you are right there I'm going to get fired oh that's disgusting. Okay >> I told you. >> Well, they didn't look quite so real before. Two meteors. >> [inaudible] right now yeah. >> Because this one has sound lets put on and go to meteors this one's cool. I targeted my meteor there, there -- >> There it goes. They -- they go forever. They take a long time-- >> They really do. >> But they cause a lot of destruction. >> Destroyed. >> Donald Bell has been taken out. >> I know I can't hear him either. >> Poor Donald. >> Its coming right here Molly, oh we missed it. >> Oh no, no, no. I have it down but anyway. >> We got to go. >> We can tell we are already getting carried away because I can pretty much just spend hours. >> Next week it is you and only you. We are doing an all call show, all calls and e-mails so send us an e-mail and be sure to get line early to give us some calls if you didn't make it on the show today. Call us back. Next week. That's for joining us and filling in Molly. >> Thanks for having me. >> All right. >> Have a great week on. >> See you next time Thursday 4:00 PM Eastern 1:00 PM Pacific. >> 10:00 AM Hawaii, 11:00 AM Hawaii-- [ Music ] ^M00:35:03

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