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Tech Culture: CNET Labscast Ep. 22: iPad 3 cases, too-big ultrabooks, and Draw Something tips

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Tech Culture: CNET Labscast Ep. 22: iPad 3 cases, too-big ultrabooks, and Draw Something tips

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This week, we check out some new ultrabook laptops that are blurring the definition of this growing category, then David Carnoy shows off his favorite iPad 3 cases, and we close with some hands-on tips for playing the incredibly popular tablet game Draw Something.

-- That's -- and at -- that's our conversation again Berger saying that. Ultra books I was a group were really good idea first thirteen -- -- -- like this guy that tissue that really thin and really light. -- 7800 BB 900 dollars. But they all have like that 120 gig SSD and it's. That's really cool so if it looks like a MacBook Air quacks like a MacBook Air but costs less and that's that that's a good thing the problem is. Now that it's become popular you're taking -- with name and putting on everything. That meets you know Intel's sort of semi secretive -- definitions that they don't really even the real publicly what all the and things you have to hit dude had an ultra books speaker to be incidental to -- but they're moving into fourteen inch even fifteen inch flat out. And I'm a little concerned that a -- when Dave right now look at the flat out there's a fourteen inch from Samsung. -- most -- doubled -- in front of your camera a little bit back an area. That's -- Samsung series five ultra. And supporting its -- -- you know what it's a relatively slim relatively lightweight fourteen inch laptop it's got and it's got a CD as it's gonna dvd drive in it. Of Egypt -- and -- -- it's got actually a regular 500 gig hard drive in there. So it that's -- -- -- laptop I think it's about 85950. Depending where you buy it but nothing about that has altered book to so it will call laptop light. AS it's a light laptop but that look like in multiple teams are gonna take a MacBook airs don't have an optical drive and now not okay -- engadget -- MacBook Air that should be the definition of me. That's part of it definitely -- -- it should be you know certain them twenty millimeters it utilities there is. 2.5 now well this is let's go through what are you guys if you could define an ultra book how would you define it. The problem is it's not. Mine to go to define access to it that's that's given a -- -- the funny colon. While fewer -- I would called having different because then it's not just open only Intel systems. But I think that the the basic things that we are working and there. On twenty millimeters or thinner I don't care but wait so much you want to get down -- -- -- -- got to -- certainly anyway. Solid state hard drive that's key and obviously a a quarry for your core I five not like some weird old. Like pentium two and -- but I -- -- Adam I think -- the most important factor prep went to get down to twenty millimeters or less is gonna be lightweight no matter what. But this guy -- of the Samsung. -- again is called little to vote waste for patents net three point I think and out -- -- was essentially for that was a retail for. I'd like 85950. Workers but it's a very nice -- -- if she if you show this to me last year. I'd go well that's a really thin fourteen it's locked up but you -- to me now let's say it's an ultra but I'd -- come on really guys -- -- just stretching the definition because -- it. So you have to find everything you can label -- ultra book and -- -- in the category now before it even started in in five months they've killed the category now I think but. Anything is a four pounds. Hard drive. Instead of -- SSD optical drive sentinel to its crazy not damage we've seen thinner laptops from Simpson well sure they have their own. Actually have their own ones that are much -- look like but don't use an ultimate name for a variety of weird corporate -- That -- this a series not yet. So -- that is my concern that is my complaint Adobe story about this -- and later about Al. They've oversold the ultimate concept of one hot thing they could add it they finally had a hit in -- was less than somebody -- excited about something with computers. While a minute by by the same token I don't think people are actually. Looking for computers just by the old equipment if there have been -- story and culture they want they want it and in light of notebook they look for. Something that's. Ways to surmount -- processed meat processors and it -- after that. That's -- it matters. But that was it that was the key with things like Centrino from Intel if you didn't have to worry about that things you do if you -- -- Centrino computers -- seminary years ago. And why I find it in you can connect your work network in your home network is a -- a label -- you knew you were getting at least a bare minimum. So they wanted ultimately -- same way if you just go let me show you all year old to look at the store you knew you -- getting something it was kind of like -- MacBook Air. Let's now because I was excited it's not the case and -- crumbs they can just walk in and say what you can talk to think about look at it with that would give you MacBook you know what what do you. -- windows version MacBook Air. -- that that to me is way. But the real that Intel seem to think that 300 million dollars to develop into things instead they usually just talk to you -- -- -- -- -- there. -- -- -- -- that it a week because the Wii called the Dell one to -- look at the Dell XPS thirteen Altima as rubber and I -- or the or the air book. Where the air book on the for Apple it would Hulu would have objected that this resulted -- and when shall I like actually when you slim we -- saved a definite -- dollars right there that sounds like a cigarette. Apple is Winston slivers of the windows live malware filters -- -- But weren't -- -- that's my -- for this week I think they're taking results -- print and make -- -- too wide and killing what what was actually interesting to people. Exactly they had a rarely rare just like netbooks for several years ago netbooks were hit unexpectedly -- everyone had to make all these different netbooks and kill the print -- -- Now they say the iPad -- But that too but there -- already you know people already fed up with netbooks well an iPad iPad -- well I think the -- -- netbooks was -- agents were -- -- power and they didn't evolve. And which were still disappointed with that chip the other data via who stopped making it. They pretty much have we -- one netbook all -- this year so far stop making these poor guys that assumes that one over and we expect really got to make a netbook. Which is -- -- and caller today. Yet gets called the HP DMO one C -- the high -- but we'll -- I don't mind I'll sacrifice some battery life. Just to get would need to get done who needs twelve hours of battery if it takes like twenty minutes to code one song to -- would soar from. A -- once or from a seat well that's why they were cool at first from the network's first came on YouTube -- -- can be when that happens is like -- or small that I think of reform -- -- to 99 -- disposable -- iPad is is almost twice -- -- what was interesting was that. Chip was supposed to -- law. And it doesn't release into that's correct we keep putting out new versions but there's not any faster and they don't run any longer I want to their Quad Core atom -- the other way to dual core out of that had no real effect on our on our benchmark tests at all. It does give us to windows. When -- get the regular habitat strategy -- to windows but it. -- -- -- -- -- my little boxer could put stuff on have to lean over -- -- want the papers or that yellow had a staffing data is all kinds of stuff let's talk about iPad. I get an iPad three you've got one Chile used on the two but I feel the draw I feel you can draw on and I actually had screen differential like. Not actually a top hat I don't. -- -- Its failures back to. Of this little over -- we sell your iPad. On the song and this what is no value yet no this is the going to be Jordan's -- -- -- numerous on the IR. The immediate he has a lead -- -- as a solo Risley parents of this event is. I'm going to 46 if you say so. Because you know what happened right -- of the four which have the -- display. To be even thinner. It planned and we -- -- event -- admit they're gonna make it thinner they're gonna make it fit and it hadn't happened out of my -- aren't from. So so I asked -- to bring in some of his favorite iPad three cases I have a few examples as well maybe you just go back and forth and and you can just only lake which would you think -- really I did say yes I like that. Actually -- a KE you actually have a couple there that I all of that I'm I'm I'm actually using one of those. The 1 I -- -- hearing in the the STM the grip grip. Which. -- -- -- -- -- I'm really finding that with the iPad three since it got slightly heavier. It's better to graduate in English in case the nice thing about this is that it's been -- as a little kick stand -- like that. If the -- atmosphere. -- -- -- -- an institute to relocate fancy can actually put it in two different angles to angles then you know in terms of -- -- in cases. Of the Felix. It's got this like surface and the staff and I mean who I don't know how this is gonna hold up over time you know and -- relevance of the -- ribbon via. I like it but your tablet and phone to date I don't know if it would cost about fifty books you can they'll they'll connect us that the new ones -- -- more about. Their there's also another videos they have something called the skinny which you have there and see the -- I'm liking. These STM cases I would feel laptop that we lot of really good luck to update or get the skinny right here yeah but that's got that's -- I totally had a version of this for the iPad two all that spending about thirty got a fabric -- them. Griffin just send me one today called the wouldn't like that it doesn't fold like this but -- -- -- don't like about this -- in case is is this. Limit that goes in there -- -- ready to stand up that they now I'm Justin and alike and I actually having to worry another thing to have it fly and out. And around I agree thank you Dave I mean I have no problem. This is another and another slim case from Griffin -- difficulty in -- -- case with say they've literally. I still have -- on it. But it's also -- in case it is when it. It sort of looks like in Apple's I'm moving with them like but it looks like an Apple Smart cover yet -- and then it talks NB line. At this little. Read here. On the back using. -- what you're gonna curious about its interest to the actual hinges that that's jingle of the goes over time that -- white does break off I feel like it might. From the way do we handle things I think -- top. Right and straight. I handle -- rough welfare mono in a lot of case makers actually didn't have to do anything to their cases and cases to effect is yet anything with a little with a plain of this and residences via his eyes skins. Or a case which they simply renamed the -- to but didn't actually change anything about the or -- -- -- theory but yet that's not confusing. But it's thumbed. Funny because that is drug -- not even the iPad three it's the new iPad so everything is confusing now. And this one day and I know I know he has the what's -- -- that is -- the way down now than any other guys he's got the pad in -- -- and the other guys this is actually is is Dixie case for the Kindle fire but -- is from goto case yet they -- really -- with tip is to -- -- case of they have won a new one it's just about to come out for via the iPad three they had to bomb. Just the justice -- but then -- -- when yet but it looks like the Bible it's got a bamboo. In her room. And it was -- -- parents -- and and the other the other company is. Patent -- right I don't right here package as the other and that would mean in that -- this is the. IPad two and -- case that I actually -- the -- feet three fit right in it and they have some new ones coming out as well that are actually thinner yet and a more -- so that's exactly -- and bigger and heavier you -- -- thinner case but I tried it here and it was -- you open it up and again you kind of gravity sort of holds that in here. And that's having -- their -- -- family -- -- a nice failure has a Saturn and Sony. -- make iPhone cases iPad cases Kindle cases and overall but it and machine -- really nice. I'd use this one for my iPad two extensively. And I try to three unit but it you know the case is kinda heavies have combined with -- heavier iPad three it -- the whole thing was getting a little heavy some looking forward to checking out. The iPad three stuff they have coming out in the meantime though. I I tried out for the one thing that was really lightweight just like you said one of these targets cases this is the targets slim I think everyone has a case called the slim. And they have a couple ones and it's pretty cool it's got this -- cut out the back the -- veteran analysts better not is that blue version. It'll -- on the back for the logo yeah we couldn't get dance. IPad. Three to fit Brenda this one that with the pre release a mock up version they -- all my might but his didn't mind -- -- -- -- -- in my tool for. Economy goes like this it's got the magnetic thing -- it and -- day it opens up to -- beaten. The likeness there was -- it stays -- at an angle but it's not as flexible is that some of the abilities it is to basically one angle like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Folds up and look at it and now that that runs -- -- -- personal iPad case pet -- open that up again. I don't like the little like. Border the -- border -- -- fabric or whatever border because around the outside of your your tablet or your phone I just personally don't like outlook. That is one of my -- -- as well that's that's what -- tablet case things that I just don't like on how you feel about it but yeah I mean I I like. Like more form fitting ones but -- -- the entire screen and to be sort of exposed. And this is why this is a this is the -- -- a yes. If you're going you know be lucky if -- talent. But there is the -- that's the Dark -- case that the hum is actually the -- the meet its slate and this is the defender series case has yet it's got actually. Protective. Built in collaborating in there even if they -- -- actually in the but smaller than the previous model because of the these guys are really -- these -- -- but it comes with the -- -- No but it comes with this it actually comes with this thing that. The goes over the top of the case to protect the screen and also love. And has a built in stand inside surface of its way to make a stand it but they have a couple these. You know sort of more for lake you know of the military you're out in you know actually guy Afghanistan or Iraq and or you let your your child uses. Yes well those one case it was kind of made of -- robberies sort of cell material that useless electoral for building. Or drop a bowling ball on that's what you know that -- bowling ball yes. Yes that was that I had that was now -- -- but that that was more the sleeve yet yet you know. This one -- I actually resent me this one. It's from a zero Chrome -- actually its design -- to work with the Smart cover and on the back covers for the the Smart. There's post these with the Smart -- don't have a stand on the Mac but this one actually has standard swivels. And -- -- can prop your iPad up in a vertical or horizontal position look at that that's just a back cover for the it's supposed to go with Lexmark but -- any of these better than the Apple Smart cover which is brilliant in its relative simplicity. I know -- you're a big fan of the Smart cover. I just got to protect the screen when a job in my bag but it like the fact that you don't really need for like a different kind of case like the ones -- shown off here or you like a Smart cover got. I honestly think the Smart covers should be included the -- that. Okay -- that's a good point but did you ever get -- and I got third party case I have the guys -- I are currently I've got a speck of god I've got a couple lingering around I don't. I don't this base operators have bugle is everybody buys their IOS devices so I actually bought at the touch in use and I spent. 700 dollars on this thing and I'm not touching -- do -- damn glass bottle and I'm Jessica my iPad you're looking at the -- time -- time I don't mine out regularly read my lips beta yet but actually -- I purchased it. The touch and I think. One the most elegant things are nice things about an IOS device is the way it looks and feels and it -- is crazy when you go out you spent X amount of -- -- you never get the current output and an -- It's a -- this is -- -- Exactly does it has a touch it about it if this is the life proof case. And it is totally waterproof controller for -- I just bought that -- -- -- going to the armistice day SO. You know -- snorkeling. Skiing anything and watering can your kids yeah I can hand to McCain and have to worry about it so I mean that there is that the point if it says sandy Joseph. Is there any -- strong enough that would protect your itemize them there's -- I've dropped a degenerative got a little bent on Mars though. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's what happens that's life such life and get you break it you fix it that's all they say -- -- touch that I used it. I hate to get my very own -- but. -- -- -- -- -- What will get benefit but anyway which could get dramatic here and more and -- is actually more of an Android guys -- via is that is that true would you would you colors of -- in in my photos via Apple's favorite. That's the hard living guy drop this thing. If -- -- to me. I like my devices to get used against case for that -- -- are using the -- he gave me one I -- didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Up and has one -- I really like which is -- I use it in the landscape mode a lot. Where it's got two levels of of -- figure here we go here. -- -- the the pinnacle case it is is is an equal case likes the same way. -- for me that's a key the multiple angles. Says that when that it does make it iPad case of the couples it's ridiculous or I mean I suspect I did anything happen -- had a holder for strollers now. I thought that -- area it's getting ridiculous and check it should be it should -- -- so -- allow I have this. Best iPad three cases round up -- he -- he best iPad three cases into Google you'll find it and there's actually I think I have about 35 new cases on there's some of them. -- out quite yet -- of the case manufactures had to. Just slightly just a waste as the iPad processor -- -- his -- there's also been as weird issue with the magnets. In some of the third party cases. Where they don't work they worked with the iPad two but they don't assume that work with the iPad three -- Apparently Apple changed the whole layer them of the magnets in the that they do that on purpose -- they did. Course they did you know they did we -- know they did. I think there must have been some sort of -- just and they did in those quite good enough unnatural -- in -- -- -- stored in some -- Right we only we had some here in the office some early samples for instance from Belkin and the case worked. We if -- -- with an iPad two it did not work with two Wi-Fi only iPad -- this we're talking about the Smart on off feature -- And but it did work with -- Verizon four G version of the iPad three though it was a very mysterious situation that you know I'm going on there and it's under the surface yet so some some some case may infections are now have gotten some of their early. Cases that shipped some of them are coming back that some people have to return because that that. That automatic on off feature isn't working you can look at the many in the chat room and asks that if it is the eyes and wall mount -- and if you go -- -- -- in the CNET archive. You'll find my -- CNET. Story -- the iPad one drywall mounted it. I think I've built my own wall now and putting up in my office and it took -- -- spirit that is a good bit of velcro. Now they it will have a lot happening all that's now but when the -- when it first came out I like I went into denial -- out in you can find this -- spare kitchen -- that -- -- stands in there you know what handling a big -- that the deepening your -- you'd like I don't know -- nice -- the standard that you actually. Put a little piece of a metal ring on the back you stick it onto the back -- the iPad and then there's this magnet. That applicable today in its global you're like that so. You know protect their actually kind of expensive that are over dollars and got a little continuity director advocates -- -- -- is a blog -- -- and a half ago. Agree that -- I I I only thing I adults -- -- secret to -- guys. And as we wrap up our our show for today we were talking about draw something before the daily -- -- -- of the popular. I -- and now Android and iPhone game now where it's like dictionary where you get their pictures and you -- and Carol -- tiny bit. There's -- game. -- -- now if I got a picture from somebody with the a pregnant from a different U gonna play right now says I'm watching a friend of -- draw a picture and I have to -- what we're this is basically. The free hand dinosaur. Pointing at something -- It could -- let's -- PI and K why I got it. I got I got it okay you've got to test -- equipment picnic. Though so -- -- that we thought I sort of drug -- -- had no matter how great the iPad is with your finger on the screen. You don't really drawn anything that that fantastic yet to drop. A camel a field are written all -- count the catheter OKC take your finger to dry here I'm cheating now I went out and I got this. It's an iPad stylish steel rubber tip is about twelve bucks at best buy just -- -- -- and is an impulse buy I -- I think this. God for you and god drop all of them and somebody and that -- I -- -- after the show. Revver British how to make your own stylus story I think of I forget exactly how Donald -- -- there that think it sounded sincerity -- show. -- -- under the brand here our -- what to tell you see if they're they're watching the show -- he noted is. There are playing well good thing we're playing live and outlets tape later case and would maybe they're watching -- thing. The camel and let's try one number two I want to -- And it is little just don't -- a thermometer on -- religion that then do funny. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can your race and start over you can. You know that I'd put like a cactus agreement you -- -- And -- -- of -- -- this is the desert with -- anti spam but I would just do a significant I had it looks like. -- -- -- -- -- In the NL positive dawn with a tumor -- -- hurrah again and iTunes in just them Lawrence of Arabia -- background. Gauger a mirage I was trying to address and here is an acronym -- cap jury -- seven Vail dance. And I'm gonna -- this pyramid and and tried again and we think with my stylus that's not helping my artistic skills at all between -- and look at. We put a set up in this guy its them. Well liked them and I'm gonna do that they get a bigger period pyramid now. -- -- -- -- While that's good -- good that enable this out of here. And Keller the -- yellow. A K area this is -- drive for Campbell all. But imagine how terrible this would be without. Without the stops -- and it and it offended they have big Joe Camel. -- I don't know is using a -- in draw -- cheating you guys tell me. You'll get your vote no because if I get -- question I'm -- is using a stylus cheating in this game. I've not of -- choosing a -- you have a you have fantastic elegant obviously from the picture didn't help you I don't hear. If I don't feel cursed but -- -- could count for anything that can I think as I go anyway I have little thicker and has not elegantly for the delicate turbine not a term with a -- -- that -- that you can mode where. As yet says thank you -- Americans. Cold now. Sure I like that. Aren't quite right that's my that's my tip of the week. Possibly my first and last tip of the week for instance that rumor at ID it actually was -- -- It was a -- and I use the -- -- myself the drudgery out of us show you guys probably heard by now that they're getting rid of all of the CNET live shows. Sort of are for now -- -- starting all the same time we're actually that's obviously the best weekly show outages. They're gonna beautiful forever David that's that the gonna read you all the stuff as on demand programming actually -- with -- -- Pencil point of the -- you want stuff when you -- -- wanted. You appointment they feeling his very old school -- television. I figured that but I detest them to miss my body I will miss getting together with you guys -- -- we -- -- next -- that might be a -- this farewell show but. That we'll come back and do some these on demand shows which will be different. But still of the same five of the same fun people and -- -- maybe we'll get we'll get to do what we always wanted to -- -- which is a cameras into the lab. And shoots down -- -- of this interactive my boys Harry Michael they can all just an important device it does. Man list goes on on the FaceBook page which we will continue to maintain and put up videos and stuff Henry cycle just came the New York Henry -- -- right. That's true if it did its children directing the specified but though we're gonna keep the FaceBook page going -- gonna post their own videos -- there. I'm gonna go to lab cheap stuff so it -- FaceBook dot com slash CNET labs cast we're gonna do the podcast naked next week vessel that that that'll be a good way to easy via topless podcast what -- had to cancel. Well exactly both enjoy easier we can't go topless but -- united I think actually the first publisher to skins that are happy they are happy -- -- don't wanna do it right after it doesn't give you easy enough to use it my shirt on but my Cuba and you wanna see anymore that. Picnic if it all right -- Ads as we close out would be should tell people that they can follow. Me on Twitter and at Dan Ackerman and the show at CNET -- -- thinking on Facebook's in Atlanta -- Dave you have -- and he -- plug this yet David. Carnoy CAR analyze -- nasty. On Twitter at David Conway and have a FaceBook interface with PHP -- the go to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I did not like you're right that's a fantastic and then and then they know we always -- we we always take a moment to upload your book as well -- yes. I'd knife music and another one potentially coming out this fall after resigning are you gonna thank me in this one because you know and I've been on the no you didn't you gave me a dollar -- and addicted to bring the price down but but but I but I downloaded the -- -- and I plug your book on this show he did Eric. It I want to thank you in your book ought to thank you in -- thank you -- your album insert. Well it's it's funny you mention that tested because it's it's a shame we're not gonna be here in time for me to actually. Plug it on the air all the time but I do have -- I -- have a new album coming out potentially in April 20 distributor now hopefully they'll be up on iTunes and Amazon. And everyplace else that you buy music very shortly it is called the futurist I -- -- the peak of the website for it. There you go. So its its its you know I call it a blend of jazz rock funk and bossa nova this time around so Michael Pitt. Dan up an autograph recovery -- -- -- regularly ought not to send detailed. And yet though that'll be available source in -- -- on on iTunes Amazon Spotify. RDO not a lot of union preferring. You do because I get like a fraction of a penny each time history -- I'm program -- -- and I'm pretty sure you're on the -- with -- I would glory that that I and I'll run an all day for that would be fantastic effort but it didn't. Viewed -- well I say do not buy it because -- -- I could affect your dedication anything that even attract named after me in the gnome. In David a lot of dedication your book -- tell you guys have -- plan. Plans are awesome blah blah but I wasn't Steve you love these kind and -- -- you're gonna award the Joseph smooth groove track and I want inspired by. Doesn't Kaminsky. And will auto correct a lot of -- about not inspired but it could happen about 80 no we're gonna get very explicitly announced that it. As much available that get you guys tenements to sell for one moment. -- and David out of all these cases which -- -- I'm. I'm going with the S one of the SMT right now -- and in gazette it's thin. It's nice under the arson cases that aren't that haven't and I do like the spec folio cases. And their -- bring out the new ones -- any any day now they've they've. -- to -- some places slight adjustments for the iPad -- I have an idea company ordered out their -- gonna wrap it up now just show the best case your iPhone I want them to create a waterproof case for the iPad that floats. -- that's -- -- out there that do it out there. To detach and attach to balloon into the mobile has just been in I don't -- dedicated to Joseph Kaminsky inspired by -- -- whoever creates this. A floating iPad floating waterproof iPad case to dedicate the JK I like it. I thank you Joseph thank you day -- a JK in line with it that's right JK. And -- come -- next week guys who would have to do next week or I think it's the final show. And I keep an eye out for the futuristic in music stores everywhere and with little traffic to a -- here -- Alia. So smooth. Elevator going up I -- -- having -- -- -- -- -- and price check in -- three. -- that. The national I don't know look at MacBook and then as the day now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can. -- -- It's. Yeah -- them clean fuel on hand. And since then it -- now the okay. -- -- -- Send it. -- no matter. And. A it's. -- -- -- -- --

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