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CES 2014: Clearview Clio is a see-through speaker

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CES 2014: Clearview Clio is a see-through speaker

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We get good vribrations from the Clio, which generates sound through a vibrating acrylic panel.

Hello. I'm Luke Westaway for CNET here at CES 2014 taking a look at this is the Clio by ClearView. Now believe it or not this thing is a speaker. It may not look like a traditional sound system, but this thing generates noise by vibrating this sheet of acrylic. It also has a subwoofer on the underside which generates the base. It's quite a bizarre idea, but it does make for a very attractive speaker. This thing definitely wouldn't look too ugly sat in your home I suspect. I've had a listen to it. This is a crowded trade show area, so it's not ideal listening conditions, but I was pretty impressed by the sound I have to say. It's gonna be available in March. It's gonna cost $349. I'm Luke Westaway for CNET. For more from CES go to CES.

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