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Tech Industry: CES 2010 preview

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Tech Industry: CES 2010 preview

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3DTV, e-books, and more will be coming your way from CES 2010. We discuss what it all means.

>> Let's do a little CES preview. >> We have music for that don't we? >> -- what do you got, something dreamy maybe? >> What are some of the things -- >> I'll see -- >> With a little glisondo [assumed spelling] in it we can kind of get into a little blurry motion, you know? >> Oh boy, I don't have anything -- >> What are some of the things we're gonna see at CES? What are some of the big trends? >> Stuff, tech. >> Stuff and tech, Molly? >> Things >> Molly: Well, I'm looking at the list that you made here. I mean I actually think that eBook readers are going to be everywhere at CES, that -- my prediction is it's gonna be eBook Central. ^M00:00:35 [ Inaudible conversation ] ^M00:00:38 >> And a sample of the new color one they're talking about, which I'll be curious to see why we are gonna, you know, want to see a color reader, 'cause so far there hasn't been a lot of appetite for that except for web. >> Well, the color eBooks has been a technology problem -- >> Yeah >> in making eInk color -- >> Molly: Right >> come up with a cheap enough color screen. >> Molly: And having something that's readable 'cause I don't think people want a backlit screen on an eBook. >> But, yeah, I think everyone under the sun is gonna be coming with an eBook. >> Molly: Oh yeah. >> And I'll say right now most of them are gonna be bunk. Most of them are not gonna compete; they're not gonna be that innovative. >> Molly: Yeah >> But maybe 2 or 3 of them will rise above. And do you think we'll see the newspaper and magazine sort of stuff rise up as well? >> Molly: Well, I wonder, 'cause they've got that agreement now, right? The Hulu of magazines and I wonder if any if there will be some kind of a partnership with one of them? Plastic Logic [assumed spelling] seems the most likely 'cause it -- isn't it supposed to be sort of tabloid sheet size? >> Yes >> That's right it's larger format. >> We're also gonna see a lot of 3D TV. >> Molly: Yeah, this one, I'm just calling it now, this is the DOA. >> Yeah >> We're gonna see -- we saw 3D -- ^M00:01:40 [ Inaudible conversation ] ^M00:01:43 >> Yeah >> But this year I think we're gonna see the sets. They're gonna be pushing it saying like, these are the big things. >> Why do you think it's gonna be nothing? >> Molly: 'Cause no one's gonna wear those glasses at home. >> The glasses are a big problem. >> Molly: They really -- I know they don't seem like a big problem and when you hear the, you know, when you hear these guys talk about it when I was at CTAN [assumed spelling], the cable television show, they did a panel on 3D TV and it's just is so -- like they talk about it in this sort of hopeful way and it's just kind of one of those things where it's like, you can tell me it's not a big deal but I don't want to put on accessories to watch TV, like I just don't want to. And they're not that comfortable and you can't lay down on the pillow with your glasses on 'cause then they get all like [sound effect] crooked and your cat will knock them off your face and -- I mean there's just a million different things -- >> -- oriented horizontally. I'm not sure you get a 3D image if you're turned 90 degrees. >> Right >> It's a polarizing technology. >> Molly: Right, you can't even lie down. >> You have to sit right in front of the television. >> And more or less level. >> And you can't be axial, yeah, -- >> Molly: Right >> I noticed that when I was watching Avatar in 3D. You know, I didn't realize I did this but at the movie, I guess, just to stretch my neck I turned -- >> Molly: Right >> my neck on an -- >> It went away or it got weird? >> It goes double vision. ^M00:02:43 [ Inaudible conversation ] ^M00:02:46 >> The polarization doesn't work anymore. >> Yeah >> Molly: And then if you also wear -- if you already wear glasses then you have to put other glasses on top of that and then you have to get the glasses. Like, I just think -- >> Hadn't thought of that. >> Molly: there is a hassle factor here that's just not -- I can't see how you overcome it, I really can't. >> And not to mention 3D right now in its current state is more of like an event based thing. It's like I've got this one movie that I want to watch so the investment that it takes to buy into that for that one movie that you want to watch, like -- >> Molly: Yeah >> does that work, is it worth it? >> Yeah, a certain genre of films are gonna do well with this but do you need to go see a romantic comedy in 3D? >> Molly: Yeah right. >> It doesn't add to it, I don't think. >> Yeah >> You know? >> But if I want to buy Avatar -- >> Right >> on Blu-ray -- >> Oh, heck yeah. >> later in 2010 I want to buy it in 3D because that's the way that everybody best saw it in the theater and so I'm gonna need a Blu-ray player that plays 3D. Well, okay, that firmware update is coming and I need to be able to have a 3D TV to experience it on. >> Molly: Do you, I thought you could just put on the glasses? Like, don't they sell those little Miley Cyrus DVD's with glasses and you can take them home and watch them and you put the glasses on? >> I don't think that's past the -- >> Molly: I thought it was just filmed -- >> Yeah, old fashioned. >> Yeah, that's the old blue, red shift thing -- >> Molly: Yeah >> or green, red whatever the hell it is. >> But this is a much better technology. >> Don't you need 120 hertz display that would be able to -- >> Molly: Right >> 260 hertz. >> Yeah, take a -- >> Pictures embedded, and so it's a much better affect but I don't think -- it's too much hassle. >> Molly: I just don't -- yeah, compared to just -- I don't know. >> For [inaudible] there will be a market for these televisions. >> Yeah >> I think the idea is that these televisions won't be that much more expensive -- >> Molly: Right >> than regular televisions. >> Molly: Yeah >> And it will become a selling point -- >> We'll then -- >> and everyone will adopt it because, oh, for a couple hundred extra I get 3D. Well, I don't know how often I'll use it but I'll definitely spring for that because, you know, I want to have it. >> It'll be another one of those logos down at the bottom of the TV -- >> Right, 3D compatible. >> 3D -- >> Molly: Yeah, okay. >> I could see that. >> And at that point it ends up actually being kind of compelling because if you have it why not watch it as long as you're -- >> Once in a while for the kind of media that you -- like for Avatar or something that really rewards 3D. And we don't know yet what the production hassles are. We haven't gotten enough feedback from -- I mean James Cameron will do anything to make this movie in 3D because Panasonic and he are just bound to make this thing sell. But the question is, is this a hassle for film producers? And if it's too much of a hassle and a cost, and I don't know, then we're not gonna get enough content going into this. >> Oh, I think it's the opposite. I think it is the thing for film producers. I think it's what they want to do because they think that's the way to get people to come to the theater. >> Molly: Well, yeah, for them it's like the opposite, they do, yeah. I think they do want people in the -- they want butts in the theater seats. >> For certain, again, for a certain title. >> And it's event. >> A lot of film producers don't make a film that -- >> Yeah, maybe Rontoms [phonetic spelling] and stuff don't need 3D, you're right, but a lot of them, yeah. >> Molly: But they would do it if they thought it would make you go to the theater. >> For sure. >> Well, they'll find out that it's not gonna do that for most movies. >> Molly: Right >> And another big trend I think we're gonna see is wireless, a lot more wireless charging, wireless HDMI, new WiFi specs, we're gonna see a lot of those protocols and things bandied [assumed spelling] about. Which one's gonna be the biggest? >> Molly: What, which -- >> [Inaudible conversation] >> What do we have like -- >> Molly: I think wireless charging is gonna be the biggest. >> Only if we -- >> Molly: -- wireless charging. >> If we see devices that finally are embracing one of the standards and saying, yes, your batteries are now integrating that technology. >> Molly: Right >> Because the cradles are dead on arrival and no one's gonna do that. No one does do it and they're out there. Four makers have got wireless pads out right now including Duracell, which has major marketing money behind it -- >> You have to have it built into the device. >> Yes >> I don't want to have to go buy a bunch of stuff. Even if I buy the pad and I get all these things I'm skeptical that it's gonna work. >> -- my device anyway, it bulks it up. So I think we're gonna see some integrated devices there but if it's not a major watershed of them this still isn't off the ground. >> I mean, Palm, right, Palm has it already integrated in. >> Molly: Yeah >> The Touchstone [assumed spelling] and the Pre [assumed spelling], but that's a thing where you have to buy there Touchstone. So do you think that's where that trend goes? >> No, I think it has to go universal and there's enough universal standards out there that work. >> We're a couple of years away from that working itself out, I think. >> And we're gonna see a ton of apps; this is gonna be a very software oriented CES, -- >> Molly: Yeah >> which is normally not the case; this is gonna be app crazy this year. >> First CES with an Apple Pavilion. >> Oh, right. >> Molly: Oh, yeah. >> There is no more Apple at Mac where all the Apple's been moved off to February. >> Molly: Right >> Yeah >> Molly: Interesting, and then NetBooks, of course, I mean our CES Preview Package is basically just filled with various NetBook announcements. New Atom [assumed spelling] NetBooks? New EPC, what's Intel's next Gen Atom -- >> It's gonna be random NetBooks. >> Molly: Like it's just gonna be -- And this is interesting, combining 2 predictions, the Entourage Edge, which is apparently a NetBook and an eReader. >> Oh yeah, somebody had to come up with that. >> -- one. >> Does it have wireless charging too? >> Molly: Entourage, hopefully, and wireless HDMI. >> [inaudible conversation] >> Molly: That's the dream of every CES. $490, yeah, Asus [assumed spelling] is coming out with -- >> Their 2 panel -- >> Molly: a 2 panel thing, I think, too. >> Also, and I forget is that an eReader that goes online or is it a NetBook that's also an eReader? They're trying to blend both. >> Molly: The Asus one? >> Yeah, let me look it up. I got something on it here. 'Cause this might be the year of the dual panels. >> Molly: Yeah, it could be. >> We might see some more dual panels -- >> Molly: Because there was that prediction about Microsoft's dual panel tablet deal. >> Yeah, yeah, Asus is supposed to be a reader first, it also has Internet ability but, again, like we talked about, everyone's gonna -- >> And no one's gonna buy these either. >> The dual panels? >> Molly: The panel thing? >> That's my guess, yeah. >> Molly: I don't know, this is kind of cool. >> It works for the DX [assumed spelling] I'm not sure it works for any -- >> Molly: Yeah, yeah, we'll see. >> Alright, well, if you want to find out more about CES we will be there the first week in January, CES.CNET.com. Make sure to go there and watch our continuing coverage. ^E00:08:10

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