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First Look: Canon PowerShot A720 IS

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First Look: Canon PowerShot A720 IS

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The Canon PowerShot A720 IS makes a solid, affordable camera that produces great-looking pictures, unless you plan to shoot primarily in low light.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:02 >> Hi, I'm Will Greenwald, Assistant Editor at CNEt.com and this is the Canon Power shot A 720 IS digital camera. This is an 8 mega pixel digital camera that doesn't look nearly as slim or slick as some of the pocket cameras you have seen but it offers a lot more options you are typically going to find in an ultra compact. It has 4 program aperture setter and manual controls. So you have complete control over your exposures. It has manual focus which is a very handy feature and it has a surprisingly functional optical view finder. The view finder still isn't nearly as good as one you are going to find on digital SLR, but for a non SLR camera this is a pretty good view. This camera uses 6X zoom lens with optical image stabilizations. So even if you zoom it all the way it will give you a little bit more stability and reduce camera shake than if it just had digital stabilization or had no stabilization at all. If you want to spend more on this camera you can also pick up a wide angle or a telephoto adaptor to give this camera a bit over wider shot, or to let it get in a bit closer to your target. It's a bit too bulky to just stick in your pocket but if you want a relatively affordable 8 mega pixel camera that produces good photos and gives you a lot of options to shoot with this might be a good first for you. I am Will Greenwald and this is Canon Power shot A 720 IS. ^M00:01:20 [ Music ]

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