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Tech Industry: Brian Tong's live tour of Sony's 360-degree booth at CES 2013

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Tech Industry: Brian Tong's live tour of Sony's 360-degree booth at CES 2013

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CNET's Brian Tong gives us a live, on-the-floor tour at CES 2013 of Sony's 360-degree booth.

-Hey, guys. What's up? Brian Tong here on the CES 2013 show for, you know, how we do it, like one of the best booths that I always get to check out here at CES is Sony's booth, because they do so many amazing different things. So, we're gonna take you inside the booth. We know that a lot of times we're not gonna be able to show you everything you wanna see. We know Sony has their press conference announcement, then you'll be able to see here live at 5:00 PM Pacific Time. But we do wanna give you a sense of what Sony is doing here at the show and I gotta admit, I really feel like this is one of their best setups they've ever done before because it really feel spacious, wide open, they're doing a lot of cool things. So, let's just kinda walk inside this 360 array of video screens that Sony is showing off. So, when you walk around and you're in here, you feel like, kinda like you're in the Sony spaceship, like this capsule and they will be doing, they're showing a lot of cool original video content around the screens that surround the entire stage. Now, one of the hottest products that we're expecting to see here is the Xperia Z. We know there's been a lot of rumors flowing around, see all these things covered up in this shroud, it's in this cloth. You can't really see, I mean, even if you try to look in there, you can try, like, Charlie, you can try. I mean, you can't see what's inside there. So, we're gonna-- hopefully we get a glimpse of that but we expect to see that at the press room but these are all clearly the Sony Xperia Z, you know, displays and setups. So, we're gonna walk through here. I know I let you guys down, didn't I? I'm sorry. Now, while we're walking to the store booth, we're gonna be here for a while. So, if you guys feel like you wanna ask us any questions directly, you can tweet me @briangtong, that's my Twitter handle, B-R-I-A-N-T-O-N-G. And I'm gonna try and answer some of your questions while we're here during the booth tour because we wanna be able to feel, reach out and touch you. Okay, so right behind me now here, this is another setup here with Xperia phones. You could see like they're having them set up, they're using their new wireless headphone setup as well, and this is-- we don't see many phones coming out here at CES 2013. We know that they're starting to gear them more towards, you know, TVs, big consumer devices and what makes that different is that, now, People are starting their phone products a lot later at Mobile World Congress. So, right now, my gutt feeling is the Xperia Z might be the phone of the show. I'm just saying, that's my gutt feeling. So, let's just walk around here now and kinda show you some more of what Sony's booth has to offer, okay? So, they're still working, again, they're still setting up these booths and perfecting them and fine-tuning them because really it's-- we're still a day away so, there's a lot of stuff that has not been finished yet. We'll just kinda take a look and we can see all the workers here in the aisles kinda going at it. Again, this is only the mobile section of the Sony booth, so, it just gives you sense of how much stuff, oh, right on my face, how much stuff is really going on. Okay. So, let's keep on walking down over here. Another cool feature that they're showcasing with their Sony devices is this one-touch capability, right? The little caption "Magic is Just One Touch Away" and what they're doing is been enabling-- a lot of times we have, you know, NFC connections on our phones, but how do we really make that a seamless transaction? Because we still have yet to see instantaneous one-touch action and it takes sometime, you know, if mess round with Google phones. So, what we have here, we're gonna just walk down this aisle here. These are like the things like one-touch listening, you have the Xperia Z here. You can touch to these devices and then they'll start playing the content where there's music. We also have one-touch sharing. Again, we've seen these in phones before but here in the U.S. market, Xperia Z hasn't seen a lot today, I mean, that's the phone that everyone is waiting to see. And then also, one-touch mirroring, very similar to like what Apple is doing with their, you know, ability to throw and toss content from your mobile device to your TV set. What's cool is that instead of you having to switch to an Apple TV in your input, this is integrated directly into the TV set, so it's just boom, one touch and they're good to go. So, we're gonna keep on walking through the booths here and let's go over here to the 4K section because we know 4K stuff is really hot. So, come on over this way, all right. What's this? Oh, man. Did you see that? I tapped his right shoulder, he still looked left. This guy, you know, this guy knows the game. Can I ask you a quick question? -Yes. -So, are you here with the Sony booth setting up? -Yes. -Oh, have you worked here in the Sony booth before? -I have not. This is my first year on the Sony booth. -First year at CES? -No. Ten years at CES. -Okay. -Yeah. -So, what do you think of this booth compared to some of the other ones you've personally seen? Whether-- you can say good things or bad things but we just wanna get kind of the inside review, right? -I love this booth. During the whole 360, it's unbelievable. It's first time this has been done and this-- just like this and I think it's great. -All right. -Looks great. It's open. Love it. -All right. That's Chris Wilson. I gotta drop his name 'cause he knows-- don't tap his right shoulder, he's gonna look left, okay? All right, thanks, man. All right. So, we're gonna keep on coming over here and we wanna show you the 4K section inside of Sony's booth. We know 4K is a huge buzzword and you know it's debatable of really what advantages you get. Obviously with huge large screens you're gonna see the biggest benefit. But in this specific area, we kinda rotate around me, Sony has given different examples of the different uses of 4K television. So, right behind me, see that? That was like a Matrix move right here. You see that, Charlie? What a Matrix move. My goodness. All right, so here-- this is Blu-ray disc. Blu-ray disc will still have the ability to support 4K content. We won't need any new disc for that. So, that's a good thing for everyone at home, right? We're gonna also move down here, they're showing off 4K 3D television, a TV set. One of the main benefits with 3D TV and the 4K technology is you have more lines of resolutions, so sometimes, the crosstalk or if you're looking at images close up and they break down, the fact that 4K does have a high-resolution should help with your 3D resolution. If you're into that stuff-- I have a 3D TV, you know, we'll see. That's all right. Okay. So, let's keep on coming down this way. We got some other really cool stuff to show you. This guy over here, though, although it is a 3D TV, this is their 84-inch television set. It is out and available right now. But one of the cool things that comes with it, because you really need this content to support the television set, is if we walk over here, they're-- they offer when you buy this TV again it's $25K, it's a lot of money, all right. But if we come over here, let's see if we can get a quick little sneak peek. So, it's also gonna be able to come with a server that is loaded with content. Now, when I tell you things are covered up, look, you can't tell what that is. I've seen it. I can't show you that. But this is the new concept design. This is because we're setting up right, we can't show this to you but it's a concept design. That's as good a blurry cellphone picture on a blog, right? But that's their new server that they will give you with the 84-inch TV. It'll come loaded with 10 movies, some short films with 4K content, that will be delivered to you, but really in order for 4K to really have a chance, companies were gonna need to give, need of 4K content. So, we're gonna keep on rolling out over here, okay? Let's see what else we have going on. Is this like the longest, coolest tour ever? I think so. All right. Let's just keep on walking down this way. There's people cleaning up the floors, there's a lot of static electricity I'm tempted to do like poke someone and shot them but I won't do that. Now, over here, this is a really cool stuff. These cameras behind me, these are Sony's 4K cameras. So, when you wanna get 4K content from a consumer standpoint, how do you record that? Well, they have examples of their 4K content. And that second one on the left side, that's a Prosumer camera that we are yet to see. You will see it soon. Just trust me on that but it's really-- shaped like the, I think it's CHX2000, that's really the Prosumer form factor. They're making a 4K camera in that same form factor, so, pretty excited about that. Okay. Let's just come over here a little more, we're gonna walk down to some of the cameras 'cause Sony has a lot of digital imaging products that are really great. And one of the kind of cool things that I was able to see is the ability to use their camcorder technology. We've seen, if you're not familiar, Sony allows you to use your some other camcorder lines as a projector, right? So, if you record content, you can project in them. So, we're gonna go over here right now to show you really quick. I'm-- oops. There you go. See that little hash tag? Did you see that? That's been hash tagged, yeah that's their content. Okay. So, we're not gonna be able to zoom into this that much but what happens is, with these camcorders now, a new product will allow you to take your camcorder which you use to just show the content your recorded but connect like a tablet, connect like a laptop, connect to even a Blu-ray player directly to the camcorder, use it as a passthrough and then will shoot that image onto the wall. So, you know what guys? I'm getting the sign. I've got to go. I love you guys. I really do but we're gonna be back after break for more press conferences. Lexus is coming up. I'll be back here showing you more from the show floor. And you guys, this is CES 2013 before it opens. You gotta love it. Well, I will see you guys.

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