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First Look: Bose OE2/Bose OE2i

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First Look: Bose OE2/Bose OE2i

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The Bose OE2i iPhone headset and OE2 headphones are the company's second-generation travel-friendly on-ear models.

I'm David Carnoy, executive editor for cnet.com and I'm here to give you a quick video tour of the Bose OE2 and OE2i headphones. This is a non noise canceling on ear model. It is a successor to the OE and what Bose has done has made this smaller, this is a smaller board compact headphone also more lightweight, it's very comfortable. The other key to know about this, is that Bose has changed the sound a little bit. With the OE, they pushed the bass a little harder on that, it has more balanced natural sound (thought with that?) good detail (with?) accurate headphones. Not your typical Bose headphones, they're not super detailed and not super great headphones but they are very solid headphones. Couple of other little features worth noting, these two have a detachable cord and they do fold up really nicely into a small compact carrying case. That (can?) case is about half the size of what you get with something like the Bose quiet comfort (15s?), that's a noise canceling headphone, these are not noise canceling, they do shut out a lot of noise, they have nice (cushiony?) plush (ear cups?). That little I in OE2i stands for the integrated inline remote with a microphone. This is geared towards iPhones so you can control your tracks, get forward or back using the remote and then you can make calls with this and raise a lower volume. Some of the features were put Android phone is really more a made for iPhone model. So beware of that when you buy the I version of this. One big concerns of people are looking at both headphone sometimes is the price and these guys are definitely a little bit high at 149.95 and 179.95 respectively for the model with the remote in it. What I can tell you about the price is no, they aren't a bargain. You can buy headphones that sound just as good the cost less and Bose does have a 30 day money back guarantee and is no into fix also headphones if they should break. These are slightly better designed, they do fold up into a smaller form of (??) to fit into that small case. At overall, they are a very nice compact lightweight and very comfortable headphones that also sound good. I'm David Carnoy and those are the Bose OE2 and OE2i headphones. Thanks for watching.

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