Desktops: Asus Chromebox gets down to business
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Desktops: Asus Chromebox gets down to business

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If your life or business is in the cloud (or headed there), this mini desktop might be the low-cost solution you need.

Hey, there. I'm Josh Goldman with CNET. And this is one very small desktop. It's the Asus Chromebox which runs on Google's Chrome OS. If you're unfamiliar with Chrome OS, it's basically Google's Chrome web browser turned into an operating system. What that means is this little box, which starts at a mere $179, can do anything you can do in a web browser. That's actually quite a lot these days, and the Google Chrome store is loaded with free and pay web apps that range from simple website bookmarks to apps that can work offline and outside of a browser like traditional desktop software. Speaking of desktop software, like Chromebook laptops, you can't install traditional software directly on a Chromebox. There are virtualization and remote desktop options, however. So, if you still need to run desktop software, you can through the cloud. That's likely something you'll need to do for a business, and really, that's what Asus is targeting with this. For consumers, the low-power Celeron processor, two gigs of memory, 16 gigs of storage and integrated graphics is good enough for everything you do on the web, casual games and for streaming services like Spotify or Netflix. And since it's secure and you can easily set up supervised users, this is a good option for a secondary or family computer. It's certainly not for everyone, though. So, be sure to check out the full review on I'm Josh Goldman, and that's the look at the Asus Chromebox.

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