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CNET News Video: Assassin's Creed III takes to the seas

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CNET News Video: Assassin's Creed III takes to the seas

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At Sony's E3 2012 press conference, developers from Ubisoft demonstrated a high-seas battle featured in the new PlayStation 3 game.

Assassin's creed three is coming to PlayStation 3 in full force. Set the time the American revolution. Here -- hero Connor and you play a major role across key battles igniting a revolution. The assassin's creed three experience will be phenomenal and today we want to share with you and exclusive look at the game. -- give you a first look is assassin's creed three is creative director Alex Hutchinson and associate producer. -- -- -- We really producing some of assassin's creed three already this week. -- wanted to highlight something really special here at the PlayStation show. Assassin's creed three is not just a brand assassin and a brand new historical period it's also a chance to deliver some brand -- taxis. As a student doesn't get to know the revolution was not just -- on land. But also. -- -- Okay. Okay doses of the eighteenth century. The weather system that contains at any moment it is heating swells. And pounding rain. -- -- Five. -- -- and due north of here. With a full control of both navigation and -- The revolution. To the high -- Thanks a lot out -- clean. Looks amazing on PS -- and am very happy to announce that we've been working closely with Ubisoft to create something very special for PlayStation customers. Assassin's creed three will launch day one when the new PS3 hardware bundle. -- will include the PS3. To gain an exclusive deal save.

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