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Apple Byte: Apple's iPad event gets the rumor mills working overtime

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Apple Byte: Apple's iPad event gets the rumor mills working overtime

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We'll break down everything we've heard as the rumor hype hits an all-time high for Apple's next-gen iPad event. Is Apple getting into the car business as well? Plus our Gelaskins giveaway!

What's good . Brian Tong here to welcome to the Apple Byte for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple . Ipad rumors are a diamond dozen right now, plus we will announce our winners for a Gelaskins giveaways, and you probably already know that Apple sent out their official invites for their March 7th Ipad Event in San Francisco. I was kinda let down, because I was really hoping for an entire event just focusing on the classic Ipad and Mac Mine, but, oh well. Now Apple invitations says we have something you really have to see and touch. You know, I've been using that line on girls for years now. So, why don't you get original Apple, it doesn't work. You want some pie. No. You could have just told me. My darling your teeth. Wow, it must taste good. That's great. Yeah. Brian. I wanted that so. Now the invite also started the endless flood of speculation, could Apple really be removing the physical home bun to an all touch interface or is that just an Ipad turn sideways. Well, let me burst your bubble people , after a Repair Labs has reported acquired the front glass piece and digitizer for the next gen Ipad in both black and white. They point out it has a different ribbon cable connection from the previous generation and look closely , that's a home button. Then everyone went all ultimate warriors saying things like " Look at how sharp that icon is, clearly it must be the retina display". You know they're probably right, but can you really really tell that from the image? Look, I see two sentences, call me crazy, but maybe it's two devices they're announcing and one of them is an Ipad and the other is a product from Apple we haven't seen yet. People do your lives really revolved around every single thing Apple is doing. Is it so bad that you would sell your soul to devil and do a show every week about Apple , just to pay your bills. What's happening? What's happening? What's happening? Brian Tong here. Apparently, is it. Now with the announcement in less than a week, the hype is at an all time high and the rumor mills are firing on all cylinder and I guarantee you, there will be twenty more by the time you watch this. Digitimes hasn't always been the most reputable Apple source, but it didn't stop their claims that we'll see a 16 and 32 gig Ipad 3 ,as well as an 8 gig Ipad 2 that will cover the lower end of the market for Apple. Then because they need another Ipad story for what's coming next, Digitimes reports mass production of a smaller 7.85 inch Ipad will start in the 3rd quarter of this year. Now, 9 to 5 Mac has her own report saying there will be at least three different Ipad variants for a WiFi, 3G and 4G flavors that will be available for pre-order on the 7th or a few days later and with Apple TV inventory exhausted retail chains everywhere, the other device could possibly be the new Apple TV. Guys and gals, its getting so bad that Sky Bet was taking actual bets on the Ipad 3 specs and then had to pull them because it was getting a little out of hand. See how (cray cray?) this thing is getting. This is bigger than Linsanity. Knicks had beat the Wizards 7 straight times. (Wohoo, you know?) you're going down, baby. You ride that wave surfing the Linternet. Okay. Let's have real things back down to earth a little bit with other exciting news happening around the Apple world and its all about the revolutionary Lytro Camera that launch this week and its changing how we take pictures and how we interact with them. It's Mac only right now. So, check out this look at the camera and some of its new features. Hey, Guys. Brian Tong here with CNET.com and we wanted to give you a first look at some of the new hot features for the Lytro Camera as techs most buzz worthy camera and its shipping right now from lytro.com. Now the catch up to speed, the Lytro Camera is unlike any other with the unique design that uses light field technology to capture all the light information , color intensity and direction to light as moving in a single picture. Now you wont need to focus. You just take a picture and with all this information, you can choose the subject or your object you wanna focus on after the fact with what they call their living pictures. Now they've added a few new improvements to their interface where you can swipe from the bottom of the screen and you'll get a menu bar battery life and the amount of picture space available , but you'll also get a new mode called creative mode. By default, the camera is set to Lytro's everyday mode with their default settings that set to a 3X optical zoom, but it has limitations with how you can compose shots. Creative mode unlocks the 8X optical zoom range and allows you to control and compose your shots like, let's take an extreme macro shot. We seen shots like this in popular food photography and also to showcase textures or you've seen portrait shots where subject is in focus, but the background is completely blurred out. It will also light a zoom in and out of a subject after you've set the focal point for a more dramatic effect and better shot composition control. Now this is all part of the creative mode, but an all in focus mode that pretty sure you camera users are familiar with, will be a software update in the first half of this year. Now you can also interact with your pictures directly on the camera screen, but sharing is a big piece of the puzzle. No software lives locally on the camera and you can install it when you plug it in. It's only currently Mac compatible, but Lytro says there will be a Windows version of the software coming by the end of 2012. Now each picture is stored locally on your computer. That takes up about 16 megs. With the Lytro app, you'll upload your living pictures that are stored on their own servers. They said its unlimited storage right now and they'll process them down to about a 500k to 1 meg file, depending on how many multiple perspectives you have. Now you can then show that living picture through social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or embed them in Lytro Flasher HML5 player. You'll also be able to right click on a picture and convert it into a 1080 by 1080 JPEG file that's compressed down the size for you. Now, the Lytro camera is only available through their website at lytro.com starting at three ninety nine for an 8 Gig model and they say will be available in unnamed retails channels later this year. So there you have it. I'm Brian Tong with your quick first look at some of the new features with the launch of the truly revolutionary Lytro Camera. I'm a huge fan already and just think this the first version of the device and its a technology that's only going to get better. All right, in Laptop news, Digitimes claims Apple is expected to launch a thinner 13 inch and 15 inch Macbook Pro sometime in April. Now there is no word about a revised 17 inch model in the report and even after some reported delays with Intel's Ivy Bridge Chip Set, it sounds a little too early for me, but we'll wait and see. Now I've also always believed the next platform Apple should go into after the TV, that's if they really do it is cars and maybe there is some real evidence to support that idea now. Car News is trying to report that newly discovered automotive job listings on LinkedIn claims Apple is seeking a supplier called the Engineer and New Product Integration Supervisor pointing to the possibility that the Cupertino kids are finally extend the business into car related products. It wouldn't be the first time after (Rumley's?) in 2007 that Apple is working with the Volkswagen on its own integrated car concept. And if they take too long to do it, Mercedes Benz has announced its plans for integration between Apple Iphone 4s and the really affordable A Class Line including support for this Siri Virtual Assistant. It will communicate through Mercedes custom digital drive style app and the A Class Line will make its world premiere at the Geneva Auto Show this year. So, maybe they could at least throw in an Iphone with the purchase of the car, guys, maybe. Okay. All right. Let's get to the winners of our Gelaskins $40 gift card giveaway. We asked you the Apple Byter for the names of the different kinds of mountain lions and you delivered. Correct response is , included the Puma, Panther,Catamount and Mountain Cat, they probably look exactly alike . Thanks, Wikipedia. So, congrats go out to Nicole Washington, Wyeth Thomanson, Sonia Smith, Omar Torres ans Charles Anne, that's really his name. All right. Thanks for all you entries everyone. We'll find out what Apple has been cooking next week and please send us any and all of your burning questions for upcoming e-mail episode to the applebyte@cnet.com. That's gonna do for this weeks show. I'm Brian Tong. We'll catch you next time for another Byte of the Apple.

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