Apple Byte: Apple's CarPlay wants to ride with you
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Apple Byte: Apple's CarPlay wants to ride with you

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Apple officially shows off CarPlay to take over your dashboard, the iPhone 6's A8 chip is reportedly in production, and a Steve Jobs giveaway you can't miss.

-- -- anything you know you Hermes you created the I had put. Youth of the iPad before I made up the act at eight I've I've been in place like this is how would you an error error. You know what was. Are you doing. What are you doing -- image. Looks like you're playing with Steve Jobs all know those are not all of this is it 16 action figure replica look. Its -- -- well this is valuable stuff but it. I have found claimed adults. They're not -- they're -- there's. And you can messengers -- today. Was shaken Brian Tong here and welcome to the Apple byte for everything good and bad. Inside the world of Apple and the big news this week is all about Apple's -- -- formerly known as -- in the car. Mercedes -- -- and Ferrari are the first three manufacturers to show off our plate in action. At the Geneva motor show -- label label users to make calls navigate -- listen to music and access messages from the dashboard of compatible cards. Now -- can also be activated by pressing a dedicated button on your steering wheel. Kevin Jones. I'm having him. And there's third party support for services like Spotify I heart radio and stitcher but pandora confirmed it will not be one of the apps innovated with our play. Now -- the most popular music -- on iTunes. -- into the station based by genre artist it was probably too similar -- iTunes radio and of course Apple's gonna give them the big boot now. You don't have to do that. Then Apple. -- Now the big -- is also made deals for future integration including BMW Honda Nissan and pretty much every other car company you can think of the only stand -- -- yet to commit his Audi who's -- with Android for now. And Tesla remains mum. But we should expect -- factors to support both platforms over time and -- they are done. And we also have your iPhone that it's where you according -- Taiwan's commercial time. Apple's new chip partner TS MC has begun production on the next to an 88 ship that we expect to see in the next iPhone sixth. The report claims the new -- -- -- nanometer 88 -- will include a Quad Core 64 bit processor. With a Quad Core graphics in an earlier starts production compared with previous years should give Apple more flexibility to comfortably. Plus the new iPhone in the third quarter of this year. Apple Safari ideally GT advance technologies expects to get full production in the second half of 2014. Now GT actually halted sales of their sapphire furnaces to build -- capacity for Apple's Arizona facility. But 2014 and beyond should be a transformative one for them. They anticipated sapphire segment -- -- for 80% of their total revenue in 2014. And sees growth estimates over a billion dollars in 2015 and they're pretty happy about that. One company not so happy about that Corning's Gorilla Glass. Other senior VP went on a -- of rants after he was asked as -- -- other device makers him. Apple using sapphire in their devices. Tony trip he said it's about ten times more expensive it's about one point six times heavier. It's environmentally unfriendly and takes about a hundred times more energy to generate a sapphire crystal -- it does glass. It transmits less light which means -- -- -- -- devices are shorter battery life. It continues to break. I think well it's a scratch resistant product it's still breaks and are testing -- -- Gorilla Glass can take about two and a half times more pressure. Lesson of the day don't make a -- angry. Now -- -- points are valid but. We don't really know how -- sapphire -- in the real world until starts making it into more products. Now and I watch new information reports that at Apple is continuing its work on the I want. It's placing a large focus on expanding users' ability to interface with third party apps with input methods on a watch limited due to its screen size. Series voice capabilities will be key for them. Obviously. Now the report points out how Siri can't do things like -- car rental or make hotel reservations and the -- messaging app that can't really work with is its own right now. And real topped Apple fans -- has a ways ago even match Google Voice actors. Are right in the quick -- IOS seven point one has been in developers hands for quite some time with improvements in visual tweaks. But -- fireballs John Gruber says -- can come any day now he says Apple plans to release an iOS seven point one reliant app. -- -- the iTunes festival performances from SXSW. And the festival starts on March 11 so that timetable place was getting it real soon. And the latest rumor from did -- times claims the Cupertino kids will stop production of the thirteen it's not a retina MacBook Pro in the second half of 2014. The -- been on the wall with the discontinuation. Of the fifteen inch MacBook Pro so this would -- be a total surprise. There's only 100 dollar difference between the MacBook Pro thirteen and the MacBook Pro thirteen retina. But it would finally eliminate Apple's last -- with an optical disc drive but -- still alive. It's not done yet. All right let's get you -- -- killer giveaway. This week our friends -- legend toys are back at it with their amazing Steve Jobs 016 scale collectible figures. Not dolls. Figures. They've created two new figures with seventy Steve Jobs -- rocket is double breasted suit and there's also. Eighty's Steve Jobs was right his mock turtleneck and jeans the figures retail for 199. Each -- in Clinton had. It was -- first. I came up with the Apple Computer. Now the -- service by legend toy is mr. -- -- and miss not glory to create these figures is really -- -- They even replicated the first Apple Computer out of the laser cut would. With a so we're giving away two of each of the figures a way to you the Apple byters for a total of four. Now all you have to do is -- things go back to last week's episode and tell me who are -- -- wrestle mania seven wrestlers we featured and tell me what you would do with the Steve Jobs figure if you end up winning. -- -- -- responses to the Or tweet me at Brian Tong and we'll name the winners next week. All right it's gonna do of the Disney show what they so much for watching and we'll catch you guys next time for the bite of the Apple. He can easily. Who puts us. But. I recognize -- okay. John Lennon.

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