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Apple Byte: Apple's been working on health monitoring headphones

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Apple Byte: Apple's been working on health monitoring headphones

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A new patent granted reveals Apple's push into health technology goes beyond an iWatch. Steve Jobs' 30 year mouse is recovered and our JBL Pulse giveaway.

-What's up? Brian Tong here and welcome to the Applebyte for all the good and bad inside of the world of Apple plus a special giveaway. So, let's get to the show and it's not the biggest news week with, a few updates on all the latest rumor products. But a report from the China Times claimed that Taiwan-based touch panel manufacture TPK will be making flexible displays for the iWatch, with mass production expected in the second half of the year. The report says the iWatch will come with a flexible AMOLED display and 3D protective glass and will use silver nanowire touchscreen technology that's developed by TPK. Now, they aren't the most reputable source, but that's the latest in the iWatch world. More reports continue to piggyback on the belief that we'll see two different size iPhones, but the latest from Taiwan's Economic Daily News claims that only the larger of the two iPhones will use the sapphire glass and the rumored smaller, but still larger than the original iPhone that 4.7-inch model will continue to use 4-inch Gorilla Glass like the iPhone 5S and 5C. Then the Economic Daily News decided to get a little "cray cray" and claims that Apple will not name the larger 5.5-inch plus device in iPhone because Apple is treating it like an experimental project and will not use the iPhone name. Now that makes me lean towards them naming it the iPad mini mini, but come on, I doubt they have any idea about the way Apple will be marketing these rumored devices. Also, a report from Fudzilla says Apple will still stick to keeping their next "A" series processor and Qualcomm's LTE chip separate for the next round of iOS devices. Integrating the two typically helps optimize battery life, but it looks like that will be another generation away. KGI Securities also released a report that indicates Apple will keep most of their products with the same processor except for the next iPhone, which historically has taken the lead when it comes to new processors in their product line. Now, no surprise there. And the rumored full-sized iPad would also be a candidate for new A8 chip. And more news about the Apple TV. Apple insider has done some digging and has found that Apple has posted several new positions for the Apple TV Team related to expanding content on a set-top box. New positions for an Apple TV content partner engineer and an Apple TV software QA engineer showed both roles hint at expanded third-party support and we've already talked about reports pointing to a new Apple TV possibly by April of this year. All right, it's always cool to check out some of the patents Apple has been working on and recently they've been granted what's described as a "Sports Monitoring System" for headphones, earbuds and headsets. Now, the key to this invention would be sensors embedded into one or more areas of the headset or earbuds by coming in to contact with your skin. The sensor would potentially be able to measure your heart rate, temperature, perspiration and other physical stats. It's basically a health monitoring system for headsets. It looks really cool, but unfortunately they won't be able to use the name "Heartbeats by Dre." All right, on to the quickbytes, Apple's bringing the iTunes Festival to America for the first time at South by Southwest. Coldplay, Imagine Dragons and Pitbull will be some of the featured performers, but no word if Ylvis will be performing. -What the fox say? Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow! Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow! Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow! What the fox say? -Says shot-- -Okay, I'm done. And the cool story from CNET's own Daniel Terdiman where the TV show "Diggers" found the time capsule from the Aspen International Design Conference in 1983. Now at the conference, Jobs gave a talk and predicted things like the iPad, wireless networking and even the App Store long before they became a reality. Now the time capsule included the Lisa mouse. Steve Jobs used it during his talk along with other miscellaneous items that were thrown in it and it was dubbed "The Steve Jobs Time Capsule." So, check out this clip. -So, I'm looking it too, there's a little plastic bag in there. I'm reaching like rabbit. Look, I mean, I kinda let go of it 'cause I panicked like it was-- like a hot stove. -There it is! Yehey! -Now, the time capsule had a strong moldy stench, but even Steve knew that that thing would be priceless and put it in a baggy. He's smart. Now, if you wanna watch the entire episode, it will air on February the 25th on the National Geographic Channel. All right, we've got another amazing giveaway for you from our friends at JBL. This is the hottest Bluetooth speaker out there right now called the JBL Pulse. I genuinely love it because it's super colorful. The sound quality is great for speaker, the size, and you can control it with its own app. Now, I can change its visuals from rainbow to club or to chill. It's seriously legit and you can even impress girls with it by just telling them 'it's magic.' -Wow, that is so cool. -I know. -How does it work? -Ladies, it's magic. -So, we're given away three of these bad boys on the show. All you guys have to do is watch the last week's episode and tell us how many times I say the word "me" during my warm-ups and then add that to the number of pipes I get through on Flappy Birds. See, this isn't easy and it's not gonna be ever given away JBL Pulse's [unk]. Email me at the applebyte@cnet.com or tweet me @briantong and we'll randomly pick three of you. And you can also take advantage of their 10% off their entire website with the code JBL CNET and it's good through March the 7th. All right, that's gonna do for this week's show. I'm Brian Tong. Thanks for watching. We'll catch you guys next week for another byte of the Apple. -I got my eyes on you. You're everything that I see I want your high love--

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