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CNET News Video: Apple previews new Mac OS X Lion

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CNET News Video: Apple previews new Mac OS X Lion

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Apple CEO Steve Jobs and VP Craig Federighi give a sneak peek of the company's new operating system, dubbed Lion. The demo shows a new feature called Mission Control, which combines the Expose, Dashboard, and Spaces applications of OS X with full-screen apps. The new OS is due to ship summer 2011.

-We have these four cool inventions where things we do in Mac OSX. Expos, a great way to find your windows and do window management when you have lots of windows open. Dashboard, a great way to get to widgets instantly. Full screen apps which we've talked about, and Spaces if you wanna create more than one workspace and move between them rapidly, and this is great but as we've added full screen apps now, we say, you know, we have four of these things. Wouldn't it be great to unify them all and so we've done that in something we call Mission Control. It's a way to view everything running on your Mac and instantly navigate to anywhere, so what we'd like to do now is even though we have tons of new features in Lion, we've picked out a few of them and we'd like to give you a sneak peek today. -I'm absolutely thrilled to give you this sneak peek of just a few of the many features coming in Mac OSX Lion and I'd like to start with the Apps Store. So, the App Store, with the App Store, we've taken everything that users love about the App Store for the iPad and we've brought it to the Mac. I can get to the App Store right here on my Dock. See, on the featured page, I've access to the new and noteworthy applications on the store. I see what's hot, staff favorites, great way to track what's going on. Across the top, I also have Top Chart. Here, I can see the top paid and the top free apps currently on the store. Over here in Categories, I get a great place to go if I'm looking for something specific. For instance, education apps for the kids, and finally, we have Update. The App Store is tracking all of the apps you've downloaded on your Mac and when they have new versions available, they're listed right here, and if you want to, you can select one or, with a single click on Update All, you can bring your Mac entirely up to date. Next, I wanna show just how easy it is to purchase and install a new app using the App Store. Let me go back to the Featured page and I'd like to install Pages, I don't have Pages on this machine right now. So I'm gonna go to the Product Overview page. You see I get this great description. I get these gorgeous screenshots, help me make sure I'm buying the right thing. I get these Customer Ratings and Reviews, it's really helpful to make sure I'm making the right decision, and when I'm ready to purchase, it's just one click on the Buy button. You'll see the app icon actually lifts up and flies out of the App Store down to my Dock. Now, this is a real App Store app, speaking the real protocol to a real server and downloading a real copy of Pages to my machine and you see installation has never been easier. With just a click, I'm running my newly purchased application and creating my first Pages document. It's just that easy with the App Store. So that's the Mac App Store. We think developers and users alike are really gonna love it. So, next up is the Launchpad. Launchpad is a super convenient way to organize and launch all the apps you have on your Mac. See it right here in my Dock, with a click, Launchpad leaps forward to this beautiful full screen grid of my apps. If I wanna launch something, let's say Dictionary, it's just a click and Launchpad fades back, my app fades forward. You can also organize really conveniently here in Launchpad. You see we have iPad-style Pages so with a multitouch gesture on my mouse or trackpad, I can just flick my way to other applications, for instance, my productivity apps, my games, and so forth. Really, really easy. I also can organize my apps within these pages so if I wanna move iTunes, let's say, up here to the top, I do what a Mac user would expect, I click and drag, everything gets out of the way, I let go and I've reorganized. Really nice. I also can create folders just like on iOS so let's say I wanna create a productivity folder. I just pick up keynote, drag it on top of numbers, let go, and I have a folder. I can add my new Pages, pick it up, drop it, just like that, I've created a folder so that is Launchpad coming in Lion. Next up, full screen apps. We've brought the immersive experience of apps on the iPad to the Mac and we've provided a great new way to work with apps in full screen. I'm gonna demonstrate by opening a PDF. So here we have Preview open with a PDF, looks nice, but now, because in Lion full screen is integrated, I can click on a standard control and it sweeps open into a gorgeous full screen view, facing Pages view. When I'm in here, I then can use gestures to move between the pages of the PDF, really convenient, but what's really great about full screen in Lion is that I don't have to leave full screen if I wanna go work on something else. I can do a simple multitouch gesture on my mouse or trackpad, and I'm right back at my desktop and when I wanna get back to that full screen app, I just gesture back. Super simple. Let's take another app full screen, in this case, iPhoto. Now, Phil demonstrated earlier that iPhoto has this fantastic full screen experience. I can now get to it with a standard control, I'm now in full screen iPhoto and this is how I'll probably wanna work in this app all the time, but if I wanna get back to my preview document, I just flick. Wanna get back to my desktop, same thing, and we've even made Dashboard accessible in the same way so flick to the left of my desktop and I have access to all of my widgets, super simple. Now, of course, as a Mac user, I always love working with windows so I'm gonna bring--I mean, windows, not Windows, so I'm gonna open up some windows with App Store, I'm gonna open up the App Store, Safari, iCal, iTunes, and, let's say a Pages document here. So I can of course flick between these different experiences here like this and that's really convenient but we've made it even better. What we've done is unified windows, full screen apps, Dashboard, and even Spaces into a single place, a place where you can get anything on your Mac from wherever you are and we call that place Mission Control. I'm gonna take you there right now. The gesture on my trackpad, I enter Mission Control. We see, I have a beautiful Expos view of all of my windows. Across the top here, I get my full screen apps, my Dashboard, and my desktop, and along the bottom, my Dock so I can get all my apps. With a click, I can get to anywhere. If I wanna get to iPhoto, I just click and I'm taken right there. With a gesture-- excuse me. With a gesture, I'm back in Mission Control. I can go to Preview and back or back to my desktop. Super simple, and because we have this great Expos, I'm looking for a window and it's covered up in my desktop clutter, you can go to that same place, so let's say I wanna find that App Store window, I can just flick in, and you see there's app store right there and it's clustered by apps so it's really easy to find. I click and it comes forward. Now we've made Expos even better in Lion because these app clusters take multiple windows from the same app and bring them together and then if I wanna peek and see a particular window maybe to get a better look before picking my particular Safari window, I just flick open, I can pick the window I want and bring it right to the front. So that is Mission Control and that's your sneak peek of just a few features coming in OSX Lion.

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