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First Look: Apple iPhone: Cell phone features

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First Look: Apple iPhone: Cell phone features

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CNET's cell phone expert, Senior Editor Kent German, takes a second, closer look at the features of the Apple iPhone.

[ Music ] >> Hi, I'm Kent German, senior editor here at CNET.com. We have already taken a first look at the iPhone, but now I want to take a second look, get a little bit more in depth in some of the details, some of the features and show you a little more of the design. We've heard a lot about the design, that it's all touch screen; that's pretty much true except there is just a button here and a couple buttons on the side, but the touch screen really dominates, it's the way you interact with the phone. It's actually easier to use than we thought, of course the screen attracts a lot of smudges because as all touch screens do and will take the learning curve, but overall, not too bad to use. The iPhone the same size as a lot of smart phones including the Trio, it is thinner though, it's even thinner than the Motorola razor, the original Motorola razor that is. It is kind of heavy, it did feel bit of the bit of a weighty feel to it. Discuss the hardware controls just briefly, we have a volume rocker right here, did really like that they did put a volume rocker on the side rather than actually doing it through touch screen. Hear about the volume rocker, we have a switch returning off the ringer and on the top we have a button that will put the iPhone to sleep and if you press and hold it down, it will also turn it off completely. We did hear that Sim-card, before hand, was integrated into the device, couldn't take it out, it's not entirely true, there's a small drawer right here, you stick a paperclip in there it will pop out, but it's important to know that you can use in other AT&T Sim card here as a Sim card, comes in the iPhone when you buy and it is specifically designed for it. Main ad comes down here with a spy browser, your mail and the iPod, again, this is the touch screen so we'll just open a couple things. We'll open the weather just to show you that. See what San Francisco here and you can move back and forth just like that. So it's all about those finger swipes. You want to make sure that it's something you get used to. Again, you press this button, it will always take you back to the home screen. Here are the photos, again this is that multi-touch technology, so when you open the photos, you can see that it's that multi-touch interface, so that way if you draw your finger like that it will make the photo bigger, will zoom in, draw close, and you will make the photo zoom out. Did find the call quality on the iPhone was a little bit of an audio hiss, our callers told me that, they said that there was a slight hiss in the background. Wasn't a huge problem but definitely more than one person reported it. The keyboard is only shown in the vertically like this for typing e-mail or text message. Did find this a little crowded, it's pretty easy to press letters, you know, you can just go like this, found it a little crowded, found a little more comfortable to use just one finger, but of course that means you're also cutting down on your speed as well. Talk time is about seven hours 20 minutes, which is pretty good, some smart phones have got longer, we are still testing the video and music time, we'll report that just once we have it. So that gives you a little closer look at the iPhone, I'm Kent German for CNET.com. ^M00:02:24 [ Music ]

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