CNET News Video: Apple iPad Web-browsing features
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CNET News Video: Apple iPad Web-browsing features

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CEO Steve Jobs sits down with the new Apple tablet and shows off its Web-browsing, e-mail, and keyboard features.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:04 >> Using this thing is remarkable. It's -- it's so much more intimate than a laptop, and it's so much more capable than a smartphone with this gorgeous large display. So this is the lock screen. I unlock it. The icons fly in. Let's go right to the web. So here we are at, and I'm just gonna go to Safari. I just touch the bookmarks icon and touch the New York Times let's say. And here we are right at the New York Times. You can see how fast it is. And I can just scroll around here and look at the whole front page of the New York Times. Anywhere I want to go anything I want to make bigger, I can make bigger. If I want to go into a story I can just touch it, and I go into that story. Back to the front page. And so I can browse around the New York Times so easily. It's really great. I go down here. ^M00:01:18 [ Silence ] ^M00:01:22 [ Laughter ] ^M00:01:25 >> See what's happening today? And again, just so easy to go in a story like this. See the photographs. Read the story. It's that simple. Let me go to another website here. Now let's go to Time Magazine. See what's up in Time's website. ^M00:01:45 [ Silence ] ^M00:01:51 >> Just click through the website see what's happening. Go to another one here -- Fandango. Want to buy some tickets to a movie? Grab the tablet that's in the kitchen, go to Fandango on your iPad, and buy your tickets. It's that simple. The whole website in the palm of your hands. Let me go to another one that's kind of nice -- National Geographic. ^M00:02:22 [ Silence ] ^M00:02:30 >> And again, you know, we can look at this in landscape mode if we'd like. Go back to portrait. It's very, very simple. It adapts to the way I want to use it. ^M00:02:43 [ Silence ] ^M00:02:52 >> And again, I can zip around this website just touching on pictures of animals -- what I want to see. ^M00:02:57 [ Silence ] ^M00:03:04 >> It's just gorgeous. Right in the palm of your hand. So that is browsing the web. Let's go to email. So here I've got a message. As you can see I can have photographs in the message, and I can have my inbox right here. I can turn it sideways like this, and I also browse messages just by having my inbox here on the left. Take a look and see what kind of messages I've got. Here's another one. This is the Paris Metro. Let me go focus on that message here, and I can just, you know, make this as big as I want and check out the metro in Paris. Napa Valley. Here's a PDF. You can just tap on the PDF. It displays it, shows me all the wineries, and I can plan out my trip to Napa Valley. ^M00:04:08 [ Silence ] ^M00:04:14 >> So that's how simple mail is. Now, if I want to reply to a message or go ahead and send a message, I just hit the compose button here. And up pops this gorgeous keyboard and let's say Scott Forstall and Phil Schiller and -- ^M00:04:30 [ Silence ] ^M00:04:36 >> -- you know, there we go. It's that simple to do email on the iPad.

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