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CNET News Video: Apple demos new iMovie tools
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CNET News Video: Apple demos new iMovie tools

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At Macworld Expo 2009 in San Francisco, Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of marketing, and Randy Ubillos, chief architect of iMovie, demo updates for the application. One new feature enables users to drag and drop clips more easily and another helps correct jerky camera movements.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:05 [ Background Music ] >> We got a brand new version of iMovie as well. Yeah, ooh. [ Applause ] >> iMovie--iMovie was entirely new last year. Last year we had this amazing thing happened. One of our engineers, our brilliant engineer came to us and said he had a whole new idea of a way to do video editing. It would be faster and easier and more fun and it was so amazing, we decided to completely rewrite iMovie and come up with a whole new version. Really, the only thing that was the same was the name. And in doing that was the first version last year. And iMovie has been around for quite a while and had a lot of depth to features. And not every feature was there for every customer and some people said, "Look, this is really cool but I missed some of the features I had previously. It's not everything I need yet." Well this year, in this new version of iMovie '09, we've added so much depth and so much power that we really think it's gonna be the video editing product that every customer is blown away with and loves. So what's in the new iMovie '09? Well first, a very powerful way to do editing with the new precision editor. Advanced users can bring up an expanded view of their timeline and see their edits up close, edit the audio, edit video, edit the transition with amazing control. Now, so much power but it's still incredibly easy to use. When you drag videos into the timeline we have a new advanced drag and drop feature. So you drag one video on top of another, contact sensitive menus pop up showing you all the powerful things you can do with a single click. When you started to lay out all your clips, you can instantly make a beautiful movie with new dynamic themes where you just with a single click, select the theme and iMovie automatically creates titles, transitions, effects, even credits all for you with a single click. And it has this really cool feature. This is my favorite thing. It's called animated travel maps. A lot of the videos you take are places you visit. Well, now you can automatically create 2D and 3D maps showing where you traveled right in your video. [Applause] And if you're not the world's best videographer, maybe some of your videos get a little jittery. Well, we've got automatic video stabilization where iPhoto or iMovie will stabilize your video and take away all those jitters and so things that might not have been usable before are now beautiful pristine videos to include in your movie. Now, I'm blown to this really fast, all these features for a reason 'cause it's video editing and it's really hard to talk about it on a slide. The right way to show you the product is with a demo of the brand new iMovie '09. And I've done something really special. I've asked the engineer who came up with this brilliant idea for this new way to do video editing to do the demo for us. So please, give a warm welcome to Randy Ubillos, [applause] the chief architecture of video applications at Apple. Randy? >> Thanks bro. >> Nice. >> Good morning. I'm very excited to be out here and get to show you all the cool new features in iMovie '09. So let's jump right in, I'm gonna start out showing you some editing. So just like iMovie '08, we've the great scheming that allows me to look through my content. I'm just gonna go ahead and select a bit of this and just drag it up to my project. That will add that in. I got another shot here and it'd be really nice to insert this in the middle of this clip. All I have to do with iMovie '09 is let go and up pops this new menu. And because I have the advanced mode turned on in preferences, I get even more choices than what the field showed before. I get things like cutaway picture and picture green screen that are available to me. One of the really cool new features we have is video stabilization. Now stabilization is done at two-step process. The first step, the iMovie goes through and analyzes each frame of your video and compares it to the one before and one after and figures out what all the motion is. That takes some time but it can be done on an entire event all at once and once that's been done as it has for this event here, all I have to do is select the segment of the video that I want and just drag it up here into my project and when we play it back now, the stabilization has been applied and almost looks like that the car was floating along there. [Applause] So you can see a huge difference. ^M00:04:14 [ Music ] [ Swoosh ]

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