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Mobile: Android Atlas Weekly 51: Happy birthday, dear Android Atlas!

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Mobile: Android Atlas Weekly 51: Happy birthday, dear Android Atlas!

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Android Atlas is one year old! We celebrate by doing the same thing we do every week, discussing the latest Android news. The new Google Wallet may already have a security hole and malware is becoming an issue for the platform. Meanwhile, game developers say that Android is to PC gaming what iOS is to consoles. Holy fragmentation, Batman! Does that mean that apps should now carry system requirements? In other news, Nvidia shows off its ambitiously named Project Kal-El and we overstep dual cores, going straight to quads! All of that, plus the answers to your Android OS questions on this week's episode of Android Atlas Weekly.

Security flaws schemes in an Android phone Steve Jobs could low all that more on this week's edition of -- it out weekly for June 2 2011 I'm just -- cast alongside -- on Goodman. What's up everybody of the gone. -- -- -- -- -- -- Why lower one -- New -- as -- -- analysts we've been on for one year. Than an accomplishment. It is. I think -- the case. Well. I don't think being indicate -- think we need honeycomb in her eyes and -- it is there but Austria it delicious cake layers. -- -- -- -- one of the releases -- at some point aren't. -- it will be next I'd say that beats a daily being only beam KK CB key lime plant because that's my favorite you animal programs. The -- used yellow street he -- on -- empire idea like united -- Iowa you guys pick your choice whatever you want to confessing its treatment of Cisco California if -- -- threats. Let's talk. Actual Android news and other than our own very important meanders. -- security there's a couple different security stories this week. The first he is able home by the -- -- -- -- PC world. Pointing out a potential or theoretical security flaw. In the just announced Google -- And so this is on. The client and so on a processing and and you know there isn't really security -- and there isn't any more flaws than existing kind of whenever I see it yet or -- -- they -- actually have NFC tech technology is -- little -- past you -- swipe your little or indeed type thing. It scans it and the phone is nothing different in fact even works with those existing systems. But this is actually in on the -- it. At the actual -- app level. He's saying that there's a security -- because. You know first of all users have to enter in an amused and all users are gonna choose 1234 for their opinion -- accident figures here is here and there. -- The -- is -- Bluetooth thing Daria yeah I love that like there's that -- by that they wouldn't bother and boot it. You know keys and it's all losers users. So one is -- insecure password trivial to gas. But the second is -- -- because standard market is open somewhat -- spoof a Google wallet app. The asked for European. And the developer had to have hacked the he out of the actual -- -- Google -- app from Google so that they can have your pin and then have access to the NFC chip. Actually your record of information is stored on -- a separate. Hard as I understand it it is encrypted. And that if they sort of reverse engineer the app that they can not only get -- to enter and it could access the data there. And then you would be. At risk. So it's you'd be beyond at risk at that point -- -- it well I mean. The end result here is that. Credit cards -- the get stolen it's kind of annoying but. That much of a risk financially -- usually limited to fifty dollars and editor company's spirit always -- -- that he says actual. Damage. It's a little household but not to lose tons of money. Rate program. But so I make this question is is this too many steps for hackers -- actually to take. Or is this a real valid threat that we should be worried about. I mean -- -- in light of all of the you know news that we've been hearing about you know all the malicious apps floating around in the -- -- market. -- it is something that should be taken seriously. Because I mean again if any sort of this any sort of a third of social engineering -- it. In the real issue within the app in the real issue is the consumer at the end of -- and not being careful about what -- they download. That being careful about what permissions. Are in that little you know list when you -- install an app. There's all sorts of the mean beyond just picking easy to guess password. In. These are all things that I think if a user who's for the most part smart about how they use their phone and -- -- right now it's just it's a phone. You know so you download -- happen if it acts as your and so wallet but when you start moving your financial data on to it people are gonna have to be more educated. About the risks. And they're gonna have to make that sort of mental jump into -- -- is something I need to protect. Much in the same way. That protects you know my regular wallet or my bank account. Information on my desktop computer. Right yet I mean what it seems to me is that this is -- -- risk but this is much harder. To crack than our existing system so if you go into the store. And you write it checked. And someone has a check -- -- easy duplicate that right if it. They have everything they need right there on the check here expressing every one and that check. You know everyone in this sort of work flow that that check passes their hands that they're not -- tamper with that. And -- democratic -- -- the credit card as your credit card number on the front so. You know you could -- Someone taking pictures. With a telephoto lens of credit cards or. Just trust that when the waiter takes your credit parent away to process that they're not writing everything down you so -- -- there's a lot of ways now it's been. Steal stuff from this. Makes it a little harder because people in the store actually. Can't steal your. Information nearly as easily maybe some hacker somewhere else could. Steal it with some some work but it -- the direct contact which maybe is the more common I would guess. Would be harder. I think that you know stealing -- on the Internet comes with an anonymity. If it's hard to get caught when you do it. People who actually have physically test your -- there's evident they've been there. So -- for example to use the waiter the unique sample the -- in the restaurant when you get your cards the paper trail playing back to. Either only a handful people who handled my card you're one of the people handle it on the -- it'd kind of an attorney in and of itself. -- doesn't mean that it just happened that people are dumb enough to do things like that that you know that sort of my -- my name is attached to this physically in the real world of kind of deterrent that deterrent -- really there. On line when you're just firing of application out into the ether within email address there you know however you register yourself of the developer in the -- and for about. Gotta be connected back to some house summit to get the data media net Niagara as so the point being that may be a security risk. A lot of hoops to jump through. It is an anything different than we have stated maybe potentially -- here that will want to -- differently. -- -- and today's process everything in here. Yes or go into any -- in Princeton union numbers and here. It's true the news that it is I love -- the thing that people do there -- the public if they weren't someday again and yet here it seems like a lot. I mean it seems like -- that's too much effort to go through. That means -- -- ultimately we'll do it now. It's horrible and off local. -- yet. They -- -- in distant era and it's a horrible thing for the new AT and that. And stated that it is so creative. Rate that is one thing is going to swipe some of the Paula liked it and run them but -- the ingenuity and thinking and all the work to do that -- record and -- Well I don't. Let's talk about more Mandarin and security. So report out this week from the -- -- Says that -- has now becomes the second most popular environment for mobile malware. Boom -- that's pretty exciting. They're number two. Behind -- behind -- and scroll down you look at that pie graph is like a pie chart to choose mobile malware about platform Symbian is. A bit over 75%. Range -- reflecting good 10% chunk of that maybe 1520% talk of that place. So it as big of an issue and that is in you know much as we talk about it because we talk about entering every week. I mean it's -- enlarged. That the number to -- far behind. Right authority you know I think it's accelerating really really quickly indeed -- And I think just the fact you can do more on your Internet phone and you have more data on there unit -- interest teen attackers. It's -- -- -- a a target for a long time. -- also -- means market share. Continue to. To tumble you'll be there and beat the -- and -- probably fair to reduce the bit. Great yeah I mean IOS on yours might not even visible. Their percentage it is next to stay with the percentages but. You even see the sliver of -- -- that is -- Edu yet. Now I can't exactly of the elf right exactly and think that Linux or missiles -- -- So you know it it's a concern. I think definitely for Android users. And it you know it goes this is the difference between the Android market and I -- -- -- use. That you know Apple's looking at everything. Injury is and and there's pros and cons that and -- does is one of the ponds. Don't be surprised if you know jumping back to -- we just talked about. Now that Google is actually making the phone a bit of -- more of a marketplace. And security -- -- show and be surprised if the down the feature. A bit more restriction as to what goes into that marketplace. Using schools in a crackdown more I mean is this some degree they're gonna have to if they expect your phone to be. Year secure terminal. And and the -- there has to be like some third of -- a pullback from the just -- were open and do -- to like. Full of attitude that they had they're gonna expect your phone to be secure record some kind of -- they're gonna do something about. -- run security scans or something on them. Yeah I mean did the bare minimum is gonna have to be some sort of -- filter. Put on what people can put in the marketplace right let's jump. To a story -- later down in the lineup here but it is very closely related. The Motorola CEO -- job. Spoke -- at a bank America Merrill Lynch technology conference last Thursday -- today that. And T is the -- and have. Also -- -- lately attack in the and -- hand. Their openness and he says it leads to quality issues. And specifically performance issues but battery and CPU performance on some of -- -- phone. And he says that 70%. Motorola phones that are returned -- because. And he -- application performance. On that people are saying this is too slow what they really mean is -- downloaded an app that it makes -- -- seems well he does not actually move rules -- Is what he's getting -- here and that he. You know says that. Unlike the Apple App Store where there you know looking -- performance and -- a little I don't know that this is -- true I haven't heard a lot of Apple. Rejecting apps because they say it's too slow necessarily. But certainly I think. You know I've downloaded apps for interested run really slow or because there's so many different CPU. Types and speeds that. Developers it's really hard for them to test against all of them and optimize for them but what Motorola the -- -- sort of -- talking mattresses. They are using Bhutto polar has been there is that you -- -- their environment in order -- part of the issue that if in -- conference -- -- slows it down. Yet as the good question but they. He says he doesn't mention anything about that but he says moto -- it's going to collect information about customer use of applications and how this relates. Two functions like power consumption. And then they're gonna take it one step further and warn users when it launched maps and in this app is actually kind of slow and you -- your -- sure you wanna use it. -- its you know my phone collection. Who use. Information about what applications they use what it a little concerning. Certainly it isn't exactly say what data is it's gonna use of pages can anonymously send us some central database. On the one hand this kind of in -- on the mobile platform there's no. -- system requirements. In no there's not -- -- thing you need this sort of -- process there to run this like you would if you back when over the PC gamer. You buy game it's like you need this is the minimum that you can -- -- what we recommend you don't have this much ram your experience is going to be degraded yet. Sleeping by the game at that point. And you can install on a computer and you running your freeware which sucked too and injure -- example laptop backed bill right there says. You knew going in your coming in -- with what he respects now and in the mobile marketplace there's nothing like that there's nothing to say that you know this game. Remain runs better on you know phones that have in of this path of a processor or this -- memory but consumers don't even know. How much memory their phones have -- And if you start separate but the problem is if you start separating things out like that giving system requirements for apps. I'm gonna start screaming fragmentation -- it last week. And so it's like a weird sort of it's a weird place to beat the weird market in general. Applications on mobile platform because I think people come into it with that sort of Apple mindset. But there's only one iPhone -- anything that runs in the will you get to that point maybe two or three either you know you could conceivably have. But it's a handful of devices. And there's a definite hierarchy there you know here's opened the old phone the newer phone in the newest -- And -- conceivably anything -- in the market and optimize for that phone and in the -- marketplace it's a but it's a lot more complicated than that right -- and its original once -- -- And them limit them but then the same time it wanted the -- I don't -- know what we're going with that. I think you make a great point and this relates to actually another story -- here. From. The of mobile app developer pop cap games that sort of -- -- has said this week that its. It's hard to develop for Android and they're saying. There's a bad games specifically. And they compare its you know in this post it says hey are hardcore gamers have PC gamers have been dealing with this for years. And that people should think about and -- more like PC games -- IOS is more like a console. We have this consistent experience that you know the hardware to expect. Right. And yet the PC game world for -- ready to slow you'd go and you had to buy a new video card or more ram -- -- about it and write whatever however you don't with a problem. But you would -- -- would be a very clear explanation as to why you can look at the boxing Gillick oh this requires -- you know. Or even know what the current cool video card is right now but -- requires you know this amount of processing power and it's not a -- and it's a target -- -- have any of that. That's why -- -- that working. Yet and until. Are you against minimum requirements for -- apps -- -- thing is that it's tricky I'm not. A against the -- I would like to know before I've been ten dollars on a game that it's not gonna run smoothly on my iPhone. Then of the -- time. You know I don't really wanna be stuck buying a phone and readable thought only gonna be stuck buying new phone every year. Earned six months just because this game came out this optimize for our you know an Arctic core processor. And -- have that. The that animate that would weirdo. I would like to see requirements or at least recommendations. Hurts you want when you gotta buy an app you want minimal requirements or even better than that just -- the -- -- on. And say this will run fine -- won't -- are just some kind of score about how it's gonna run. But in general. You want all phones to support all. If what I'm saying -- -- like the choice of RA I really wanna play this game I don't care my phone's a little bit. Under powered for -- I'll give it a shot and see what happens that like that be my decision. But yet I mean the phone's information is already out there and authority reported Google market -- what phone you have when you log in. So much so that every time I change from -- it thinks someone a different phone and add yet another phone to my list of the in the Google market affiliate it knows what you have. -- But yet being able to use that information along with some sort of requirement third recommendation thank you for requirement that in the -- wanna use recommendation. By the -- from developers. Would solve that problem right there and I wonder if going back to the -- the -- of story that Motorola you know all. Mobile early runs on ample Motorola phones and already news. Which -- running also. Is -- more something and Motorola should be doing or that models to be pressuring Google to do. Yemen I think Google should do -- assuming Google has minimum requirements to be sued Google certified yeah but they're pretty weak yen -- and they don't get updated very often as president so if it was always my current. The minimum if you want to release a phone. Today announced the exists and is updated every whatever six months and they communicated maybe even like a two year strategy on -- What this. Forward looking processors out to be in the phones. So that developers and hardware manufacturers knew what to expect or what expectations were. Then maybe you would have more uniform. Phones and developers can target. Minimum levels whereas now it's all of the map. Well think again part of the allure of injury is that they're not uniform. You know of the -- the lack of uniformity is actually part of the charm it even if the double edged sword. It's something that you're -- that you'll hear me complain about -- But at the same time I think it's great that you may go up by 99 dollar injury -- if they. Just want the Google experience. So maybe there should be classes the phone's -- financial services by Kate if you'll. -- and those that looks like. That. Classes the social class so they -- the system yet. You have -- but there could be like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- These have minimum requirements for each one -- you know that when you buy an entry level phones he cant run game. Right or you can't -- all the games. Right you can run you know Angry Birds has apparently -- -- and everything. -- -- around. You know whatever the next version of Duke Nukem. Planet -- coming out now. On -- -- meadow now there's actually some game coming out -- like optimize. For a Quad Core preface there was brings us to our next. Story in that Nvidia is actually rolled -- And shown off their new I tell little Quad Core chip that they're tegra three is -- -- Graphics. Rate though it basically. -- doubled the -- of your dual core. And Hilary to take demo they showed off in a tablet based game called lake blue ball which meant to look at stupid but it really cool looking but I. In a -- in here if we can bring -- video up on their. Where they they show it working in and then. And and off they turn off two cores. Great yes. Andy gets really jumpy. It says it's pretty snooze. You know if you skirt forward to about -- 27 point eight seconds and -- there you have. And it looks pretty good to and -- -- indexes say the current implementation there is not optimize it yet that 25% -- that'll actually be. And then atom trying to find the actual time when where they turn off the other Corbett did does get pretty jumping. So it's cool you don't like this -- Only it it into tech demo and the -- -- him trying to stated the game they're gonna from the market due but it to a unit turn off the that's the two cores and then it's Belgium -- -- don't like the scary coroner there will be no -- -- -- clown calls are horrible idea I don't know who invented them. But no there's some cool things happening here like -- you -- their drapes. That are hanging at the edge of the play area that move lake in in real time with the the movements of the the ball interacting with them and also with the tilting of the tablet not only the ball moving around the district and moving within the lot of stuff happening. At the same time and being you -- rendered in real time that it. Pretty amazing per unit from the net on -- mobile tablet. I'm assuming -- things plugged up during the course and a demo because the I mean within had a -- battery on it them. And -- to jump from dual core it and the Quad Core being a pretty big battery hog. Until out of by lot of you know lot of calculations -- -- He's they say that it's five times faster then the dual core. One. Measured by what I don't know with only twice the processors. On to math Matic and I guess this just like -- in the process to ensure the -- become more specialized. Well there's fewer bottlenecks that only if he does not just exposed you know a simple to think what the court like that Barack. While -- -- -- each one's faster -- all well. But then you know I kind of wonder if somebody asked me if quad cores or more efficient. Then dual cores because of the convert the phone to that the work is our community filled up that -- I think that I mean. You're gonna feel like an overall increase that usage just any human at the -- -- -- idling along just the president's. More electricity -- -- -- more. Course it all depends on. The OS's ability to efficiently managed you processors so if it created in a pen like that set CPU app. Throttle them down or turn off cores when they don't need them use. You know then it can be pretty efficient timing may be most of the time when you're checking your email you only need one core. That I don't -- -- be more battery efficient network chorus. There's actually a very -- -- video floating around on the Internet. Recently about. Who was it it was snap dragon with talking about -- There that pregnant single core is actually faster than core integrity within an excellent name in the video over the phone they had -- had the -- two dual core. It's a stupid comparison because. One phones on Verizon's network the other company TT network Verizon network it -- faster than AT&T network with a phone they're using to test. I think -- the -- for experts in the thunder bull. And they're using that -- their metric but he did raise an interesting question in that video where he had you know is it really -- -- horse power that people want their phones. Orders just opening -- that pipeline in getting the information to a faster and more efficiently is that. A better metric for Health Net via phone is I mean do you know. Quad cores are interesting to me and notify ever need to play a game it's complicated on my handset but US -- question last year and -- Wouldn't have known if I needed a whole -- in my -- either. -- but in my -- tablet right I mean the bigger question is will there be any standalone game systems anymore. Or will they just be tablets and -- think they're have to be in the long eighteenth. Half the I don't know if that if they're gonna -- -- now. We'll see I mean or even like one it's just hook up your tablet -- TV instead of using an Xbox. Wool because of the same issue that. Because injuries are more -- PC gaming but -- An automated system requirements only goes -- -- -- pop it in. You know and start playing. I don't think that's an experience that has been replicated. -- -- -- Microsoft -- that releases the Xbox tablet. As their next Xbox so you can play it as a console. And there's only one and it don't change hardware -- quarry can unhook it and take along with you to play -- -- your. I'm pretty cool to be needs. You -- regular -- you the next minute you might just be a cheaper console. The news to me -- from a -- down and then played gears of worth three like I wanna do it on my couch and having a tablet. That I have to carry comptroller who put it. -- that have that is controller now play -- screen gaming it's a pain in the death or it is like it -- battle they are just fine but it's almost and playable with that weird like dual node thing. I don't bears yet. -- -- guys aren't on one more story here for elaborate. This is one minute let's see load assists. Lose there's -- -- -- So they sued over the last couple weeks or threatens to a variety of IOS developers and -- -- and I'm Apple responded by saying hey we actually have licensed -- technology. Me and back covers developers so stop threatening their developers and for the more you're actually using some of our technology -- your technology your -- It. Arm its coast and apparently. They have. Gone beyond Apple and are now sending threatening letters to at least one Android developer. -- the developer of pink hero. Candidates currently in Mandarin Merck it cut a letter about their use of the -- in app purchases. So we don't you know. Bonuses won't actually talk to press apparently so we can't confirm it from there and if things -- this is the only developer we've heard of so firm but. He notes is kind of a continuing saga here. That use. Adamantly in this sort of patent infringement and -- it -- -- nonstop all over the place. Animus exhaustion is a small developers that afterward about those things -- thing that seems to me as generic as just an in app purchase a combined something -- -- -- that. That's new you. Hasn't that happened on desktop apps for decades I -- Kia. So while maybe -- on the patent. All mystery and and knowing. Actual island and -- they do idea. -- -- -- money as he added it's like weirdness is is you know there is they're all these like obscure sort of -- floating around for things like. You know touching icons on the screen program as somebody owns the patent for that you know and it's. And -- -- both bad and out the little dumb. But I mean I guess to give the right to -- -- the right to it. Yet I mean -- another show I think you should be allowed to patent most. But it will be into -- you know to see it more Android. Developers get attacked about this I think that today in app purchase is not nearly as used in the Android market has it is now Apple -- about disease. It is about to be popular again it's about to be -- we only just got -- -- -- bouncing up and Apple's out of since 2009 yet -- -- purchases in general -- used that much like weighing more free app consumption happens on and read them on. Iowa birds taken out normal way more after purchase to violence and Armenian. Right -- I mean again in the given somebody an app for free. And then given them the option to now there -- already invested in it to. Can't give you a couple of bucks on the tail and bird affiliate a lot of developers -- that's gonna be. Appealing to allow developers given. -- -- -- user's propensity not -- just outright spin three dollars for you know. A productivity for example. True true aren't really take a quick break and come back with the 800 phone that Steve Jobs will love. Welcome back -- so. For those of you who don't know Steve -- It's -- its buttons or insurance. It's buttons on phones on everything. Elevators yes exactly -- you know there's an artist and key lift button start the ticket out. It's -- a man now. I can hook up a packet and claps very big leopard -- -- -- did you know the why he wears turtle it. It inequities with treatment. -- -- Com. So they wanted that on it was the reason we're making on his disparaging remarks -- it's mr. jobs. Is there is some rumor and a photo posted on the was -- hog. Web site with what might be the nexus three. Against. Around which. The initial picture which has been taken down was a phone. -- -- but homeless. No after it is taken down a new -- was -- -- that actually have room potentially for some. Hidden buttons that would light up upon -- at the bottom there but it looks accident no physical buttons. Its its interest in I mean is it possible that we'll see -- phone with no buttons and what happens if you're OS crashes and -- like our -- that thing. -- battery out. -- that the -- a month that whenever my phone hard crash is the power button views of tape and to have antimatter area. Ray. They better have removable battery and -- everything -- that removal Larry I do as well. But Steve Jobs and that means -- the good thing if there's an iPhone could have. What is or is it and -- the exactly we don't know what it is yet. Is that I they have no telling what it is there's -- that -- take the cumulative I'm not even here. You know how they can now that this is gonna be like that -- a fifth on. An area there this -- speaker at the top resembles the HTC models. And some various other rumors and here and look -- At that -- some Republican finger. On that it's like BB fingers on -- -- have been infected with. And servers that and there. -- fingers. I don't mean. Not that I like physical buttons but I like to be able see the buttons but. On some phones today -- area -- the hidden function buttons. The only way I would feel are right getting rid of buttons as if the phone. Rotated upside down right trying to confront the thing I keep having witnessed phones Apple out of my pocket in the upside down button and then have to flip it over and then turn it -- line so if -- kind of a way. You -- -- but even those like capacity of -- and generated there are now on the bottom it didn't really matter how you picked up. I'd be pretty awesome I think if you had a volume rocker that would confuse the hell -- people -- can authority kind of confusing when you're in landscape mode. Where you have to push actually the opposite button opposite direction for the volume slider to get volume up or down. Yeah I also think tactile. Yes or whatever that word is as important so if I can't see the -- -- need to be able to feel them otherwise coming -- and he's an iPhone won't drive it. I'm telling people -- didn't you can't feel anything a lot of owns -- -- -- to street capacitor won't know I think that's fine -- anything I can't feel anything on my incredible on the buttons here but I can see them. Right okay so if it couldn't see them and it couldn't feel. Let's -- turn the phone on. Then it's an issue it's a problem. Honeycomb didn't have buttons yet because there on the screen. When the ice -- satellites is gonna do the same thing in that's why there are now. Higher funding -- they've done. Numbers and letters like where they go now. They can't -- You now. If you wanna do nexus two because it won't be number two and our -- with ants -- -- gonna is gonna arbitrarily and an alpha -- You -- degree players could be their Google maybe the move to like -- -- -- -- out of it that emulate and -- -- -- Nexus -- struck. Yet I don't know but -- have an idea. And fifth room via the yet there I'm actually learning many of west arena. I did learn that -- as -- for no good reason I just wanna like miss the people like when they call me -- giving them numbers on the phone in -- delayed whiskey tango. And it's fun what are proud of those people are playing Luke and -- in the Alley theatre in a Mike analysts say that -- the right one. And noted has -- should appreciate that. -- -- let's move on here Android users download the most data. The the end expert yeah. There's a study from Nielsen in the Q -- I -- today. That says V and radio owners. Download more -- at Iowa State users. And have bridged that seem to average 300 users was 582 makes a month. I am definitely above that and iPhone users last night he hooked it. -- road 492. -- Com. And then following up after that wasn't something we have like webos was third. Webos if there have been windows phone seven. In Windows Mobile. -- rim Blackberry. Yeah I mean. I think again it take SM is horrific artists is because so many of the Apple. -- OS users are drawn it into images can't get the data through -- site. Well the interesting thing here is you -- I originally think if you my iPod event you know all right cool it's probably because. A lot of amber uses a ten either being or maybe a lot of Android users are taking advantage of light streaming apps. But then if you scroll down a little further in the story. You see that you know actually on most platforms -- download is the biggest chunk. Of the percentage of you know that the -- -- -- -- the you know it and it keeps an injury from the corporate and of that data downloaded his app downloads. -- by streaming music well I think. Maybe the way that it should be read is actually 74% of people. Heard downloading. -- that I don't think its data. Well in that case -- and everybody downloading at the 200. I don't know. Get on of people and a failure -- get in that case Kenya and -- the last Saturday it will could be. A lot of music allowed tethering. On -- YouTube being. Like that. -- is weird because I don't know -- mean that I think like it is beauty content on -- and as far as streaming content I mean they get Netflix natively that were on all of them yeah it's only a few Android phones and we just got it. In those mobile for the both handsets have YouTube both of them have -- the things like pandora and ma again and our -- -- -- I have an island in it -- 300 users in general district pushed him to limit the little bit more yeah that's it. That are being put -- they ago. As if they -- they -- that 582 megabits average actually if it's underneath that two gigabyte cap that a lot of and have been that people -- -- of providers are starting you know put on there -- unlimited data plan. That's something that starts the worry me is because more and more -- and use a lot of data. Who their who -- music. An application with even -- playing a ballot that over the last week and I just -- -- invite. -- that unless you go in explicitly tell it not to pull things off of the server. Those songs that are stored in the cloud sit right alongside your regular song so if you just hit shuffle. And there's no way of knowing you know how much stating you're gonna pull down. Just listening to music. And it seems like you know a lot of providers are starting to kind of push. You know the -- dependent on keeping your music in the cloud keep your data in the cloud having a fifth of the things at all times but then on the other in this spectrum. You've got providers feeling like you have dec -- the less and less data. I guess theoretically you could continue to pay path that. But I'm seeing if in my mind I at least. From my use case -- pretty expensive in the future. -- -- -- -- It is for awhile and I think this has gotta work at -- think once we've really -- -- in the interest of carriers. You know with. I think it's in their best interest to more people use apps -- are happy with their phone com. And you know of them are less likely to switch providers so -- think that. Eventually in the interest will line enough that they'll give you -- appearances -- have to. But 95%. Of users are doing. And it most people are only using -- and 82 remains in the cap is two gigs. You know were okay for most users today -- And I guess was not clear from mrs. is that total day and airs at just data over the cellular network -- -- -- Probably just sailor and a picnic at it from their bills -- how they did you know it's probably unit shipments. So that I guess I do download tons more data I don't know how much is. -- -- vs non. Are at this visit is -- -- story and we are actually talking about this earlier. -- the week. Microsoft. Actually makes more money from and to -- them from windows phone. And -- is that that's shocking if they don't have evident very. They don't directly -- -- -- found. So they actually if you remember and we -- this earlier sued HTC. I don't know when -- awhile ago for patent infringement. Which is theme and metro area. And they settle with HTC -- -- species. Pays them five dollars per phone they sell. Com and so if you look at the number of phones that HTC has sold. That they basically have paid Mike's up to 150 million dollars in revenue for. Android and that is more than. This analyst Walter Pritchard from city. As estimating that they have sold or made off of windows phone seven to this point. -- -- -- Edits are being -- a weird Al again. It'll -- the out of legal. -- -- of the legal -- -- cases of the end of paying off like that and it with interest to know the story is that -- there's Microsoft's actually been looking for even more money. I'm the future in pushing. Looking for anywhere from 750 to 250. Per license in the future. Through. And this is why there's an incentive for people to just become these patent trolls and actually make it -- images think of ideas and patent them plan. -- Company like HTC which you know mayor may not actually know about this patent it -- -- may have independently developed it. Built it shipped it sold it -- payment stuff. Because they patented -- -- And it's an interesting. To single sign it. Yes I would -- frustrated. One more each TC story -- -- -- -- last week that he is he was considering. -- unlocking and there are loader. And this week there's a post from the CEO of HTC Peter challenge saying that they going forward will be unlocking their -- letter. Decades doesn't give any specific dates or which phone is concerned -- to be retroactively. -- Currently enabled via. Hopefully. So this is yet and -- excited about this -- in the big scheme of things doesn't really affect many people when -- that in years that they said that. There's in mind has about 300 active installs. -- a 1003000. Yes. Compared to foreign 2002 injured -- -- it every day. That I anything in it that small chunk red berries -- you'll be -- Indian community and that's just one -- But the -- -- at one rom. There are. High and -- of rom. Doesn't -- phone mean in ended the thing that this is one of the most popular yet one of the most popular on the -- you know -- -- but it thunderbolt alone. There are about twelve to fifteen -- that you can find on the first page of the developers forum that. So. In there are a ton of rom image and this being the largest one. -- -- -- -- in the -- sort of -- And then a ninth with a knapsack her you know. The relative minority of the and -- -- community but again it you know squeaky wheel gets the oil. Anybody -- as passionate about something as you know the of these 300000. You know potential users. Are gonna make the most night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's and they complain about next. -- -- should be cheaper. Generic good luck with that -- on those now America. -- -- email. So we got a couple emails to Internet analyst at CNET -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You wouldn't take that. Yes. So basically this is an email from -- keyed up again. She is wondering if finally tell her if there's a -- method. For the HTC thunderbolt it's been updated using Verizon. OT eight they came -- a couple of weeks ago. She really wants to -- your phone but made the mistake to accept the -- Update. So I think actually there is the way to route phones have been -- OT aid. -- who yet take if things definitely even apply. As a direct X as a matter of fact I believe she. Routing and asked -- a couple of weeks ago how to -- thunderbolt. And appointed her. To very specific directions over on the -- developers forum. Fairly thin they've updated. Then with the steps. For the new rooted phone to just pop over to the same place the little video and -- new step should be there for your OTA update. Cool parents and another dream off from -- says so I'm dreaming of a vehicle that will seamlessly integrate my phone's communication navigation Wi-Fi tether. Music and other honors best of -- specific information is anyone that and read on that. Sort of effort were to come -- sort of effort. Whether their talk of that being built -- -- youth violence that sort of like more. More Otto and river just more integrated stuff. More hardware. Working -- with cameras -- would within the automotive portions been part of that. Last week -- -- amendments in the show a pioneer in it will not listed -- accident Arctic but idea came out. With the after market receiver called app radio. And it basically. And I'm gonna get to this in the second but it uses your iPhone. Sort of -- like a portal to the Internet. So then you you it doesn't have a CD player but found it just connect to the iPhone. And it uses the apps so pandora. For your music. The regulars music the store and iTunes for your music things like. Motion XT PS for your navigation. The reason I'm talking about this Apple device on -- that list is because one of the questions I asked. Is because during the presentation they kept mentioning you know works with your smart -- -- -- -- smart -- -- -- -- -- -- -- compatibility -- -- iPhone. And -- and -- and when they were pressed about future compatibility. With injuries they said that it's called app radium -- -- radio or reason. So -- them -- they're gonna update this to work with injury over Bluetooth. And get that same functionality where it you know specific apps on your phone that. Work to stream music to communicate with the Internet to get navigation and traffic will be able to be used through this device. There's no timeline for that right now they're willing to give us. But it's conceivable that yet people are working on things like that both in Google's camp. And in the aftermarket. From the Williams on the other hand at new clue what's going on -- added. -- -- -- -- Google's -- current driver -- cars. And -- and Mandarin. They gotta be thinking about how our -- and different Google than. The -- you know I don't know. -- also working on Chrome OS an entry -- time I think. -- -- So I mean it via Google going in a lot of directions then working on a general scarring and working and -- news. Guarantee that they're working on some sort of -- way. For those to work together -- with their cars running injury rate which it is scary and her -- -- the left the immediate pregnant it vehicle. But yet to answer your question it's coming I would assume that it is definitely coming and we're seeing the first inkling of that but I mean. And an OS and -- still really new. And I mean. Basic things like in Bluetooth audio streaming -- Are really in are still. You know a little. In what the room with -- four. In consistently. Implement and that yeah I mean like some -- and liked the story -- you often mitigated -- and -- has a -- Only implemented everywhere -- -- on every device ever invented exactly. Who Bluetooth. Parents who don't. Jonathan -- and to whom it may concern. -- concerns us. After -- team and help with the Motorola. -- comes with NFC. Coated in a legal and anything good is not yet -- you -- actually have spent on it have a the Samsung charge. I don't think so I don't think there's any phone comes with any seats the president nexus test masked orgy. Today at the knowledge of the only ones in the next and has -- he is the only when you can actually use brand of -- payments. Correct. -- number two if price is not an option in my contract is should I buy -- charge now or wait for a -- And lets you answer that one merit client -- would tell you by the charge now because you can only buy I was actually out there. I would say the -- -- is like coming out any day now. Is it June -- -- on June it was supposed to come out like months ago not -- there so I'm gonna say. I'm waiting for -- -- What you should do I don't know what -- you have now or what you do when your phone if you want a really powerful. Phone that's really fast. Then you should wait. But the battery life may be garbage. We don't know and in Europe has found it we know it has nice specs. That it made the best spec phones that I've seen throughout. My career looking at phones have ended up being horrible. When -- actually come out. Yeah I mean my -- my thought on saying you know pilots you can buy. And try not to worry about. William -- director product release cycle is so fast. That. RAU wait three month -- two month for the bind to come out by the time that comes out there will be a roadmap for. Something twice is awesome and then you'll find you're still waiting for that and then by the time that come valve. Quad Core phone told you -- -- -- a little -- -- tablet that people have Quad Core. I've been spoons in their pocket new Buick notes and I'll wait for the you know Motorola Zulu. It's you're always gonna be waiting for something there's only to be something better along those are a lot around. Around the -- it at some point -- -- are aligning to elect -- is this phone meets my needs -- and you know understand that and -- -- last week opportunity cough if part of being an Android owner. And buyer's remorse is part of that to her being a technology again if you -- -- if you wanna be bleeding edge and mean unless you're buying new phones like every fixed -- -- a month. You're gonna be behind -- some points and you just -- pick a place to -- been. Aren't getting -- email from Jordan who is again trying to educate us on how -- -- day hot spot. Access works. Which we've been getting wrong for her through down. So he's saying the reason that -- -- -- connects to. You know too hot spots that are did not spot and -- the same -- ideas because. They have -- the Mac address which is like the hardware address. Of you know network devices. For one to another so that all Starbucks. Access points may have the same Mac address and your phone always connects them and make sense to make sense then if it's true he says it is. So it for wrong blame toward. And then material one more and more ground Eric -- and if that was something I ran into it and if you thought the senate tossed the phone to on the end of this show. -- he's always enjoyed. Syncing and seamless way that Android phones sync with your Gmail or Google contacts. But recently co worker brought an -- T inspired. And he was asked why the contact input into the device. Don't appeal don't appear in Gmail. And he's wondering if that friend was missing something or is there is something about HTC phones. That -- -- -- think to Google contacts. Well the thing is that on HTC phones that run sense they're actually two different kind of think. There's -- HTC think which is actually thinking to HTC's server. Using the sense part of it but then there's also. Contact that are stored on your phone and Indian edition -- that there are Google contacts so when you go to add a new contact. -- -- But you'll get to a point we have to put a contact in if you scroll up just a little bit there's a fiction right here -- fifth contact tight. And you have the option of putting that on your Gmail accounts. Your phone or on your stem phone will actually store those things -- year. HTC account. Gmail. Or Google will store the -- you -- contact from the -- -- in your Gmail account. To have to pay attention that you're putting in a new contact. Just so it's you know. Where. The contact sync to when it at the -- Just a little bit of extra complexity. Added by -- TC sense in this because they want to use their. -- that -- usually default to HTC. In that. -- -- -- -- -- Are right if you have any tips -- answer questions or comments or complaints are happy birthday messages send them to enter -- -- cnet.com. It follow this show. On Twitter at a hundred analysts following -- have yet to road test and that's me. -- not my real name or watch the show every Thursday at 2 PM Pacific. At cnet.com. Last lives or the blog cnet.com slash Internet Alice for this show and a bunch of other Android news and reviews and how to use in -- sources. Amazing content there. Amazing. When you think yet there. Some of it even for me -- or -- -- it. Aren't -- thanks for joining personal CNET they -- at --
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