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Android Atlas Ep. 89: YouTube vs Android: a war for content: Mobile

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Mobile: Android Atlas Ep. 89: YouTube vs Android: a war for content

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Jessica Dolcourt joins us as we dish on Google's confusing content strategy, an underground Android pin frenzy, and a few hot, though slightly creepy, apps coming out of SXSW.

Nexus tablet -- its program is here but the moderately. And Google fails to entertain all that more in this week's episode of. -- Welcome. Two Lander analysis for march 14. ID 2012. I'm Justin accounts alongside -- -- V Hulu Lenovo and special guest -- -- -- court though to be back. Welcome as always glad to have you. So will -- if you. There are a matter they hear things about a Samsung galaxy S to a solid phone. That -- -- US earlier. -- -- I -- well. I actually the spoken out. Almost a year ago -- a little bit more than a year ago that's when it first came out and it's on every carrier. Except Verizon in some sort of adoration it's -- -- not a Verizon because it's on AT&T twice. Into different sizes and one of them is that LTE enabled skyrocket. Or galaxy S two skyrocket. -- anyway so it has come to US cellular and although it is sort of the craziest photo I knew that cellular lineup it's also. Easily their best one -- -- US cellular is the nation's sixth largest carrier and right now. It's also nationals so we're here -- differences are actually outside of there. Like home footprint so -- realms. While you're here I'm scientists out roaming and -- you know they're all these fancy flashy new phones -- -- -- Quad Core phones at mobile world congress. And I have to say you know you -- this phone back in my hand and I still like it it is a really good phone and I think it's one that is stifling a laugh so. Really -- -- -- -- -- to 29 after a hundred dollar rebate to -- -- year old phone. Percent of well if you are able -- US cellular customer then you have the right choice as well. You have choices much. Wyatt -- in a I think it is the past that they. Model offering US cellular has several programs. That are perks for. Consumers -- customers to keep them from traveling -- TU other carriers and offering a good phone it will be one way to do it and another way to look at it is. And it well for example he did it -- while they've got -- -- but anyway. -- just seems very it's it's odd to. From a you know certainly were. Leading edge people here that thinking about liked -- and -- year old three G phone. For two and thirty dollars at a time when Verizon -- -- they commit to only release seem LTE phones four G phones for the rest of the year. It's it's true bit perhaps that's why US cellular as numbers six and not -- Mercury from orbit. Number but I mean -- -- trail behind MetroPCS at number five MetroPCS. Offers I I mean frankly. I would rather buy this and then anything on MetroPCS. So it's it's not trying to be -- top tier carrier. But it is trying to be a carrier of value -- generally. Very good -- -- a loyal US cellular. Folks and ultimately for of them entanglement on this is there are certain either one of investments. And -- US cellular doesn't have a lot of markets IE. -- have to confirm this but if you get somewhere like 24 markets it's markets. They like and its carrier where some markets it's only US cellular. It has good service for -- and. I mean there's there's always gonna be some corner of the U asked that only operates on one carrier my sister. Lives in the mountains like at the top of the mountain and she only gets AT&T and she is a Trace of -- makes it really easy program. How are well if you wanna read the reviews accounts he has to numerous cellular -- on our site you immediately get -- on the yes let's as it says we should do that audio review of a -- -- -- Radioactive -- uses his radio voice and he used the radio voice what's up everybody. -- one more thing with the -- which is your Google pins from mobile world congress I did I am able -- ten CU to show them. On to show my hands and the -- and for the camera patents and it's a Google had this kind of cool system Maria to go to different Google. Partners. Early to get these pins you couldn't there's 86 of them I think -- says it. It's they had to go from -- apart or listening to their pitch to get more and more opinions and so. Exactly who was at mobile world congress taking immediately -- but I certainly Brothers. Like it's sort of like of barter system. Actually take pictures of their youth as well on the business last year yeah it was really fun if -- basically I'd like. -- office is freezing intact out they were giving away actual. -- -- ice cream sandwiches. -- with chocolate picky and Vanilla Ice cream on the inside. And I have a picture of between writing and honest here. They had a smoothie bar they had a giant head they had a giant slide they had an injury tablet controlling when -- those claw machines. And and you get a stuffed while she. That's your prize it was really cool I mean I went on the last -- And I hope they also had liked. A robot making back covers and almost would like be dazzling that's the robot right now -- watching the video -- are sort of like picking up jams and then. Gluing them on to the back and that's instinct outs in -- back cover. And you could you could win so you have to you -- In -- -- the -- in and when it. And everything that could be grumbled out was there were sort of like -- -- river. Of all of the phones all of -- -- different -- -- they -- ever released though it is just insane and I -- last -- and it's a ghost town everywhere except the Google. It. -- the slide. I think on the slide citing Japan want to bargain and likes and compliant real work status -- -- -- -- -- -- Any and it was amazing because I'm like okay finally. I'll be able to actually check this out -- the lines are still really long and it was it was great -- genius art or system area you have to go to the partners you can't just get them. And in order to get yours from the Google groups you have to go down -- slide benefit for reversal taking and -- pick up the photo. And then you get your Google -- and like people are walking around -- -- like a drug deal you know pay pay. In treating it -- -- teaching kids when he got here's what I've got -- -- opening up the jacket bit at the -- and -- of the badge holder basically. Lingered absolutely -- hand. Like that in and that guy in and never brokered deal because he was looking for something very very specific that you have some people in group. -- to get their hands on multiples. So they would maybe keep -- and -- or multiples for something else senator colony there and it's just insane they might be ends like there's no prize is except bragging rights -- being like. -- -- -- -- So cool. Which gets -- and Java spins me that there really cool we'll get on that death. Will give us want secure password each stamps -- in the you have to I think that's similar to him. So word today it is this -- it's. So that is a very clever and entertaining. Strategy there I would really hope they do -- Google -- actually assessing. You know where -- has failed to. Creating a last team in a team and strategy. He is in there YouTube and injury. World's. Genesis seem go to system -- yes if I had a drink today I would drink. Says it is actually pretty interest team. Article by her own -- -- -- all about Google's entertainment strategy. And he calls it in disarray. And -- premise here basically is that you know with the make Google play announcements they assertive. -- field Google music -- sort of folded it in two. Something else and Google TV he calls an embarrassment as word moment. YouTube me lose music videos today through their deal with the evo phenom -- so -- code to. FaceBook. Com. In the note is the premise is I think the you have YouTube pursuing their entertainment strategy -- grand music and movie rentals. And you have an accurate pursuing -- so. Com you have -- of two separate groups you know led by two separate people Andy Rubin is leading negotiations with. These entertainment companies on one side and you have found. In cool because the -- -- kinkle regret. At the -- is that you print -- I was since it. -- and sizes. -- -- will get a -- when we just missed announcements on purpose as people. -- as we get -- amount you. Get up and added that some of anyway they're pursuing two different strategies red and we are talking about the before -- -- and it's rented movie on my hundred outlet. With Google play in those political experience was like as -- put them. What happens when I wanna go home and -- one -- element TV let me be if I am one of the five people ask Google TV yet to do that. But I assume that I don't and -- one of the actual popular devices like roku or Samsung connected TV or. Recent ex boxer. Apple TV. Which all have YouTube -- -- and -- watches and you. Two balsa from Google. Why. -- yeah I mean I I rented a movie for a quarter. It was on sale. And I was able to watch it on all my devices and on my computer through the Google place site. But like you said I could not watch it through its YouTube which means I would not be able to watch it. On my TV through any of those devices. And that was kind of saddening. Yet know it it definitely is calm. You know. A basic it really. They have created it's a funny word to use and hear that the reason all over -- -- -- created a fragmented. Content marketplace in addition to their sort of fragmented hardware marketplace of fragmentation on top fragmentation. You it is used as poignant. You know what. Consumers want in my opinion is just a seamless. Ecosystem. Where your content works on any device you know I think. To some extent Apple has created this within the Apple ecosystem of course Amazon has done -- somewhat well. -- You know even Netflix if you think about you can just go to any device you can access all your Netflix content it's easy and you -- don't -- think about it so. Easy who also listens to questions where -- these roads converge when and where it is. Google -- -- -- down the road now means you -- can be folded into. My plans went into the Google music lines like I cover that for CNET Busta Rhymes right yeah yeah there. And it is it's just one of those things you know like Google music on sentiments like you get a Google music so I I have to say for my perspective like -- -- little shocking. And it seems jarring. And it does seem like they don't know what they're doing by having emerged so suddenly. And then it it was weird that Google music had nothing to do with YouTube music and YouTube -- though it was. Is a hugely popular service for -- right. And I mean when Google first by YouTube. There was sort of at least this implicit promise that they were going to you operate you know sort of semi independently. But we -- wondering okay you everybody loves YouTube but how does Google in and Google -- YouTube. I haven't really seen in -- the first thing I saw I only just -- I like it commercial that had it. YouTube and it sort of like find out more information by -- on YouTube -- find out what happens next in the story by -- -- there's no Google branding on it whatsoever. So I think in order to have merged YouTube -- you experience. There's going to have to be Google branding on it they're gonna have to change their minds about what -- is and what it means to do well. Remedy -- seems like these guys are talking right they have like Google YouTube's offices -- and San Bruno just sort of off. Segregated just physically from everyone else. Don't think Googleplex to recommend it that's very impressive and takes over -- like several side streets like it takes over basically like a little neighborhood. In Mountain -- But I'm sure just that physical distance creates it seems like they're just two different worlds -- -- team -- different companies and more yes exactly they need to get council influencing their. I think you mentioned her and it may be the you know Andy Rubin and -- economy into the studio and we needed. You know. Mediate for them -- -- just cried out yes exactly so we invite you on next week. Wall hold Hansen will -- -- -- who ecosystem problems. -- on Nokia. I love to talk about it's it's a funny thing to talk about on our -- -- here for sure. But they have something in new downloaded -- during the testing -- steamer. -- of the they have had this a Nokia maps service which has been available through. A room a site through through browsers basically on all. Mobile phones you can go to amb dot maps dot Nokia dot dot com and it's basically just been a Google Maps knock off. Until now I guess the -- now offer turn by turn voice guided navigation. Through that. Browser based service on which means that iPhone users -- kind of don't have that -- will get. Turn by turn navigation the way that. Android users have always had to Google Maps success and acceptance that that turn by turn navigation is only for walking. And that's really the big sticking point I don't know why it's only for walking but I guess it's it's a step. If you -- in in the right direction. Cooker because it could cut the company beach. But. So any user who can access mobile web so iPhone Android. Webos right I mean Android users would never use -- as -- -- Google -- made -- -- they like Nokia better. Maybe they don't they live -- in Linux and know if it -- has better maps for. Rates would think I think that's not the case -- products group. But iPhone users definitely if they are walking around and they need some. Some turn by turn navigation if they may -- want to put their phone in their hat. And listen to it as a walking rather than holding in front of them all -- locking and then they can definitely do that now what. What I'm guessing is in May be -- One thing we haven't seen we have seen the belt holsters we have never seem like a hat. Apple's so you can hear the turn by turn navigation. Legalities my headphones that you could just let it actually despite the -- in between. Your -- in the -- right. But what I do is I just -- put my phone here and then -- duct tape. Around here. So that I can always that's the -- -- there. Anyone who -- -- actually beer -- -- -- for over here. And I haven't anything from the -- are we gonna get a picture or not it's. -- -- jelly beans. Not only I'm guessing that there's kind of testing the waters and hopefully release driving navigation -- -- like this because. I competition. Because. As cool as cool navigation is only under -- there are certainly things that annoy me. For example a lot of I want an easy way like yesterday was driving. On the doctored to work and as like a growing need gas any coffee in my current -- gas station. But -- signing gas stations behind me that aren't on my route to work now want. Something -- like. Here is the least destructive to the current path are taking gas station. -- there's no easy way to do that. Especially without getting into an accident -- you like competition so what you might do is. All these things up on different services and can see which you think about ways. -- -- is kind of offers -- -- like real time province and changed and how antibodies well I don't W easy to be a. Media I don't have a car now. In San Francisco and because that makes them. But indeed I wonder if going on the bus and on part -- and its component at the end of that that the basic -- -- that. You're in your vehicle and it's collecting real time information and if you want to help it out you can also send alerts like if -- sent traffic to hammer an accident or something like that. So -- kind of hopes to answer that question and solve that problem of okay I'm looking at my map that does it really know. You know if this is the best route to take right now. It sounds better than the app we talked about last week where the traffic information -- was powered by Twitter. But I -- -- with that -- with a the. Do minute video on the corner dropped doughnut. So. -- -- and traffic but it's weird. Let's continue talking on apps here except percent of the -- There are a lot of interest in apps that came atoms they are around to -- themes -- one main -- and a couple stragglers. Yeah I -- so I mean the biggest thing that. That everybody's been talking about itself by -- calls it. In some highlight which is. I guess what they call a people discovery -- and it's kind of -- a new -- category I guess. To the public mostly human but -- there -- tons of these people discovery apps popping up the biggest ones highlight not available for Android yet. III. Suggestions based on my own speculation not a based not based on any facts known but. But not a -- have to enroll fax from the shelves -- for -- that's our policy never involved facts. But. -- see is another line sonar. On there are few these popping up and basically. The the show you who's around you. You know using -- geo location and they show you what you might have in common with that person based on your FaceBook profile. Based on what you've answered in that apps it's specific profile. It's a little bit creepy but it's also very interesting -- to aid stalkers has yet -- I use it often to the -- I like the concept. I don't think of myself as a stalker. And I don't know that I would actually like go up -- -- call myself a soccer that's my best friends -- -- because. Connie west -- These guys -- The I don't know terrorism -- have a lot don't like being an outside their windows. With the boombox on missile. Tests and -- John Cusack. -- -- -- so highlights as to the biggest does one glance see it. You're -- Israel current I've actually used it the interface is not as nice as highlights in my opinion but I I booted it up and you know who told me that just a couple hundred yards away from me was you know the CEO of this company V. The -- biz -- of this company. This freelance care that freelance designer and then -- give -- the option to add this person and I guess who lists. Or to reach out to them in some way. It's it's really fun. Which is -- -- scrolling through these things but if our on the other side if someone contacted me through it I I don't know how I feel you know. Depending -- what you'll -- accidentally -- some kind of mixer and you're using you know there's like. Some tech media personally that there are hundreds of people there -- -- year -- -- it's -- to see who's at this event -- around because -- no pre registration and figure out who don't -- like for like at south by southwest where it may be an NL I just don't like location based services. -- I don't disagree with you there I'll -- -- privacy fiend I don't know so there's also sonar is another one was available for -- -- premiere and kids meant. I believe you guys -- glanced over Angry Birds stay for just talked about discovery now so Angry Birds is we actually discovery of the final frontier technically -- video preview do we know more hours in the video previews item and that parents -- they have to deal with zero gravity. That can be out of an election as president did you do a demo -- -- -- is that -- data -- a hands on there are showing off on a Samsung galaxy now it's as a reminder is. The large Smart and with -- silence any -- point three inch HD screen tablet. I used to use that -- that -- -- and. I'm so -- other app that is. He interest -- I guess. If you like to give in to popular trends. -- -- -- realm. Com. So only fee for this one before is coming soon to hindering. Anyone. Used around the founders -- that Kevin and Mike showed off. Theoretically. A demo so maybe he wasn't like a demo right it was just like a here it is only phones these diseases to screen channel iPhone version just on -- -- -- and then he said after -- -- actually wasn't ready for a -- them. Oh -- full public them which -- is kind of flashed -- -- but they also had in some ways it is better than Iowa the IOS app it's crazy. That's of the the typical. Product. But it's -- easy it has two new filters that -- I mean apart. But there -- outrage was real. Com the at -- at -- okay -- ram or I don't know its its its a craze it's kind of cool men. It's it's really -- excited for Android users to get answer -- can both think it is a lot of fun and it's basically just like if you believe this take so long I -- casting analog I was saying like. The funny thing about this is its. The filters are at that. There's there are all available in Mandarin like I use a camera this app called camera 360 which has -- more filters I think most of the ones that it's spam has and a bunch more. But it doesn't have like its own social network. -- -- -- -- Maybe the missing piece here that's the thing I mean you can use you could use filters. On other apps anywhere you line Photoshop you anything you all your pictures but the cool thing about its nemesis the social network. And you know just like a photo stream of your -- -- -- -- mean there's 27 million users -- -- it is really hard -- Well on that so excited. We are gonna take great. Edit that -- totals and an I'm gonna -- out. And thank you gonna go check on when -- degree -- If instead Graham I have to get back in iPad -- -- -- -- efforts to locate the black hole we're gonna sit here we've transferred him to come out and then -- -- -- will be right back after. This short short -- Welcome back you know it's awesome. Tell me Android tablets right who does not love -- -- it now I'll tell you didn't. IPad users don't. I don't want anyone to think that we don't -- -- And that we agree with IDC says that -- a hundred tablets will overtake the iPad. In sales. -- 2015. They've already overtaken him in Austin that's -- -- and only fifteen is not that far away folks. -- -- The interesting thing here and and so Apple shipped fifteen point four million and it -- in the fourth quarter of 2011 up from 111000003. Quarter non. But -- -- -- dropped from 61 point 5% to 54 point 7%. So it's a guess they don't exactly say what the -- share of -- -- tablets over all our ability it seems like. Three years or so to. Lose. For it to something percent market -- seems like it. It's. It to happen sooner is -- and that's when I'm thinking -- their being conservative. -- and I mean even though it doesn't say here I I think we can safely assume that most of -- -- ones these kinds of Android tablets in the house is -- there's. Blackberry -- OS that -- there's jokes. And couldn't guess what else others. -- you know there is psalm. So Android tablets yes now one thing that ID -- it says isn't in and lastly change as quickly as revenue. They say that IOS -- in the market leader revenue wise between sixteen and I think and again details its belt out. In this story specifically. A lot of that comes from because. It works -- -- and -- ads actually suggest we talk program -- coop play is does not cut it. On the revenue side and Apple -- and -- will mean Google play is only three weeks old. At least the name -- -- with no problem but the services previously. Known as other -- but are now wrapped up in Google play. Are not generated much revenue perhaps that was because the branding yeah sure that was the biggest problem there's -- -- all that. Nam. -- to Kindle fire is second rate in terms of market there you after for an manufacture. With SSDs point 8% and suggests they're chip in and -- last year the easy. Bomb. -- Samsung. In Q3 he. There's very few -- -- -- five point 5% of the market. And won't -- having and then they grew to five point oh yeah it's sort of the negligible. Change there but I I think we can attribute. A lot of Apple's iPad loss in market share to use the Amazon can fire. Says I'm assuming. Secure because their key element. Come you know what else is gonna help power this -- -- of the fruity. Giant I don't but I think you're gonna tell me I will ultimately. There are various reports the latest from Digi times whenever favorite rumor sources. Around that Google is going to release a nexus tablet in conjunction with the -- It will release sent an inch co branded tablet as early as -- with price tag of 199 to fourteen and I'm excited about this are you in a violence. I'm not gonna buy this I'm gonna play with this when when it gets here. But you know I'm not so sure about like the seven inch. -- -- -- footprint but just a Vanilla. Android tablet sounds. Sanskrit. Economic sense. Yes seven inch. 128800 these -- rumor everything as -- -- here. Quad Core tegra three processor with. As -- -- of course. Up potentially -- in -- CT AMA. Route and and is not too far off and and it's also rumored to be sort. I guess positioned as a Kindle fire killer -- -- if you have just like super powerful tablet. For 199 where you can by the way and yet the Kindle. Now. Why would you -- -- Tell me that I I probably wouldn't if they're the same price -- Them tell I would definitely not. Get the Kindle I would get this over the Kindle that seems -- it's more durable. With -- weighing more powerful. Now locked down has the full sort of Android market via Ku played market Google -- App Store will what is that called the -- story that. The trophy that I mean I really wanted to be polluted its publicly store yeah a lot of people making jokes but that's what its content. I mean I guess I would get the Kindle fire if I were you know -- -- out. Amazon ecosystem. Fan. -- Terry Amazon fan -- and I gotta assume there are a got a -- -- about -- -- and does point out that I guess Amazon streaming is only available on the Kindle. The answer. And is a bummer is that I would like to stream them on -- your crimes. Yes maybe that'll change I -- I don't know. The minute I think Amazon is really just about getting you to buy their content more than their hardware maybe they elect artwork -- a locked into their content but it. You know -- -- feel -- that's more the strategy and maybe I'll think about opening an -- and creating an app that's available. -- to stream -- content on other entry devices because it is already available on other. It's available like roku and Samsung devices -- a bunch -- connected TVs and they're not just -- -- Amazon make it easy so. Because they couldn't just -- -- anyway look for that potentially Etsy TA which now will have full coverage of in -- Me and I am yeah I am and I do you have any hefty amount of money is dealing with her pretty complete test and that is good because I have a phone -- for you. It is from the watch maker and -- -- -- announced -- -- holier. -- -- Best known for their watches is coming out with a phone. -- let me tell -- features first and then you can tell me it may sound if you would -- -- aren't so licences this -- has no plastic this is not -- -- -- its high. Carbon fiber and titanium. Protected by -- shock proof rover chassis. It has four buttons on the front it's gonna come with the latest -- -- sandwich a new customizable 3-D. User interface. That it is customized to the needs of each -- while it is due out in July and let me. Injury -- one tagline -- spends. It has unparalleled. Portion and strength to weight ratio -- God I've been looking for a phone that has unparalleled -- the strength ratio we're looking at the incredible video art pieces. How much would you pay for its own. I'm -- thousand dollars 101000 already sold just give me the price tag. I'm ordering and 36171670. Dollars I'm not buying this phone which. Why do you wanna pay your rent that -- indeed. -- -- I was -- certainly aren't subject. Yes this phone is -- -- the and if anybody out there knows what unparalleled. Portion and -- to weight ratio please chime and send us an email. Because. That makes no sense to me. To us consuming. BS but I like to say it isn't. Anyways of this system really fancy unlocked phone use on any carrier. -- -- it and I don't think senses. The carrier anywhere in here. I don't think so I think I think this phone transcends carriers it is exactly thinks -- It will work anywhere anytime. You wherever you -- Com part that's -- new use -- this week believes an email and voice Telerate. Nazi treatments there with their voice mails this one about Chrome yet potentially. Parent with the -- Robert how important. -- public local people -- its corporate. Got a big -- -- it. But anyway the idea will blow it up a -- I. Thought it odd couple questions got to. Go out. Searching. -- -- -- even look at it -- the -- brokered. A search right away not -- But it what you -- browser agent who would like to put whatever surgeon or URL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- outlook search. And Google Voice search we can. But the issue or is wondering and like it -- it -- a call. Maybe -- -- cut off but I would -- secret -- bulk. Yet it. I I it. I'll -- people probably not a global. Issue. I'm just wondering involved in something here -- -- to show people. So I have a -- -- nexus. And I tried this with the village because it's like the little Google search widget to just on -- home screen here. And it actually works fine -- me. I'm not. The could be custom rom but then it seems like you're saying it happened with stock -- as well. You committed. Check your settings make sure you have should have the browser set as your default browser in all of the -- Indians a four that. -- believe that in -- lifting your refer. Listeners have any ideas on a -- Again -- it did doesn't work for me I don't think it's anything specific to the Chrome browser in there was a update -- came -- last couple days so maybe it's that it right Nam and yes there was Barbara California and office. -- let's move on to. Some alone emails. Parent so let's see this one is from me -- Listening to broadcast yesterday. This was last -- and by the way elect. Of the little more involvement. Stephen -- -- has been adding it's plenty and brings a lot to -- well on Linux he says let him -- commander analysis as well but that's a different topic. We would love -- -- -- -- -- first -- -- get a -- -- Can -- that the -- of if -- if -- -- currently being Japanese. Have no problem switching them aside from here. I've doctors had an iPhone since the iPhone once it's like the first week iPhone came out so I mean there's kind of always. In in -- world -- losing points here you know I know them -- points I don't care hey Cindy. In reference to the email about Android tablet apps it was a situation you're both the rate and wrong emailers right. In the fact that there are a lot more tablet optimize apps then. What do you know I guess he's in -- what we sought Nam but just -- was right in fact that Google does horrible job a centralizing them. Then they get on to point out that there's an Andrew app actually called Apple side Mercury HD which looks like gamers is looking at right now that. Does a pretty good job of pointing -- tablet apps. Nam so I don't know they have not used this now. Mine but I did download it -- -- it is so. -- side dot com if you wanna check it out. I'll definitely check it -- Periods thanks -- the show and algae immersed coming into his own. Including closer to -- experience in a typical. Thanks -- Kurdish in parliament that. Are at the specs on this from how how old the file of state. Highway and this is the first time -- writing to you I've been listening to your show for a couple of weeks now they really enjoyed it and last episode 88 mentioned several times that you do not want -- for applications they use on your phone. Along guys do not bite the hand that feeds you if you want to have a high quality suffering a phone you should. Sometimes support effort to developers and pay for -- application every now and then. -- review cool -- -- apps on your show after all. Reducing these apps come from. And boasting about blocking the Internet access in order to prevent ads from displaying on your screens in your free apps this is not what I expect from journals -- among other things -- speak. He says about -- it ecosystem it just -- But he talking -- Do we -- adult do we ever say we block ads from entering apps -- from. I think we mentioned that. We don't see ads we just kind of ignored them -- which I think is just -- human tendency that. Think it's a pretty different thing you can't really. You generally tell us not to a story of mental blocks recognizes -- -- technical articles. -- and I don't -- said. I think we just said lake we tend not to do is not that many apps -- buy enough that we avoid buying apps but in the Android market there are so many free versions that are ad supported. That we tend to flock towards that yeah I specifically went through a couple apps that I haven't bought. That if there's a free ad supported version then you know it's the same reason why I'm watching broadcast TV -- -- paying for. Hulu plus or something well even that has -- -- -- but I do I mean I do agree -- What -- -- -- -- you know supporting developers. Who do put paid versions of -- apps on you know I mean -- all don't know free version. Free for -- if they have to hasn't there that's driving revenue to the -- Its -- -- word yet. Certain. Anyway there are many decent applications there were not installed on my phone. That are way better than stock -- -- that he has bought GE reader pro. -- assessment reading read it later -- emulator. The free -- contributed. Winamp Smart keyboard dammit pace with -- -- spot. -- There's a free version and here. -- supported the hand that was heating it is what you -- that it. Yes. And last show you asked who buys apps anyway well I do you -- application -- do not meant. Mind spending a couple bucks on a -- -- now. -- -- This -- on same page. Alright that is our show for this week if you wanna stay -- all the leads in great news indeed so it cnet.com slash Android atlas. It's your show every week Wednesdays at 10 AM Pacific -- dot com slash -- We can send us email. Can't -- -- at cnet.com. Follow us on Twitter or our show and our blog is at -- -- -- atlas. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In me just. That's not my real name our phone number is 866344. CNET 8663442638. And that is it for -- today. You just -- me as well aren't -- -- -- -- that's my radio voice this.
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Round, curvy and two-faced: five phones that broke the mold and dared to be different.
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Faster Roku 2 masters the streaming universe
1:45 April 17, 2015
A nearly perfect mix of speed, features, price and ecosystem make the Roku 2 our favorite streaming device yet.
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The Garmin Vivoactive is an ultra-slim smartwatch with a few hiccups
2:15 April 17, 2015
CNET's Dan Graziano gives you a first look at Garmin's first smartwatch
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