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First Look: Altec Lansing Expressionist Plus

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First Look: Altec Lansing Expressionist Plus

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Altec Lansing's Expressionist Plus FX3021 is a good compromise for someone looking for a compact, affordable 2.1 PC speaker that delivers decent sound.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:03 >> Hi. I'm David Carnoy, and I'm gonna give you a quick video tour of Altech Lansing's Expressionist Plus PC speakers. Now, this, as you can see, is a 2.1 system. There's a little subwoofer here and two satellite speakers. This is basically the stepped down model to the Expressionist Ultra, which has a much bigger subwoofer and also bigger satellite speakers. But for those people who really don't like 2.1 systems, don't want to have to deal with the subwoofer that much, this might be a good alternative because this sub is pretty small. The speakers are also pretty small. They come on sort of these wire stands, and they can be adjusted up or down. One interesting thing is that it's not totally clear where you'd want to stick this sub because you do have some input on it. You could actually stick this on a desk. Most people would probably want to stick it on the floor; however, the base level adjustment and the power control for this sub are on the top of the sub. And you have some volume controls in the right satellite speaker, but there are no inputs for headphones or anything like that on the satellite. We usually see some of those on one of the satellite speakers. Like a lot of these 2.1 systems now, the speaker wires are actually hardwired into the satellite, then you connect those wires to the subwoofer. This is a downward firing subwoofer. In terms of sound, you're definitely not gonna get as much space as the Expressionist Ultra, but this actually does deliver a decent amount of base, and it isn't boom-y. It's actually fairly tight, and the satellites do a good job with the detail. And all in all, it's a pretty well balanced system. And this costs less than $100.00, so we were generally pretty impressed with the sound for a sub $100.00 speaker system. You're not gonna get fantastic sound on this, but for -- certainly for games, music, and movies, it's gonna do a decent job, so we have no problem recommending it at this price point. I'm David Carnoy, and that's the Altec Lansing Expressionist Plus PC speaker system. ^M00:02:03 [ Music ]

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