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A look at video on the iPad: CNET News Video

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CNET News Video: A look at video on the iPad

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CEO Steve Jobs talks up the iPad's video features, including YouTube streaming and the ability to watch movies and TV shows via the iTunes Store.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:04 >> Now let me show you video. Video is wonderful. Let's go to YouTube. And I'm gonna pick a clip called Wet and Woofy that I know is in high-def on YouTube. And here it is. And again, I can even go full screen here. Go into landscape. Look at that. That's off of YouTube. Isn't that incredible? ^M00:00:31 [ Music ] ^M00:00:37 >> All right. So that's YouTube, and again here's related clips and more from that person. And again, whether it's in portrait or landscape it just all works. And, of course, videos. Let's go into landscape for this. And we've got movies, TV shows, music videos, you know, so I can go into a TV show like ^ITALICModern Family^NORMAL as an example, pick an episode, and watch it. Let's do that with a movie. Let's pick ^ITALICStar Trek^NORMAL, and let's go to chapters. Oh, what's a good one? Here we go. ^M00:01:20 [ Noises ] ^M00:01:28 >> And again, I can scrub through if I want to. You know. >> If you are presuming that these experiences in any way impede my ability to command this ship you are mistaken. >> And yet, you were the one that said fear was necessary for commanding -- >> Isn't that nice? Let's go back. Pick another movie that I love which is ^ITALICUp^NORMAL. Awesome movie. And one of my favorite sequences ever in any movie is this sequence in ^ITALICUp^NORMAL right here. ^M00:02:05 [ Music ] ^M00:02:26 >> And you can tap to fill the screen if you like. ^M00:02:28 [ Music ] ^M00:02:41 >> Isn't that wonderful? So that is video on the iPad.

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