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Loaded: A do-not-track-me browser
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Loaded: A do-not-track-me browser

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Panasonic is in testing stages for its Jungle portable gaming system, News Corp. is considering selling off MySpace, and Mozilla is working on a do-not-track feature for Firefox.

[time:0:00:07] It's Tuesday, November 30th. I'm Natalie Morris and it's time to get loaded. Mozilla is considering building a "Do Not Track" feature into the Firefox browser. This would be a code built in to the browser that broadcast the message to advertising company and tracking companies, telling them that it is not okay to follow you around the web in order to learn your habits. The Federal Trade Commission is also expected [time:0:00:29] to promote an industry-wide standard to do the very same thing. News Corp is open to the possibility of selling off MySpace. It's no secret that the social networking site has been a dissappointment to News Corp Chief,Rupert Murdoch. It was recenltly relaunched as an entertainment site, but that has not seemed to be any saving grace. News Corp is looking to either sell it off or explore a partnership. Panasonic is still working on its portable gaming system. The company has said to be in testing stages for the portable device that they call "The Jungle." [0:00:58] The system would compete with the likes of the PlayStation portable and the Nintendo DS. We don't have any indication of price or release date yet. AT&T U-Verse customers can now access HBO and Cinemax online if they subscribed to those chanells, that means if you have a cable subscription that includes those channels, you could watch the content from those channels online with your AT&T U-Verse log-in. HBO and Cinemax hope that the streaming service will compete with the Netflix Watch Instantly service. [0:01:28] Speaking of competing with Netflix, Microsoft is keen on that idea, too. The company is reportedly interested in offering a paid TV subscription service through Xbox LIVE. Reuters has reported that Microsoft is in licensing discussions with certain TV networks, maybe the licensing people at Google TV should pay attention. And finally, if you see a Facebook application that offers to track who is viewing your profile, do not get excited, it is a scam. Research firm Sophos has confirmed that this application is not founded. [0:01:59] So, if you see an e-mail that says something like this, "omg, i can't believe this actually works. Now you really can see who viewed your profile!" Do not click this application; it leads to nowhere. Those were your headlines for today. I will see you tomorrow. I'm Natalie Morris for and you've just been loaded.