Best DVRs of 2016


Most people are content with the DVR their cable or satellite company dishes out, but you do have a few options if you're willing to branch out. TiVo's new line of Roamio DVRs work with most cable providers and offer an excellent combination of features -- if you're willing to pay. And if you're looking for a DVR to record free over-the-air TV, we have some picks that will let you cut-the-cord without missing the luxury of recorded television.

TiVo Roamio Pro

If you're willing to pay the premium price, TiVo's do-it-all Roamio is the best cable DVR yet and an able whole-home TV solution.

Price: $448.00 - $599.99 Check prices

4 stars Excellent

Channel Master DVR+

Cord-cutting is easy -- but finding ways to record your over-the-air TV programs is hard. That's where Channel Master DVR+ comes in.

Price: $299.00 Check prices

3.5 stars Very good

Nuvyyo Tablo

Tablo is a new over-the-air DVR that records to a USB hard drive and streams to a variety of connected devices.

Price: $196.99 - $217.50 Check prices

3.5 stars Very good
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