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EnchantMoon tablet aims to be your digital pen and paper

With slick promos channeling Apple's "1984," the EnchantMoon wants to be a different kind of tablet. It's perfect for those who still love to write with a pen.

Jagex is rebuilding RuneScape on a Web foundation, opting for HTML5 and its ilk rather than Java.

It's about time: RuneScape dumps Java for HTML5

commentary A widely used online game and longtime Java ally is ditching Oracle's security-plagued programming technology. Your move, Minecraft.

What a difference a year makes. In 2009, which saw the first serious attempts at TVs with built-in Internet services, we reviewed plenty of mixed bags. On the plus side essential streaming video services like Netflix and Vudu seemed to work relatively well, but on the minus side utility widgets (mainly powered by Yahoo) were sluggish, remotes were unwieldy, wi-fi was nonexistent and content selections were limited. In 2010, most if not all of those problems have been addressed by many makers.</p><p>

The following photos are screenshots from 2010 TVs' Internet services. You can mostly ignore the pricing on those slides since it applies to the (generally expensive, big-screen) models we reviewed only but feel free to click through to the reviews for more details.</p><p>

First up is, deservedly, Netflix. Hands-down the most popular streaming service on non-PC devices, it's available on the Internet-connected TVs of every major manufacturer.</p><p>

Related: <a href="">App-etite for comparison: Internet services on TVs</a></p><p>

Netflix plans to dump Silverlight for HTML5 streaming

Movie-rental service plans to switch its streaming over to the emerging video format as soon as three WC3 initiatives are complete.


Intel releases Web-based app programming kit

The chipmaker is jumping on the HTML5 bandwagon -- sort of. Its newly acquired AppMobi software lets programmers create Web apps that can be converted into native Android and iOS apps.


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More Do Not Track options are coming to Firefox. But will they have any impact?

Firefox prepares additional 'Do Not Track' options

The newest Firefox betas deliver nuance to the "Do Not Track" setting, a browser optimization option, better HTML5 support, and custom fonts on Android.


Chrome beta gets just a bit faster

Chrome finds speed gains in beta by managing memory better, and tweaks some forms, some HTML5, and some offline support, too.

The W3C's new HTML5 logo

Startup hopes Web tech will mean faster foothold for IM offers traditional mobile apps, but it's the browser interface it hopes will give it attention in a crowded market.

BananaBread, a first-person shooter demo game that runs at near-native code speeds in Firefox thanks to WebGL, Emscripten, and ASM.js.

Mozilla wants you to get your game on -- in your browser

Mozilla goes gunning for native code speed with a plan to "supercharge" JavaScript, and it wants to use games to spread the word.


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Rolling all over Crave in 3D...

'Playing' Crave with nifty Chrome World Wide Maze

A cool new experiment uses HTML5 to turn any Web site into a 3D labyrinth and any smartphone running Chrome into a game controller.

The Geeksphone Keon has an FM radio tuner app -- but it requires headsphones to be used as an antenna.

Why more mobile OSes are good for you

If you're bored with Android and iOS, never fear. There's a ton -- well, five -- nascent mobile operating systems coming toward you. And that's a good thing, even if you're on one of the big two.


Supercheap Geeksphone Keon runs Firefox OS

We go hands-on with the Geeksphone Keon, a dirt-cheap smartphone running Firefox OS.


Elegant Ubuntu Touch shows Android and iOS how it's done

The new Ubuntu Touch operating system for phones and tablets blows away rivals Firefox OS and Tizen -- and it may even be better than iOS and Android.

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