GoPro HD Hero2 Motorsports action camera

When shopping for the car lovers in your life, choose from this list of electronic devices they will find useful on a regular basis. If you are feeling especially generous, a few cars stand out as the best high-tech choices. Here are our picks.

What better way to record high-speed track day laps or a picturesque Sunday drive? The GoPro HD Hero2's suction cup clings to car body panels with enough tenacity to survive 100-mph sprints, while recording excellent HD video. And the Hero2 is versatile; get other mounting accessories for bicycling and other sports.
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Escort SmartRadar for Android or iPhone radar detector

Escort launches a new era in radar detectors, putting your smartphone to work as the display. The Escort SmartRadar is one of the top models in performance, alerting you to speed traps as you drive. Escort lets you watch the watchers.
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Parrot Minikit Neo hands-free phone kit

Holding a phone against your ear while trying to drive is a numbskull move. If your car is not equipped with Bluetooth, or you drive a lot of rentals, the Parrot Minikit Neo is a best bet for hands-free calls. It offers the best features found in factory-installed units, such as contact list integration and voice command.
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2013 Audi S5

The new S5 combines a sleek exterior design, high-tech driving dynamics, and the most amazing cabin electronics available today. It is a near-perfect tech car, with exciting performance well suited for everyday driving. The Google Earth navigation system shows satellite imagery of your current surroundings, and a Street View of your destination.
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2013 Scion FR-S

The FR-S is one of the most fun inexpensive sport cars available. Its handling invites true driver engagement sure to get you grinning as you pilot it through the turns. Its modest power makes it an excellent street car, good for weekend exploration. Take it to the office and your co-workers will be asking for lunchtime rides.
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2013 Honda Fit EV

While a car might seem an expensive gift, consider that the Honda Fit EV can only be had for lease at $389 per month. It is the best electric car we have driven short of the Tesla Model S, with fast charging capability and comfortable driving dynamics. It would be a great introduction to electric cars.
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