This week in Crave: The vertical edition

This week, we hit the high seas, hunted for dangerous asteroids, and picked out the perfect shoes for that party on another planet.

Don't worry, it's supposed to be doing that. Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Running around all week trying to find the perfect 50th-birthday gift for a weird ship that stays afloat vertically ? Send it a simple e-card and sit down to catch up on the Crave stories you missed.

• Watch out Google. Olympus wants to augment everyone's reality too.

• Going on an asteroid hunt . Gonna catch a big one!

• Wondering what to wear to that party on another planet? Try a pair of Exoskeleton shoes .

• Han Solo and Princess Leia rings : One says "I love you," the other says "I know."

• See the "Star Wars" Skywalker homes as they look today .

• Music umbrella rocks out when it rains out .

• Panasonic eye-steaming device : Hot or not?

• Ubiquitous cameras + artistic challenge = awesome crowdsourced creativity .

• Is Spec Ops: The Line an oasis in the military-shooter desert ?

• We lololove this kid's charming Trololo YouTube tribute .

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