Passersby photobomb interactive Malaysian mural

Malaysian street art comes to life as painter asks the camera-toting public to place themselves in the interactive work, then share their creations.

Concerto L. Zhan

Ernest Zacharevic, a Lithuanian painter with a penchant for street art, created a mural of two children on a wall in the Malaysian state of Penang, then affixed a bike to the image and invited camera-toting passersby to add their own flourishes.

Some photographers snap photos of themselves chasing the kids down the road on foot or motorbike or leaping and turning in midair. Others include props like balloons and umbrellas, add amusing or philosophical text, or go sepia or color-saturated with photo-editing software.

"This is street art at its best," Zacharevic says of the collaboration, "when it stops being an individual painting and becomes part of the public imagination."

As you'll see from the many shots posted to Zacharevic's Facebook fan page, the crowdsourced creativity has yielded quite a colorful and compelling collection. If you happen to be reading this blog on your smartphone while walking down George Town's Armenian Street, Zacharevic is accepting photo submissions through July 5. The next day, at a George Town arts event, he plans to name two winning pictures -- one chosen for creativity and one for garnering the most Facebook "Likes."

Click through the gallery below to see some of our favorite shots from the series. They project a surprisingly wide variety of moods -- from whimsical, nostalgic, and ponderous to slightly foreboding. But mostly whimsical.

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