This week in Crave: The catch-a-wave edition

This week, we gazed through a transparent Retina Display, paid Groupon to name our baby, and took to the seas on a crazy flying bike-amajig.

Too busy applying for .ninja and .unicorn domains to keep up with Crave this week? Well, slow down for a moment and take a look at our .weeklyroundup.

For summer fun, the Jetovator. Jetovator

• Water-powered "bike" lets you ride above the waves (don't forget the helmet!).

• Absolute perfection: "Star Wars" M.C. Escher Lego model .

• Action figure lamps will light up your home -- and geeky heart.

• Scan a QR code , register to vote.

• Want to name your new baby Clembough? It'll cost you $1,000 .

• Extremely Large Telescope lives up to its Extremely Long Name .

• Can this pint-size, customizable three-seater make kids care about cars?

• Take note, Cupertino: Teen imagines iPhone 5 concept with a transparent Retina Display.

• And speaking of Retina Displays ...

• Music from an old steam engine ? That's what we call hot!

• Innovative, cloud-based app promises help for your smartphone-battery-life woes.

• Please say this intelligent robot lawn mower is smart enough not to run over your foot.

• So, how do you feel about Verizon's new Share Everything data plans?

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Leslie Katz, Crave's senior editor, heads up a team that covers the most crushworthy (and wackiest) tech, science, and culture around. As a co-host of the now-retired CNET News Daily Podcast, she was sometimes known to channel Terry Gross and still uses her trained "podcast voice" to bully the speech recognition software on automated customer service lines. E-mail Leslie.


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